Jimmy Fallon Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Complex's Joe La Puma goes Sneaker Shopping with the host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, at Flight Club in New York City to talk about his history in sneakers, getting dissed by Barneys' employees back in the day, and Hasan Minhaj hooking him up with Air Jordan 1s.
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Comments 80
Complex Month ago
How many pairs of sneakers do you have at your house?
Sanjay Janardhan
Sanjay Janardhan 20 days ago
ion got a house or sneakers buh
Mark Jason
Mark Jason Month ago
Complex 3
Juan Martines
Juan Martines Month ago
hee hee
hee hee Month ago
Only 8😔 but I don’t wear two of em anymore frl
la maravilla
la maravilla Month ago
12 😢
Chris Wheelington
I love Jimmy Fallon haha
Zachary Brooks
Zachary Brooks 11 hours ago
also Jimmy is a broke bitch one pair of shoes. ONE. My dad could never lol we spend $1500 on dinner and I don't even take my left overs to go lol
Zachary Brooks
Zachary Brooks 11 hours ago
all I got to say is this host's hair is fuckkkkkked up
DonDada 12 hours ago
Wow, Jimmy Fallon was actually funny unlike when he’s doing his tonight show.
Young Letdown Radio
Young Letdown Radio 15 hours ago
This how you stay rich
You Tube
You Tube 15 hours ago
Shoes that cost 39 cents to make cost 1500 dollars. "Goodbye America, it was nice knowing you"
Silverback Reviews
Silverback Reviews 16 hours ago
This is the most genius way to sell shoes ever!!
Roman & christian delgado
I learned this guy from family Guy and laughing at sketch makes me not like him
Tony Ramirez
Tony Ramirez Day ago
Haha the box is all fucked up
Tink The Guitarist
Jimmy one of the coolest white guys ever. 💯🤝🤝
Tink The Guitarist
Jimmy you should’ve just kept that to yourself 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
LowFrequency Day ago
$1500 😱😱😱😱😱
Ryu beauman
Ryu beauman Day ago
Jimmy is a joke
jose bastos
jose bastos Day ago
Brudda always in a suit and buying shoes hahahahah
theo mike
theo mike Day ago
Learn to resell discord.gg/ZXqbh9X
halakama rapsuy
Ulul?? J0rdan is gay??
Divyam Goyal
Divyam Goyal Day ago
SpinSir B
SpinSir B Day ago
Fallon’s the GOAT
Jillian Reichley
amazing intro
Manos Eu
Manos Eu 2 days ago
laughed so hard with this definetly the most enternetaining episode
Franco Patria
Franco Patria 2 days ago
jimmy worth 70mil and such a humble guy. bought 1.5k shoes and still asked for a discount!
Salman Mohamed
Salman Mohamed 3 days ago
This host needs to loosen up
A M 3 days ago
ThaAsianGuy J
ThaAsianGuy J 4 days ago
Do more episodes like this, I’m tired of seeing SoundCloud rappers.
Nathaniel Fesel
Nathaniel Fesel 4 days ago
Me sitting here. Camera guy at the end with the sneaker: sideways,upside down,spinning.
