Jimmy Fallon and Christina Aguilera in Subway Station NYC June 13th

Gennifer Jordyn
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6/13/18 - Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon surprised random people at the BDFM Rockefeller subway station in NYC with a free concert undercover for the 'Late Show' in New York.

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Jun 13, 2018




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Marcos Oliveira
Marcos Oliveira 2 days ago
Tish TheDish
Tish TheDish 4 days ago
Shes got a number 1 voice.
Bridgett Jean
Bridgett Jean 5 days ago
Love Christina’s voice! She is so amazing❤️❤️💯
Željko Lucky
Željko Lucky 6 days ago
The same spot for every Jimmy Fallon prank Uptown The Bronx & Queens . Everything is staged to the last detail . Bodyguards and people are grouping after two seconds. No S from surprise.
Joe Maxfield
Joe Maxfield 9 days ago
Need more cowbell jimmy
IL B 16 days ago
Jimmy Fallon genuinely enjoyed performing along one of the best artists of the scene
Louis Fleming
Louis Fleming 21 day ago
that bitch can sing her ass off period
D D 29 days ago
Who cares. Crap “celebrities” mixing with the common people. Just go away please. Standard busker is superior.
Serena Gong
Serena Gong 29 days ago
Subway at broadway?
Bosiljka Bokan
Bosiljka Bokan 29 days ago
Other Lives
Other Lives Month ago
Abraham Atan
Abraham Atan Month ago
And the fat guy that is always in movies background
Theresa Johnson
Theresa Johnson Month ago
OMG! Love Jimmy Fallon, love love love Christina Aguilera!!!
Lucas Aracama
Lucas Aracama Month ago
Esta re armado xq atras se ven los custodios que ni siquiera se esconden jajaj y un policia preguntando a las personas hacia donde va... y un camara filmando a la gente, super obvio jajaj
Snap Mac
Snap Mac Month ago
Miley not a mole on her behind.
Marzena Drwal
Marzena Drwal Month ago
😷 🌞👍🤗
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Month ago
I would know that voice regardless of the disguise!!
adan2080 Month ago
Secret service just hanging out in the background
james perreault
james perreault Month ago
her voice gives her away
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts Month ago
The Lady Gaga before Gaga!
Carmen Mitchell
Carmen Mitchell Month ago
Jimmy is crazy
Carmen Mitchell
Carmen Mitchell Month ago
Ant on
Ant on Month ago
Watching this during the corona times just hits hard
01jazz01 B
01jazz01 B Month ago
When she sings it’s just takes my breath away seriously what a goddess of a voice.wow wow wow 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Don H
Don H Month ago
See how stupid it looks when you dont record in 16:9 omg people please only record this way if your on tiktok lol.
Phil P
Phil P Month ago
It only took about 2 seconds to figure out who she was! That voice!!! ❤️
Chama Lineros
Chama Lineros Month ago
She’s one of those voices that after a while you just want say “ Shut the HELL up” . I’ve had enough
Yasemin BAHAR
Yasemin BAHAR Month ago
Sheila White
Sheila White Month ago
More cowbell!!!
b0red32 Month ago
With the amount of security and camera crew you could tell this wasn't just just random busker group
Shannon F-PA
Shannon F-PA Month ago
Jimmy is in his element right there... love this! Hes so talented.
CJ Schmitt
CJ Schmitt 2 months ago
awwww....she got her mom bod on too...lol
The Smithen Family
The Smithen Family 2 months ago
After burlesque I can never forget her voice lmbo
natalia Taku
natalia Taku 2 months ago
Моя любимая
A A 2 months ago
Still my fav of all time
Margaret Chiloquin
Margaret Chiloquin 2 months ago
Those lucky sum bitches 🧐
Simon Brooks
Simon Brooks 2 months ago
Fallon should stand still & stop f**king around, the crowd are there for Christina not him
seanb70 2 months ago
If you cant recognize that voice you are deaf
Strawberry N Hotdogs Y
can't disguise her voice, its one of a kind and when she opens her mouth and sings, you know its her. she is so unique.
annastacia chimpini
annastacia chimpini 2 months ago
She would never fool me. That voice is unique to her alone
Luca Dol
Luca Dol 26 days ago
@OrangeTabbyCat are you telling me that Aretha Franklin's song (the song in this vid) is easy to sing ? :)
Badr Dekari
Badr Dekari Month ago
@OrangeTabbyCat it's about her unique texture with the growl and rasp
OrangeTabbyCat 2 months ago
Actually anyone with a good voice can sing this song. But it is pretty good.
