Joaquin Phoenix appears aggressive to journalist

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(8 Nov 2003) original story = R10739

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Jul 21, 2015




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Comments 60
Engelton182 4 hours ago
i need to know if this bitch got fired for this.
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 8 hours ago
This interview has convinced me he was made for the joker
Adrian Nunez
Adrian Nunez 4 days ago
Did he direct this movie??!!!
The F0x
The F0x 6 days ago
This was the beginning of him becoming joker
Shrutiii 8 days ago
His brow bone is quite low and he keeps his chin down which makes his eyes look hella scary
Cosmic Catnap
Cosmic Catnap 10 days ago
Imagine being the AP and thinking that posting this makes you look good.
Bubba Mike
Bubba Mike 10 days ago
Only 3 times? Try 7
DANIEL Alabi 11 days ago
This is not aggressive it's just a regular interview
w c
w c 13 days ago
Journalist has a problem not Joaquin.
porco ribelle
porco ribelle 22 days ago
John Doe
John Doe 25 days ago
The reporter is just annoying, Joaquin is kinda being a dick
Mp nf
Mp nf 26 days ago
The crazy thing overall is if he wasn't a Holywood celebrity, his neighbour next door would think he is a complete weirdo, but wait...he is famous....then it must be he is just so down to earth, genuine and likeable. HUMANS 🥴
Breezy J
Breezy J 28 days ago
He was NOT aggressive
Bee Cee
Bee Cee 28 days ago
A journalist who likes to lie? Why I never!
leowyattth4 Month ago
What did she ask at the end, couldn't quite catch it, it sounded like she asked what he hopes people will learn from the movie? If that was the question, I don't get why he didn't answer that, other than being fed up with that weird person
Deeols Joajksks
Deeols Joajksks Month ago
What was the rude thing she said in the beginning?
Aptom7747 Month ago
hard to think he's MR J
Kanishk Soman
Kanishk Soman Month ago
The rudest journalist.
Stuart D
Stuart D Month ago
I'm a little confused by that initial comment she made in the beginning, does anyone else know what she meant by "economic environmental impact in these troubled times"?
alstjr qkr
alstjr qkr Month ago
Where was the aggression??
KzrDtl Month ago
My god, these days even f*cking JOURNALISTS are acting like damn victims. Lets get this straight: As a journalist, you typically exploit other human beings in any way you can to get a FAT paycheck, trust me, no one with common sense is ever going to feel sorry for you just because Joaquin Phoenix didn't fall for your BS.
Brock Rexroat
Brock Rexroat Month ago
Aggresive.... how?
Shashank P
Shashank P Month ago
I don't know if it was something that happened behind the scenes that made him so mad. But I don't believe in the bullshit that he doesn't like interviews and public attention and that's why he acts like that. If he doesn't like interviews, then why do interviews? Why even choose and continue a career that inevitably leads to public attention? That is just pretentious . He's a great actor, but seems like he's purposely trying to project himself as that weird guy. Both the interviewer and Joaquin come across as loud and arrogant.
carmen Month ago
"I dont believe you've ever cried in your life". This guy's a fckin savage i swear 😂😂😂 And then she says "I like to lie" 😂😂😂
carmen Month ago
Still aplies today lmao
brynnd2k20 Month ago
I’ve loved this movie all my life yet, I had no idea that Joaquin Phoenix was in brother bear-
Kristie Collins
Kristie Collins Month ago
Cause what a sarcastic slag
DoctorTale 2 months ago
The most funniest moment 0:23
Matty Varnas
Matty Varnas 2 months ago
Before Joaquin was Batman's Arch-Nemesis, He Was a Bear. Now He's Planning on Being Peter Pan's Enemy, A Pirate.
I Love DA Games
I Love DA Games Month ago
He was also a Greek Prince. Yup
Isaiah Rowley
Isaiah Rowley 2 months ago
Red Letter Media
Marius Kristensen
Marius Kristensen 2 months ago
Let me introduce Arthur fleck yall Artur fleck
k k
k k 2 months ago
when Joaquin Phoenix says: "I don't believe you ever cried in your life", you NEVER cried in your life.
