Joe Biden's Wife Admits His Policies SUCK

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Jill Biden isn’t digging her husband’s outdated policies. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: tyt.com/trial
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"Thursday at a New Hampshire campaign event broadcast on MSNBC, Jill Biden, the wife of former Vice President Joe Biden, urged Democratic primary voters to think first about electability and vote for her husband.
"So yes, you know, your candidate might be better on, I don’t know, health care, than Joe is, but you’ve got to look at who’s going to win this election, and maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, 'OK, I personally like so-and-so better,' but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat Trump," she said."
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Aug 20, 2019




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Comments 1 540
The Young Turks
The Young Turks 29 days ago
Jill Biden isn’t digging her husband’s outdated policies. Leave a comment below.
Demarcus Faulkner
I think she's just calling it as she sees it. I honestly think Joe needs to go home and sit down. We cannot afford for him to lose to Trump.
bob jack
bob jack 25 days ago
@Ian Norton Bro don't encourage the radical left. These people like the Young Turks are clearly unhinged there's no point at arguing with Far Left radicals there just like the Far Right radicals they are consumed by there ideology. I'm a Centrist that dislikes many of Trumps rhetoric but I would vote for him way before voting for any of the America hating far leftists that wish to tear America down. I actually like Biden more tho now that I know these lunatics think he's not radical enough for them. I mean look at the comments on there own videos there followers have even had enough
the searching wind
the searching wind 26 days ago
No matter how she tries to justify it, it still sounds self serving.
Ben Schmelzer
Ben Schmelzer 28 days ago
CrimsonTide Bernie’s minority support is actually the strongest out of the entire field. Warren is currently just white people...
Durga Soham
Durga Soham 28 days ago
I think that Harris', Biden's, and Buttegieg's very casual approaches to winning actual voters in favor of licking boots for big money donors is not the sign of out-of-touchness people think it is. I am concerned it's a red flag that they've already worked out back-room deals with the DNC to screw Sanders out of the primary race. The fact they're all on the ticket was a DNC strategy to begin with, particularly using Warren to split the progressive vote. It also came out that Buttegieg set about buying off superdelegates immediately after the July debates- in a flagrant attempt to bypass the voting process and steal the nomination. Looking at the rule changes from 2018 raises even more red flags. I think we need to have all of the credible independent media dig into this and expose whatever we find- loudly and frequently. If these neoliberals thought they had to work for the nomination and the election, they'd be doing it. This is Hillary all over again. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS.
Scott Homler
Scott Homler 4 days ago
Trump will smash the dems again !
B Em
B Em 8 days ago
Biden is just a sheep in wolves clothing I remember when he said Obama was elitist. Let’s think abt it he was secretly a closeted racist and maybe he prefers the right side but too deep into his own party to quit now. This time around it’s showing exactly who he has been. They always chose the wrong guy as long as he’s white and not a woman.
No Labels
No Labels 9 days ago
Electable = allowed to win by the national security state that really runs things.
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 9 days ago
All democrat polices suck. The only two they have that is. Open borders and healthcare for all. One is for destroying our sovereignty the other is to make us bankrupt. Value of the US dollar will plummet shortly after a Democrat takes office.
Mr Gort
Mr Gort 20 days ago
Joe will lose to Trump. No feelings, just keeping it real. Our polls were a lie last election, no really they were, no really. Hilary’s polls were blowing Trump away. Unfortunately the news is part of the programming. Truth and facts and policy will win elections. The DNC is failing.
Shane Kruse
Shane Kruse 22 days ago
Real Americans have been taught to be free thinkers, lifelong learner's and lovers of people. Every democratic runner in the race is a joke just like last time.
L Cardoso
L Cardoso 22 days ago
Bernie Sanders 2020 Elizabeth Warren 2020
ElroyMcDuff 18 days ago
They should join forces!
TheGreatest Quest
TheGreatest Quest 23 days ago
"Out dated policies" And democrats think they haven't gone far-left. 😂👌 Their only unifying "policy" is "Trump bad!"
Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James
Jill Biden:)former vice President Joe Biden wife,well,for me she's great.
