Jimmy Fallon Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Complex's Joe La Puma goes Sneaker Shopping with the host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, at Flight Club in New York City to talk about his history in sneakers, getting dissed by Barneys' employees back in the day, and Hasan Minhaj hooking him up with Air Jordan 1s.
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Feb 24, 2020




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Comments 100
Complex 7 months ago
How many pairs of sneakers do you have at your house?
Pepsianin CO
Pepsianin CO 9 days ago
Complex hi
Lucas Aguilar
Lucas Aguilar Month ago
TayKlapz Month ago
Asher Velasquez
Asher Velasquez Month ago
im 13 so i have like two pairs and if i want new ones i have to save and buy them
Luca Hawkey
Luca Hawkey 2 months ago
aiden Day ago
my friend in 7th grade had a pair of air command forces and he absolutely destroyed them in like 2 weeks. they were brown by the end of the month from mud and probably shit
Kwamu Hill
Kwamu Hill 4 days ago
if you black and you buying Nike and other stuff you are still sleep
pohmakas33 4 days ago
How about “Average Joe goes sneaker shopping” Spends 46$, uses coins he collected from the floor of his car, has to go 2 days without food.
jorge mansilla
jorge mansilla 4 days ago
toy contando ticket ticket como jimmy fallon
Joseph Burroughs
Joseph Burroughs 9 days ago
Jimmy is my main man.awesome episode
Dimezx 9 days ago
He's so proud of his EARLS and that makes me so happy lmao
Nawaz Ali
Nawaz Ali 10 days ago
I watch last 4 minutes in every episode i love it😆
garycool290 10 days ago
Ice Queen
Ice Queen 15 days ago
Jimmy is such a goof 😂 in a good way
Crohsing 18 days ago
Joe why are your jeans so tight?
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 20 days ago
Do playboi carti sneaker shopping
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 16 days ago
@Commander Keen playboi carti
Commander Keen
Commander Keen 17 days ago
joesr31 23 days ago
My first thought when I saw jimmy was why is he wearing a picnic mat as a scarf Those shoes he chose were sick though, but the price is insane and the box is shit
Michael Darwich
Michael Darwich 23 days ago
1 I’m poor
Florence Finest
Florence Finest 26 days ago
nobody gon take about his shoe at 8:09 😭😭 ik he can afford more but geesh😭😭
Ankouni Legand
Ankouni Legand 27 days ago
How much was the box?
Holy Sh*t
Holy Sh*t 29 days ago
Did they really just make him pay for a damaged box that they gave him?
רועי שכטר
He is genuinely funny here.
Ties Month ago
I would have loved him to go all out and drop 50k haha
jaden yuki
jaden yuki Month ago
Legend says Jimmy still stuck im that glass case to this day, a similar looking jimmy replaced him....
jaden yuki
jaden yuki Month ago
50,000 subscriber with No videos
His box is destroooyed.
Lil Goten TV
Lil Goten TV Month ago
legend says he’s still at flight club...
EpicVator 1509
EpicVator 1509 Month ago
Jimmys face is like, why the fuck am I spending 1,500 dollars on shoes
yash bhatia
yash bhatia Month ago
I want sneaker shopping with zayn malik😣
Maucham Deka
Maucham Deka Month ago
Tapatio Armani
Tapatio Armani Month ago
Even rich ppl freaks out with those prices!!!👎🏼🤣
lola Month ago
gabo paz
gabo paz Month ago
Joe la puma has absolutely no personality or charm but he doesn't need to because we came to see famous people buy shoes
anthony rangel
anthony rangel Month ago
they need to get flight on here
Jailene Month ago
Y’all made shoes that are supposed to be for everyone for rich people smh.
Risolat Koriya
Risolat Koriya Month ago
Y’all realized how sad Fallon was at the end when he got his shoes and was sad about his money 🤣🤣🤣!
Jaish Pandey
Jaish Pandey Month ago
here from india.. where we a buy a car with the same price
jallo ham
jallo ham Month ago
jimmy wore sth a homeless man would wear to complex😂😂
Kyren Jones
Kyren Jones Month ago
that kid Ryan 😂🤣
Mashaal Tarar
Mashaal Tarar Month ago
@Complex 10
Mashaal Tarar
Mashaal Tarar Month ago
I love watching people buy what i cant, my life is sad lmao
Dante Aguilar
Dante Aguilar Month ago
Ynw bslime
Aladdin World
Aladdin World Month ago
imagine Jeff Bezos came to his store he would ask to buy the shop lol
Jason Mason
Jason Mason Month ago
Aladdin World or the freaking state
Aladdin World
Aladdin World Month ago
@Jason Mason or the freaking mall
Jason Mason
Jason Mason Month ago
Buy the company
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Month ago
Some shoe cost more than our house guys 😭😭😭
win sein
win sein Month ago
Benni reacts
Benni reacts Month ago
😂 were not stalking you
Dajung Chung
Dajung Chung Month ago
I get people want original boxes but not if they look like that 😬
Dajung Chung
Dajung Chung Month ago
3:40 this is exactly why I'm scared of going into fancy stores
Tayne Millar
Tayne Millar Month ago
"We not stalking you"😂😂😂
Ali Bxll
Ali Bxll Month ago
Il achète une chaussures mdr 😂
Jack T
Jack T Month ago
Can someone tell me a good outfit with the off white Michigan dunks
Luis Pardo
Luis Pardo 2 months ago
Orange 2 months ago
Guests who realise they overpay for these sneakers, never look happy when the video is ending 😂
Blue beatboxer
Blue beatboxer 2 months ago
I own 1 sandals
Bhaskar Jyoti Deka
Bhaskar Jyoti Deka 2 months ago
Elon Musk goes sneaker shopping.
