Joaquin Phoenix Is Tired of Answering Same ‘Joker’ Questions: ‘This Is Old News’ - Golden Globes

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It's time to stop asking Joaquin Phoenix the same "Joker" question over and over again.
Joaquin Phoenix had one of the most memorable speeches at the 2020 Golden Globes, using his time at the podium to accept the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama to admit he is a pain in the ass to work with and to call out Hollywood for taking private jets to Palm Springs. But it was backstage where Phoenix was at his most freewheeling and confounding (as evidenced in the video above). The actor told journalists he was “fucking tricked” by his PR team into meeting with them for a short press conference following his big victory. When an international journalist asked Phoenix about how he approached his character for “Joker,” the actor appeared baffled and humorously pushed back against the question.
“This is old news,” Phoenix confusingly answered. “I feel like I’ve talked about this for six months. You want to hear a different version [of my answer]? Well, it was a long process.”
Phoenix gave into the question and answered more seriously by saying, “The way I worked on this was quite erratic. I didn’t attack it linear-ly. I was most curious about the medications [Arthur Fleck] was taking and the side effects of those medications.”
The question of a “Joker” sequel was inevitably brought up by another member of the press. Both Phoenix and “Joker” director and co-writer Todd Phillips have been open to the idea of a sequel, although neither men have any deal in place with Warner Bros. to make a “Joker” follow-up. Backstage at the Globes, Phoenix pushed back at the idea a “Joker” sequel would be made as a cash grab.
“I don’t think that I’ve ever done too many predictable things,” Phoenix said. “So if [a ‘Joker’ sequel] came up it’s not because Todd or I are following some rule book. It’s because we feel inspired to explore the character more thoroughly. That’d be the only reason for me to do it.”
Phoenix then asked the press room: “Have you guys been sitting here all night? Do they bring you food? Do you have drinks?”
Phoenix’s win for “Joker” gave the actor his second Golden Globe after winning the Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy prize in 2006 for playing Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line.” The actor’s performances in “Inherent Vice,” “Her,” “The Master,” and “Gladiator” also earned Golden Globe nominations over the years.


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Jan 6, 2020




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Comments 5 889
Henry Davies
Henry Davies Hour ago
"You just ask me the same questions every week"
Infinity Stepping Stone
Dude's just real that's all. Media's not used to that.
Victoria Gee
Victoria Gee 4 hours ago
Here I am making a judgement about someone I don't know.....Sue - I think you're in trouble....😕😊
Jaylowz 10 hours ago
Bro. We all don’t follow your every interview so please do the job you signed up for and entertain us. A hole
우유와꿀 11 hours ago
He's been my favorite actor since the film 'Her' came out. He's done outstanding performances in both Her and Joker
geilgust5 11 hours ago
Did this movie change him?
Amabex Hernandez
Amabex Hernandez 11 hours ago
He answers grudgingly the stupid questions but gives a statistic approach to the vegan one. He just wants to talk about intelligent stuff and not about the movie that he has spoken a million times already.
Rebecca Harris
Rebecca Harris 12 hours ago
I think he’s incredibly beautiful ❤️
Lale 13 hours ago
I could listen to him chewing gum allday long
Joyell Gutshall
Joyell Gutshall 14 hours ago
He's just an ass...period. if you want to be a famous actor this is part of the gig.
Stephanie L
Stephanie L 11 hours ago
Well first off, wanting to be famous and enjoying acting as a craft are two different things. Secondly, he wasn't even being particularly rude- just very honest. Heck, he even DID answer the question, so it's not like he was just being all "that's a stupid question, next". But yeah, come on, like answering the same questions over and over doesn't get annoying for *every* celebrity? I'm sure it drives them all a little nuts- Joaquin's just the one who will say it! Look, I by no means idolize him as a perfect person or anything (I don't idolize any celebrity that way), and I get how for some people that might come off as a little rude. But I've also seen enough interviews and such of him coming across as very nice, very down to earth person to give him the benefit of the doubt that when he gets sassy he doesn't mean it in a malicious or arrogant way. Heck, even just in this video, shortly after the question he'd been asked a million times, he was all "are you guys good? are they taking care of you?" in a really endearing way haha. Heck, from what I've seen of his brother River's interviews, River kind of seemed the same way, and he was pretty darn widely known as one of the kindest people in Hollywood. He wasn't besties with Keanu (also widely known for being one of the best guys in Hollywood) for nothing haha.