Gabezilla 2002
Gabezilla 2002 2 months ago
Joaquin Phoenix is turn from a bear to a clown
CazzSDMF 2 months ago
And now we're left with a hair lipped reminder of what might have been
CazzSDMF 2 months ago
Joker fuckin sucked
Ajay Jackson
Ajay Jackson 2 months ago
that journalist has an attitude..and sounds very unpleasant, no wonder he answered her like that
Lauren L
Lauren L 2 months ago
Excuse me ?! Remember Joker , same expression , a clown thing ?! Love Joker ♥️
JESSE KIM 2 months ago
Actually, I listened to this--it's not as bad as everyone thinks. She asked him a random political question about the environment. She lied that she cried 3 times watching the film because she's a journalist. But when she asked him what the experience was like embodying the character, instead of being deep about it, he said this film took 6 years to create, and he voiced it for 3 years and it was hard to stay in character. Then she asked him what made him want to play this character, and he said he just wanted to know the in's and out's of animation and what goes on behind the scenes and the process of how to work with one's voice. Then she asked him if he learned anything about his voice or himself while voicing animation and he said he learned "absolutely nothing" (which is obvious because it took literally 3 years for him to finish this project so he didn't take anything from it but found it hard to stay in character). Then she said, "these things happen" as not everyone is satisfied with the voicework experience and he agreed with her. Now what are all these other comments I'm reading? What are you guys going on about?
@JESSE KIM You are *adamant* that it has nothing to do with River, whereas I'm just saying it's a *possibility,* considering the film's subject matter, the fact that interviewers had often inquired about his brother, and that look/smirk he gives after she asks, "How did you find him embodying you, as you voiced him?" All we can do is speculate. At any rate, she seems to have lost him from the start -- IMO, "You're so much fun, I think our interview is only going to last two seconds" and "I don't believe you've ever cried in your life" are very sarcastic and telling -- and it appears the interview never recovered. I think he was ready to bolt right then and there, but, as I stated earlier, he was a good sport for continuing anyway and making the effort to discuss the process. His manager saying "Thank you!" could be construed as having his back and noticing he was becoming visibly uncomfortable with the whole thing (i.e., short answers and his shaking his head at her final question and beginning to rise from his chair). P.S. Why do you call him 'Leaf'? That was just a stage name as a child actor.
JESSE KIM 2 months ago
@musicaltheatergeek79 It's not the interviewer's fault if he doesn't go deep into the questions, nor is it the fault of the interviewer for asking questions about his views on the film. People can't help but know what they know about Leaf, but it's not fair to project it wherever he goes. . . right? I don't think Leaf is always on the alert about these things like everyone else is either, you know? He just doesn't like answering questions, period. You can put this title on any of his interviews. It has nothing to due with his brother-- they are referring to his personality in front of a camera. But yes the first two comments, very weird but not uncommon. Leaf did answer the question, "what do you hope people take away from this film", in another BB interview to which he commented, "It's about walking in another's shoes". They just ran out of time in this video, his manager said "thank you".
@JESSE KIM I agree that he wasn't being aggressive, but the whole thing seems to have started off on the wrong foot with her feeble joke about the environment, something very near and dear to his heart. Nevertheless, he made an attempt to give good insight into the whole voice-acting process, until she appeared to want to pry further into his personal thoughts toward the end ("What did you learn about yourself?" "What do you hope people glean from the film?"), which is why I think he gave brief answers and eventually cut the interview short.
JESSE KIM 2 months ago
​@musicaltheatergeek79 Latter part of your comment respectfully explains the press's reaction to his families tragedy. I came here to find out who voiced the bear. I saw his name and recalled everything, I remember. However, I don't agree with the title of the video, it's a hoax, I don't find this man snappy at all (or her questions to be an issue other than her first two comments). I found his answers to be quite believable. Found no inappropriateness over the word, "brother", other than her esteeming the title. This is why I wrote the first comment. I appreciate your inference albeit I hope the title isn't influencing any bias. It can't be helped that he organically has a connection in that way. However, more than the video, it seems that the young commentators are milking unnecessary connections more than the interviewer is. I find their knowledge is quite misplaced for this interview here and believe it's the fault of the administrator.
