Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue - Vice President Joe Biden

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Day 14 of the quarantine and Jimmy does another mini monologue from his house. In today’s #Minilogue Jimmy talks about opening day being canceled, remembering the real heroes who are risking their lives, “Where’s Waldo?” being a social distancing nightmare, Trump not going stir crazy, the #QuarantimeKiller of the night, and Jimmy chats with Vice President Joe Biden at his house. Tomorrow is Formal Friday, so be sure to get all dressed up for a night out on the couch and post pictures using #FormalFriday. Jimmy will be making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during this quarantine. Today, it’s the International Association of Firefighters. Please consider helping them. Go here to donate: foundation.iaff.org
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Mar 26, 2020




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Comments 80
Joshua 13 hours ago
im wondering who is a bigger fool and idiot...biden or kimmel,who looks like he has down syndrome
John Ferry
John Ferry 14 hours ago
Jimmy Kimmel speaks for the elitist Democrats that he aligns with. And his show sucks
Peter Mcconnell
Peter Mcconnell 15 hours ago
I love the picture, what a great movie, dum and dummer
ROWAN.I. AM 18 hours ago
Hello my name is “Joe (sex offender) Biden
Buns Stiffington
Buns Stiffington 20 hours ago
“I’ve had kids climb up onto my lap, I’ve *LOVED* kids climbing up onto my lap” -Joe Biden
Mr233191962 Day ago
This "promising idiot" does not know what to do in his country ,both with the pandemic and with his own people !!! Stealing taxpayers ' money .he can do it !!!!Shame on the US .. we have reached the highest democracy..this country is a PRISON !!
Robert Weber
Robert Weber Day ago
Hey look 2 blooming idiots or maybe just 2 idiots. Oink
Jame Port
Jame Port Day ago
I’m joe Biden I like the 3 strike law. But now if you don’t vote for me you aren’t black enough, wake up America, this is the swamp
Fisher H
Fisher H 3 days ago
my comments are jokes
Me reading all the comments from trump supporters like: 👁👄👁
southtown j
southtown j 3 days ago
Well, the protestors are one block over from my house and....sheesh, so much for Covid rules...?
YukonJ 3 days ago
Joe live from his nursing home with Jimmy the phony.
italymalta08 4 days ago
Wow I hate to say but biden seems like he is nearly keeping it together.
De Gee
De Gee 5 days ago
He is NOT the vice president anymore.....
Dre Last
Dre Last 5 days ago
God we need a third party ASAP 🙌!! This ain't working or making sense!! Back n forth Dems n reps!! N nothing changes!! This is plan to stay stuck in there game!! Media government n there puppets all one!! Stop walking dead 💀
Dre Last
Dre Last 5 days ago
Fake as illusion going on don't b trick my ppl!! Is a game of thinking n fear!! Overcome both!! B wise my friends!! Now a round of a plause for this puppets n there agenda!!
Max Gamer
Max Gamer 6 days ago
Mike O
Mike O 6 days ago
Two brainless wonders on the same program. Wow!
The Great King of Evil Ganondorf
Dang, the Internet really hates Biden
The Chosen1
The Chosen1 8 days ago
Jimmy and Biden two equal brains
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz 9 days ago
Joe loves his rice and putin.
Johnny Seed
Johnny Seed 10 days ago
KiD Music
KiD Music 10 days ago
Biden is so fake
Amy Cebollero
Amy Cebollero 11 days ago
Puppet jimmy at its finest
Brian Lau
Brian Lau 12 days ago
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson 13 days ago
Biden mind (and face) are melting wtf?
jeremy wyatt
jeremy wyatt 13 days ago
I would rather go lick everything in China right now than vote for Joe biden
Evil is real!
Evil is real! 14 days ago
"I don't want my kids growing up in a racial jungle" - Joe Biden
ComicKish 14 days ago
JOE HAS BEEN HIDING IN HIS BASEMENT FOR 3 months lol what a scumm scared wally whistler
ComicKish 14 days ago
joe biden is a fossil look at the lighting h e uses in his interview setup bad lighting no LEDS LOL DINOSAUR FOSSIL
ComicKish 14 days ago
joe biden is a loser lol here in 2020 may
PrimeKrunker Gamer
get a life. You have been spamming these comments everywhere
Koosha Las Vegas Ex Muslim
Andrew Nemecek
Andrew Nemecek 15 days ago
You spelled former Vice President wrong
Patrick McDonald
Patrick McDonald 15 days ago
What the heck is Biden even saying? "Lack of Lackerity" WTF?
DK Airsoft
DK Airsoft 16 days ago
Sleepy joe
John Lambert
John Lambert 16 days ago
Comrade Kimmel and Joe Who !
LazyLion 19 days ago
hey guys remember when comedians made so many jokes about Trump that it caused him to lose the 2016 election? yeah, me neither... making fun of Trump didn't work but they've plowed forward for the last 4 years, and now their candidate is the Crypt Keeper, so congratulations Mr Donald John Trump on winning your 2nd term
Zoroaste 19 days ago
Wow that was a rough one huh? 😂🤣 Looks like four more years to me.