Mister Kim
Mister Kim 24 days ago
The nonsensical statement by Jill Biden pretty much sums up establishment think. She may be democrat by affiliation, but she sounds like a conservative... Not that labels mean anything considering actions matter... or in Biden's case, the lack thereof.
baltimorefilmmaker 24 days ago
3 million people swallowed their pride and voted for Clinton. How’d that work out?
Amber OTL
Amber OTL 25 days ago
🔥🔥🔥 Feelin' the Burn.. I guess. I still have appreciation for Tulsi, Williamson, and Yang (even though he got me F'd up with the Assange thing).
Sam M
Sam M 26 days ago
Maybe she doesn't want to be in the political spotlight again after 8 years.
apollyon1976 26 days ago
Here is some logic, you don't like trump i get it ok... Now pointing out what what biden's Wife said about her husband only helps Trumps team win. . Much is done to make him win epstien death is blamed on the clintons so no democrat vote , jussie smollete helped MAGA with his made up trump supporter attacks . the more damage you try to mend and pin on the pres just adds more fuel for him to keep in power. sometimes you dont have to report on the news lead the horse to the water set it free if it drinks then let nature take it's course not go over and make it drink let it sink in and maybe that mare will drink on it's own!
Carter Blunt
Carter Blunt 23 days ago
"The only way to stop misinformation is with no information." -apollyon1976
sharper68 23 days ago
@Dariusz Wohlfeil 100 things are not working and unless you in an opaque bubble there is no way to ignore the issues. The country is not getting rich, a handful of assholes who own the GOP is. Freedom? Trump is openly attacking it. Starting a business as at the cusp of a impending inevitable recession is bad advice but that is what I would expect from someone so out of touch with reality.
H4I2I2EE 25 days ago
@Dariusz Wohlfeil Yeah, that's called an analogy. Trump is a proven pathological liar. I was replying to apollyon1976. You haven't heard that a recession is imminent? If people are working again it's cuz the economy has been recovering from 2008. That was happening during Obama as well. Also, unemployment rate only counts those who are still looking for a job. It doesn't count those who gave up. Trumps tax cuts were mostly for the rich. It didn't trickle down.
Dariusz Wohlfeil
Dariusz Wohlfeil 25 days ago
H4I2I2EE a car? He didn’t sell me no car. And what is it exactly that is not working? Your country is getting rich. Look at all the numbers. You country is working again. Just enjoy your freedom man. Go to the beach and relax. Start a business. Its a really good time for starting up small business in your country. If you tell Trump about the car I’m sure he will fix it for you.
H4I2I2EE 25 days ago
Something is wrong with your assessment if you still like Trump. He sold you a used car that didn't really work and you still want to buy another car from him.
andy Morrison
andy Morrison 26 days ago
Biden is Hillary with a dick
ElroyMcDuff 18 days ago
@Dariusz Wohlfeil She's less of a dick than Trump though. At least regarding the environment, taxes, healthcare, etc etc etc.
Dariusz Wohlfeil
Dariusz Wohlfeil 26 days ago
Hillary is a dick
andy Morrison
andy Morrison 26 days ago
I didn't vote for hilary and I'm not voting for biden I like Tulsi and sanders for vp
H4I2I2EE 25 days ago
Tulsi for Vp makes more sense. Sanders is the most electable of the progressives.
Dariusz Wohlfeil
Dariusz Wohlfeil 26 days ago
Keep dreaming
Andreas Brylka
Andreas Brylka 26 days ago
I appreciate you guys so much
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy 26 days ago
What policies? Barf & yawn..... For every reason, Bernie 2020.
Christoph 26 days ago
sorry cenk donald trump didnt lose much, he has project himself into the supposedly most powerful office in the nation, he is still rich, etc. that isnt a loss.
Christoph 26 days ago
kamala harris dropped because gabbard fed her her own shit on live tv
LimitlessThinker 26 days ago
Totally agree! They have learned nothing.