If you're familiar with Joaquin's life story, it gives you an inkling of what may have transpired here. She seemed to be trying to get him to talk about his only brother, *River Phoenix,* which everyone knows is off-limits, especially back then. The film he was promoting is about a young man who witnesses his older brother's sudden death and must come to terms with his loss. A little close to home, and this was just ten years after River's very public death, for which Joaquin was collateral damage in the press. They hounded him (and his family) and played Joaquin's harrowing 911 call all over the news. They even broke into the funeral home and took a photo of River's corpse, which was plastered in the rags. The relentless scrutiny got so bad, the family had to flee the country for about a year. Needless to say, Joaquin has had a very complicated relationship with the media ever since and has avoided talking about his brother until fairly recently.
Diana Lodano
Diana Lodano 2 months ago
While the interviewer was wrong this got me wondering. Based on not only this but also press room interviews at this years golden globes and some other footage, he’s a bit moody and very intimidating? I think he has a mean streak when provoked but can also be very kind. He’s a beast of an actor especially in scary roles. But it seems like he has a temper?
Layla Jones
Layla Jones 2 months ago
She just wanted his political views over an animation and she was rude and sarcastic I would have been the same way as joaquin
Conor Maxwell
Conor Maxwell 2 months ago
Wow I’m gonna say something nobody here seems to agree with but actually I thought Phoenix came across like a bit of a twat here, yeah the interviewer was a shallow, condescending bitch but at the same time he had a mighty big chip on his shoulders for a guy playing an animated bear.
Layla Jones
Layla Jones 2 months ago
Huh? Whatcha you talking about? this lady wanted only his political views over a children animation it's truly pathetic, she started to be rude and continue on being rude, if anything she was the twat, listen to what she says properly, I would have reacted the same way as joaquin tbh .
Barney Boi
Barney Boi 2 months ago
0:35 Does she really thought that Arthur was a self-insert Phoenix made?
Johnny The D
Johnny The D 2 months ago
0:04 is where she lost him
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley 2 months ago
Oh how i wish he would have used that same aggression to Jimmy Kimmel
P.A. Productions
P.A. Productions 2 months ago
“You’re just like the rest of them.”
Geordan Gullock
Geordan Gullock 2 months ago
"How many times did you have sexual relations with your Aunt?"
Harley Jameson
Harley Jameson 2 months ago
"It's a hard and cruel world being me, but I like to lie." He's a professional for not knocking her on her a** right then and there. Do some more coke when you're supposed to be working, ya weird b*tch.
Tyler Brackman
Tyler Brackman 2 months ago
If you have ever wondered what the fakest interviewer ever would sound like just listen to this awful Q and A. Bravo to him for tolerating her after the first 30 seconds
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 2 months ago
You wanna know what it was like Murrayyyyy?
Joshua Headey
Joshua Headey 3 months ago
The number of comments with over 1k likes defending Joaquin on this video that is literally a promotion for brother bear(!) just screams an echo chamber of joker apologists scanning the internet for more edgy Joaquin content vis-à-vis his performance in Joker. I haven't watched the film or anything and don't have an opinion but just noticed the cringe that is this comment section.
artistic persona
artistic persona 3 months ago
extraordinary people must get really tired of those ordinary fellas
Rollin Rocker
Rollin Rocker 3 months ago
She cried in the car after the interview
shizuka 3 months ago
Who’s that fucking journalist??
Troy Martin
Troy Martin 3 months ago
What's wrong with people these days? Joaquin is clearly an impatient asshole who could've just answered her questions like a normal person, but everybody in these comments is bending over backwards to justify his behavior and antagonize that relatively harmless journalist.
Ajanta Dhoot
Ajanta Dhoot 3 months ago
Lmao his head shake at the end 😂😂😂
Wizard 3 months ago
Holy cringe
RossDiamondThief 3 months ago
The seeds of the Joker were planted early
KALEIDO jess 3 months ago
She’s kind of robotic maybe he found that annoying.
Lol wtf
AlyzBeth's Secrets
AlyzBeth's Secrets 3 months ago
I love all Phoenix family he has the same answers of his Brother Rio at the interviews, spontaneous and REAL he use sarcasm too don't Forget that he is a scorpio 😂 by the way I love the way he talks to her
Дмитрий Шевель
How about another joke, journalist?
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