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Joe Biden causes controversy with his fond words about his past working relationships with segregationist senators.
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 2 177
TheMaxer03 7 days ago
That has to be an audience laugh machine he has. It sounds fake.
Rus Pesca
Rus Pesca 9 days ago
Idiots just unite and get rid of orange evil man please.
Steve Jaenghan
Steve Jaenghan 12 days ago
I find his comment of boogering kangaroos like the people of Delaware do quite odd. Kangaroo are a natural species of Australia, not US.
Tasha Ragland
Tasha Ragland 18 days ago
💯 Elizabeth Warren
Syneathia Bell
Syneathia Bell 19 days ago
He should learn from Obama...Be cool.😎
Mack Daddy
Mack Daddy 22 days ago
Joe Biden is a racist, pls don't vote for this guy.
Fritz Metellus
Fritz Metellus 26 days ago
Segregation I'm all for it. Revelation18vs4.
brian keenan
brian keenan Month ago
Old White man back in control of Dems
Pendragon Love
Pendragon Love Month ago
Biden IS DONE. 🙄🤨 Bernie 2020...he’s got my vote.
Navah Wolff
Navah Wolff Month ago
Crazy Dummy Joe
zippy thedude
zippy thedude Month ago
Crusty old farts need to play with their grandkids and play bingo.
Veleda Johnson
Veleda Johnson 2 months ago
#Biden is s #racist segregationist ....so sad for....poor kids,...lol...
billynair 2 months ago
"a surprise road-trip is just kidnapping!" - I laughed so weird I almost blew out my ear drum again!! hahhaha
Zachary Spencer
Zachary Spencer 2 months ago
Its funny because its such a milquetoast comment from Biden and there is such an uproar because the far left wants a more liberal candidate. KKK and segregationists were leftists.
Greta 2 months ago
Are we not going to talk about the fact that Biden said he didn't have a racist bone in his body, which is exactly what Trump said after the send her back chants?
Greta 2 months ago
3:33 uuuuh what's up with ur face bro?
bedfordnhdonkey 3 months ago
Imagine living in a world run by liberals. No joking, no evolving on issues, no room to make mistakes. Just strict rules on how to conduct yourself, or else you get fired and thrown to the wolves.
Nick Rubalcava
Nick Rubalcava 3 months ago
Maybe he’s just saying that the recent senators are racist and they can’t do business now
Wesley Huang
Wesley Huang 3 months ago
Unfortunately, based on his records. Mini Bison's idea of working with "xyz" is: not what representation is about. I get the feeling.. based on net worth and voting records. Well..follow the money and voting records.
kenpachi mugiwara
kenpachi mugiwara 3 months ago
His track shows he supports the oppression, injustice, and maintaining white supremacy. He doesn’t care about human rights he smiles plays nice and does nothing. A true example of has power but no common sense. To apply or implement ideas to deal with black American’s period.
Cavanaugh Wrim
Cavanaugh Wrim 3 months ago
Jim Crow Joe don't fool me .He's behind a lot racist fuckery. #CutTheCheck #FirstThem #Tangibles2020 #FBAvsEverybody
Will Coleman
Will Coleman 3 months ago
Kamala Harris 2020
L1nc 3 months ago
Hey you know what is a good surprise? Kinder egg toys. Want to hear a bad one? Loot boxes are surprise mechanics...
Swaggy Jones
Swaggy Jones 3 months ago
Ibn He
Ibn He 3 months ago
MASTER BLASTER 3 months ago
Crazy Joe
Craig B
Craig B 3 months ago
Senator Kamal Harris' Mom is from India. When did Ms. Harris become "black?" Oh, it's an election year...
Opal Shade
Opal Shade 3 months ago
DNC really should boot Biden if they want to win. He'll divide the democratic voterbase just like Clinton did.
Kevin Skipper
Kevin Skipper 3 months ago
3:08. Is that how we really sound?
Lucas Nahuel Cerante
Ask yourselves what you would think of a Republican saying these things and touching women like that.
Esther Bradley
Esther Bradley 3 months ago
Great commentary
Michael Beatty
Michael Beatty 3 months ago
Joe isn’t bad, but I prefer Mayor Pete personally
Henry Silver
Henry Silver 3 months ago
It wasn't a gaffe. It was a perfectly self-conscious attempt at political self-advancement by trading horses and cutting backroom deals with segregationist Dixiecrats, who controlled many Congressional committees and wielded tremendous influence in the party. Status quo Joe at his finest!
BudzzLightYear 3 months ago
fuck this pedo #Bernie
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds 3 months ago
compromise and bipartisanship is not how politics works anymore. repealing glass steagall and implementing dont ask dont tell is what you get when you compromise with republicans. and it always seems democrats giving in more than republicans.
veronica cibrian
veronica cibrian 3 months ago
Biden needa break a hip with his weird ass.
tom patterson
tom patterson 3 months ago
Kamala Harris next time she can ask Joe Biden why he surrounds himself with racist Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton
Ahmad Alarcon
Ahmad Alarcon 3 months ago
Creepy Joe does not disappoint
justsaying 3 months ago
He would not be my first choice but any Dem who can beat Trump, PERIOD.
Haloprogamer1996 3 months ago
Its a statement about being able to still find compromises and work together despite differences in ideology. Look at what you have right now, you are unable to agree with each other on even the smalles issues and block any form of change whether in a conservative or liberal sense. And you get mad about him stating that you could work with people that you may not agree with ? You people are fucked up, this is why you americans all suck.
Ryan G
Ryan G 3 months ago
Just remember those segragationists he worked with were fellow Democrats.