Christoph 26 days ago
at least she doesnt seem to have late stage dementia, maybe she should be the candidate, or at least his mouthpiece
Christoph 26 days ago
i wonder how many plastic surgeries her and joe have had combined.
montreal McComack
montreal McComack 26 days ago
You say the media pick Joe up all the time. Let me help you. Ask yourself why? Dig dipper and therein you will be enlighetned. As of now you are thinking in a box.
montreal McComack
montreal McComack 26 days ago
LOL, you think all the democratic party lonies will beat Donal Trump. You are hillarious kids.
Christoph 26 days ago
you are correct, but i see it mostly as a bullshit puppet show anyhow so maybe the question is who is more malleable and wont "lose" by a staggering margin so it cant be justified in the electoral college.
Patrick Lincoln
Patrick Lincoln 27 days ago
I don't understand why TYT is bashing Biden's wife for this argument. Assuming that Joe Biden is what it takes to beat Trump, the right decision is clear; vote for Biden hands down. It would be the right choice. I, however, don't buy that he is the right man to beat Trump.
Lois Barber
Lois Barber 24 days ago
I do not believe Biden will do well in a debate at all with Trump. He has early onset dementia. Even his handlers are not allowing him to speak in the afternoon when 'sundowning" starts to set in.
Barry Nichols
Barry Nichols 27 days ago
They are bashing the argument she is making.
oz ali
oz ali 27 days ago
what a sham mrs Biden but this is desperado at it's meekest
bjxxx 27 days ago
Republicans worship their base. Democrats despise their base.
tbewin 11 days ago
Establishment GOP hates their base. The Democrats are unified in their hatred of Trump.
Aditi Haider
Aditi Haider 27 days ago
the Dems would love to see another 4 years of trump hell than have a progressive like sanders. win. that's how much the Dems don't care about the working class, shoving Biden down our throat. they never learn
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 9 days ago
Trump Hell? Why is this hell for you? Economy is good. Unemployment at its lowest in 50 years. Trump initiated a global effort to stop persecution of gays in countries where it is still illegal (look it up) Trump has negotiated better trade deals for the US with numerous countries. (China still pending) He has incentivized businesses to locate to low income areas through tax breaks to help stimulate the local economy of these places. Trump is fighting for all citizens. Even the ones that bash his name daily.
Carlos Roque de Pinho Paiva Raposo
"The mainstream media is SOOO biased!! They're the most biased people in the country!" - Bernie Sanders's Fox News
Barry Nichols
Barry Nichols 27 days ago
Who said that? It wasn't Bernie
Richard Hunter
Richard Hunter 27 days ago
Are there any political wives that aren't disastrous?
Junior Bricuyet
Junior Bricuyet 27 days ago
Could The Hill be taking Tyt...?
Frederick Rapp
Frederick Rapp 27 days ago
Basically, here is a translation of what she’s saying: The American people will not elect a woman President because they never have. The American people will not elect a Socialist President because they never have. Picking one of these folks as our nominee is way, way, too risky at this time. This is not a time for risk taking, this is a time to beat Trump. Trump would probably beat these people to a pulp and the American people would agree with him, because they don’t like Socialists, and they don’t like strong, smart, and assertive women. (Remember Hillary). Therefore, you gotta vote for Joe if you want to beat Trump. He’s an old white guy, like Trump, and we have had plenty of those. One of them has gotta win!
Lacey-Ann Hall
Lacey-Ann Hall 27 days ago
You're right America only elects racist president except Obama.
Kesha Rhinestone
Kesha Rhinestone 27 days ago
A pedophile vs a pedophile ain't gonna work. Both trumpty dumpty and creepy uncle joe are pedophiles.
William Moody
William Moody 27 days ago
The Democrats are intentionally going to lose... Trump is good for their agenda of war and lining their pockets.
sharper68 23 days ago
@Mike Higgins I am in agreement that we face a crisis. We face the fascists in power who are enacting a set of economic warfare polices aimed at enriching a handful at the top and they are winning. We have several crisis piled on one another growing more critical with inaction. We need bold ideas that espoused by leaders that are outside the main stream capitulation to the status quo. We have those leaders and now it is up to people like us to engage those around us and make it clear how critical involvement is even if it is just to find time to vote. It is our only real hope of unseating and taking back power from a cancer that has sat in control for too long. We agree on almost everything. I simply think there is a path forward still. It is a brand new one from an electoral stand point. I will mark this situation as a crisis just like you do but for now I see a potential solution at the ballot box that has just opened up. I will until it has been closed.