Patricia B. Fantz
Patricia B. Fantz 3 months ago
How AWESOME was that!!!
Patricia Foster
Patricia Foster 3 months ago
I hope people go out of their way to DO things like this as much as possible when this disaster is over. It won’t be over unless you vote. Not for Trump. None of this exists in his world. It brings us together.
Lourdes Montoya
Lourdes Montoya 3 months ago
Quiero ser el
scarla 3 months ago
I'd totally recognize her
Nathalie Dionne
Nathalie Dionne 3 months ago
Nothing bad to say bout her. Love her. She is just beautiful inside and out. And with a talented voice. She is the queen.
Adam Thorsson
Adam Thorsson 3 months ago
Is it Jamie Foxx in THE back?
Martin Sheldon
Martin Sheldon 4 months ago
This video and the video with Jimmy and Miley Cyrus happened on the day my mom passed away. Sent chills through my body when I realized the date.
Fabulous520 4 months ago
Her voice!!!.. Her chords
AXL GONZALEZ 4 months ago
49 people don't like Jimmy Fallon haha
Dennis Schöberl
Dennis Schöberl 4 months ago
Always afraid of Jimmy steppin on that sunglasses on the floor... Amazin performance though
Angel L V
Angel L V 4 months ago
It's impossible not recognize that voice!
james perreault
james perreault 5 months ago
her voice give her away
M K 5 months ago
You'd have to be an idiot to not know that's Christina.
melvin151515 6 months ago
Can I buy this? I love her laugh.
Simon Brooks
Simon Brooks 11 months ago
Shame the other camera man & Jimmy Fallon keep getting in the bloody way of shot
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Chris L
Chris L Year ago
Just out of curiosity, how many bodyguards/security were there? They were probably wearing suits and looking very conspicuous.
Hank Moody
Hank Moody Year ago
That cow bell tho! 🤣
me & you
me & you 2 years ago
I must say she really has the black woman voice down good !!!!!!!
Edson Mireles
Edson Mireles 2 years ago
Genial, estar en ese momento con la grandiosa Aguilera. ;)
Michelle Scarlet
Jajajajaja para mí britney y Christina son Dos Diosas
Michelle Scarlet
Yo me desmayo
crazy4beatles 2 years ago
around what time of the day was this?
Rubén Regis
Rubén Regis 2 years ago
Qué locura! Cool
Any Laguly
Any Laguly 2 years ago
Que padre!!!!
Michelle Scarlet
Quien no querría estar ahí que privilegio
blues2oo 2 years ago
Jimmy Fallon always fuck this up. Why does not he just stay hidden among the crowd and then emerges to reveal the true identity of the guest artist, instead of trying to share the spot light with them with his lack of music talent? So fucking annoying.
MusicforMe123 2 years ago
chaesis best main dancers
I mean how could that be ever a disguise when there were big guys in suits. They could've at least disguised as watchers as well. Great performance nontheless
Eunice LePeanut
Eunice LePeanut 2 years ago
Omf you are so lucky!!
Ocean 2 years ago
It’s easy to know that was Christina
Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae 2 years ago
Dang this is in 34th st .Why everytime I go there is no celebrity performing!
Gennifer Jordyn
Gennifer Jordyn 2 years ago
Sallie Mae not it was the BDFM at Rockefeller!
