Joaquin Phoenix appears aggressive to journalist

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(8 Nov 2003) original story = R10739

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Jul 21, 2015




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Comments 3 994
Johnny Sparkle
Johnny Sparkle 2 hours ago
See brother bear
Elli Anhna
Elli Anhna Day ago
Weird interview questions.
Chunky Jim
Chunky Jim 4 days ago
Does anyone else think his voice sounds different then compared to today?
Dorito Chip Gamer
This is a bad journalist
Pogodny 5 days ago
"Kidding, haha..." Gosh
Lui Lo
Lui Lo 5 days ago
Scorpio bites back! 😶
Savages 6 days ago
The meeting of two characters... Actor who thinks very highly of himself and is short interaction and is indifferent to his environment. Next the Interviewer, not well prepared to speak to this type of personality, tried to accommodate but was clumsy. Her questions became superficial and her responses faked. I liked the movie very much but this... Garbage and waste of time.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
I'll admit it, Brother Bear was not really a big hit, but at the same time it did had it's heartwarming moments. But the woman called it a "happy coincidence", meaning she thought it wasn't anything exiciting. Also, she kept asking Phoenix personal questions like if he thought Kenai ( the character of Phoenix) was very similiar to him and that's what made him take the role, and she also asked him if he learned anything about himself while filming. Thank God Phoenix ended the interview quickly.
StrawberryNinja Nibbles
What did she say before she said she was kidding?
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson 8 days ago
She's lucky he didn't say "What do you get when you..."
Clóvis Padilha
Clóvis Padilha 10 days ago
How about another joke?
UnDeR tHe StArS oVeR ThE mOoN
“Excuse me?” That is so cute❤️ he’s so sexy He is so amazing. I love how he is. He hates the press😂😂😂 he hates interviews😂 he hates everything to do with fake people ❤️
Pearly 10 days ago
“We’re done bitch!! Best part 😆
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 10 days ago
20 red band and a box of matches
Or Haim
Or Haim 11 days ago
2003? he just look the same
Andrew Nicholas
Andrew Nicholas 11 days ago
I think the interviewer was probably very nervous so she attempted to b brash cocky and wise guy wiv him which of course backfired
Mini Sweeni
Mini Sweeni 11 days ago
Ghosh he's so handsome😍😍😍😍😍 Rooni is lucky😍😍😍😍
Eithron 12 days ago
"You're awful journalist."
onee 12 days ago
"Joaquin Phoenix appears aggressive to journalist" The title should be "Disrespectful journalist gets put in her place by Joaquin Phoenix"
leafyutube 12 days ago
How about another joke?
Coringa O Vírus
Coringa O Vírus 12 days ago
Ele é lindo e apaixonante até com raiva.
Dan King
Dan King 13 days ago
Clicked on tho video expecting him to be an asshole. Turns out she was
Princess Kimo
Princess Kimo 13 days ago
Joaquin Phoenix is a legend
Debbie Webbie
Debbie Webbie 14 days ago
Her tone was irritating and cocky.
Kiri Suta
Kiri Suta 14 days ago
Tbf I didn’t even understand the joke. Environmental impact what? I would have reacted similarly I think. Can’t stand fake people.
Tuberculosis 14 days ago
How is this “aggressive?”
Janet Severin
Janet Severin 15 days ago
It's okay for journalists to be rude I guess. If a celebrity doesn't take their BS, then they're aggressive.
HawkHardstylez 15 days ago
the man is a savage! So glad he got his oscar!
bangchansmind 15 days ago
this isn't him being agressive. he's being real. He refuses to be fake in any way and expresses his emotions 100%, every actor has been made uncomfortable during an interview, but they usually don't express it or try to brush it off.
Anna Li
Anna Li 15 days ago
Nailed it.
aazz0099503 16 days ago
So... just kinda fucked with him the whole time
guiltseeker 18 days ago
Great Actor, shame about the Arrogance, if my career was to depend on him i would be more famous for walking out on him during the interview and handing in my notice... " Amazing Actor though people" ! Awaitng the pointless and impending replies to which i wont respond ....Been in work too long to know the difference between talented/wealthy to Rude/Arrogant....
Mackenzie Coombe
Mackenzie Coombe 18 days ago
Yea so aggressive... he was about to get up and knock her out /s
Marshall Frearson
Marshall Frearson 18 days ago
what do you get when you cross a bad interviewer with someone who doesn’t like interviews I’ll tell you what you get you get a shit interview
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles 18 days ago
Wtf I didn't know he played in brother bear 🐻
Ivonne Deni
Ivonne Deni 19 days ago
She ruined it in the beginning.....They know how Joaquin is so why the fuck did she try him? Damn dumb bitch Im glad he is a bit more positive now since Joker
Kunal 20 days ago
Which movie he's giving interview for?
Dean 21 day ago
Love his cynicism. He's spot on with it.
Average Reddit NPC
Average Reddit NPC 23 days ago
Lmao AP obviously shilling for reeeeetarded journalism.
L3vyy 23 days ago
He can hear all her fakeness
Suprematista 25 days ago
Bitch, don't even try to play with my boy.
tor28gre 25 days ago
She was quite ironic to him, he was just defending himself. So rude this journalist.
THE JOKER 25 days ago
This dude is Unbothered 24/7.. 🤤😻😻
Nezara 27 days ago
I fucking love Joaquin Phoenix hahahahaha
شعواط شعواط
I like to lie “ great instagram bio😂
A Zambrano
A Zambrano 28 days ago
She was being snide, glad he shut her up by indirectly calling her a heartless bitch, "I don't believe you have ever cried in your life" I bet she is glad she did not say "I hit an orgasm watching that movie" his punchline would have turned her into a nun, lol
ALBUMOF2008 29 days ago
‘Excuse me’ GAG
Elson Felix
Elson Felix 29 days ago
"You got what you deserve..."
Aggie 777
Aggie 777 Month ago
Interviewer- what’s so funny ? Phoenix- you wouldn’t get it !
Vinny Angell
Vinny Angell Month ago
The title should read, "Joaquin Phoenix appears intelligent to ignorant journalist."
Vinny Angell
Vinny Angell Month ago
right away, the interviewer is a dumb bitch..
Luisito 713
Luisito 713 Month ago
Stupid ass title . This dude is a hater of Phoenix
《 • Shädøwist Duñtäe • 》
I search Joaquin Phoenix Scary Interviews and this comes up seriously! This ain’t even scary!
Miguel Dejesus Contreras, Jr.
I saw what she said as harmless but I don’t catch on to what people say immediately.
David Brent
David Brent Month ago
Please change the title of this video to " Rude journalist gets a can of whoop ass opened on her by Joaquin "
sjhdfbasndf Month ago
CPU LV. N9NE Month ago
Please change the title to ‘Journalist is rude for no apparent reason and... GETS WHAT SHE FUCKING DESERVES!!!’.
msairs Month ago
he has a radar for idiots. and he cant stand them. lol
Emma lizabel
Emma lizabel Month ago
He is cute lmao
Celtics fan #MambaOut RIP A True Legend
I'm sure him Sneezing or taking a sip of water is aggressive to smh this generation is soft & just wants to be offended by everything
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