Mike Higgins
Mike Higgins 23 days ago
sharper68 The biggest issue for me is climate change. This is an existential crisis which will make life on this planet impossible.
Mike Higgins
Mike Higgins 23 days ago
sharper68 This is not election this is a constitutional crisis. On one point I agree with Trump. There is a national emergency. Trump and his party is the national emergency. These fascists have concentration camps on the southern border. Biden and Pelosi are not the people to solve these problems. They created this mess. If you see this situation as a real national crisis than you too would see the situation like I am. Trump and his movement will take America in a direction none of us will like. As for engagement I agree more people need to be involved but when you are working 80 hours a week at two to three jobs how will these people engage. This requires people like us who understand the crisis and are engaged.
sharper68 23 days ago
@Mike Higgins I think the answer to many of your questions is reengaging the population that has been left behind. Most of America does not vote and they do not vote because they see nothing to vote for in the establishment democrats or the now psychotic GOP. Trump was not an accident he is what you get when you run a weak populist against a weak establishment shill. You get record low presidential voter turn out and the side with a more engaged base winning. The days of letting the Joe Bidan's and Nancy Palosi's tell us how to win have to end. They are really bad at getting elected in all but the bluest states and are consistently weak. We know populism can crush and Obama did so even if his populist spin was a lie to cover up who he really works for. We have real options today to enact the promise we hoped for in 2008 and were robbed of. We came back from the great depression which by all accounts was a far worse time than now. It is not time to lay down and die but to stand up and fight while the light of opportunity shines even if we know that fight is up hill.
dabong420 27 days ago
Shes just saying what all libs are saying pick handsy joe because he was near Obama remember my husband was friends with a black guy member? lol BERNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR TRUMP NO COMPRAMISE THIS TIME!!!!! THANKS BUT NO MALE HILLARY CLONE.
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday 27 days ago
Don't settle or swallow No more corporate dick suckers. There are at least a half dozen candidates that can and will win. Don't fall for the Corporate propaganda that says you must settle. Status Quo Joe is the least electable of all the choices. A message of "no change" when people are pissed and want change is a fatal mistake. Hillary 2.0. Joe is a nice guy but he takes legalized bribes and serves the super rich. He said it himself: "nothing would change". That makes him as Republican as 45. The media and establishment love Joe because he is corrupt (like Get-Rich-Pelosi). Do not swallow or settle. No more corporate dick suckers. Democracy or nothing.
Frederick Rapp
Frederick Rapp 27 days ago
Yes, there are 4 or 5 Dems who would beat Trump today. However, the election is still more than a year away, and polls change like the weather. The GOP has unlimited money to spend to drive the positives down of the Dems, and raise the negatives up. And they will. This promises to be the dirtiest, most disgusting, most negative campaign ever. This will be a long 15 months. Trump will force you to get in the mud and fight. I agree with Cenk and Ana. Forget about appealing to GOP for votes. It’s a foolish strategy.
Justin Hicks
Justin Hicks 27 days ago
Completely agree, they force the left to vote for Republican lite candidates as they cater to conservative voters that they will never sway, at least not in the current political climate. The evidence lately suggest "radical" politics is crushing moderate policies. AOC identified as a democratic socialist and crushed a 10 term moderate Democrat, 5th most powerful Democrat in the country. Now is the time for someone like Sanders, even independents want Medicare for all
Tristan Broomes
Tristan Broomes 27 days ago
This coming from the same "home of progressives" supposedly- independent media network who said to votefor Hillary Clinton on beating Trump alone even after WikiLeaks revealed how the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign worked together to cheat Bernie Sanders and other candidates out of the 2016 Dem primaries?? Don't they SEE the HYPOCRISY!?!
