Joaquin Phoenix - Joker | Golden Globes 2020 Full Backstage Interview

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Joaquin Phoenix - Joker | Golden Globes 2020 Full Backstage Interview
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Jan 6, 2020




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Comments 680
Mariela Chacon
Mariela Chacon 17 days ago
I love you!!!!!!
Gary Nintendo Switch Lite
Joaquin is an awesome actor he reminds me of Brando
FudgeMonkeyz69 Month ago
Joaquin doing his best impression of Taika Waititi here.
Leanne Dickson
Leanne Dickson Month ago
i seen a you tube clip of him supporting climate change so he isnt so different after all
Celtic Month ago
Slightly rude sometimes...but i still like him a lot.
Josh Woolaghan
Josh Woolaghan Month ago
I was into this interview until he started talking about the food being vegan. “It is an important step for making the food plant based”. The 3% of vegans act like this and it’s annoying. Eat what u want, but you guys are the SMALL minority of people. The rest of the world will eat what we want. Lol. I hate it lol
@Josh Woolaghan He did it at the Oscars too and I loved his speeches both at the Oscars and at the Golden Globes. These were his moments and he had the right to talk about what matters the most to him. It's called freedom of speech. He has the same right talking about his beliefs publicly than you have the right to reject vegans publicly because you feel that they "keep shoving their opinions and values down your throat". Fair enough.
Josh Woolaghan
Josh Woolaghan 15 days ago
LECAPITAINEJACK so I’m going to have to assume you didn’t watch the actual golden globes, is this correct? Because if you did, you would know he brought it up in his actual speech when he won the award, well before he was asked any questions after the fact. I respect other people’s opinions too, but I don’t need people, especially the vegan community, to keep shoving their opinions and values down my throat. Sorry not sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️
Joaquin talked about the food being vegan because he was asked about it. He simply answered a question. I am not vegan but I do respect Joaquin's values and I know they are really important to him.
Kaden Hebert
Kaden Hebert Month ago
Great, he has the Golden Globe. Now where's his Oscar?
Sally Girl
Sally Girl Month ago
My space Camp crush 🤗
Brett Vogel
Brett Vogel Month ago
Joaquin says all the stuff that everyone wants to say but are too afraid to say it.
Luciano Neto
Luciano Neto Month ago
for me is one bad actor , in this movie him talk like one gay, and if him dont like hollywood just stop.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Month ago
All around a hell of a guy that worked hard and faught to get where his is. As you can see he don't like to repeat himself and answer questions. Hell of a guy. His first gig was on the streets. Look af him now, on TOP. RIP River!! Fly high.
JI Month ago
Surely we don’t need a lecture on climate change by a drug addict vegan. Have a look at the state of the junkie!
Dane Miller
Dane Miller Month ago
I'm not vegan... but I completely agree with his statement at the end. The way we are farming animals right now is toxic and not good for us, the environment, or anything else. We need a better solution. If steps towards veganism is the way to go until we find said answers, I'm on board.
Skiela Moore
Skiela Moore Month ago
he seems so respect fun about people asking the same thing but he will still answer them and yes go vegan I respect his chose of being vegan. ❤️ love you Joaq
Paul Merritt
Paul Merritt Month ago
Joaquin, I’m quite impressed by your stature during this discussion: 1. I would be drinking and enjoying myself during/after this event as well and (sounds like that’s the case, no disrespect intended by that) and 2. The way you delivered your response to each question is commendable. Watching this clip has given me a new level of respect not only for your work, but also to who you are as a person. Solute!
Miss Phoenix xo1
I don’t care what people say about him Joaquin Phoenix is my greatest and amazing favorite actors in the world of Hollywood right now
Lenka Month ago
Brutally honest. I love him!
DRGNF8 Month ago
Yeah, but I could care less about what food you all eat. Your choice, my choice to eat meat. So, world will not end from food! It will by China, India, and Nigeria are the biggest most polluted places on earth. They can fix there places just as amazing as we did. Then we can take about climate. The USA does not need to do anything else till the rest of the world does their part as well.
anonymous jay
anonymous jay Month ago
keep sucking on salad
Your Mindless Monster
I came here because I heard he was being rude and wanted to see for myself. I see what they were talking about but no. "If they ask you 100 times, you answer 100 times." No. The internet exists. If you want to hear his answer again, you can just look up another interview. You know this is old news. You're going out of your way to be boring. Joaquin Phoenix is just being honest with his response. Respect.
