Joaquin Phoenix on the making of 'Joker'

Popcorn with Peter Travers
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The actor talks to Peter Travers about starring in the new DC Universe film.
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Oct 4, 2019




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Jan Willem v.d. Gronden
interviewer is from rolling stone? Depth of a puddle, missed so much potentially beautiful interaction with Joaquin Phoenix, you see him scale back his expectations throughout the interview... Love Joaquin Phoenix!
Garden Life 19
Garden Life 19 19 hours ago
Liberal trash, 100% made for their radicalized evil, unloved audience.
Bruce Hepting
I have now watched the Joker twice currently. I am a Mental Health Advocate, and the real substance under this movie is how it portrays the many souls of neglect. Their constant survival to face Humility, Bullying, Mocking and complete put-downs that cause significant harm, while they struggle to rely on their emotional intelligence not to react. The steady abuse, unwarranted stigma, ignorance they face is inhuman, and we humans need many more lessons in humanity.
EngleHump Day ago
please do try not to interrupt Joaquin when'he's speaking
lillian wemyss
I felt a range of emotions watching this his laugh cry sound made me sad at first then it was upsetting til I got annoyed I think everyone has a coping strategies for life my go to thing is laughing or joke when stuff gets tough but this movie is unsettling not in a bad way but bits maked me cringe
Conspiracy Compost
movie "critics" is a parasitic 'job'
Bobo Badapski
is it just me, or does peter travers look like a slightly older Ralph Fiennes?
Isu 2 days ago
Do not drink the milk!!!!!!!!
teppolundgren 2 days ago
Only an American would soil a chair with his shoes.
@Y T Yes! And what about how our American relatives came to visit once and stepped right into our house with muddy shoes and nearly destroyed our Persian carpets? And then they got pissed off because we told them to take their shoes off! Like, whose house IS this, hmm?
Y T Day ago
What about when they get on the bed wearing outside shoes. It shocks me every time. Like, how??
XtreamG57 2 days ago
After watching other super hero movies i tealised that the joker just gaveus tue punch into reallity anout what a villan in this fantasy world actually is, is real, inspirational and a real mesage for us in our society
Betty Boos' Sister
What is scary REALLY SCARY is that we can identify with the joker...if enough happened and in society today it's challenging to remain sane
Rescue Rhonda
Rescue Rhonda 2 days ago
I'm a 56-year-old vegan female looking for an older Joaquin.
John Zyski
John Zyski 2 days ago
He is explaining the work to be an actor. Great answers.
Farah 2 days ago
Could this be the young man mentioned at 18:43? ruvid.net/video/video-lkOpiFulCpc.html
Coco Federer
Coco Federer 3 days ago
The end 不不不不不
Julie Wilson
Julie Wilson 3 days ago
I'm so happy at Joaquin's Oscar win. What an all-round amazing human. His Oscar speech was riveting and he spoke from the depth of his soul. I thought his comment about De Niro here was so lovely, really sweet, vulnerable thing to say. He has not become cynical - remarkable man! And what talent!
Jill Gilson
Jill Gilson 3 days ago
D Edman
D Edman 4 days ago
Before this film I was a mild Joaquin fan and not interested in Todd Phillips output. They both elevated beyond the norm. Most moved I have been since The Wrestler
Zarukane 5 days ago
I thought he will shoot him in the middle of interview :)
Scott Nicholas
Scott Nicholas 5 days ago
Fan: ...I have been waiting for this movie my whole life. Do you think of this as your Dream role? Joaquin: No. 不不
Cesar Santellana
Cesar Santellana 5 days ago
@23:40 Does the foot assertion, interupting thing.... "But we did,we did sing in the streets".