MyThoughtsBelow 16 hours ago
Joaquin Phoenix: "I'm just here so I don't get fined."
Joshua Lupyan
Joshua Lupyan 17 hours ago
This dude thinks so much in terms of a trained actor's reference on the world, which explain why he acts in the relatively "awkward" way that he does. he thinks a lot and tries to make each and every action he does be true to himself and be perceived by the audience in a certain way. Like I can tell the dude has been thru and continues to go thru an unbelievable amount of mental warfare and self improvement. Still a super wise and knowledgeable guy nonetheless
David Léspar
David Léspar 17 hours ago
People are not prepared for real humans.
aliel aliel
aliel aliel 18 hours ago
He needs to learn public speaking, too many ahs
ETC 19 hours ago
- This fellow is a person I've enjoyed off stage more than on stage. For those that do not know, he has anxiety when it comes to receiving awards and even more so when it comes to acting on the movie set. I would not expect anything else from a man who does not like to be the "center of attention" as I view it. - The honest transparency with ownership should be embraced here. Straight forward response with answering the questions. -Being tricked by your PR into doing something like this does not give someone with anxiety ample time to be prepared. I too would be more hesitant, defensive and passive aggressive with my attitude. Conclusion: Treat and respect others for the good qualities in them, its so easy to point out someone elses flaws, yet when others point out thy own flaws... We too then become hesitant, defensive and exhibit behaviors other judge. This man is careless when it comes to his thoughts, and choice of words. Actor or not, human he remains just as you are.
Dani _9539
Dani _9539 20 hours ago
I get scared a couple of times during this, sometimes I wonder how much he really had to act the part because it seems to me he didn't have to change his personality that much to become Arthur
Jeanie J
Jeanie J 21 hour ago
Thankyou Joaquin. For standing up for animals. The earth. Climate change
Zan Manur
Zan Manur 22 hours ago
He used to being nice and down-to-earth, what happened to that guy? Seems like joker Role makes you evil!!??? You are my favorite guy... Go to hell Now..
Get Smarter
Get Smarter 22 hours ago
I love how brutally honest he is
darkm 22 hours ago
Joaquin is the answer to superficial Hollywood.
पबि मल्ल
he's original. doesn't sugar coat but at the same time a bit pretentious. may be his actual personality but still admirable and most people like it that way. I'd ask him if people have asked him why are you so wierd.
People take a liking to him but if he was somebody else his arrogance would make him hated
Stephanie L
Stephanie L 3 hours ago
People take a liking to him specifically because he comes across as distinctly NOT arrogant. Honesty and arrogance are not the same thing.
deepz513 Day ago
How can he chew gum n talk ? I can't in fear of swallowing it eww
Christa Karmas
Advice to all the reporters, just ask the man more questions about animal rights and veganism next time, and less about the movie lol and he will be happy haha. He might enjoy acting, but he loves animals more ❤️
He’s so cute
Susan Martin
Susan Martin Day ago
And he is soooooo drunk!!
Susan Martin
Susan Martin Day ago
He is soooo handsome
Mariam Mercado
he is like a hot older zac efron
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Day ago
He was clearly on drugs!
K R Day ago
I think he's holding it together the best he can after six months of explanation and everyone should just say, "Thank you, good job" and MOVE THE FUCK ON!
Jordan Uecker
Dude he looks really plastered xD
X X Day ago
Ok but let’s be honest, if he were a woman, people would hate her for being arrogant and rude.
I couldn’t stand one minute of being a celebrity. I’d be bored to tears with all that small talk and horseshit.
Monique Walker
He's highly intelligent in a weird quirky kind of way 👀
Pony Day ago
If there's a sequel, please just name it Arkham. Nuff said.
Raja Sarkar
Raja Sarkar Day ago
I just missed this sceane in the movie..thabks RUvid
Saitama Day ago
He is the type of guy who likes to act but don't like to promote it.
Jeannie v
Jeannie v Day ago
I don't care what anyone says I just think he's fucking gorgeous.