Justin Hicks
Justin Hicks 27 days ago
@Tristan Broomes They have brought all that up multiple times. There is evidence and tons of data that shows Russian trolls are influencing elections. Just go on Facebook they are literally everywhere. Besides it's 2019, Hillary isn't even running let's focus on present times instead of reiterating 2016. As far as politicians, legislation has been passed in the house to protect elections but McConnell won't even bring it to a vote.
Tristan Broomes
Tristan Broomes 27 days ago
@discipleofsakura What is the point of being the progressive network if everything you're doing is MSNBC-lite? What's the point of voting for the person who gave us Trump when they were the one pushing the Pied Piper strategy to prop up Trump into the general election in the first place? What's the point of calling Trump worst on rhetoric when they both would've been complicit on fracking, the military industrial complex, and Jeffrey Epstein's "Lolita Express"? Lol And what's the point of saying to vote for Hillary and then protest her the day after she'd've won the election without demanding progressive policy concessions from her first? All I know is that TYT found time to push Russiagate for 3 years, but said nothing about how Hillary Clinton committed election fraud and how her alienation of the progressive left and her running a vapid soulless campaign based on nothing but her electability is why she was doomed to lose to a fraud like Trump, and not Russian troll farms and shirtless Bernie memes.
discipleofsakura 27 days ago
No, because it's not hypocrisy. It was either Hillary or Trump, and Trump is demonstrably worse. They flight for Bernie in the primary, but fought against Trump in the general, which is what we all should be doing.
terence chesney
terence chesney 27 days ago
For fucks sake. They don't care about polls. They don't care about stats or public opinion. They care about the system as it is. They care about the status quo
Michael Autry
Michael Autry 27 days ago
Oblivious! 😭
imamia mia
imamia mia 27 days ago
WTF! No molestor for president!
root 27 days ago
Biden or bust!!!
Look! A black atheist.
Leines Ammann
Leines Ammann 27 days ago
Zakonlit 27 days ago
I wish someone woulda asked her what "electability" means
James Francis
James Francis 27 days ago
I’m voting for Warren!! 🙌🏾
Black Ceasar
Black Ceasar 27 days ago
Yang 2020
Buttered Lumps
Buttered Lumps 27 days ago
@Justin Hicks Bernie will go down like he did the last time.
Justin Hicks
Justin Hicks 27 days ago
@Buttered Lumps well it's gonna be a bust then because Biden will implode, he always does. He is completely reliant on name recognition and the polls. In the general election against Trump he will implode and effectively give us 4 more years of trump. Nobody wants a moderate these days anyway. His policies are garbage, he folds like a lawn chair in the debates. What do you think will happen in the general against Trump? Every piece of bad history will be brought up endlessly and he has A LOT of bad history. I'm telling you right now Biden will cost the election. It's funny, all these Biden voters usually have no clue why they support Biden outside of polls which effectively keeps his polling up in a vicious cycle . May work early in the primary but once the elections heat up ppl will see just how he isn't electable at all. Outside of his bromance with Obama he is one of the weakest candidates out there.
Buttered Lumps
Buttered Lumps 27 days ago
Biden or bust!
The Mastermind
The Mastermind 27 days ago
meh.. Bernie baby 2020.. but distant second choice has to be Warren... even though her not standing up for our native american brothers and sisters at standing rock was not a good look. Also her supporting every increase of the military budget... also her inability to stay away from private donors (she said she wouldn't take pac money, then she said she would accept money from anyone.. a little too wishy washy for me) but she is good at economic policy.. except she takes bernies proposals and stops short of the original... but yeah i guess shes far better than biden or Kopmala, or mayor pete, or beto o dorke.. by a mile
David Canatella
David Canatella 27 days ago
I got three words; Paid To Lose
Howard S
Howard S 27 days ago
His policies suck...she says She doesn't suck...he says
Domink 27 days ago
good job believing all the polls. we saw how useful they are in the last election.
