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No joking Batman! Rain and Summer welcome their brother Joaquin Phoenix to LaunchLeft for this sibling powered episode. They ask questions and offer opinions on Joker as Joaquin graciously shares some great on and off screen moments. The Phoenix’s also reminisce about childhood, making their parents go vegan and their love of music. And finally, Joaquin launches Rain’s new record ‘River’ as they discuss the profound impact their older brother had on them growing up. Close to home. A very special LaunchLeft.
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Nov 5, 2019




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Comments 2 525
m migoss
m migoss Day ago
I think summer phoenix looks like lady gaga or is it just me????
Raewyn Urwin
Raewyn Urwin Day ago
Love reference to their Rohare, needs a show of its own.
Raewyn Urwin
Raewyn Urwin Day ago
Love how phoenix siblings finish each others sentences at times, they so get each others congruency.
Janaina Trufanov
What do they talk about?
Reem hell
Reem hell Day ago
How could he be so hot and so cute at the same time
Highlemon 2 days ago
How about another joke, Murray?
TX Divine Guide1111
He loves his sister's. I love how close they all are. I never see him laugh and smile as much as when with family
PAOLO RICCI 3 days ago
he would make one hell of a psychology professor...
Reem hell
Reem hell 3 days ago
He looks so close with her family that’s amazing I love seeing strong family bonds💗
Nathan 3 days ago
More than 300 thirteen year old boys did not underatand this interview is not stupid
Jake Diaz
Jake Diaz 4 days ago
Joe Rogan needs to bring Phoenix to his podcast.
daniel ross
daniel ross 4 days ago
Fascinating !!!!!!!!! And deep
ann skaggs
ann skaggs 4 days ago
What do these 2 sisters do for work besides a podcast (like everyone and their mother)
Your Entertainment Tonight
Joaquin Phoenix is 100% Greatest Actor at whatever he does and his Brother River will be looking down on Joaquin Phoenix
Sobeida Lagrange
Sobeida Lagrange 5 days ago
😱😎💕💞👋 This interview is everything!!! I like his sister's singing at the end too!!!👋👋👋😱😎💕💞
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous 5 days ago
3:06 starts
Head God
Head God 6 days ago
I need phoenix’s movie❤️
whocares 6 days ago
34:43 would make Arthur laugh ha ha ha
Ethen Millard
Ethen Millard 6 days ago
Joaquin really is a next level actor. He is so passionate and gives so much to each role he takes. He and Daniel Day Lewis are the best of the best in my opinion.
Icicle 6 days ago
Oh I love that talk. It comforts me.
Palmina D'Alessandro
So much love and respect. I just "got back" from watching an interview with River....My heart is broken for your family. Love you
Esperanza Holmes
Esperanza Holmes 7 days ago
I enjoyed the movie and you did amazing Joaquin Phoenix and honestly i feel joker was so neglected by system and I felt that government gave up on the mentality Ill and aruther puts on the clown mask to suppress the good because he see the world as cruel and feels better to joker than be abused and neglected
Lorraine Dipietro
Your brother is in trouble
blowskiol - RCB Fan
Lorraine Dipietro bollocks
marina 7 days ago
9:20 is Summer trippin on something or... lmao
TofuCutie 7 days ago
Rain should be on NPR. Soothing voice, great for radio.
Rosie Durana
Rosie Durana 7 days ago
Fucking great!!!!
Rosie Durana
Rosie Durana 7 days ago
This is awesome ..... great collaboration between siblings who can talk about anything and learn from each other through their own perspectives!!!!!😍😍
Ali Ataya
Ali Ataya 7 days ago
Joaquin Phoenix love yout work God bless your family ❤🙏✌
Margaret Riley
Margaret Riley 7 days ago
Rain, Summer And Joaquin...Awesome Job...!!!! ❤❤❤
Staci N
Staci N 7 days ago
I absolutely love Rain's song at the end of this podcast. It's very beautiful. I added your video for it to my playlist. It's very sweet that your brother launched it also. Great interview
One feels the family connection and spirit. Greetings from Montezuma CR
Brandon H
Brandon H 9 days ago
This made me really happy.
IamLegionXXX 9 days ago
I have a question could you have delivered the same performance on Joker if River was still alive, because I feel the pain of his loss help shape your role? If I am out of line I dont mean to be I am just curious, love you all.