Mikhail Bakhrakh
Mikhail Bakhrakh 2 years ago
hmmm....it is fake surprise don't you see? - there are all people with professional photocameras and bodyguards. just pr. just for tv
Dorene Madrzykowski
The outfits were so fake. You could come up with better
carlos williams
carlos williams 2 years ago
A free CHRISTINA AGUILERA concert. Front ROW. Iconic.
CherryMist87 2 years ago
I remember her first coming out ..this cute tiny girl with a power House voice. She was amazing then, and she's amazing now ♥
Claire Kennedy
Claire Kennedy 2 years ago
She made so many peoples commute better!
Jozabed Abreu
Jozabed Abreu 2 years ago
Great an powerful voice!
Kitty Bell
Kitty Bell 2 years ago
that voice 👌
Ivan Lubert
Ivan Lubert 2 years ago
Did you know it was them before the reveal? 🤔
Al Beauty
Al Beauty 2 years ago
That was great!!!
Dio DP Paul
Dio DP Paul 2 years ago
Even in cover. Her voice is powerful and she totally recognized by her signatures.
硕一同学 2 years ago
Xtina always sings better when she sings other singers' songs
Aloondra Roodriguez
Christina's laugh omggg hahahahah I love her
Zaffiq Zamzuri
Zaffiq Zamzuri 2 years ago
U are so lucky to be there
Matt Warnick
Matt Warnick 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing! 💜
Eric Hill
Eric Hill 2 years ago
All that time away and her voice ain't got better. I wasn't expecting for her range to come back. I know having kids can effect a woman's range, but needs to learn to work around that obstacle
M. H.
M. H. 2 years ago
Britney, who?
Cornelius abdon
Cornelius abdon 2 years ago
why is she not singing her new music from her new album? only old songs??? VERY WEIRD.
Gigs in the Streets - music, busking, cover songs
Awesome guys!! Here’s another crazy good female busker: ruvid.net/video/video-KjWseaNEgq8.html
William Joseph
William Joseph 2 years ago
Vertical Video Syndrome
sopraltenass13 2 years ago
Needs more cowbell.
Vi Va
Vi Va 2 years ago
legend alive. #1 hits in 3 different generation. the voice of Generation.
Gail Remudaro
Gail Remudaro 2 years ago
Kill me for missing this. Ugh!
Kyle Vin
Kyle Vin 2 years ago
Desperate for some promotion
Michelle Butts
Michelle Butts 2 years ago
Kyle Vin you're corny
Patrick Lima
Patrick Lima 2 years ago
As far as I know EVERY singer releasing an album does that ...
Gustavoide 2 years ago
Jack Walker
Jack Walker 2 years ago
Fix your technique....you’re literally destroying your vocal chords.
Joesel Jay Flores
Joesel Jay Flores 2 years ago
Pioneer7 Pioneer7 "A Grammy doesn't mean nothing at all" That applies today. But not before when there were more talented people in the Mainstream including Mariah. Now it's like they're just giving away Grammy's! Btw, Xtina is also a great vocalist, lyricist and producer since 2003!
Joesel Jay Flores
Joesel Jay Flores 2 years ago
Don't tell a Grammy winner how to use her voice!
Joesel Jay Flores
Joesel Jay Flores 2 years ago
Her voice changed after Pregnancy it became darker, thicker and richer which for me is an upgrade!
Kimmo Chmel
Kimmo Chmel 2 years ago
If this was in Sydney, fun police would come and asked her for a busking licence🤦‍♀️
Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae 2 years ago
Kimmo Chmel .Really that's sad.
Esperanza 2 years ago
I wish I could have witnessed this!
Esperanza 2 years ago
Jimmy's a beast hahahaha!
Arturo Dorantes
Arturo Dorantes 2 years ago
Girl can sing😌👌🏽
Kis. 2 years ago
Sounds like she used Etta James style to sing Aretha Franklin
xMantra Ns
xMantra Ns Year ago
Well her main infliluence is etta james hence why she was the singer who sang at ettas funeral
Andrea Lopez
Andrea Lopez 2 years ago
Lucky you omg
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