RuleofFive 27 days ago
'Biden 2020 Milquetoast strong and wall street approved!'
root 27 days ago
only way to beat Trump - so vote for him instead of Trump like you did last time
CARL Echevarria
CARL Echevarria 27 days ago
Today, now that Biden is running for [resident, I see Anita Hill. I remember the hearings and felt the humiliation this young attractive educated woman must have felt. Thanks Joe! Then I think Clarence Thomas, I guess this is Joe's "gift that keeps giving." Then I do not want to think about this man any longer. ENOUGH !!!
root 26 days ago
@discipleofsakura i do, but it was 30 years ago and it wasn't nearly as bad as the injustices that are occurring today.
discipleofsakura 27 days ago
@root Plenty of people do. Just because you don't have empathy and decency doesn't mean that no one else does.
root 27 days ago
nobody even knows or cares about anita hill....
Aramai Jonassi
Aramai Jonassi 27 days ago
She didn't mean he's bad on policy, she meant not everyone agrees with his policies. And she's absolutely right too. You guys need to grow TF up. Stop shilling for Bernie Sanders so much. Elizabeth Warren will knock him out and she definitely can't beat Trump. Ppl want this country back to normal. Normal is with Biden. We can go back to duking it out with each other after we win. Get it together and focus on our votes not getting hacked again in 2020.
sharper68 23 days ago
Bernie crushes trump . . what are talking about? You are mistaken, people do not want "normal! Hillary proved that and it is time to start ignoring every single clown with your spin as you literally are unable to learn the lessons of history. It is ok vote with us when we put Bernie in. He is the only one in the race certain to kick trump out.
The Mastermind
The Mastermind 26 days ago
@Aramai Jonassi you mean WARren who takes Bernies ideas and cuts them short?? Why do you think Bernie cant win...because BSNBC and Con News Network says so??? Faux News is the right wing propaganda arm but honestly have you not seen the map the NYTimes came out with showing the amount of individual voters that each candidate has...Bernie covered so much of the map from coast to coast...that they had to show a seperate map so you could see where the other candidates support is coming from...Bernie will CRUSH trump...this isnt a cult...this is where the MAJORITY of americans are rn...youve got to be kidding yourself if you think otherwise...clearly you need to pull yourself away from corporate media...and no tyt is not where i come too normally..i prefee Status Coup..the humanist report rational national.. miko house...zero books...three arrows...truly INDEPENDENT media that focuses on calling the b.s. on BOTH sides when its warranted....Warren is a great second choice...but she already has flopped on her promise to not accept corporate pac money in the general...her plan for cancelling student debt doesnt go far enough...she is way too willing to compromise on the issues my neighbors and i cannot compromise on...In order to be at trump whose far right wing...you need a far left wing candidate...social populism is a thing especially with people in my generation....we are tired of accepting the lesser of two evils...we only keep ending up with more evil....Stop being afraid of the writing of the wall.. if u like bernie stop undercutting yourself and vote for him...if everyone keeps with this...he cant win mindset..and just settles...you will get 4 more years of trump...wake up
Aramai Jonassi
Aramai Jonassi 27 days ago
@Justin Hicks What are you even talking about? What MSM, fox news and the Washington post? They're not everyone and they all go after everyone so IDK what you're seeing besides TYT cry about nothing everyday. You guys worshiping Bernie as bad as the MAGAnazis that worship Trump. You're in a cult. You need to come back to reality and call out bad ideas and weaknesses when you see them. I love Bernie but he will not become the President. Warren is taking all his votes right from under him. No one seems to be paying attention to that.
Aramai Jonassi
Aramai Jonassi 27 days ago
@The Mastermind Votes were hacked. DHS admitted they were, but they weren't looking in to it because they thought the numbers were small. Not only that but kids were hacking into machines during a hack-athon in Vegas last year. Not to mention every cyber scientist was warning about it ahead of time. So do some research dude. You're an idiot if you think Russia went to so much trouble of stealing registration info, phished administrators emails, hacked into the software but then decided not to hack our votes. Pls stop.😂
B Jones
B Jones 27 days ago
Bernie has to win the primary in the first round of voting or he gets cheated by superdelegates again. If Warren was truly progressive and really wanted to get the country away from the corruption of corporate money she would withdraw and put her support behind Sanders right now. But she’s not a progressive and has already stated that she will take corporate money in the general election. I wish that position was reported more rather than acting like she’s just like Bernie.That tells me all I need to know. Long live the hand that wields OathKeeper!!! Corporate Socialism Sucks!!! Sanders/Gabbard 2020
Al Swearengen
Al Swearengen 27 days ago
Won't Bernie and Warren split progressive votes in the primary, guaranteeing Biden wins the nomination? I don't see anyone talking about this problem.
