Joaquin Phoenix Rescues Mother Cow and Newborn Calf Day after Academy Awards Win

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Mirroring his Oscars acceptance speech in which he spoke to the plight of mother cows and their babies, Phoenix helps to liberate a cow and her newborn calf from a Los Angeles slaughterhouse and bring them to Farm Sanctuary.
Phoenix said, "I never thought I’d find friendship in a slaughterhouse, but meeting Anthony and opening my heart to his, I realize we might have more in common than we do differences. Without his act of kindness, Liberty and her baby calf, Indigo, would have met a terrible demise. Although we will continue to fight for the liberation of all animals who suffer in these oppressive systems, we must take pause to acknowledge and celebrate the victories, and the people who helped achieve them. Shaun Monson, Amy Jean Davis, and the entire LA Animal Save community, have taken their pain of bearing witness and turned it into effective, diplomatic advocacy for the voiceless. As a result, Liberty and Indigo will never experience cruelty or the touch of a rough hand.

My hope is, as we watch baby Indigo grow up with her mom Liberty at Farm Sanctuary, that we’ll always remember that friendships can emerge in the most unexpected places; and no matter our differences, kindness and compassion should rule everything around us."
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Comments 80
hex warp
hex warp 48 minutes ago
Im not vegan but Joaquin is sensitive towards this kind of thing because of the hardships in his background.
sanjay bakshi
sanjay bakshi 12 hours ago
Thats it I'm eating more vegetables
GHALI ROCK 14 hours ago
s w
s w Day ago
Hipocrates. My cat would eat me, the soon she gets a chance. I live in the rural and I am fine with the good quality meat.
L WGG Day ago
Thanks to his speech, I considered questions about my food I had never asked myself before. I am now a proud vegan and trying to inform the people around me about these horrible conditions as well. Specifically women, and mothers, if they knew what was going on, I think most of them would not support the consumption of animal meat at all.
Mihir Day ago
I went vegan 8 months before and Its the best decision I made I'm living without the guilty that I'm promoting murder of animals ❤️
It takes one kind human ...
Peter Rasputin
Why do celebrities sometimes do silly things? If he wants with the money he has, he could buy all the cows and leave them free in the garden of his mansion ... and give them a name ... if it were not for the meat there would be no cinematography today ... I could explain why I did it but it would take time ... humans are not vegetarians that are a voluntary decision of someone who can choose what to eat
Jean Sartre
Jean Sartre Day ago
I can't say I'm quite there yet but I've been experimenting a lot lately with vegan products. Actually just tonight I had a chicken tikka substitute that tasted just like the real thing. It's amazing. It can be done and I believe I'll manage it once I've gotten into the routine of doing it and buying vegan only. Good on Joaquin for all he is doing to raise awareness.
Chichichichia Seeds
I've watched cowspiracy and other people preaching about veganism and they never got to me , but seeing how passionate Joaquin is about it moves my soul and eating meat doesn't feel good anymore.
Angela Smith
Angela Smith Day ago
Bless You!!
N2 D
N2 D Day ago
I understand vegans want to do good to animals but what they don’t realize is that they are buying into a consumption diet largely funded by Monsanto and big pharmaceutical companies that are making fake foods in laboratories that are further worse for your health. Fake meat & B12 pills aren’t natural fit you
amluvsam Day ago
I love him soooo much ❤️ he’s perfect
shaylen sanders
I like how no one calls him an "obnoxious vegan" I want to start being more assertive like this and help animals more like this.