Howle d
Howle d 2 days ago
How many 'um' you want Joaquin Phoenix: yes
elijah Xbib
elijah Xbib 2 days ago
Guys, do you know how stupid you look in the comments talking about climate change and how we all need to be vegan.. When your countries are killing children daily all over the world to meet your fuel quotas so you can get to those little jobs you love so much, to pay for your Internet bills so that you can comment on youtube how important it is to be vegan. Is this charge to veganism and environmental concern , the white supremacists attempt at erasing their horrific history?
Kelp Farming
Kelp Farming 2 days ago
Where was the ripe tomato thrown at this woke kiss a55 hypocrite.
Venkata Srikanth
Venkata Srikanth 2 days ago
Its erratic, I didnt attack it linearly, yes mah boi you got that right.
J Money
J Money 2 days ago
He didnt act like this for that role he played in Gladiator.. cocaine a hell of a drug!
Vasi G
Vasi G 2 days ago
Chewing-gum is Joker sponsor?
Kiddy Kraft
Kiddy Kraft 2 days ago
God this comment section is annoying. I just see a bunch of comments of people putting words in his mouth
peter stanton
peter stanton 2 days ago
Amazing actor but difficult to be around!! Stick to acting, and possibly keep your opinions on the world to yourself. That would be an awesome start Wykin.
greenglasful 2 days ago
Jannah Firebrace
Jannah Firebrace 2 days ago
I would do the same lol same questions over and over make it interesting SEAN EVANS STYLE yeehaw.
IW Nunn
IW Nunn 2 days ago
Is he slurring?
Howie Grossman
Howie Grossman 2 days ago
Is it deep soul and for good reason however genius and his trade is without a doubt clearly obvious those who have any negative statements or comments rather she just hold on and turn into political arena because that’s where you belong here him loud and clear do something to help or change for the better humanity as he has clearlyCommented he is one beautiful soul and talented as well
Maya Boni
Maya Boni 2 days ago
unpopular opinion I’m sure, but he’s just a little bit of a douche, in my opinion, like every other celebrity and fails to see anyone else as an equal😂 “I already answered this question 6 months ago..” implying that everyone should give a fuck and know every interview question that he’s already been asked. He also questions every question. He’s a bit condescending to say the least. You can tell by his attitude he considers himself above those he entertains, but if you think of it truthfully, it’s the other way around. People could be obsessed with you and hold you in such high esteem, but truly, they don’t care about YOU, what questions you want to answer or what you truly think; they just want you to fill their mold of what you should be... because wether you or anyone else realizes it, you’re an entertainer, used for entertainment; you’re not god. I know this probably sounds bitter, feel free to dispute, but that’s just my perception.
Bobdingle25 2 days ago
Reading the comments it's very clear that people don't know the difference between social anxiety and just not giving a fuck about this stupid shit.
Tammy Xx
Tammy Xx 2 days ago
The way he talks and moves is so much like river how he folds his arms
Ckicken99 2 days ago
Nah he’s just annoyed at the fact that they’re just using him for attention and views
RHCP SD QUEEN 2 days ago
The way he reacts to questions....you then actually realize how ridiculous these people sound sometimes, IMO- This dude does NOT gloat! He does not like attention, at least this is a result of info I gathered from interviewers. I can see why....but you’re awesome Joaquin, I use to have your brothers posters when I was young lol extremely talented genes..
jennifer curtis
jennifer curtis 2 days ago
He says good things but is he stoned or drunk? Or other mental health issues?? So sad 🙄
Knarf Trakiul
Knarf Trakiul 3 days ago
Climate is changing because it's a natural cycle. Look at the damn ice core sample chart and any 5th grader can see the cycles. They are pushing this climate change as man made so they can also push carbon taxes which will force everyone to pay based on how much carbon they produce LOL
Knarf Trakiul
Knarf Trakiul 3 days ago
I dont think hes any better of an actor then any of the other actors. He must be in the "in" crowd of Hollywood to be elevated like he has. If you have libtard views then you shoot right to the top.
martik j
martik j 3 days ago
Climate change is a racket.
Danni Derpy
Danni Derpy 3 days ago
Reporter repeating a question Joaquin: confused chewing
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