Joaquin Phoenix Mocks Reporters' Questions Backstage at the Golden Globes

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After winning best actor for "Joker" and giving an expletive laden speech, Joaquin Phoenix wearily answers questions from the press backstage.



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Jan 6, 2020




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unholy streamer
unholy streamer 9 days ago
Is he high
Dani M
Dani M 11 days ago
A true scorpio 💜
SJW libtard wrecker
o god. bleeding heart vegan dork..you need meat in your diet. dont try to make stupid political/ climate change bs statements. humans require resources. we need to be cleaner. vegan is a great way to become malnourished... prescription drugs are a way bigger issue.
Mr Nash
Mr Nash 15 days ago
Just came for the laugh and say I LOVE THIS MAN
Brett Learmonth
Brett Learmonth 16 days ago
Joaquin is aware of time. Time is precious. We only get one life to live. Good for him. Everything in that interview room was bizarre except for Joaquin. It looked like a high school ceremony on a rental stage, dirt cheap. There's two 1980's films titled "The gods must be crazy 1&2", this might be what he is living through. Society is a mess. He's smart enough to stop the madness & diffuse the nonsense with a few words. Joaquin is one of the most talented actors in history. I remember an interview Joaquin did with David Letterman. Dave was a brilliant man & within seconds of Joaquin arriving on stage Dave Letterman had become angry, confused & nearly irate for no visible reason. Dave accused Joaquin of marketing a film on Dave's Late Show' without consent. Joaquin was holding back laughter, but was a little shocked or sad that Dave Letterman was mad. Joaquin showed his dominance against the mighty Dave Letterman & Dave cracked on live T.V. That actually happened. It was a very awesome moment in TV history. I play a DC comics video game, and absolutely everybody in that MMO game loved the new JOKER film of Joaquin's. Two thumbs up. Thanks for this upload.
mikefromspace 16 days ago
Damn critical he is. Perhaps what he doesn't understand is how the reporters are asking these questions for the audience who perhaps has not heard previous interviews. I mean, what else are they going to talk about? Without a doubt, Joaquin is still in his part. Lighten up, take a vacation! Now an apparent attack on meat eaters! The bible tells us to eat meat. It has been proven that mankind could not have evolved the way we have without it.
Josh 16 days ago
Where the super rich who live in gated communities, have armed security, and fly private, tell us peasants about income inequality and how bad walls, guns, and climate change are lol
ANDY KERI 17 days ago
Thanks for asking . I am doing bad. Mainly after you accepted that ,price people paid ,when they committed suicide ,taking their own life . Just an other Nihilistic ,slogan played out. Can you send more negative message ,just not to care ? Sure ,the sequel to this garbage.
Bea Plum
Bea Plum 17 days ago
Vegans need to address the negatives relating to plant based diets, it’s not just positives. Going to extremes is never the answer
RAD TV 17 days ago
Entitled Asshole
Barry Fernandez
Barry Fernandez 17 days ago
I can't believe I watched all six minutes of this gum-chewing, sanctimonious airhead. I like him much better when he's pretending to be someone else. He got "tricked" into walking on stage, to promote himself... oh, the horror!
Gernot Gernot
Gernot Gernot 18 days ago
Okay here's an unpopular opinion and I'm gonna get ripped for it: I think he's a great actor. I loved Joker, he did a masterpiece there and deserves all the awards he's winning. But right now I think he's losing focus. He comes across as he's having his heads in the clouds and becomes a little bit ungrateful. I think his success has gone to his head. I don't think it's justified for him to mock the journalists asking questions (because they are just doing their job, ultimately bringing him money). I'm also sick of hearing a vegan parade at every award speech, just my personal opinion.
Mia Darlington
Mia Darlington 18 days ago
I love this man. He’s clearly annoyed that they tricked him into this, as I definitely would be. He probably took it a lot better than I would’ve.
furty786 18 days ago
It goes sour at 1:07 Lmaooo
Mark McNugget
Mark McNugget 18 days ago
i think joaquin phoenix is the most relateable person for me
Rudra 21 day ago
"Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?"
Gabriel 23 days ago
1:35 - savage face
Deborah Devone
Deborah Devone 28 days ago
Why cant everyone leave Joaquin alone, just congratulate him ….Stupid questions, He was amazing. End of story. Like he said Why???? What do you mean?
Bjarke Klespe Nielsen
OK, so no more cars, motorbikes, planes, stuff made in other countrys, just having fun for the fun off it... f... pedowood..
I don't see any mocking. But to each their own.
Brian Marcinyshyn
absolutely ridiculous and what a bunch of bull
Tom S.
Tom S. Month ago
Damn. He’s HIGH AS FUCK! Looks like he’s rolling his balls off especially from the way he’s acting all tweaked out and crazy and speaking with the cottonmouth and shit. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shit BUT maybe not at the golden globes where ur nominated. What a Loser.
angelisoncrack Month ago
Me (a server) checking on my tables at work: 0:23 - 0:27 The customers: ... ... ... Me: 0:28
Bucky Preseau
Bucky Preseau Month ago
he comes of as an arrogant dick, but its because he is annoyed that he got shoved into this. and i believe he is a notoriously shy, private person. he is one of my favorite actors.
Light T
Light T Month ago
Obviously scripted. yall dumb or what? This has over a million views in under a month. You really think someone would just randomly shove him up there to speak without him knowing? Knowing full well that millions of people will see it...? No, thats not how it works. You dont go out infront of millions of people to give a speech on a whim, not when money is on the line. Just saying.
