Joaquin Phoenix Is The Joker in Real Life

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Rara Indonesia
Rara Indonesia 5 days ago
No..not a Joker..just Arthur Flex before Joker..Joker is Heath Ledger
The Joker
The Joker 10 days ago
Arhon Pinéda
Arhon Pinéda 15 days ago
Joaquin was injected into Joker
Debora Borsandi
Debora Borsandi 18 days ago
I Love he forever❤
Blackroze Butterfly
That smile...
Captn Cigarra
Captn Cigarra 26 days ago
He may be but im Mexican Joker for sure
Rïdïcułøus ShiT
0:43 For a moment I thought you would shoot the server. because he behaves like a Joker from truth. It is very scary and attractive . :0
Rïdïcułøus ShiT
Wtf dyde he is actually behaving like a joker :0
emily ও
emily ও Month ago
You know what, *sigh.* I only find him attractive when he's in his full-on joker look. Mainly when he's mad or that one scene where he walked away from the subway station smoking a cigarette and the cops ran behind him. not Joaquin any other time. any other time I see him as an epic, pure and anxious dude whom I wish I could just hug for 3 hours at a time and hang out with 24/7. Anyone else? Okay.
Gabriel Caro
Gabriel Caro Month ago
“Jokin Phoenix”
James Furey
James Furey Month ago
Turkish March?
14:12 Joaqin? Is this really how he spells his name?
@musicaltheatergeek79 Makes sense (make cents LOL). Poor guy was probably to shy to tell them his name was misspelled.
Most likely, he didn't write those cards himself. They have other people to do those kinds of things, and they probably misspelled it.
Growth Power
Growth Power Month ago
he kind of reminds me of a serious michael scott.
주모미디어 Month ago
this man is an amazing actor.
CcfGamer 101
CcfGamer 101 Month ago
Savannah Justice
0:42 Me thinking about memes in class
Mr Obvious
Mr Obvious Month ago
What Arthur fleck did after he escaped Arkham asylum
Ashley Mayfield
Ashley Mayfield Month ago
I love Joaquin, very funny but very.. awkward lol
KKevin ZzZ
KKevin ZzZ 2 months ago
dude looks like roger federer
Xerneas 23
Xerneas 23 2 months ago
10:47 "ai ah eh what ah?" XD😭
Xerneas 23
Xerneas 23 2 months ago
4:48 IM DEAD😂🤣😭😭
milky way
milky way 2 months ago
Can someone tell me where this clip is from? 2:24
Amanda Vidri
Amanda Vidri 2 months ago
Haha this was great
Philip Weinshtein
Philip Weinshtein 2 months ago
This guy is like an empty vessel. It's like he doesn't care about constructing ego, like his actual ego is egoless, he is everything and ever so expansive in every waking moment I never see a version of him that is "him", he is so unbelievably different in every single moment its fascinating and so amazing to watch his interactions and i see him as so full of service to share with others because of this sort of nature, it's like he never is himself because what is himself? Its like he would go into any direction to create in every waking moment, he is so full of love in my eyes
James Furey
James Furey Month ago
Joker's super sanity
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
Perfect description
Light Just
Light Just 2 months ago
There's just something about this guy. I thought I loved Heath Ledgers' voice for Joker. But when I finally saw the movie, the second he started talking something just snapped. Idek. He sounded..gracefully murderous.
Vendula Svobodová
Vendula Svobodová 2 months ago
i wanna have sex
Keira Azzopardi
Keira Azzopardi 2 months ago
If you get a chance look up his childhood story it’s so sad
Jacob Zooma
Jacob Zooma 2 months ago
All of a sudden everybody knew he was a real life Joker. Shut up already, guys. Excellent editing job, btw
Carlovska 2 months ago
Carlovska 2 months ago
Oh my goodness!! That with the Indians was in my country!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!
luis mondina
luis mondina 2 months ago
Every body in some way is The Joker.
Uber Wolf
Uber Wolf 2 months ago
Well, it appears that he is a giant troll.
High Frequency
High Frequency 2 months ago
Its Social anxiety
El_Jefe 2 months ago
I bet all the hosts were terrified lol
Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment
A Joker Beginning Story ruvid.net/video/video-griLf580jm4.html And After Movie End Credits Music
tiffany curtis
tiffany curtis 2 months ago
LulzRoyce 2 months ago
Big Brain Boi
Big Brain Boi 3 months ago
He is like L from Deathnote personality wise
Luna Colman
Luna Colman 3 months ago
I would spend hours looking at Joaquin Phoenix because he is absolute perfection. I swear to God I love this wonderful man.