God he’s great. ✨❤️✨
Rodrigo Sánchez Hernández
He is the Joker...
Lily of the Valley777
He is a unique person. We are all unique. He may have had a bit too much to drink to calm his nerves, but it could be that everyone there were drinking as well. Social anxiety can be pretty awkward standing before a critical audience of your peers, when he probably wasn't expecting to win. I couldn't have stood before all those people and speak without something to help me be relaxed, winning an award I didn't feel worthy of. He's passionate about personal issues, and maybe he felt compelled to bring them up with his acceptance speech, in spite of what RG said in his monologue, and I'm sure it's hard to articulate what you're feeling into words the audience would care to listen to, when some of the others who spoke were just blah, blah, blah.
The Trash Stash
The Trash Stash Month ago
give me the 4.5 million dollars, i'll answer the question for 6 extra months!
Layla Maice
Layla Maice Month ago
I just love him lol
Gigi Ann
Gigi Ann Month ago
Love this GUY!!!
Brittany10491 Month ago
He's pretty douchey. It's a simple freaking question. He didn't need to go about it with such ignorance. Who really cares, the reporter obviously didn't know he had answered this before, it's really not THAT big of a deal like Joaquin made it out to be. Have some respect for other people and treat people a little more kindly. Maybe take a note or two from your character Arthur Fleck that made you your money. If there is a sequel I won't be watching it. This guy is beyond rude. Sad to say cuz I like him as a performer but he's gotta lose the attitude.
lord hannibal
lord hannibal Month ago
respect for journalists? are you for real?! they're parasites and they will happily destroy someones life just to get a story in the news. i respect his attitude, he doesn't put on a false persona
V B Month ago
The Joker Movie is the modern day Taxi Driver Movie with Robert DeNiro.... Joaquin reminds me of Robert DeNiro, both are intense serious actors. LOVE them both.❤️💋🌺🥂
Jake Evans
Jake Evans Month ago
He is the genuinely weird but awesome ruvid.net/video/video-RLrcOhsB8xo.html
ChrisENT Month ago
What kind of shoes is he wearing ? You know, cause he’s vegan I wanna know if they are leather
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin Month ago
ChrisENT it’s probably fake leather considering he won’t even wear it for a role he plays.
ChrisENT Month ago
Remus Lupin oh okay because I paused at 0:00-0:01 and I looked as if he actually had some leather on
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin Month ago
ChrisENT 9 tunes I’m out of ten he’s wearing converse. He refuses to wear leather shoes.
Paul Driver
Paul Driver Month ago
Such a bad boy
J Month ago
he played himself as joker
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Month ago
But I want Joaquin Phoenix as Victor Von Doom.. DID... I'm sorry. I told you Warner Brothers would make it impossible. And they did. Enjoy your award. Blame them Oh, they were in charge of everything. Rotten Tomatoes. The Academy Awards. The voting. We even try to hold it on ABC and they didn't give a damn. They marked you. I tried to stop them. Just remember us
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Month ago
I want Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan
SPAE VloGz Month ago
monty Last
monty Last Month ago
When your rich, what’s it matter anymore? Get drunk, a little coke, and a whole lot of fuck it!!
Joosep Viitkar
Joosep Viitkar Month ago
You are an actor, talk about acting and shut up about other stuff, please. No one cares what you think about climate change. Are you a scientist? no! so you don't have to speak about that publicly.
Stormy Snyder
Stormy Snyder Month ago
I love how genuine and honest he is. People who criticize him for that are fueling fake and ingenuin interviews. Stay real!
Shell anon
Shell anon Month ago
He's so creepy.
wil401prov Month ago
No hes just different people like u wouldnt understand
Winston VanCoon
Winston VanCoon Month ago
Really? I find nothing, at all, creepy, about Mr.Phoenix. However, that’s a minor difference of two peoples opinion.
Storm Aurora
Storm Aurora Month ago
A genuine and compassionate man who is also the best actor in the world. Such talent and humanity, a rare jewel in today's world.
jaime meraz
jaime meraz Month ago
Virtual Stripperz
"I dont care who said that, its awesome and I love you.....whoever says it" WE LOVE YOU TOO JOAQUIN
0oo0CLOUD0oo0 Month ago
I bet the gum he’s chewing isn’t vegan.