Miguel Herrera
Miguel Herrera 5 days ago
It's a film for psychopaths.
lygophile 5 days ago
"everything" except meat, dairy or eggs.
red men
red men 5 days ago
Phoenix took this interview more seriously than others ive seen him do. he clearly hates these interviews and the Hollywood BS! if someone appears genuinely interested and doesn't ask generic questions, he will respond
Debbie Jensen
Debbie Jensen 6 days ago
I love Joaquin. Fell in love many years ago
noworries2014+ 6 days ago
noworries2014+ 6 days ago
There's a little Arthur in everyone of us
Liza Rosa
Liza Rosa 6 days ago
Im binging on Joaquin Phoenix. Hes a great actor and human. Love his voice for animals crusade activism and charity. So obvious what we have been doing to animals. Dont know why some ppl pretending not to notice. Many ppl see evil greed hurting defenseless voiceless living empathetic beings make us psychopaths. I am so bored with entertainers. Joaquin is fresh
Bradley Drew
Bradley Drew 6 days ago
He's a genius...fuck what anybody says about Joaquin...so many one liners hes an old soul...he said how the weightloss how it affected his movement is so true...how he talks about childhood trauma(which he went through) he gave" joker " everything he had and kept it 100% b4 and after..his speech was some deep shit he hushed all the other "celebrities"when they all got up to cheer ..he was like ..Naw shhhh sit the FUCK down and they DID..lol..he knows what REALLYA going on in h_wood n shit so the media makes him out to look CRAZY but HES NOT...he started talking about a certain kind of crime that started occurring after 1963 he's on to something..he knows what's up..
Jo瓊o Paulo Domingues
wow man, just wow. What a heavy movie, made me sad, disturbed. One of the greatest late performance.
Dantes230 7 days ago
There is no chemistry between these 2. Such a fake interviewer, very awkward trying so hard to act excited. Why not just act normal? Props to joaqin for not being phased, I couldn't be that chill talking to a weirdo like that
Nancy Ann Lee
Nancy Ann Lee 7 days ago
I love him I always have but I want to punch him every time he puts his chucks on the chair. Be a gentlemen damn it.
gwen theRawVegan
gwen theRawVegan 7 days ago
In a recent interview he said he lost 15 pounds not 50 pounds as media reported
Sandra 8 days ago
There have been ZERO studies conducted that support there being a connection between violent games or movies that make a person want to be violent. Studies have been conducted, many - a correlation does not show to exist in studies. Look it up!
Rd 8 days ago
I know the video Joaquin Phoenix was talking about (he used as reference)! ruvid.net/video/video-IehtMYlOuIk.html He said it looked like it was filmed in the 70s
Gordon Vick
Gordon Vick 8 days ago
Max in space!
Dossie 8 days ago
What a shit interviewer. The dogs get it
Tom獺s Gilibert
Tom獺s Gilibert 9 days ago
He may hate the way they pronunce his first name, it's JJJoaqu穩n, not Uaqu穩n ... Anyway, incredible actor and best movie
Sami MacKenzie Kerr
He actually answered your question, respect.
Annunaki Hunter
Annunaki Hunter 9 days ago
This interviewer sucks
T Zero
T Zero 9 days ago
I think the trick of Joker is we don't know what's in his head, and what's real, anymore than Joker does.
Noel Clarke
Noel Clarke 9 days ago
I watched Joker 08/02/2020 I completely believed him in this characters role. He became that person who had multiple mental health issues due to abuse and neglect and it blew my mind! I understand PTSD a whole lot more now. He understands what medication does to people with the weight gain & side affects. Thinking about the film and the way he played his character I don't think I have ever believed a character as much as I believed Joker!!! I felt he was anxious giving his speech on sunday & he was anxious but he rocked up & delivered. The guy is unfuc*ingreal man!!!
mohammed ahmed
mohammed ahmed 9 days ago
Imdb 9.1 to 8.6 WTF
Carlos Castanheiro
Carlos Castanheiro 10 days ago
Thank you for not singing lol.
