Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kim, Kourtney & Khloé Kardashian in Las Vegas

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Kim, Kourtney & Khloé talk about visiting Las Vegas as kids, Kim’s baby names, Kourtney’s birthday party rules, Khloe dating basketball players, Kim explaining who she and Kanye are to their kids, Kanye’s Sunday services, Kanye surprising Kim about moving back to Chicago, and they all take a surprise selfie with a member of our audience who is a huge Kardashian fan. #KimmelinVegas
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Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kim, Kourtney & Khloé Kardashian in Las Vegas


Published on


Apr 2, 2019




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Comments 5 282
Sarah Peterson
Sarah Peterson 7 hours ago
I love all your family., just like mine well., we can’t afford certain things but we love each other regardless😍😇😘🙏
uKnow 23 hours ago
One in the wierd dress is sitting 1:53 in an uncomfortable stiff as a manachian posture 0:48 which one is Kimmel looking at? Sit up as straight as you can chicks and dudes. The middle one is very ugly looking, the white one looks like a man. They all look like man though in the end. This is very boring Kimmel it's very dense its' because you are interviewing very dense individuals here. Please come back to your common sense Kimmel?!
me encanta mi descanso
yo Edgar juan choque medina Estoy En contra la delicuente loti kardashian 2019 la delicuente loti karadshian ((Roba paguina web y luego los Mata A bosez como musica o te habla todo el dia.. para que usted No pueda Dormir )) para mi en Chile es un insulto y espero que me pague A mi Edgar juan choque medina por dañio y perjuicio un total de 350 millones de pesos en efectivo ))) Espero que la Delicuente loti kardashian (( no le Este cagando la vida A otras persona que trabajan para sus hijo en Arica - Chile y espero que no le Ande quitando Ni su tele gigante o su plata 2019))
Nataku Day ago
Khloe looking on point these days that looks fits her
Ananya Chauhan
Ananya Chauhan 2 days ago
Why they had to do that to Guillermo?? He looked so uncomfortable and embarrassed!
Christina Bogues
Christina Bogues 2 days ago
It sad.....there sisters but i can see a gap....but its not important kim is really really fancy amd chole is also fancy but have some casualty and so dose Courtney.. There mom is just full grace and kendell is like a super model ready and kyle is just beautiful. Good luck to there line of work of entertianing the whole united states..I have to say its awsome being a girl.😇🎓☺😄😅
Ask MiName
Ask MiName 2 days ago
lol how do you tell your kids "mommy is rich and hot, her ass, Gigantic!" "and i made a movie once....without daddy..."
megan dougherty
megan dougherty 3 days ago
Omg they’re all so beautiful!!! I love your dress Kim it’s gorgeous!!!
Kevin1993 3 days ago
Gosh, Khloe sounds so nasal ! Awful
Linda Puertes Deals
These girls will look like this and ever better in 30 yrs. They have all the money in the world to get fillers lasers and latest pull and tugs! If anything falls or gets discolored or looks old, they be at doctors office fixing and preventing things
Yoster Amor
Yoster Amor 5 days ago
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 6 days ago
To tall blonde hair light skin no DNA would surport that ever
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 6 days ago
Koko so not a Kardashian
White people smh
White people smh 7 days ago
3 of the world's greatest entrepreneurs! People attend seminars and universities and can't seem to amass or maintain wealth like they have!
Damien CALLAGHAN 11 days ago
Confession I could only watch the first Two minutes of this I was slowly losing the will to live
Damien CALLAGHAN 11 days ago
My first Question WHAT ARE YOU FAMOUS FOR? But as usual Jimmy ended up kissing their butts You would expect nothing less
Victoria Ann
Victoria Ann 12 days ago
Poor Kim she never moved her left hand because then you’d see a peep of the golden panties, and she knows it lol
Vania Orozco
Vania Orozco 13 days ago
Is this a pajama party? What was the point of this?!
Park쑤우 13 days ago
Khloe sounds like her nose is pinched
Yoster Amor
Yoster Amor 5 days ago
Yeah so high pitched now
Babetravelling 14 days ago
Kim always has good answers. I wonder if she practiced for it...
Chelsea Moropa
Chelsea Moropa 13 days ago
She's had a lot of practice. She used to do media lessons on how to handle interviews. Plus this is her life, she's so used to the fame and she's comfortable
Ala Crity
Ala Crity 17 days ago
Kourtney sounds exactly like my eldest sister lol " you should be thanking me"
Aryaman Yadav
Aryaman Yadav 17 days ago
Why the hell would you invite the Kardashians anywhere ? They're bullshit.
King Tutt
King Tutt 17 days ago
Kourtney's such a REAL ONE! Jesus LIVES!