0oo0CLOUD0oo0 Month ago
AidanJonesVlogs yeah because my comment is stopping him from doing so... jackass.
AijArt Month ago
0oo0CLOUD0oo0 let him live jesus
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze Month ago
So if u eat meat, you are a horrible person. No matter what. Cuz the leftover talent from the Phoenix gene pool said so. Remember that idiots
fastguitar Month ago
FYI THIS IS TRANSCRIPTION OF HIS SPEECH ......How u doin, no how u doin, what? Mmmbbbdda dddaa whaa why u askibg me dat ,I said b4 ,ok it wad a process, I was curios effect ,dug into it ,mmm,I uhh ummm,daa,I umm,wahh,radars not ,I ree iree ,whaaa whaa u mean why,wad ever, ummm if I'f,rulbook,ummm ummm sooo nut ,u been here within food,ataahhh sooo moood,
fastguitar Month ago
@lord hannibal no I was transcribing what he said if you play back his speech ,its pretty close
lord hannibal
lord hannibal Month ago
are you on acid?
Happy Hippie
Happy Hippie Month ago
Congratulations Joaquin on winning the Golden Globe. Hope you win the Oscar also. You had to put your mind in a very dark place and lose 54lbs.
Far_Queue Month ago
He is a bit of a smart ass given this is his job
lord hannibal
lord hannibal Month ago
journalists are scum, so he's got every right to be a smart ass
Lisa Lotwin
Lisa Lotwin Month ago
His distain for promoting his own movie is so arrogant. Like everyone follows his every move. It feels hostile. I have no desire to give him another moment of my life.
undeadkid101 101
Lisa Lotwin oh I’m sure he will really miss you not giving him another moment of your life Lisa! But hey Maybe if the journalists didn’t ask dumb as dog shit question his appetite for giving more in depth answers might of been acceptable....
Crazed Side Studio
Man how does someone act so awkward and is so damn charming at the same time? I love it and you can tell with the way he is that he put a lot of himself into the joker role
Annie Garcia
Annie Garcia Month ago
I love him more than Shia LeBouf
Carlos Parra
Carlos Parra Month ago
this guy's extreme "wokeness" and weirdness is sometimes so irritating that he becomes as pretentious as the person at the other end of the "wokeness" spectrum.
Carlos Parra
Carlos Parra Month ago
@lord hannibal Whatever the case, the guy is pretentious af, as much as the people he criticizes. And i agree that most entertainment journalists are snakes, but not in a million years are they the biggest snakes on the planet. That role is for powerful people behind the shadows we know nothing about. This Phoenix guy should climb down the pedestal he is on with his tortured artist character, although he is a great actor.
lord hannibal
lord hannibal Month ago
i dont think he's woke, he he knows that the media ie journalists are the biggest snakes on the planet so he's awkward with them.
K C Month ago
Thanks for that fascinating thought.
Cinemaster Month ago
This is the most hilarious interview ever 🤣
SnshnBlu Month ago
Not impressed, he really is a joker, totally fake
Winston VanCoon
Winston VanCoon Month ago
You certainly carry a lot of judgmental opinions. Not impressed.
twisted_nether Month ago
Interesting interview. Seems like the sequel could be in the works.
JohnnyMavers Month ago
How about we talk about the medications that you are on JOAQUIN!?
Winston VanCoon
Winston VanCoon Month ago
Is it bad if he’s treating mental health conditions with medications? Maybe his personality rubs you the wrong way? But does that give a justifiable reason to behave like a prick? Due to a have a preconceived opinion about a man, who’s shoes you’ve never walked in before.
Erin Billingham
Erin Billingham Month ago
I love his acting, and I'm intrigued by him... but he can come across as a pretentious asshat at times
Winston VanCoon
Winston VanCoon Month ago
Thank you for sharing your opinion. Although, it smells like a puckered-up rectum.
Erin Billingham
Erin Billingham Month ago
@K C I make enough of my own 👌
K C Month ago
you'd take his money though...
AdrinaJohnson Month ago
Wow just leave if you don’t want to answer questions. He was tricked we get it, just say you don’t want to talk to the press and turn around and leave.
Willian Santos
Willian Santos Month ago
Does anyone have the caption or transcript of this video?
B.U.G. Brothers
B.U.G. Brothers Month ago
The reporters asking these questions are clearly mentally challenged.
Liev EDP
Liev EDP Month ago
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