Justin Hicks
Justin Hicks 27 days ago
@Davin Baker finally someone with a brain. I can't believe this is even a conversation. All these ppl are running on Bernie's ideas lol but his missed his chance? Total hogwash. Warren and Biden have bad histories, Sanders does not. There is very little opponents can use against him. Most ppl's reasoning are like a person farther up the feed. "Bernie had his chance" blah blah blah. It's absurd, none of the reasons for Biden or Warren are ever rooted in policy or fact just ridiculous opinions based on nothing an informed person would change votes for.
Davin Baker
Davin Baker 27 days ago
Warren was planted by the DNC to steal Bernie votes. The DNC have been working on this plan since 2016. The only hope is to abandon both. Join Elon Musk and Andrew Yang. 10x the power of the DN fckin C
Birdie S
Birdie S 27 days ago
Tonya Hinrichs This has got to be the dumbest reason to switch votes for a presidential candidate I’ve ever seen... Who cares if Cardi interviewed Bernie?!? FOCUS ON THE ISSUES!!!
CARL Echevarria
CARL Echevarria 27 days ago
@Tonya Hinrichs Really?!??!?!?
B Jones
B Jones 27 days ago
Warren isn’t a progressive and she has already said that if she wins the nomination she’ll take corporate money and I just don’t believe she will fight as hard for what I want as Bernie will. He hasn’t changed positions on anything in 30yrs. He has my vote hands down in the primary. Long live the hand that wields OathKeeper!!! Corporate Socialism Sucks!!! Sanders/Gabbard 2020
Rocky 27 days ago
Who the eff is on the sleepy joe bandwagon? Everyone I know and essentially everyone I see interviewed isn’t interested in Biden in the slightest. Trump is going down in flames use the opportunity to put in a far left person. Sanders could get elected but warren is a better choice. She has a plan for everything tho right, so if her plans work she’ll win cuz she’s planned it! So I suppose it’ll work itself out till the general.
yarnpower 27 days ago
Rocky , no, Warren is not a true progressive as she has said she will take corporate cash in the general election. That means she will owe favors to the same greedy people that have caused most of our problems .And most of her policies are simply copies of others, many of Bernie’s for instance.
Mark Chase
Mark Chase 27 days ago
Actually, she has a point about electability because the only reason Republicans cut a deal to have Donald Trump Trump for them because they had NO ONE WHO COULD BEAT HILLARY CLINTON and her would have take votes away from anyone they tried to put up. And Trump didn't legitimately beat Clinton. The Russians put him in office. As far as your assessment of Biden and Democratic strategy, I agree with you.
rpgspree 27 days ago
"Electability" is a media code word for donor favorability.
Zhu Bajie
Zhu Bajie 27 days ago
When two Republicans run, the one with the (R) not the (D) next to their name will win.
bubu joo Estes
bubu joo Estes 27 days ago
root 27 days ago
Rocky 27 days ago
bubu joo Estes 🤒🥴🤢😪🤮
Michael Skerritt
Michael Skerritt 27 days ago
Cenk you can laugh at the Biden all you want but Teflon Joe is 10 points ahead of you and gaining . Bernie better convince people he can beat Trump in the battleground states .
Davin Baker
Davin Baker 27 days ago
Warren and Bernie have Yangs votes atm. Retired ppl with home phones that answer them regardless of who call is the demographic polls are aggregated from.
B Jones
B Jones 27 days ago
He was ahead in polls over Trump by much further than Hillary in2016 he will beat him now. He isn’t widening his margin over Bernie he has lost points since the debates. Long live the hand that wields OathKeeper!!! Corporate Socialism Sucks!!! Sanders/Gabbard 2020
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