Cary Chilton
Cary Chilton 18 days ago
Karthik K.J
Karthik K.J 18 days ago
God Forbid to move that LEFT hand, Kim
xmachina 18 days ago
Does anyone know the name of the intro song played on the guitar when they walk out?
Jodie Pham
Jodie Pham 20 days ago
this interview was just directed at Kim lol how shitty
Bianca Fardoulis
Bianca Fardoulis 20 days ago
Guys I reckon Kim messed her jumpsuit or something n not meant to wear that dress as she has her hands meticulously placed to not show skin on her crouch n thigh... she wasn’t meant to be sitting in that
xjellybeans x
xjellybeans x 21 day ago
I’m not kardashian fan. I’ve noticed Kim has gotten much more well spoken in interviews. Good for her. I hope law school is going well for her. She’s a great business woman, student, mom, and wife.
Francis G.
Francis G. 21 day ago
I love them 3!
moon flower
moon flower 22 days ago
All 3 of them look so self consious & uncomfortable on that sofa..it must be awful having that amount of pressure to look perfect. Guess its made a hell of alot easier with all that money and luxury living
Schrute Farms
Schrute Farms 22 days ago
Khloe’s nose is getting smaller and smaller
Jacob Glenman
Jacob Glenman 23 days ago
First Lady
First Lady 23 days ago
Love them all...
R I 24 days ago
Khloe looks absolutely amazing!
Roshauna Little
Roshauna Little 26 days ago
Kourtney looks the youngest and she's 40 that looks younger than her youngest sister Kourtney and Kendall is naturally beautiful
Hmm 28 days ago
Khloe is so bitter!!
Sara Zaza
Sara Zaza 28 days ago
How did Kim let Khloe walk out in that?
Access Granted
Access Granted 28 days ago
Monica & Chandler
Monica & Chandler 28 days ago
You know she is lying about being in Chicago. Her face said it all...
i need nothin
i need nothin 29 days ago
Their life must be hectic and hard.
Tara Leeds
Tara Leeds Month ago
I personally think Kim Kardashian looks like Megan Fox in this video what is she trying to do LOL ha ha
rose phukan
rose phukan Month ago
Kim butt is something extra
Miekjeswereld Month ago
Wel your father is Kanye , he is Rapper en famous , and mommy is ..uhmmm 🤪😝😂😂 has a lot of Tallent . - full reason why these girls allways make me laugh , they are amazing in everything that they do , and everything that they touch turns to gold ! ❤️👌🏻
Avalyn Heavenly
Avalyn Heavenly Month ago
Khloe's ass is so full of fillers it can barely move lol
verda hunt
verda hunt Month ago
Why is khloe looking transgender
Sadia K
Sadia K Month ago
Kourtney is 40!!! She looks amazing
Stephyfra 12
Stephyfra 12 Month ago
Omfg Kim's ass just looks gross. Like wtf is that thing. It's bigger then my 7 yr old.
whatameliawears Month ago
wait. i though reign was a girl
Desiree Messer
Desiree Messer Month ago
I hate Khloes ugly short bleached hair!! Remember when it was brunette and shiny? She was so natural and so easy going fun. She's so fake and pathetic now, smh. Oh but gorgeous Kourtney,.. you will never change. You are everything and put them ALL to shame! I can only imagine how jealous Kim is of her,lol.
cheki ch
cheki ch Month ago
The way kim sit makes me uncomfortable🙄
Frederic Coudrier
the blond pne looks like a horse.... actualy they all do except the one in the middle. How come those puppets became popular. And is kim asian now? omg
A lopez
A lopez Month ago
Kim is do fake and hating on her sis you clearly can see it on the show and been so extra to fix
petq petrova
petq petrova Month ago
kim looks so armenian here
Pradeep Meena
Pradeep Meena Month ago
Other thrn kim..both look so ugly.. 😂 Only money making the... Look beautiful
Ann Quintana
Ann Quintana Month ago
Love your look Khloe
SNZM Month ago
Omg he went savage on the question to Khloe ab Tristan
Miah Davis
Miah Davis Month ago
i LOVE them!
Heather Searles
Heather Searles Month ago
Why is Kim's dress so short. She is sitting there covering herself. She looks very uncomfortable.
MiniSenpai Month ago
Kim loves asian inspired clothing these days, even north. I appreciate that she’s recognizing my moms culture
Dionne Lewis
Dionne Lewis Month ago
😆😆😆❤️😆😆😆Kim is SO SWEET!!LMFAO but for real....this is Kim's way of sayin'," that nigga done LOST HIS MIND!!!"😆😆😆😆😆😆LMFAO!!😆LOL **Aww as much as I love Khloe(she's always been my favorite❤️) she's really gotta leave the fillers n plastic surgery or whatever it is she keeps doing to herself, ALONE!💔 Smh her face doesn't even move anymore smh she's gotta stop!
