Jimmy Interviews the Biggest Boy Band on the Planet BTS

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy gets familiar with members of the Korean boy band phenomenon BTS and finds out what's in store for the guys' future.
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Jimmy Interviews the Biggest Boy Band on the Planet BTS




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Comments 80
Мистер Идиот
Jimin’s effect: ON
نورا عادل ابو زيد
I love you rm
bentata karima
bentata karima 6 hours ago
BTS their fashion is on another level.
Jelly DJ
Jelly DJ 9 hours ago
_G04_ 10 hours ago
Jimmy and Bts is my favourite interview combination especially compared to so many others jesus
Abdul Hanan
Abdul Hanan 13 hours ago
Tae always wears different but catchy clothes ...
kariman salah
kariman salah 14 hours ago
0:31 Tae going to hug Jimmy But Jimmy hugged jimin So tae is getting back to his place Me: awww come here tae I will hug you I love you so much❤
Hadjer Kadda
Hadjer Kadda 15 hours ago
Bts bts bts ilove you v 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
DAndy 19 hours ago
huh, first time seeing them, thought they would look more feminine like the rest of kpop, but they don't, they actually look like normal people.
Lucas de Moraes
Lucas de Moraes 21 hour ago
shaymin jupiter
shaymin jupiter 23 hours ago
perfect boy band.❤️
Joonjams Day ago
The subtitles said "hello, I'm Where do I dance? I'm Jin.😂
Denise Moldez
look how cute yoongi stomp his feet ahahahahahahaha
Yoonmin lover
2:41 I’m you’r kook you’r my kook I’m jungkook 😂😆😆😆❤️❤️🇰🇷 That’s what I’m thinking 😂💔🇰🇷
Tej Karan
Tej Karan Day ago
No hate to bts but.....ONE DIRECTION is still the biggest boy band on the planet for me. And nobody can change my mind.
yunajoy 10 hours ago
Tej Karan How they literally disbanded bts is wayyy better
Carlos Rojas
Carlos Rojas Day ago
I hate one direction bts is best
A J Day ago
But for you not for world right now.
Madhurima Das
Jimin is my mood throughout
Theresa Nguyen
Shoutout to the girl who said ‘ I LOVE YOU SUGA!!’
andre bazan
andre bazan Day ago
no one: JIN: hello im world wide handsome jin
_ Flowerhorn _
The bg effect by jk when RM was introducing himself is crazyyyyy
nikki -
nikki - Day ago
V: "new york stip" Lolooolool
Mary Cornejo
Mary Cornejo Day ago
Jimin the favorite child here
Dusk Dawn
Dusk Dawn 2 days ago
Jimin N Jimmy 💚😚
Roldy Villabroza
Roldy Villabroza 2 days ago
Sofia Ellen
Sofia Ellen 2 days ago
Love bts 😍😍😍😍
laoisemei landers horne
jin at any given opportunity: HELLO IM WORLDWIDE HANDSOME
IASMIN ARMY 2 days ago
J Hopeeeeeee
Mako Ystbva
Mako Ystbva 2 days ago
Jımmy is soo cute l think you are so cute ARMY💜💜💜💜💜💜💟
Inika Vbh08
Inika Vbh08 2 days ago
Congratulations everyone happy to hear about it will come to my email
Inika Vbh08
Inika Vbh08 2 days ago
Because she has to do it now and I will chat with me and
Jimin Jest Mojąm Unwritten Rule
To think I learned their names from this interview
nikki.creeps around.on.holidays
RIP headphone users.
mounika yakkanti
mounika yakkanti 2 days ago
Is nobody going to talk how Tae said Hi Jimmy..and Jimmy replying back.. Hi Buddy 2:11
Megan King
Megan King 2 days ago
They’re so precious oml
WorldOfIvy 3 days ago
I love them sm, it's always so funny to watch them and cute ❤️❤️❤️
Tanau_Q 3 days ago
How suga started waving was so cute
Kookie Monster
Kookie Monster 3 days ago
harini 1402
harini 1402 3 days ago
Hey jimmy...i'm jimin😂!! Oh my boy💜
Akansha Tyagi
Akansha Tyagi 3 days ago
Jimmy is wearing chim chim hairband
Finding Meaning
Finding Meaning 3 days ago
Qaurantine turned me in army from a banker
l e l a
l e l a 3 days ago
3:26 yoongi i- 🥺
Reshma Das
Reshma Das 3 days ago
No one ganna talk bout how cute min yoongi is?!