IamLegionXXX 9 days ago
What makes this a great interview is because the interviewers have love in their intention and not motivated by money and clicks. Although it would have been funny if he just walked out and then came back and said Im just playing, lol.
kristjana magnusdottir
Interesting interview that I enjoyed watching and listen to...Thank you!
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 9 days ago
Did River have a different father? He looks nothing like his siblings.
TofuCutie 7 days ago
He looks like his mom.
ForGothamCity VWV
no his looks is from his mother.
MALIK YASUL 9 days ago
I enjoyed this very much. Thank you. I agree that perspectives are subjective
Susan Howe
Susan Howe 10 days ago
I really liked your family discussing this together. I want to comment on a lot of it, but I am short on time. The part of the brain is the animal part, which contrary to my professor, I feel is the more evolved, real part---our primal being. Check out Steve Irwin's clip on crocodiles, I noticed they still are in their primal form, but execute highly evolved manners. Hope you get what I am saying here. Anyway! Really enjoyed your family visit here. Very nice! Thanks for sharing with us!
Gillian Kennedy
Gillian Kennedy 10 days ago
Brilliant, complexed lovely man 😍 x
MrTrollbaby 10 days ago
this was fukn dope ay.. fanx people. new zealand wave
Manish Malla
Manish Malla 10 days ago
11:18 Joaquin - Okay, I’ve too too many thoughts, I’m losing myself. You gonna edit this hopefully and figure it out. Summer - Nope, leavin’ it.
luciatorresmx 10 days ago
I try to put this link in Instagram, but it's difficult, I hope you can watch it, by the way congrats! ruvid.net/video/video-9nAsYuu_NA8.html
Vatsalay Khobragade
please guys invite him one more time as he got an oscar for joker. Please invite him just one more time !
paola 11 days ago
"jimMAY kimmel"
Hayley Anna Mathieson
Awesome Actor. Great guy. ❤️😊
KotSR 11 days ago
He shall be my new spirit animal
Debora Mansilla
Debora Mansilla 11 days ago
Joaquín phoenix con su hermana raid phoenix
gypsy hayes
gypsy hayes 12 days ago
Beautiful Song. Lovely Voice.
gypsy hayes
gypsy hayes 12 days ago
This was very enjoyable and y’all are such a interesting family. Joaquin you are a AMAZING Actor and I loved seeing your true personality through talking with your sisters.
ginna ricci
ginna ricci 12 days ago
Great Actor !!!
Tamara Rinneard
Tamara Rinneard 12 days ago
Your impact on me over the decades has been eye opening to so much I went through in my life. I have PTSD and so much of your real interviews helped me identify with my loss of creativity and why it happened and if I did deep enough I can keep trying to recapture it. Thank you so much for that. Here is to the future💫💫
insanet3 12 days ago
i dont know you, but im rooting for you.
Marie Farrell
Marie Farrell 12 days ago
Yes, this is PTSD. I think it’s why I understand Joker. I understand the non linear thinking and the freeze experience. I’ve been there so much. It’s why I want to write my life and why I foster kids and why I want to help kids who’ve had trauma. I think this film really shows us the spiral of mental health issues and losing the therapist leads to his spiraling. And the part where he’s off his meds. I don’t relate to the full blown break down, but I have PTSD and I do appreciate that this film is shining a light on that.
Marie Farrell
Marie Farrell 12 days ago
I’m so glad I watched this. Even if it kept me up. It was really inspiring. I’m hopeful that this launches me back into my art in a new way. Thanks Rain, Summer, and Joaquin.
Cristina Marie
Cristina Marie 12 days ago
He’s a beautiful soul , like his brother before him
AvalonDreaming 12 days ago
Jacob Sherman
Jacob Sherman 12 days ago
What the Hell are they talking about again?
Jeff Porcaro Groove
Joaquin is very humble...up to this int he has done over 40 movies...that is 40 sets, scripts, locations, hitting marks, working with directors, actors, crew, lots of work and energy and he has done some very significant work...if i was JUST in Gladiator that would be a life goal achievement...to say i was in that movie...he can say that over 40x and then some...
Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi
Damn rain Phoenix out here talking for 10 years before getting this interview going
Rosario Rob
Rosario Rob 12 days ago
The best interview of him I’ve ever seen. I ve never seen this side of him (and I think not many have)
george lopes
george lopes 12 days ago
What an intelligent and beautiful family, and how many water signs in the family I wonder?
TheMongolat 12 days ago
Anyone else that feels like *Roger* needs his own movie?
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