Tim Bennett
Tim Bennett 3 months ago
Nobody wants to look into that. It's more convenient to imply they are the other party.
jaydspace 3 months ago
I'm sorry Biden's right on this one. The point that you can be civil and get things done with someone you whose views you disagree with still stands
Alvino A
Alvino A 3 months ago
Biden was never the vice-president, something that most people do not understand. In July of last year, on a lecture tour in Africa, the obama told an audience, "I'm the first U.S. president from Kenya!" Then his wife said (and I quote), "Kenya is the land of his birth!"' For those of you who aren't following the logic here, it is against the law for a person born in Africa or Europe or Asia, etc., to be president of the U.S. Many in the military did not accept him as president because it became clear long ago that he was NOT "born in Hawai'i." But the powers-that-be installed him in the White House anyway, and then conned the general public into believing that they voted him in. The U.S. went for 8 years without a president. And, since the obama's "presidency" was illegal, since he was never actually the president, then quite obviously Biden could not have been vice-president. Hey, people, this isn't rocket science. Is there anyone out there who really doesn't get this? ...
Alvino A
Alvino A 3 months ago
@Suzanne Vorstenbosch: All you're doing is taking up valuable space here. It is clear from the tone of your post that what matters to you is your ego ~ you need to be right. Well, sorry, I'm not going to stroke your overblown ego for you. The reality is this: If you actually cared about the truth, you'd be out there looking for it. But you're not. Go look for that youtube video yourself. I'm not going to to your research for you. You do know what research is, don't you? Mental laziness is the reason you people never come up with anything of any true value. And, yes, "man-wife." That "woman" has a bigger bulge between her legs than most men I've seen, but Americans are doing their best to pretend they don't see it. As for that video, i do not know the name of it, but I could look for it ... AS COULD YOU. But you won't. I strongly recommend that you take down your obama altar, candles, incense, and all. Give it up: He isn't the great man of so many American's dreams. He's a Kenyan fraud, a Communist Muslim who did his best to weaken the country and to strengthen the LGBT agendas, to say nothing of the fact that he and his "wife" were bringing rappers and that criminal Al Sharpton into the White House. I hope Trump fumigated before he moved in ...
Suzanne Vorstenbosch
@Alvino A Questioning my intelligence when you offer only words? Where's the videoproof? Without it, your words are just that, words. Oh man-wife, is that right? Yeah, now I know for sure, conspiracy theories is ALL you've got. Then cite the video you so badly want me to watch! I asked for it twice now. If you had it, you would've shared it without me asking for it.
Alvino A
Alvino A 3 months ago
@Suzanne Vorstenbosch: And here i was thinking that I had received an intelligent response. Your response said nothing at all. The obama did in fact state that he was the first U.S. president "from Kenya." His man-wife stated (and i quote), "Kenya is the land of his birth." Go watch the video and stop trying to show us how clever you are. Why did you post? You enjoy embarrassing yourself? ...
Suzanne Vorstenbosch
Fox news is not news, neither is breitbart. Cite the video proof or stop peddling conspiracy theories
Al wickersheim
Al wickersheim 3 months ago
No apology needed what he is Ponting out is that politicians should work together and get things done no matter if its in the democratic or republican interests after the elections you get a job so do it good and forget about politics til the next election comes up
Tim Bennett
Tim Bennett 3 months ago
Yes, make more laws at any cost. Government always knows what's best, even if it's fully retarded.
Miles Bennet Dyson
Miles Bennet Dyson 3 months ago
Democrate are going to lose, they can't say shit because eveything they say will get them marked as a racist.... fucking stupid idiots these libtards...
xerakis 3 months ago
please , please run old Creepy, Sleepy , Plugs Biden.... pathetic. Trump 2020, KAG !
Sunny 3 months ago
Kamala Harris 2020!
Chris Cloud Comedy
Chris Cloud Comedy 3 months ago
He was vp under the black president for 8 yrs, kamala has a suspect past with black culture and cory is her bff. I just want to know where is the kool-aid these truth bombs are heavy.
exactinmidget92 3 months ago
so it's between your creepy uncle or a Commie?
LOCO JAZZ 3 months ago
Bernie Burns 2020 👍
Chris Le Chat
Chris Le Chat 3 months ago
Biden reminds me of Trump
Jayne Taylor
Jayne Taylor 3 months ago
Biden would never ever get my vote
TheErnieforss 3 months ago
So Eastland isn't Kratos. "Listen Boy, be better."
TheErnieforss 3 months ago
Bidden giving an apology? They should ask Antia Hill about that.
Xia Harris
Xia Harris 3 months ago
A gaffe is a mistake, not a plan repeated several times in several ways to disenfranchise black people on purpose by working with OPENLY white supremacist dillholes. The man worked with Jesse Helms. That's not redeemable to work at the DMV much less as POTUS.
Logos XYZ
Logos XYZ 3 months ago
Biden is not getting my vote, but I respect him for not apologizing and standing by what he said.
Phyllis Snyder
Phyllis Snyder 3 months ago
Biden is living in the past- he needs to retire and let the younger fresh political leaders run the party and country.
Jamie Ryan Storey
Jamie Ryan Storey 3 months ago
Joe Biden is a conservative. Why is he even in the Democratic Party?
annellev 3 months ago
Surprise road trip......lololol
Game Time with Professor John
Hey, um, I don't see the big deal here. Biden told a story about how he could work in a civil way with people he disagreed with. That's it. Why are people freaking out? Are we not allowed to mention America's less than stellar human rights records? Or is the issue that the left doesn't want people who disagree to be polite to each other? Because I can see that second one. All the democrat candidates are trying to eat each other like a pack of starving gnolls. They need to freaking work together and maybe run for senate instead!!! Don't divide the party base too much!!!!
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