Valentina CordovaJuca
Love how when jimin went to the floor jimmy did to😂😂
Kookie Kookie
Kookie Kookie 4 days ago
I love them🤩 especially J hope🥰
Carlotta Zaric
Carlotta Zaric 4 days ago
Who’s watching this in quarantine time?
[ Aubrey ]
[ Aubrey ] 4 days ago
chloe 4 days ago
no wonder they have so many fans they’re so cool wtf? i only rlly listen to gg’s but wow
potato penguins
potato penguins 4 days ago
Jimmy:I’m not picking favorites **signals to Jimin** 0:54
Vaibhav Sharma
Vaibhav Sharma 4 days ago
Which is the song in start ?
asmaa Alshikh
asmaa Alshikh 4 days ago
Who Army like me
정유진 4 days ago
Im tryna listen to their voices but the cheer of the audience I have to lower the volume
Goval Wkwk
Goval Wkwk 4 days ago
Hellow guys cek this out in my channel reaction satisfying very cool and perfect ruvid.net/video/video-zQubmts5ypY.html
NIK NORAISYAH 4 days ago
I've never been a fan of kpop idols. But, bts was very humble and inspired many people and then, I was proud to be army.😁😁
Bhavika Nair
Bhavika Nair 4 days ago
Who all loves v!!!!😍😍😍😍
Kristen Jenna
Kristen Jenna 4 days ago
is it just me that get annoyed when army screamed while the boys talk but then realising i'd do the same if i were there?
silvery Jimin
silvery Jimin 4 days ago
Wth am i screaming!!!!!! Even while typing this text ahhhhh!!!
Амина Тулегенова
Почему Чимин на столько красивый и смешное❤️😍😍
Princy Ragila
Princy Ragila 4 days ago
SUGA Just predicted the future
leonora bosnjak
leonora bosnjak 4 days ago
Dark Devil
Dark Devil 5 days ago
GuacaMolly 5 days ago
1:38 The person who did the captions didn't understand his phrase worldwide handsome😭
Langelihle Ndiweni
I tried my best not to fan girl. I really did
C B 5 days ago
I don’t really pay much attention to KPOP but these guys seem so genuine, it’s lovely to see
Det9 Ny76
Det9 Ny76 5 hours ago
have you seen their carpool karaoke episode? it's one of best in the series imo
Jyoti Sigdel
Jyoti Sigdel 5 days ago
i have listened to like 3 to 4 songs of bts..but i just love watching their interviews.. they all seem so humble 💕
bts lover
bts lover 5 days ago
Jin:hi I'm worldwide handsome jin. *pure embarrassment for rm"
Pauline 5 days ago
Hey jimmy I’m jimin isn’t even that funny the thing that makes it awesome is that jimin says it and the way he says it
Neisha Whitt
Neisha Whitt 5 days ago
Bts is my favorite group hands down ♥️
Vaishnav Pn
Vaishnav Pn 5 days ago
ONE DIRECTION is the biggest boy band of all time;
G lm
G lm 4 days ago
ur stuck in 2014
Jellybean Animations
lindsay donahoe
lindsay donahoe 5 days ago
jimin looked so happy to see him wearing a chimmy headband :)
Roseanne park
Roseanne park 6 days ago
RM:hey we are going to wear this for today's interview V to jungkook : hey we are going to look different Jungkook : how ? V: you'll see
Deepti Verma
Deepti Verma 6 days ago
Even if they try to embarrass themselves, they can't, they're still cute.
Eduardo Mejia Music
2:27 Hey Jimmy Yeah! I’m Jimin
Yami G
Yami G 6 days ago
I'm living for jimin's smile :')
Mariem Ali
Mariem Ali 6 days ago
Can we talk about that girl that screamed "YEAH YOONGI"
Hannah Quimzon
Hannah Quimzon 6 days ago
It’s been over 1 year and this is still my favorite interview in America. Agree?
Blox Tube
Blox Tube 6 days ago
*"I am your hofe,you are my hope,I am J-Hope"* XD
Abbey Manu
Abbey Manu 6 days ago
Pema bhutia
Pema bhutia 6 days ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍 awwwwwww
fartoun hassan
fartoun hassan 6 days ago
Who else in the beginning saw RM slap 👋 jimins but lmao 😂
nothings nobody
nothings nobody 6 days ago
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