Joaquin Phoenix and family on River Phoenix’s legacy and influence

60 Minutes
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In an interview with 60 Minutes, the Golden Globe winner and his family say they still feel River’s presence in their lives. For the full interview, click here: cbsn.ws/30l9haH
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Jan 12, 2020




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Comments 3 410
Klécia Reis
Klécia Reis 29 minutes ago
Família abençoada .
रवि अग्रवाल
4:59 ✔️
Mama Veal35
Mama Veal35 Day ago
I loved him as Johnny Cash. He's amazing and such a great spirit.
Blaine Bailey
I miss him
E V 2 days ago
I really appreciate Joaquin and his family for sharing such a personal life changing sadness and teaching others how to learn to live with a lifelong feeling of loss. 🥺
R MC 2 days ago
River Phoenix brother jumping on the gravy train wow
Leilani Jayde
Leilani Jayde 2 days ago
I never heard him talking about river. Ever. Nice to hear
Love Joaquin Dope Guy 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Danielle 2 days ago
Lovely interview with the whole family.
Joaquin!! We all love you!! Because you're you!!!!
Crabby Productions
River is not gone. He’s in a lot of people’s hearts. I’m one of them .
Negan The Vegan
Negan The Vegan 3 days ago
Joaquin is my hero.
highgaming 3 days ago
joaquin would have never been a star if it wasnt for River and then the mysetrious death outside the Viper room. River was the man and you knew it in Stand by me...Lond Live River
HeatherTheGreat 3 days ago
Al Connelly
Al Connelly 4 days ago
Strong native American influence in this family
P Dias
P Dias 4 days ago
Redeeming qualities. Good on him.
Sandra-Louise at Mumma2s Place
Great actor , I love his work. What a wonderful family. TFS 🙏🙏🙏🙏
kelbel 4 days ago
One day Anderson.....you will fall
paolitna28 4 days ago
when the mom says. the grieving process i feel it, and i welcome it!!! WOW!!!
therese fassie
therese fassie 4 days ago
Joaquin Phoenix and Rain Phoenix are literally the same person
therese fassie
therese fassie 4 days ago
He never opens up about his Big brother.this IS really rare😮
Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist
what is A Coop doing? taking a page out of the Kevin nealon playbook?
M K 4 days ago
gosh folks, never seen an aspie? And so was his brother. That 's why he did all the ''self-medication''
Jesm Hearron
Jesm Hearron 4 days ago
Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor in practically all his movies. It's really a shame that his brother died from a drug overdose. His acting was so brilliant too. Two exceptional actors. It's terrible that we've lost so many people because of drugs
Xaneta TC
Xaneta TC 4 days ago
i have watched him over the years and he has blossomed and respect his privacy.
MrShanester117 5 days ago
Everyone normalizes the fact that Joaquin is a bumbling drug addict
Imma Marsia
Imma Marsia 5 days ago
This interview way much better i've even watched in any interview with Joaquin in it :) sorry for my bad grammar..
Princess Lollypop
Anderson Cooper has been through a lot as well. Gosh
Princess Lollypop
If River was alive I think he would of won some oscars by now. Great actor.
John Eduard Octaviano IV
Joaquin and I have the same personality. We may not be able to please everyone, but one thing for sure, we have peace of mind.
GoodandDelicious 5 days ago
I have loved him since Parenthood! He’s amazing! ❤️
APL Lu-Ram
APL Lu-Ram 5 days ago
I'm all inspired by River's mother. She's a true parent through and through. Although it was hard for Joaquin to even say his brother's name, because it was that painful, she and his family kept his memory and essence alive. Even through loss, she parents with love and purpose. Even with her own sense of moment of grief throughout her life, she welcomes it. Why? It's not hard to answer, because it keeps her connected to her deceased child, and further far more ready to keep living in his name, and for her children. How awesome is she.
A A 5 days ago
I think why people find him 'weird' is because he's literally a normal guy and he doesn't let fame get to his head.
scubadeedee 6 days ago
Rain is beautiful. Like a young Janis Joplin
thehoneyeffect 6 days ago
Made me cry My mums little brother (my Uncle Eric) died when he was 8, shes in her 70s now and I know it still effects her 💔. I'm glad that they're talking about stuff like this
Maya 6 days ago
EdugeBDroN 6 days ago
The interview went well because of who the interviewer is
TLGardens 6 days ago
Should do a piece on his occult family... He has a very DARK past. Look at this video. It spells MIND CONTROL! ruvid.net/video/video-x0nqTz-12-A.html
Forever Metal
Forever Metal 6 days ago
The Phoenix family are Beautiful souls. River is greatly missed but never forgotten. RIP Brother🤘
brainsareus 6 days ago
god bless
Curtis Lilly
Curtis Lilly 6 days ago
Albino cia Agent!
R H 6 days ago
Shame he has kind of lived in his brother's shadow, but Joaquin has always been a way better actor! Hands DOWN! This man is super talented, but doesn't seem to know it. Hes so humble.
Untouchable artist Bentley
Beautiful humans xx
gg55 6 days ago
I was so in love with River 😩
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd 6 days ago
He was an inspiration to me growing up. He's one of the Actors that I aspired to be. I've belonged to one fan club in my life and it was Rivers, when I was 10. I got a pin in the mail saying "run to the river with love and peace will follow". I remember the day I heard the news my junior year in H.S. I was quietly mourning a stand up guy. Thanks for keeping his existence alive and blessings to the talented family ❣️
Alysa Rae
Alysa Rae 6 days ago
People eating all this up...... Check out Coopers family, family home and pictures. VANDERBILT. Wake tf up.
Deborah Fox
Deborah Fox 6 days ago
There is no timer ⏲ for the grieving process 💗
S W 6 days ago
I love this dude. I used to think he was a little weird but now I just see he's real and doesn't seem to care about the fame & cares about his craft as an actor. I loved that he cussed on air. That would totally be me.
Basket Case
Basket Case 6 days ago
04-03-04 definitely no timeline on grief, that's the date we lost our oldest son Christopher to a single car automobile accident with a utility pole. He was driving too fast and lost control and sustained head injuries he couldn't overcome. He was only 20. No expiration date on grief. Just acceptance. And it has affected the entire family, we have 2 other children that were 14 and 16 at the time of his death. It's been hard and continues to be even 15 years later!😥
Nikki M
Nikki M 7 days ago
Damn, he’s good looking
Gary McIntire
Gary McIntire 7 days ago
The joke is so creepy. before and after the movie. Reminds me of wild bill from silence of the lambs.
Craig Roberts
Craig Roberts 7 days ago
I love albino leftist anchor people....and we don’t don’t want to here him talking about himself either. He’s a great actor....leave it at that.
albarlow 2
albarlow 2 7 days ago
The left is amazed by joker because they can relate with the character....they think of themselves as all victims and everyone around them is to blame for their hard lives....big babies!
Michelle Beebe
Michelle Beebe 7 days ago
I will feel it and welcome it...wow.
DreamingTata VeganMama
Beautiful story, beautiful family. Joaquin is such an amazing and deep person.
Niqui H
Niqui H 7 days ago
Rip River
Saphire Blue
Saphire Blue 7 days ago
Why are so many actors so weird?
Jon Idemoto
Jon Idemoto 7 days ago
Say No to Drugs
Prince T MATHEW 7 days ago
That guitar collection though
PatrickMCcolley 7 days ago
River P Legacy? Really.
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