Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kim, Kourtney & Khloé Kardashian in Las Vegas

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Kim, Kourtney & Khloé talk about visiting Las Vegas as kids, Kim’s baby names, Kourtney’s birthday party rules, Khloe dating basketball players, Kim explaining who she and Kanye are to their kids, Kanye’s Sunday services, Kanye surprising Kim about moving back to Chicago, and they all take a surprise selfie with a member of our audience who is a huge Kardashian fan. #KimmelinVegas
Matthew McConaughey Goes Undercover to Get People “High” ruvid.net/video/video-kGFWS-St1KA.html

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Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kim, Kourtney & Khloé Kardashian in Las Vegas


Published on


Apr 2, 2019




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Comments 5 420
Community Healing Project
They are ALWAYS on Masonic Code. (White/Black/Red)
intissar el meskine
intissar el meskine 23 hours ago
jimmy: and is she right? kim : yesh.. .yea .. yeah xD
Alexandre Katali
Kardashians is amazing
halo merric
halo merric 3 days ago
You can tell Kourtney tries...the sisters treat her like she's the defective one...she smiles to save face, but there are moments where you can tell she feels slighted at times...:/
toby_belize 4 days ago
Kim wanting not to show much when she sits down.. we’ve seen it
Jessica C
Jessica C 4 days ago
I will never understand the role of Guillermo. What the hell!? Is he like a Buffoon or what? It's completely offensive and I don't get why noone notices it. This is why I dislike Kimmel.
Kianna Brown
Kianna Brown 5 days ago
1970harleybike 5 days ago
Kim The Fake Sister : Kourtney The Boring Sister: Khloe The Transgender Looking Sister.
MyessYallyah Americus
I hate my life because of how others treat me no matter how much I try to keep them alive
Nabeela Wisal
Nabeela Wisal 5 days ago
Kim cloths are soo tight she cant even sit right .
Alana Hope
Alana Hope 6 days ago
No Praying No sermon and they call this Christian? Anyone who falls for that rubbish is hell bound .....
Natalee Arendale
Natalee Arendale 7 days ago
Khloè looks like savanna chrisley
Madison Huber
Madison Huber 7 days ago
Khloe looks so much like kris
Spoonx k
Spoonx k 7 days ago
Lets both cross our legs and not tell Kim
Selma Diniz
Selma Diniz 8 days ago
Strange environment in there.... jimmy was a bit inconvenient with some of the things he was saying and he was clearly making them feel uncomfortable, plus is notable that khloe and kourtney are not in good terms with each other.
Sky Jam
Sky Jam 8 days ago
Khloe annoys me... I used to like her and now she’s just annoying as Kim voice back in 2006
desertrose 9 days ago
Don't come for me..I really love Kim's dress. Her hair is beautiful too.
Fabio Gutierrez
Fabio Gutierrez 10 days ago
Just Deborah
Just Deborah 11 days ago
Chloe is the carbon copy, a biological daddy Alex Roldan.
MyNormalLife 15
MyNormalLife 15 11 days ago
Kim looks so uncomfortable
film wiz
film wiz 12 days ago
khloe is my favorite. I am not talking about looks because I personally dont care. I think Khloe is the best. Shes so sweet and funny.
jennifer kelly
jennifer kelly 12 days ago
Fake broads
Selena Shonte
Selena Shonte 14 days ago
Kourtney should date jimmy Ps: Khloe seems annoyed at kourt..I think they prob had a fight before this interview , Kim is actually being neutral here
cami j
cami j 14 days ago
Its a musical experience
Teresa Rice
Teresa Rice 19 days ago
Free and safe without Christ wow lol whatever
Teresa Rice
Teresa Rice 19 days ago
So So
So So 19 days ago
Are all Armenian girls so beautiful?
JP 20 days ago
He basically just talked to Kim
M 22 days ago
The worlds most celebrated grifters.
A k
A k 24 days ago
Kim and khloe look so plastic
Ayanda sweetness
Ayanda sweetness 25 days ago
Kim's shoes
Thusy Korupanda
Thusy Korupanda 25 days ago
Fans are screaming out kourtney and khloe alot
rose ann callo
rose ann callo 26 days ago
Love Kourtney
YaYa. 29 days ago
The queens of plastic, face lifts and nose jobs.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 29 days ago
Three of the most worthless people in the world
Lhasang Bhutanese
Lhasang Bhutanese 29 days ago
Kim looks so uncomfortable 🤭🤭🤭
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee Month ago
Kourtney seems so dumb she talks so slow...
Iris Sasa
Iris Sasa Month ago
What??! Kim in japanese inspired look totally clashing with her sisters looks? Omg the tables are turned
Binty CZZ
Binty CZZ Month ago
LMFAOAOAO the baby naming
Stefan Kurlak
Stefan Kurlak Month ago
Say what you like but, the family is a brilliant business enterprise
Janie MacIntyre
Janie MacIntyre Month ago
Khloé's shoes 🔥 🔥 🔥
Shrestha Sumina
Shrestha Sumina Month ago
So noone noticed how the selfie guy and kims outfit match?
Paula Gomez
Paula Gomez Month ago
The fact that Kim couldn't say a talent of hers is so incredibly funny to me
bella2019 Month ago
Kim is the on,y one who talks
Sarai Rivera
Sarai Rivera Month ago
They are the dumbest, Stop having kids
tutorial _life
tutorial _life Month ago
Love you guys
maribelru2011 Month ago
I’m obsessed with the nails 😍
Micki Jones
Micki Jones Month ago
Kim is having to use her hand to cover 'down there' because dress is toooo short. When will gals learn to be discrete?
Gescley Dias
Gescley Dias Month ago
Big Khloe, the others kardashians are dwarfs near them lol....
kriti raj
kriti raj Month ago
the way kim hide her private poosh for so long is hilarious 🤣
Sandy Bayes
Sandy Bayes Month ago
Guermo 666- Jimmy’s cousin Right!? High heels, show girl feathers, 😱WHAT IN LOSVEGAS IS GOING ON? Sick hellywood 🤦🏽‍♀️
Bunny Month ago
How uncomfortable was Kim! She looked awkward through the interview..
Dief Enbaker
Dief Enbaker Month ago
Still be embarrassed if my family was famous for my sister ducking a guy on video and releasing it to the media. But the 100s of millions would be nice. Lol
Kennedy Ray
Kennedy Ray Month ago
damn he was so blunt when asking khloe about tristan 😂
Lavendor Town
Lavendor Town Month ago
If it's really about "healing" then how all the celebrities are "above" the rest
ruGezObE Month ago
"Do you pray to Kanye or God at this church? " - very legitimate question
Randy Nyberg
Randy Nyberg Month ago
Todd. Crane industry s
Alviya Akbani
Alviya Akbani Month ago
Kim luks nervous n uncomfortable
Lo-Fi Month ago
They all look so old and crusty now.
Elizabeth Saira
Elizabeth Saira Month ago
You look so divine in your white suits
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