cma wpg
cma wpg Month ago
His movie sucked
Saja Alfalahi
Saja Alfalahi Month ago
“Mocking”?? Fuck off! The guy was as respectful as one can be given the situation.
buffalo1d Month ago
Climate nut.
Cyrus Rocks
Cyrus Rocks Month ago
Cracks me up, what a legend. Most real person I have ever seen.
Mike2014 Month ago
Joaquin is a problem. Spit your gum out, wash & comb your hair and take less Xanax! I don't know how many times in the past ten years that I have tried to teach and train people on bad apples out there in the world, but no one seems to believe that people can be that horrid. Even after the person gets scammed or lied to or cheated, they just can't believe individuals would look them in the eye and screw them over. Joaquin is one of those bad apples out there. So selfish and conceited that if the building was on fire he would step on people to get to the exit. He would take from you and then justify and blame you for it.
Mzdo Month ago
FAKE NEWS. I didn't see any mocking going on. I saw a guy that was trying to be funny and sincere whilst feeling a bit uncomfortable. If that's called "mocking" these days then good lord we're all screwed😰
Mr Nash
Mr Nash Month ago
This man is just incredible you gotta love him like come on hes the greatest
Jacqui Morris
Jacqui Morris Month ago
This film was the most depressing film I ever watched .
YRS Month ago
Ok I love his work, but I don’t appreciate his attitude towards the reporters! He doesn’t have to embarrass people like that.
Ryan McAlister
Ryan McAlister Month ago
I love him as a actor and person till he started preaching climate change shit mate your a actor no one really believes what you say
Nathan Jackson
Nathan Jackson Month ago
Holy Cow you are a Big Summnabitch
DeeDee Reish
DeeDee Reish Month ago
He’s a dick. That’s pretty predictable. He should look into another line of work if gets anxious or annoyed by interviews.
sgt. goy
sgt. goy Month ago
joaquen is a tool, so are all you globalist mouthpiece hollywood puppetts.
aryanak1234 Month ago
Can’t dislike a guy who doesn’t take people’s bullshit and who’s not afraid to set the record straight when needed
Well Month ago
Idk how these companies let their interviewers ask the same basic questions every time. Whenever a kpop group comes to America its always, “HoW dOeS iT fEeL tO bE in AmErIcA?” Or “WHAT A,ERICAN ARTIST DO YOU WANT TO WORK WITH?” You can tell they are annoyed, its ridiculous that they don't do any research
Val Month ago
Why is no one saying that he sounds drunk?
Alen Pothupitiya
He’s not mocking anyone here 🤦🏻‍♂️
RC Christo
RC Christo Month ago
Eccentric =Talent many times. Blah blah Vegan bull shit! Fucking posers!
Akame Month ago
*You're awful Variery, you brought me on stage, give me this award, just so you could make fun of me.*
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez Month ago
The H*nkening
The H*nkening Month ago
Why doesn't someone have the stones to ask why Joaquin added that "gay flair" to his acting during the final talk show scene?
Night Shade13
Night Shade13 Month ago
I read the original Joker was gay. It wasn't until the 1990's when Harley was introduced he became straight. Oh course Phillips & Phoenix with all the research they did would know this. I wondered if Arthur wasn't just coming out as the Joker, but coming out coming out
humblewarrior Month ago
It was awful garbage portrayal of 🃏
Woe Entertainment
It's called being flamboyant, not gay flair...and it's being very dramatic or mocking in a sense...
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 Month ago
ceee be
ceee be Month ago
Wonder how he will "act" when he comes before Jesus?
ceee be
ceee be Month ago
@Nathan Jackson I hope so! We all going to answer some day for the words we speak and the lives we live.
Nathan Jackson
Nathan Jackson Month ago
Like a Scholar and a Gentleman, he's a friend of mine
BamaShanks Month ago
When your drunk at the after-party and someone says some people want to talk to you.
Emilio Verduzco
Emilio Verduzco Month ago
That's guy is fucking great.
Bobby Broadway
Bobby Broadway Month ago
"Swing away Carol"
jj oo
jj oo Month ago
JP reminds everyone Actors really are the most important of all people. What a total fucking jerk.
Nazario G.
Nazario G. Month ago
You can tell he meant it and was concerned when he asked if the reporters had water and food!!! Dude is awesome!!!!
Physics Max
Physics Max Month ago
Lose The Gum
Starr Wilson
Starr Wilson Month ago
I love this guy.
Eric Pirillo
Eric Pirillo Month ago
This dude can be ready to strangle someone and all you have to do is bring up veganism and he turns into Mr Rogers. Funny stuff
Holly Month ago
can people actually stop saying hes on drugs or is drunk? you can very clearly tell he’s just uncomfortable and he has anxiety. its actually very annoying as somebody that acts like this when im around a crowd of people. when you have social anxiety its just uncomfortable and you can tell he was struggling.
SJW libtard wrecker
Holly id say man up, but you probably cant do that
Ctiger55 17 days ago
No amount of anxiety causes you to mock someone with your platform.
Static Klingon
Static Klingon Month ago
I never got the impression he was on anything. Being tricked and then asked a tired question.
Hadderboyz Month ago
Holly facts 👌
tina tina
tina tina Month ago
Love how real he is.
Honee Spamoni
Honee Spamoni Month ago
Let's be real... Actors don't wanna answer dumbass questions about the movies they play in the characters they are.... Jesus fuck they get asked the same questions 20 different times. He played the Joker, the end.
Bill Weaver
Bill Weaver Month ago
I got annoyed by the reporter about 2 seconds before he did and I have never answered that question.
alb218 Month ago
I would act the same way as him! He deserves that Golden Globe award! 👏
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