Joaquin Phoenix on Playing Joker + Exclusive Outtake

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Joaquin talks about losing weight for Joker, movie spoilers, his whole family coming to the premiere, his sisters’ reaction to the film, having a good time making the movie, and Jimmy reveals a never-before-seen outtake of Joaquin from the set.
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Joaquin Phoenix on Playing Joker Exclusive Outtake


Published on


Oct 2, 2019




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Comments 36 572
Jonathan Fortin
Jonathan Fortin 12 hours ago
Joaquin: says he's vegan one person: claps Joaquin: smiles, genuinely grateful
Yrah S.G.L.H
Yrah S.G.L.H 15 hours ago
People should take a break. Jimmy is neither being terrible or rude to Joaquin. He's opened, friendly and curious about Joaquin. So leave him alone. And Joaquin is so cute :)
Wolverine 16 hours ago
Why does the video get so much dislikes lol 😂
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 17 hours ago
7:31 2020 Watching❓😅
Jason Heilman
Jason Heilman 18 hours ago
Joaquin is so unreadable it’s amazing
karla alejandra
karla alejandra 18 hours ago
Why should Jimmy make fun of Phoenix' breakdance in his room? Everybody has its own therapy, like yoga, meditation, painting, writing, etc... What is the funny part in that? I think it is a very awful lack of respect!
JRC animations
JRC animations 20 hours ago
This was a very bad interview.
SyedYousuf Hashmie
SyedYousuf Hashmie 21 hour ago
Why so many dislikes im confused
The One
The One 22 hours ago
Jimmmyyyyy did him boguuusssss. I guess it coulda been staged. But he really seemed upset and caught offgaurd.
I Monka Meek I
I Monka Meek I 23 hours ago
suprised jimmy didnt DIEE0=
Lvellie Day ago
*that gun tho*
RyAn TaKeR
RyAn TaKeR Day ago
Achei que ele ia dar um tiro no apresentador kkk
Naezc Day ago
Joaquin should've said: "You want another joke Jimmy?".
Aesthetic Day ago
I just watched his interview with fallon. He was comfortable and talkative so much. That I searched for other interviews but hell no this isn't cool at all, Kimmel. You bring him to your show at least ask his permission for airing something private like this. He was obvious embarrassed, bothered and uncomfortable. You could've saved the interview but no. Be professional for God's sake!
“You’re making fun of it but it was serious to me” Me who saw the joker: 😳😳😳 R.I.P. jimmy
Mark van der Eb
The clip was a joke outtake and not unannounced. These interviews are rehearsed and planned to an extent. However, as far as the dancing comment, that may have been real and was sad to see Joaquin’s reaction:/
Verity Nash
Verity Nash Day ago
I feel like Jimmy was pushing Joaquin's buttons a little bit, maybe he should've given Joaquin a heads up before that outtake. Especially since he said he watched the movie last night I would've thought he would be a little more careful!
Kurtis Roach
Kurtis Roach Day ago
if anybody wants to see a good interview of Joaquin Phoenix search up conans old interviews from 03/04 they are great.
Kai Kuutamo & Sirkussirkus
Man! He is impossible to read on what is real and what is made up! Truly compelling character! I love it!
Val Mid
Val Mid Day ago
(Insert: Joker is on the show-what will he do meme)
•• nxcole ••
it’s been months and ppl still don’t realize this was a skit to promote joker
Alex Mel
Alex Mel Day ago
Why he have to do him like that at the end
Fairly Vague
Fairly Vague Day ago
Kinda ironic he’s doing these shitty fake ass talk shows
YogaGirl Day ago
Maybe all of this was just a big joke on us but I don’t think Joaquin has anything to apologize for. He was on set, in character, and a very dark intense character at that. Whatever was happening in that scene felt so authentic, they should have kept it. Jimmy 👎 sucks
Taylor Knight
Why is he so hot?
SimonaK Day ago
why this has so many downvotes?
Jevilstail Day ago
People don’t like jimmy
freddybeer Day ago
If he asks you if you want to hear a joke Jimmy, RUN!
Kate Chen
Kate Chen Day ago
I was half expecting Phoenix to pull a fake handgun out of his pocket to prank jimmy
Helen Wilson
Helen Wilson 2 days ago