raul mato
raul mato 4 days ago
jeammy my friend this shoes cost 109 euros or dollars in spain
Lil Jahseh
Lil Jahseh 4 days ago
Im dead he kissed MJ
Giovanni Tretola
Giovanni Tretola 5 days ago
Why there are two Joe La Puma
heidi santiago
heidi santiago 5 days ago
Finn wolfhard should go sneaker shopping
Milo Stout
Milo Stout 6 days ago
Two of the most wholesome people coming together
Josh Pitwon
Josh Pitwon 7 days ago
ok so here's a new big video
Emile Abele
Emile Abele 7 days ago
He makes around 16 million a year
Joey Tribiani
Joey Tribiani 7 days ago
To many hand shakes, corona paranoia
fr russ
fr russ 7 days ago
Caitlin Kincaid
Caitlin Kincaid 7 days ago
This guy trying to hype beast Jimmy but he’s all timid stuck in a jacket
Bromingo :3
Bromingo :3 8 days ago
I was 10 minuets into the video when I suddenly remembered oh yeah Jimmy Fallon asked my aunt for her number one time😂
Emoinee Anerson
Emoinee Anerson 8 days ago
Jimmy is a cutie
Smokie Bear 🔴🟢
he looks like PogChamp
SPC17 9 days ago
At least it wasn’t Magic Johnson on the lips
Tom DaBomb
Tom DaBomb 9 days ago
So Disrespectful from Flight Club! They showed him the re-release 2019 DB 6 and sold him the shitty looking, shitty condition Old OG 2009 pair with Crappy Box! That 10 year old shoe Isn’t wearable anymore, Jimmy Fallon ain’t gonna just collect it he gonna want to wear it! Shame on Flight Club and Complex, Thumbs Down 👎🏽
kingsman tv
kingsman tv 9 days ago
Messi going shopping please
kingsman tv
kingsman tv 9 days ago
Please Mark Zuckerberg going shopping
danwith thefan
danwith thefan 9 days ago
Idk why I thought that was Elon musk
YIKES 9 days ago
I thought Joe was Jimmys son
Ryan Kussy
Ryan Kussy 9 days ago
The creasing that is going on at 8:09 makes me want to die
Humble Tank
Humble Tank 10 days ago
Joe Nash
Joe Nash 10 days ago
Alberto Hernandez
Alberto Hernandez 10 days ago
Wow!!!! What a good episode and funny ... Why to go complex
nick_string Videos
nick_string Videos 10 days ago
Smino goes sneaker shopping with complex!
Singular Squids
Singular Squids 11 days ago
I’d just ask if they had a pair of heelys
Matt Miller
Matt Miller 11 days ago
it's moments like this where you remember he is actually super funny. he's known for the fake laughing sort of thing but he is legitimately super funny guy with a great knack for comedy
Anthony Munoz
Anthony Munoz 11 days ago
This is the best episode.
John McKay
John McKay 11 days ago
Get Josh Richardson on the show!!!!
Goobert 12 days ago
What is that shoe to the left of fallons head in the middle at 2:43
nikola 12 days ago
Literally nobody: Jimmy Fallon: *awkward laugh*
Greg Rishel
Greg Rishel 12 days ago
How many do you need ? You bunch of Nancys
Greg Rishel
Greg Rishel 12 days ago
Fallon would tung kiss a rump for a nickle
Crunch Buttsteak
Crunch Buttsteak 12 days ago
Can always rely on Complex to provide the trash beats 👌
Head Boi
Head Boi 12 days ago
Zion Kauvaka
Zion Kauvaka 12 days ago
Why does the store look so ugly 😂
Dr. acula
Dr. acula 12 days ago
Julian Casablancas please.
Eric Byrne
Eric Byrne 12 days ago
7:05 what are those red Jordan’s in the back, someone tell me the name of those plz
William Parker
William Parker 5 days ago
Eric Byrne Jordan 1 legend of summer there over 10k, super expensive shoe.
James 12 days ago
An absolute rip off but he has the money. Damn ugly trainers/ sneakers as well. Rubber and nylon material. 1k...
Ale&Ale 13 days ago
Jason Andrew
Jason Andrew 13 days ago
3:47 why does this shot look like they're on a green screen?
Hannah Goh
Hannah Goh 14 days ago
what. a flex.
Garrett Gomes
Garrett Gomes 14 days ago
I haven't watched a second of this video, but let me guess, everything was "amazing, omg the best"
McVen 14 days ago
Rip wife’s scarf
Sir Ethan
Sir Ethan 15 days ago
That creasing is so annoying 8:08
Felix Rdlmn
Felix Rdlmn 15 days ago
dude looks like ted Mosby
Ron-Ron Worldpeace
Ron-Ron Worldpeace 15 days ago
interviewer's shoes tho lol
jme14922 15 days ago
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Paul Cuddy
Paul Cuddy 16 days ago
I saw the Olympic 95’s at a Marshall’s
Connor Hall
Connor Hall 16 days ago
was the beginning a bit?
Eldin 16 days ago
8:08 that left foot
the cringest
the cringest 16 days ago
ironic tiktoks
ironic tiktoks 16 days ago
I have 4 payers of nmb's and a pair of yeezys
Andrej Nikolov
Andrej Nikolov 16 days ago
Jimmy outside his show seems like a pretty cool guy.
Mecha Charizard
Mecha Charizard 17 days ago
This is one of their best episodes yet!
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