Breena Betancourt
It stuff like this that the world needs to see. Cause here, I don't see Joaquin Phoenix as an actor anymore. I see him as a person. A wonderful human being. It's amazing
nicole 2 days ago
Thank you.
animesh rawat
animesh rawat 2 days ago
Never i will heard a man like Joanquin Phoneix ....
animesh rawat
animesh rawat 2 days ago
"Eating a life will give of course a feel of satisfaction to your taste buds for a while as long as it is on your tongue ....human go save a life u will have a satisfaction to your soul but for entire life " : TFA
simran singh
simran singh 2 days ago
Some people not only drink cow's milk but are also eating them😭, please don't do this, we hindus treat cows as if it's our mother(as we and some children whose mother died while giving birth drank the milk of cow while growing up, that's why we never eat or harm cow in any ways nor do we generally treat them as a domestic animal as they have so may Emotions and intelligence🙏), in India cows are worshipped as mother. . . But now modern days hindus (some of them)they started eating cow😭, that's so sad😖
Cheryl Muir
Cheryl Muir 2 days ago
This broke me down in tears. May we all speak up more on veganism and animal rights ❤️
Bhargav H
Bhargav H 2 days ago
Slaughtering grown cows OK. But slaughtering a calf? That's fucked up!
Marcus Ullrich
Marcus Ullrich 2 days ago
Thanks, you are a hero in real life :-) greetings from Germany 🇩🇪 it is good to be remembered why I live vegan 🌱 too.
Ronak Nanda
Ronak Nanda 2 days ago
Gorakshak joker
Dark Lady
Dark Lady 2 days ago
Love you Joaquin!
Vinit Nag
Vinit Nag 2 days ago
Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow 🙏
Periklesis 2 days ago
I'm crying. Literally. 😥
Carina S.
Carina S. 2 days ago
Joaquin has such a good heart ❤️
Mark Walsh
Mark Walsh 2 days ago
Wow. He saved 1 cow and calf. All hail the great man 🤣🤣
Khoe Winchester
Khoe Winchester 2 days ago
Debbie Cords
Debbie Cords 2 days ago
Thank you Joaquin, thank you💔❤️🥰
Sparkmeister 2 days ago
Walks his talk. Beautiful work. A real man.
Jock Mactaggart
Jock Mactaggart 2 days ago
Like hunting hate slaughter house
Mark Ford
Mark Ford 3 days ago
What a douche
Diego Yobe
Diego Yobe 3 days ago
Oh cmon buying only one cattle?
SPD Adventurer
SPD Adventurer 3 days ago
That mom and baby😭😭😭😭😭😭saying each other we are free i think now baby/mom
Mikah Johnson
Mikah Johnson 3 days ago
Vegans unfortunately get a bad rep- because some of them come off very stand-offish and not basing their arguments on anything other than the "good of their heart". I wish that there were more vegans like Joaquin. He comes off as calm and intelligent, and is much better at getting his message and point across.
Full Tilt Boogie
Full Tilt Boogie 3 days ago
I love how he records every minute of his si called rescue lmao. Gtfoh
EGO ANDREAS 3 days ago
Bravo sir!!
Lordakia Santiago
We live in a society... A society with good people like Joaquín.... :v
We Do Not Consent
He's narrated 3 films now about animal cruelty and unity. Artists are supposed to beautify the world and he is a true artist.
Scarlet Summer
Scarlet Summer 4 days ago
Yeah as he will starve his own baby. Not buying the bull shit. Doesn't anyone get he has a cleft palate because he wasn't given the proper nutrition as a boy in his vegan or vegetarian home/cult???? Go veganism!!! Right on starve those kids for the animals.
Sam Judge
Sam Judge 4 days ago
Except that's not how reality works, it's one thing to look after animals, it's another to be a farmer, as I'm sure it's a more difficult then Phoenix points it out. There are good Farmers and there are bad farmers, the Farmers that do bad business plans, they would go away, as it is throughout agriculture history, if this Farm organisation is asking politicians to regulate businesses, such as other farmers to be restrictive how they look after their animals, then you are only making it difficult, as Farmers will worry about the cost and planing permissions, making less time to look after their livelihoods and animals. Each farmer's is different from their environments, conditions on animals, laws and expenses on the land, so no farmer will do the same and some do better than others, if this organisation wants farmers to be regulated, not by themselves but by politicians, then this "heartwarming" organisation may do for more harm then good to individual farms and their animals, forcing them to be exterminated or sold off, depending on the regulators. So yes I do understand to have value and appreciation to farm animals, as well the importance of of being a farmer. However I will not go out on my way telling farmers how they should live by government force, as you remove the freedom to choose and punish everyone on the same level. If Phoenix wants to help animals and support farms and petting zoos, if it brings value and happiness to him, then let it be so, I will disagree of him using victimhood on animals for regulating businesses, manipulating individuals on a cherry picking straw mans.