Gorana Month ago
Church are you serious please god help these people
Nicole Ayla Ashby-King
Boring women
Faith Mckenzie
Faith Mckenzie Month ago
Them trying to explain kanye’s “church”🤦🏾‍♀️ smh
Brian Jankowski
Brian Jankowski Month ago
God, the 3 biggest idiots in the world... they share 1 brain
Sarah Mckenna
Sarah Mckenna Month ago
they all look so beautiful!!
Siena Syrnyk
Siena Syrnyk Month ago
I love Kim's dress so much its so elegant and pretty but simple and ahhh
jinette mena
jinette mena Month ago
Sunday service isn’t Christina is Jesus Christ isn’t the center of the service and people are worshipping and praising him. Kanye West Sunday service is the opposite...
milZ1 Month ago
I loved how Kim had the manner to keep a hand between or on the legs for 'modesty.' Wouldn't have thought she would care.
paul baker
paul baker Month ago
Somebody tell me why these are famous.pointless
elliot at her finest '
I love how chill Jose was
Steezy Month ago
Was 6:15 a discord notification or am I going crazy?😂
Ms October
Ms October Month ago
I love me some Khloe..🖤🖤
Edith Gutierrez
Edith Gutierrez Month ago
Natasha Torres
Natasha Torres Month ago
Ew his comment about Khloes love life was so rude
Fake Name
Fake Name Month ago
Natasha Torres it really wasn’t he couldn’t been way worst considering how ever other interviewer would jump at the opportunity to drown her in questions and comments about the scandal
Lara Tokar
Lara Tokar Month ago
my favorite interview
Bonnibel Blue
Bonnibel Blue Month ago
Omg shut up big ass kim!
12345susu Month ago
their asses lmfao I can't
llliii li
llliii li Month ago
Khloe s’ s nose job makes her sound annoyingly nasal
Pfunzo Mulaudzi
Pfunzo Mulaudzi Month ago
ok can we talk about the "fan" . that guy was horney AF
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool Month ago
I didn't recognize those 3 with clothes on.
Winona Brown
Winona Brown Month ago
....🤔....It's very ominous that these folks have gone through so much plastic surgery that they are almost unrecognizable! One is wearing all white, one is wearing all black, and the third one is wearing black, white, and red, while all three are sitting in front of a bright red background! Knowing what we do about U£TR@ M.I.N.D. K0NTR0£, it's pretty clear that this is NOT just another innocent, impromptu interview. It is also worth noting that their "mom-ager"was wearing a platinum blond wig at the M€T G@y£@ at Ky£|€'$ request/direction. Coincidence?!?!? Reprogramming?!?!?! Research all of the industry folks that have bleach their hair out for no apparent reason, coupled with an "iconic" blank stare. ...🤔😳😠
Hayden Scerri
Hayden Scerri Month ago
Jeff S.
Jeff S. Month ago
I dont like late night host banter. Its so contrived and fake.
Jeff S.
Jeff S. Month ago
Kourtney is the least interesting to listen to.
Roseann Estrada
Roseann Estrada Month ago
Just imagine having all 3 of them bent over in front of u,mmmmm tasty rob too lol tasty.
Michael T. Sanchez
Khloe you need to get of that blonde hair you already messed up your beauty w those stupid ass lips. Stop puffing them out. You look stupid
Adja Koumba
Adja Koumba Month ago
Khloe you look gorgeous all of you 3, i love you guys.
Lorrie Month ago
Trying not to vomit.
Flor Harmon
Flor Harmon Month ago
What, no way, she does not look at all as Marilyn, no body, no face. what a bad interviewer. I was waiting to listen Kortney talks, and he never as anything to her. so rude and unprofessional . if all the question that he had were for Kim, why he invited the others two.
staceyluvmexoxo Month ago
Kourtney is the most interesting to watch in this interview
Jeanri Wepener
Jeanri Wepener Month ago
So glad Jimmy asked about Sunday service... Couldn't find the method behind it
shaka Ahmed
shaka Ahmed Month ago
Mommy has soo many talents, the best of her is being a porn star at once and quited. Ahahaha
Adelaeda Barrera
I love how Courtney is emphasizing that it’s Christian! ❤️😁
Keila Lugardo
Keila Lugardo Month ago
JVW Month ago
kim's dress
katie toure
katie toure Month ago
Who's that man in white?
Jodi Ann
Jodi Ann Month ago
That church is not Christian.
Ron C
Ron C Month ago
Jimmy Kimmel your man card is revoked. You got no heart just like your retarded son.
mchllngld Month ago
I wish khloe would try blackish brown like her sisters. One time
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