Piyush Rahi
Piyush Rahi 3 months ago
Ellen - "Because you have tendency to make things up" Phoenix -" wait, what? i what?" And then Ellen again being a bitch and insulting a person after calling him on show 🤦🏻‍♂
charr gray
charr gray 3 months ago
idk but he is just beautiful he smexy asf hes my world but his eye are everything like damn those sexy ass eyes omfg like damn im crazy for himatm omg.
charr gray
charr gray 3 months ago
idk but he is just beautiful he smexy asf hes my world but his eye are everything like damn those sexy ass eyes omfg like damn im crazy for himatm omg.
zamira2710 3 months ago
his Joker is a leap into genius.....
Flo 14Rw
Flo 14Rw 3 months ago
My God this man is so beautiful
Cat Gal
Cat Gal 3 months ago
Joaquin:"My name is Joaqin" Me:"NO IT'S NOT!"
Autumn Hamlett
Autumn Hamlett 3 months ago
That ending tho.....
Fanfiktion Reading
Fanfiktion Reading 3 months ago
When i hear him speak i waiting for the laught!
lilly hasund
lilly hasund 3 months ago
I miss his curly 🔥🔥 hair in Joker. I miss that damn HaIRRRR :c
The Catmother
The Catmother 3 months ago
_What did you ask me?_ RIP me lmfao
Gloomylady 3 months ago
The music from a clockwork orange while zooming in on his face got me.
Madamei.Mercy.JeanX. 83_20_19
+ « What A Pretty & Sweety Man !!!!!! » 100% X3
Fanny Bass
Fanny Bass 4 months ago
0:38 is 😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡😅🤣
Fanny Bass
Fanny Bass 4 months ago
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😂😂😂😂😂 Where's Joaquin? Who's Joaquin? I mean...😁😁😁😂❤❤❤❤
No U
No U 4 months ago
I kinda do stuff like him sometimes. Is that a good or bad thing?
tiny truffles17
tiny truffles17 4 months ago
He is sooo coollll😍😍😍😍😍😍
Chris Donks
Chris Donks 4 months ago
2:42 ''The other side? are you out of your mind??!'' XD
chan J
chan J 4 months ago
You people are lucky to meet him in live broadcast. Since I'm from Korea I can't see him in TV show. The only way I can see him is through RUvid. :( He's Great Actor you know. He is the best.
superbros64 deluxe
superbros64 deluxe 4 months ago
4:31 and 5:22 YOOOOO IS THAT MURRAY FRANKLIN? (Robert De Niro)
what even
what even 4 months ago
this man is the most brilliant actor of these days. he is one of those actors who can save the bad plot movie only because of his genius acting. i really wish there is some good movie director who can match with him and deserve him because he deserves to be only in the best movies...
Rachel Ogbuze
Rachel Ogbuze 4 months ago
I only see him as the joker now 😂
tiffany curtis
tiffany curtis 4 months ago
Sofía 4 months ago
6:53 me leaving my room at a family reunion
Roni and the Ronsters
Who’s here after pewdiepies video?
lady diana
lady diana 4 months ago
He's what a real definition of a good 24/7 actor is. I feel like he's playing an act all the time.
Blocka 4 months ago
4:20 Dr Sally
AnotherBoi 4 months ago
i feel like he loves being in movies, but hates being a movie star
Back559 2 months ago
Jonny depp
Christy 2 months ago
Yup. Its very common among popular celebrities actually.
Hoàng Phú
Hoàng Phú 3 months ago
That's passion
Iron Dante
Iron Dante 4 months ago
@AnotherBoi well some* people. There i fixed it xD
AnotherBoi 4 months ago
@Iron Dante you have obviously never met james Corden
Hanabi - Chan
Hanabi - Chan 4 months ago
Everbody says Joaquin Phoenix hates Jimmy Kimmel but he was trolling during that chair/bed scene during the interview
Hanabi - Chan
Hanabi - Chan 4 months ago
Arthur Fleck in the goodmorning show
Sabina 99
Sabina 99 4 months ago
Where is from the 0:17 inte ?
A A 4 months ago
3:00 3:41 What THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?😂😂
Libby Anne
Libby Anne 4 months ago
When he checks for the gum under the table 😂
Libby Anne
Libby Anne 4 months ago
He looks like he gives the best hugs..aww
100por100to 4 months ago
Those eyes😍
gaumz 4 months ago
He is so chaotic, i adore him.
craisins 86
craisins 86 4 months ago
Perfect ending! Loved this video
craisins 86
craisins 86 4 months ago
It takes a lot of confidence / sense of self to troll people in the way he does, bc you have to really not care what people think about you... I respect that!
李诺Erin 4 months ago
Joker smoking and dancing is the sexiest thing ever 🌚❤️ Joaquin bring joker to life !!
David Mora
David Mora 3 months ago
He's actually in a state of extasis on that scene. One thing about Arthur, is that, opposite to his common behaviour, he's extremaly sensual, aware and secure about himself when he let himself go. Joaquin did a tremendous job showing that side of the character. Superb.
Anna Lily
Anna Lily 4 months ago
hes amazing
Bmw Forlife
Bmw Forlife 4 months ago
No one dares to say that he is kinda awkward, but actually he is, kinda...lol...
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