LeftoverCrass FPV
And now what are you going to do with the mother cow and her calf? You going to fix her mastitis when the calf doesnt want any milk? What about a bull, are you going to let her free range with a bull or are you going to deprive her of her ability to be a mother ?
Mila 4 days ago
literally the only relevant celebrity
Sophia the Sophisticated
My goodness, they're animals not humans. Animals eat animals all the time. Let's start looking out for our own kind first, specifically the unborn babies that are mercilessly and unjust slaughtered. Omnivores eat meat. Humans are omnivores. It's part of the food chain. It's science. Are we going to start arguing with lions for eating gazelles?!
Evan Morris
Evan Morris 3 days ago
LOoK aT My BIg CAniNES i Am a KILling MAChine
world no1 boyband member.
Humans are herbivores No 1 cause of climate change is animal agriculture. World hunger can. Be solved if we go vegan. And if you care about unborn life then how come u don't for born life. You can smiply not kill anyone. Abd don't compare yourself with animals because they also kill their babies like lions. But u seem to care about fetuses too. So stop being a hypocrite. either yoy are pro life or a hypocrite.
Alka 4 days ago
Am I the only one who wants to rip into a big juicy steak right now ?
Alka Day ago
Evan Morris no u
Evan Morris
Evan Morris 3 days ago
make sure and take breaks when you're eating it so you can breathe out of your mouth
Alex Christensen
Alex Christensen 5 days ago
I want a burger
John Mauro
John Mauro 5 days ago
i don’t totally agree with what he’s doing, but i respect the determination and that he’s out there making changes himself
John Mauro
John Mauro 4 days ago
world no1 boyband member. i’m just not an anti-meat or anti-slaughter person, but i can respect joaquin for doing what he’s doing with so much passion
world no1 boyband member.
It doesn't take much to not kill these days.
Amanda Dixon
Amanda Dixon 5 days ago
I cannot stop crying. So much compassion, sincerity, and Truth in this action. Hoping this is a stepping stone to more awareness for all of the ways humans, animals, and our environment are exploited. Way to f**king go, Joaquin. 👏🔥🙏
MIss K
MIss K 5 days ago
Yashwant Chauhan
Yashwant Chauhan 6 days ago
It amazes me how easily Western world makes fun of India for worshiping cow. Milk was the basis of civilization in India. It is a super drink and provides so many by products. Besides, CoWs understand emotions of human beings, so, not a good source of food when dead.
Bat Gosho
Bat Gosho 6 days ago
hmmmmm. Steak
Chief Seattle
Chief Seattle 6 days ago
Vegans must refuse pharmaceuticals if they or their family get sick. It is natural to die or get over the illness by itself. All drugs are tested on animals. I have met ‘vegans’ with leather shoes. They say it’s ok because it’s a ‘byproduct’ of meat 🥩. Actors should stick to acting.