706jamorales 2 months ago
Better taste than most rappers...those were sick.
Austin Gore
Austin Gore 2 months ago
Wow he knows more stuff than I thought
LeaveLeague 2 months ago
this dude knows hes being ripped off lol
Daniel Baines
Daniel Baines 2 months ago
Does jimmy drive a roundsville 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Camilo Prijs
Camilo Prijs 2 months ago
yall should take me sneakershopping. ima ser you; n court for making me depressed 🤣
Vincent Vinciguerra
Vincent Vinciguerra 2 months ago
Rappers: Imma need these, and those, and I gotta take these home as well... Jimmy: I don’t know about this pair man, let’s go take a look at the other one
Andjela Maksimović
Andjela Maksimović 2 months ago
8:10 creasing creasing creasing creasing
Samuel Ambrose
Samuel Ambrose 2 months ago
Man I never knew jimmy was a sneakerhead
TheHandyGuy 2 months ago
Best episode ever
Boolysse W
Boolysse W 2 months ago
This 100% was the best intro
Willy G Rags
Willy G Rags 2 months ago
He’s kind of funny when he’s not on the show
buildermarsh -
buildermarsh - 2 months ago
I forgot that rich ppl greet each other by kissing each others cheeks. What a funny story
Sol Christian Sayre
Sol Christian Sayre 2 months ago
Now imagine if Conan will do this? Hahahah
Anthony Reynolds
Anthony Reynolds 2 months ago
Fallon always trying to be too funny ....he ain't one bit funny its cringy
Saksham Jain
Saksham Jain 2 months ago
Get Hasan Minhaj on this.
Jaime S.
Jaime S. 2 months ago
9:50 my heart
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 months ago
GOD what i would do to kiss michael jordan on the lips
Samsro 240
Samsro 240 2 months ago
Best episode by far
Tim Alma
Tim Alma 2 months ago
Hey puma Make a different show where you talk to host about nice personal stories. But here please stick to sneakers. Your Sneakers collection is great on its own.
Tim Alma
Tim Alma 2 months ago
Looking good Jimmy 👍
NZotyoka81 2 months ago
If i was in Jimmy’s place i would throw that shitty box into the guy’s face. For that amount of money which is close to equal with an average people’s monthly income i would expect flawless stuff. So GTFO with that crap.
Sambiro Kitawi
Sambiro Kitawi 2 months ago
the way they skammm the celebrities 😂
King Grey
King Grey 2 months ago
Jimmy Kimmel with jimmy fallon
Isaac Sarinana
Isaac Sarinana 2 months ago
8:09 the way he was creasing those shoes 💀
187 14
187 14 2 months ago
Lol . Bet wheres less than 10 people on the earth who kissed MJ on his lips.
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 2 months ago
They charge ridiculous prices yet can't get a decent box?
Future ex Mrs. Malcolm
I love the Nicole Kidman story 😂
Jordan Spence
Jordan Spence 2 months ago
8:09 look at his back foot😖
Vctr Flrs
Vctr Flrs 2 months ago
Mans said free.99
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 2 months ago
derick turner
derick turner 3 months ago
Rogoznica FC
Rogoznica FC 3 months ago
Complex be like: *Stock basic AF1 White, 375.00 $*
Luke Williams
Luke Williams 3 months ago
Imagine spending hundreds for ugly ass shoes
Eshaan Simha
Eshaan Simha 3 months ago
Jimmy is hilarious at the intro
puke moles
puke moles 3 months ago
Fallon is such a ray getard
Eric B
Eric B 3 months ago
Those shoes are sick as hell but so much $$$
Dorx 3 months ago
Who else thinks that Jimmy Fallon looks like Elon Musk?😂
CalisRemedy 3 months ago
What’s the name of the dunks with the star? At 3:53
καινη κτισις
How much they pay the guest for their appearance?
Jerry was a Race car driver
Wow Back to the future electric laces is a thing now 😯
TheOpps !
TheOpps ! 3 months ago
Hey it’s late night talk show Joe
Dark Ryan
Dark Ryan 3 months ago
I swear they do this show with anybody now... #overexaggeratingfakelaughter
Chris Weaver
Chris Weaver 3 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-XDxtjVKJ76A.html The sketch he was talking about...so funny
gpsaj 3 months ago
Get Athletic shoes, trendy clothes here: www.GPSaj.ru
FueledByGaben 3 months ago
"Kids, this is how i met your Father"
Drewdizm 3 months ago
Joe needs sleep
Betrey 3 months ago
When both people try to ask questions and be the interviewer
Elvis Lopez
Elvis Lopez 3 months ago
Flight club got looted today
virslandir 3 months ago
Jimmy the realest dude here
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