Carlos Castanheiro
Carlos Castanheiro 10 days ago
The Joker was the greatest performance by an actor in history, seriously, you can't imagine anyone else playing it. It's as if Joaquin Phoenix was born to do this. Nothing is harder to do then playing a crazy personnality with the tortured eyes of Arthur Fleck and then becoming The Joker, which is just the nature of freedom from society, the true self expression of honesty, we are all the Joker, we just wear different masks we call our identity, our fake self. "My life was never a tragedy, it was a comedy". Arthur Fleck becomes the Joker. Thank you Joaquin Phoenix. Congratulations for winning your Oscar, your speech made me cry.Thank you.
jager64xxx xxxpanzer
Government: OMG OMG this movie is about gun violence and crazy people put soldiers on every theater ASAP crazies may shoot up the theaters kill the crazies on the sight People: OMG that was a great movie let's go dance on the stairs This shows our government's ignorance, and how uninterested they are in solving the mental illnesses. Shooting and killing "crazies" is NOT the answer and NEVER has been. To quote the movie, "They don't give a SHIT about people like you, Arthur".
Jeff Porcaro Groove
what sent him over the edge was his birth truth...that is where he lost it
Jeff Porcaro Groove
when people speak of violence in movies they miss the point...John Wick violence is detached and comic book...Joker violence was profound and personal...it struck at this cultures violence of shootings...it was much more impactful and the message imo was very bad...the solution was to murder with a gun...Hollywood's great hypocrisy...this movie is a strike against this medical model solution to problems...weight gain is the least of side effects for many meds! he is spot on here...have a problem, see a professional, get meds, deal with side effects (we hear them in every tv commercial to the point of being numb)...
Shannon Quesenberry
As someone who deals with mental heath issues personally, hes spot on about the medication. Ive become obese because some medications literally kill your metabolism by blocking dopamine, and until you get off it, it is next to impossible to lose weight. However, once I spoke up, I was able to switch to a medication that sped up my metabolism. Its amazing how much insight Joaquin has to mental health and how he took on Joker with all of his issues. Im thankful it hasnt impacted him like it did Heath Ledger.
Shannon Quesenberry
Fairly Vague Completely! After Heath Ledger, this was risky. From what Ive heard, he used method acting, which may be good in some roles, but in one this dangerous could be very detrimental .
Fairly Vague
Fairly Vague 3 days ago
Shannon Quesenberry Ah, ok I get you. And I agree, I think it takes a brave person to take on a character so lost and complex and not just the bog standard movie villain, particularly in light of Heath Ledger.
Shannon Quesenberry
Fairly Vague I didnt mean Joaquin, I was referring to the Joker and the characters mental health issues. However, its very admirable that Joaquin took on this while dealing with anxiety. I could easily see it triggering it.
Fairly Vague
Fairly Vague 4 days ago
All of his issues?
Caroline Thielen
Caroline Thielen 10 days ago
God, I love this man!
Ofelia Fay
Ofelia Fay 10 days ago
Best actor! Love him
sassisammi 10 days ago
Diabolically good film. An absolute must see. Joaquin takes film to another level here. I absolutely love his work. Every award should be coming his way after this performance. Simply brilliant!
Teresa Montenegro
Teresa Montenegro 10 days ago
Janelle Silbs
Janelle Silbs 10 days ago
Unbelievable actor as the Joker!! He is so amazing and talented and beautiful. Love him so much!! #Bucket list!
Kareoke Carol
Kareoke Carol 11 days ago
Loved you in Gladiadors and Signs a well.
Kareoke Carol
Kareoke Carol 11 days ago
I am extatically happy the Joaquin Phoenix is a WINNER!!! What an OUT OF THIS WORLD TALENT that HE IS!!! :-)
GJL Creative Studios
Peter is such a goon
Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins 11 days ago
OK, I'm confused. Why does this channel only have 50K subs?
SsgtHolland 11 days ago
I love how Joaquin was so weary about any fan-like behaviour around Robert de Niro. While his acting is so much better than de Niro, even the old de Niro. Not the same ball park, not even the same sport. Joaquin just acts circles around him.
Skorpa 12 days ago
It's a shame he's such a dick irl.
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