Evan Morris
Evan Morris 3 days ago
uh oh someone is triggereeeeeeedddd and it's a bloodmouth
Tamara Harris
Tamara Harris 6 days ago
I dont have a good feeling about the owner of this yard. Its time to record slaughter yards. Camara everywhere! 🎥📽📷📸📹📼📽📷🎥
shotmeindaface 6 days ago
It reminds me if when Werner Herzog rescued Joaquin Phoenix from becoming grilled steak.
mary j
mary j 8 days ago
when the mom cow and the baby cow were running at the end it made me so happy
Fritz Jackson
Fritz Jackson 8 days ago
Murder implies another intent than to kill and collect for consumption (which is really a synonym with the meaning of the word 'harvest' for plants). Harvest: kill & collect. How is this not harvesting? Murder is a step in harvesting an animal, but it is so obviously an intellectually dishonest, gross over-simplification of reality to simply say that is all that is occurring. So disrespectful and this man is clearly trying to stay calm whilst a celebrity man-child trolls him with dishonesty to his face. The man is opening up his private space for you to see, the least you can do is meet him at his level of honorable honesty. No need for those tit for tat fights when all you *really* need to do is look up the definition, and I'm sure there's probably a new one that Joaquin uses, but I'll stick to Webster's and google.
world no1 boyband member.
So if i kill someone and eat them after its okay.
connor lyngz
connor lyngz 10 days ago
Wished meat was costlier😢 then demands goes down the drains
The Mystery Machine
Crying. I love this man. This is holy work.
Grace Benjamin
Grace Benjamin 11 days ago
Go Joaquin Phoenix
Krystal Harmony Tikvah
This was beautiful and great!
Leah Milleru
Leah Milleru 12 days ago
Thank you for saving a cow
Radhika srinivasan
Radhika srinivasan 12 days ago
Please slaughtering animals. God bless Joquain, such a beautiful soul, I was vegetarian, will go vegan. Plants are harvested, animals re slaughtered
Craig Weston
Craig Weston 12 days ago
were mum and bub given away or did they have to pay for them? If Anthony gave them to Phoenix, then I say a big thank you to a wonderful man.
Berat Emini
Berat Emini 12 days ago
When will we care this much about our own problems? The constants wars? The everlasting hatred? The everlasting ignorance? The everlasting superstition?
world no1 boyband member.
We already do. How many people do you think supports war.Also compassion is the way. If you can't love an innocent animal how are you going to love greedy humans.
Nebula6 13 days ago
“Am I not merciful!!!!!!”
Niranjandassji mharaj Niranjan sharma
You are realy hero...you cow safe aapne gay ko bchakr bahut sundr kam kiya haiye kary khud prmatma ka kam hai
Serkov Games
Serkov Games 14 days ago
Big Human! Big Heart!
Angela Gallagher
Angela Gallagher 15 days ago
651 people have no heart!!!! LOVE YOU JOAQUIN!! THANK YOU for your compassion LIVE VEGAN FOR A BETTER WORLD! 🌿🌿🌎🙏
Wise Desi
Wise Desi 15 days ago
I know people make fun of us Hindus for giving mother and god level of importance to cow but this is one if the most kind and selfless creature of god. Just stay with one for few days and you will realize it as long as you keep heart open.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 15 days ago
Now when are the hypocrites like Dicaprio going to become vegan?
kimsuncha 16 days ago
Jada Thomason
Jada Thomason 16 days ago
People eat meat and meat is really tasty. the problem is is there is a humane way to do this but it's not profitable or doable on a large enough scale to feed America. the best the average human being can do is give thanks to that animal for the life of that animal when you sit down to eat it.
nowgleaning 16 days ago
adela ortiz bueno
adela ortiz bueno 18 days ago
Ademas de ser un excelente actor es usted una persona excepcional,rara hoy dia de encontrar.Continue como le dicta su corazon.
Starlings murmuration
What about the chickens?
Wlof25 22 days ago
The question now is, did he pay for those two cows?
S K 23 days ago
That sweet inacent baby with big beautiful loving but scared eyes fondling following after her mum is so adorable to see thank you for bringing them to the sanuary bless you
Courtney Shoemaker
Courtney Shoemaker 23 days ago
Why did you traumatize that calf by putting it in the tack room for the ride?
Ferax 27 days ago
I'm a vegetarian 🙂
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