Jimmy is a talk show hack he tries to make everything a joke he does not know how to have a real moment with his guest so disrespectful especially to an actor like Joaquin who clearly is shy when it comes to talking about his personal life Jimmy always going for a stupid joke not everything is funny he can be so cringeworthy with his questions!!!
Naught Guap
Naught Guap 2 days ago
My observation of Joaquin, is that he doesn't nudge himself to blend into a social situation. It's like his persona is an immovable object, not by chance, but because he is so rooted in his beliefs, so honest and solid. I really admire people like him, and i myself strive for that category of self confidence. I can't imagine anyone achieving this sort of mental state without working towards it real hard. Anyone out there trying to better themselves, aspiring to have a meaningful impact on the world around you - keep at it, and stay true to yourself, you can do it, and you can be the person that inspires someone else to stay true and non-malipulative. It's not easy, and it's often uncomfortable, but i do believe it's for the greater good to act like that. Truly inspiring persona.
CrookedBoy 2 days ago
The number of easily triggered fanboys in the comment section is too damn high. Joaquin Phoenix is not your helpless needy girlfriend who needs you to defend him. No one is getting offended here. it's a talk show. get a grip.
Manu Porcari
Manu Porcari 2 days ago
I see Jimmy kimmel different, I used to like His show... Now I think he is just a d*ck
Rose Amarin
Rose Amarin 2 days ago
He still look creepy but some kind of handsome
Shadow 2025
Shadow 2025 2 days ago
All those 100k dislikes can go straight to Uranus.
Tommy Sheehan
Tommy Sheehan 2 days ago
He’s like Tom Segura in the interview
Knight Owl
Knight Owl 2 days ago
fuk jimmi poopi
Rujeri 2 days ago
Those questions are bullshit
Nikki Moore
Nikki Moore 2 days ago
I’m waiting for him to take out the gun 😂
Lee Daniels
Lee Daniels 2 days ago
Gloriaborger 2 days ago
Jimmy is awful, unsub its unough
Robert Fried
Robert Fried 2 days ago
jimmy kimmel is terrible
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 2 days ago
Joaquin is such an incredible actor, such an interesting person & he gets so invested in his acting roles. He is definitely a one of a kind character.
Hermina Patmol
Hermina Patmol 2 days ago
4:02 THIS LAUGHT !! 🤣🤣
Pupila 97
Pupila 97 2 days ago
5:04 *movie flashbacks from the interview silence scene* lmao he’s still in his character, even when he’s thinking
James Bra
James Bra 2 days ago
You're awful Jimmay
Tauseef Asad
Tauseef Asad 2 days ago
It feels creepy on every moment Damn!! his acting was craazzy!
Sophia Hernandez
Sophia Hernandez 2 days ago
this interview is so so so embarrassing..
Thanh D. Le
Thanh D. Le 2 days ago
American hosts seem to have a habit of talking over their guests. Let them finish their sentences for the sake of your own show!
Jimmy kimmel took exactly 0% from the film to have shown that outtake. He represents everything the film stood against
Stanton thorne
Stanton thorne 3 days ago
Signs is one of my favorites of his and Buffalo soldiers 😁
Sayantani Chakraborty
Kimmel is visibly scared and is talking so carefully.
Oh Thatz DQ
Oh Thatz DQ Day ago
Sayantani Chakraborty joker should of said knock knock
Ray Kalita
Ray Kalita 3 days ago
" How about another joke? Jimmy?"
pranjal jha
pranjal jha 3 days ago
Opinions: Philosophy and Science
I'm glad there wasn't a 80's pistol shot on another show.
Joao Salvattore
Joao Salvattore 3 days ago
Why does this have so many dislikes??
lucky** 22
lucky** 22 3 days ago
Jimmy a jerk
Horacio Gomez
Horacio Gomez 3 days ago
Now he knows how us wrestlers feel
Everything except the last scene was a delusion. The real Joker will emerge in the sequel.
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma 3 days ago
Kimmel the way you treated him on your show was utter crap. Thus, disliking !
Vladimir Johnson
Vladimir Johnson 3 days ago
Jimmy seems a lot more aggressive here than he did on the last interview with Joaquin. How did that one go so well on both of their parts, yet this one went so poorly?
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