Austin Jennings
Austin Jennings 20 days ago
I'm starting to feel bad for ol Biden. His brain is mashed potatoes
Kenneth Wade
Kenneth Wade 21 day ago
The Mangina Show
Edward Baker
Edward Baker 23 days ago
Dallas prime rootball
Ninja Artist
Ninja Artist 25 days ago
Quarantine has showed us all how untalented and irritating you late night hosts really are.
Chris Shay
Chris Shay 25 days ago
Good to see Jimmy Kimmel's writers are still employed!
Steve Jaenghan
Steve Jaenghan 26 days ago
Baggy scrotum eyes Kimmel had a portion of Joe Mama's colon implanted in his brain.
Chris Fowler
Chris Fowler 26 days ago
HAHAHA... Would anyone vote for this clown ?? Dementia Joe 2020
robert moir
robert moir 27 days ago
I m voting for Trump because the alternative would be far worse
Q Tuttle
Q Tuttle 27 days ago
Garbage like you make the precious freedoms of America look bad. Congratulations here's your sign.
Rio Lope
Rio Lope 28 days ago
I will stop watching jimmy because of joe!
Matlow Jaster
Matlow Jaster 28 days ago
Two minions in their Mom's basement, how thoughtful.
bgboy4 Month ago
Lol Joe admits feeling guilty for the Democratic party screwing Bernie again and then shutting up
Everson1969 Month ago
Jimmy Kimmel suffers from TDS. Remember when late night hosts were actually funny and not political activists?
Kay Jay
Kay Jay Month ago
Dash Month ago
Wake up you ignorant clown. Read your own comments. America supports Trump you're a puppet!
Cody Graham
Cody Graham Month ago
You aren’t funny
Doug Billman
Doug Billman Month ago
Do ya like PIZZA Jimmy.........
Tammy Breuker
Tammy Breuker Month ago
Liberal hacks!!
Sanjay Patel,MD
Sanjay Patel,MD Month ago
Democrats really love our president! They really want our president Trump win his re election and that’s why they gave us Biden as his challenger!
NCLUSA Month ago
NCLUSA Month ago
I came in here expecting to bash a lot of lewtwing fruits, but instead I see a lot of people bashing Biden and Kimmel , damn!! are people getting smart or what?. Biden can't even find the bathroom and democrats expect him to run the Free World?, are they that stupid?, (answer yes they are) . Jimmy is trying to make this fruity old fart look like he's got game, (Joe has no game) . This is one of the worst things I have ever seen ) :
nasir D'jiir
nasir D'jiir Month ago
I hope he picks HillaryClinton 😂😂
Hobo4sail Month ago
He is not the Vice President anymore, stop calling him that.
Scamdamonium I
Scamdamonium I Month ago
Jimmy, it is *Disgusting* how you pounce on Trump & Avoid Biden's Sexual Assault Allegations!
PrimeKrunker Gamer
@rajdeep lol that's a compliment if anything u weirdo
rajdeep 8 days ago
Bcz he's a left liberal.. 🤣
richard weirich
richard weirich Month ago
we all see he is a trump hater
Butch Jones
Butch Jones Month ago
Adam Corolla made kimmell........how the hell is kimmell funny?....I still say he’s Jeff Sokol....
James West
James West Month ago
Yes Joe The Cho keep your distance from others, especially children.
Jaden Lowry
Jaden Lowry Month ago
Just a couple of clowns.
Terry Bonnell
Terry Bonnell Month ago
Jimmy Kimmel - Joe what's it like out on the campaign trail surrounded by all those women, I bet you must get your fingers wet a lot.
Dman D
Dman D Month ago
Joe Biden couldn’t do any better job than Trump. He ran 3 times for president and failed miserably.
chingn33 Month ago
12:20 ..wow, I feel sorry for Uncle Joe
Brady Lane
Brady Lane Month ago
Poor Kimmel. I’d rather be water boarded by Seal Team 6 than do that interview
Tedd Osborn
Tedd Osborn Month ago
Jimmy Kimmel is a talk show host! He is semi funny sometimes and tries to be smarter than everyone else the rest of the time. If I want to laugh at some entertainer in Hollywood that Kimmel has on his show he is great for that. However if it’s political or any other kind if information Kimmel is the last person on this planet anyone should listen to. Biden ! Really this is a clown that is no longer funny.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown Month ago
So little Jimmy sucks up to sexual predators.... Hollywood showing their true colors.
George Rodriguez
I refuse to vote for Joe Biden.
Sleppy Joe
Sleppy Joe Month ago
Dalia Lule
Dalia Lule Month ago
Fyi..... Joe biden and kimmel traffick kids. Especially joe. Both joe and kimmel have taken trips to epstein island before along with other politicians and hollywooders. Dont vote for Biden. Dont trust anyone.
Jonathan Requena
Thank you all to you essential workers I really appreciate what everyone (in the medical field specifically) but as well as any essential we will get through this
R J Month ago
sham hisham
sham hisham Month ago
Stay home sheep
William Sheppard
Biden it's a way to be able to sleep with my wife....when putting on philly baseball cap... Biden sub libinil ...my wife doesnt know .I own many different baseball hats One for every flavor of the week
Edmondson James
Edmondson James Month ago
My name is Joe Biden and I Have forgotten this message
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