JIM CARREY IS BACK!! And He Deserves An Oscar For This Acting!!

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Jim Carrey is back with a brilliant and outstanding performance without saying one word... Literally!
part1: ruvid.net/video/video--9WFWI16yzU.html


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Jun 8, 2018

Jim CarreyJIM CARREY IS BACKJIM CARREY IS BACK!! And He Deserves An Oscar For This Acting!!Jim Carrey doesn't speakJim Carrey keanu reevesJim Carrey silentJim Carrey homelessJim Carrey will ferrellJim Carrey bad batchJim Carrey overcast




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Comments 10 833
NetWorthless 3 months ago
The video is brilliant! They edited Jim Carrey's role in the movie to make it more like a short film!
Michael Foster
Michael Foster 6 days ago
@BROOKLYN MANIAC its a movie bro.. youre the worst.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 6 days ago
Chasingwaves I have a IPhone and the first thing u do when u get a IPhone is to download Google Chrome, Google Maps and all this and put all the IPhone sponsored programs in a map for them selfs cuz u can’t delete
Rokap 9 days ago
OMG... Hahahahahaha Thank you man I didn't know that.
ash sherman
ash sherman 16 days ago
@Lee Hai 'Grooving' I love wonder bread. Cant eat that whole wheat crap
Eldar Gulakhmedov
Eldar Gulakhmedov 18 days ago
Anybody say me music in this movie))
Joel Pedros
Joel Pedros 7 hours ago
Joel Pedros
Joel Pedros 7 hours ago
Daniel Embree
Daniel Embree 18 hours ago
Homeless guy?
Christopher Pericht
Christopher Pericht 18 hours ago
Let's not forget in real life this guy is a nut case that hates America. Go trump
William G
William G 20 hours ago
A sign of things to come when the Democrats finally take over!
William G
William G 20 hours ago
Looks pretty depressing......
alex f
alex f 22 hours ago
omg i didn't even notice it was Jim Carrey when I watched this movie!
Llermo Rogers
Both are brilliant actors.
Sons of Atonement M.C
Karoline Pagan
My interpretation of the scene where the man shouts “I know nothing. I’m lost” ... Jim Carey comes to take away the knife in exchange for a snow globe ..... the knife represents ... grit ... determination...to survive..if u think you’re lost... you’re already dead. So he gives the snow globe to enjoy the view in his remaining days.... and takes the knife for himself because he is a fighter ☝️my opinion lol
BIG HEAD 2 days ago
They said hey Jim just continue living life like you do, we will just fake bake you in a few months, see you then!
BIG HEAD 2 days ago
Hahaha that's acting?!
mustafa aribi
mustafa aribi 2 days ago
Jim Carry is No. 1
Toua Vang
Toua Vang 2 days ago
What's it called?
Rick Wortman
Rick Wortman 2 days ago
Jim Carrey is a idiot, stay out of politics.
cristiano foster bill
What is the title of this film?
Walt Kowalski
Walt Kowalski 2 days ago
no thx he is commie and sjw's like almost all candians
Tait Rief
Tait Rief 3 days ago
Can’t wait to SEE
Evelyn Howard
Evelyn Howard 4 days ago
What does Jim write on the pic of the little girl?
Bryan Bowers
Bryan Bowers 5 days ago
Jim Carrey is a damn socialist! Thanks but no thanks!
Jimmy Hanger
Jimmy Hanger 5 days ago
Suprit Kumar Saha
Useless in this era!
rahmij 5 days ago
How many stupid "funny" faces does he pull?
Matthew Duffy
Matthew Duffy 5 days ago
Redom Khan
Redom Khan 6 days ago
Jim is my favorite actor
Eric Bell
Eric Bell 6 days ago
2:24 - i instrumental audio; specialized Q. to real ones who know.... TELL ME... this best/loop/whatever, DOESNT sound like a beat ALCHEMIST produces for 'Benny the Butcher'.... ?/10, accurate statement? Im wild wrong? ..... oooooooorrrrrrr wrong demographic to be asking the audience, though its currently the most popular genre on the planet earth.... This aint the place for real Hip-Hop convo...?
Immanismjr 4 days ago
Your writing looks like someone having a stroke. Damn please write in a way that people can understand. I think you were wondering what sample was used at 2:24 or something?
Russell Voeller
Russell Voeller 6 days ago
Love it
eddie C
eddie C 6 days ago
What's the movie name?
MaJ 7 days ago
All the hate coming from non political people that are now all the sudden very political 3 years ago. 🤣
JR North
JR North 7 days ago
This looks to be a very strange movie, and jim carrey's role is very different from the one we are used with.
Lamonte James
Lamonte James 7 days ago
What movie is this??
Tim Shipp
Tim Shipp 7 days ago
Thought the movie was weird, carry had a small part, but was ok.
Rokap 9 days ago
Dude where are you??
Jordan S
Jordan S 9 days ago
The movie is called The Bad Patch. It’s on Netflix and it’s very twisted. It’s about a young woman who is thrown into the desert and picked up by Cannibals and then escapes. Famous actors in this film, just very dark
Frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher 9 days ago
Remnants of the " Trump " era.!
Steve Mattos
Steve Mattos 10 days ago
This isn't the future we want, but it's the future we're earning.
Rajeev Pundir
Rajeev Pundir 10 days ago
What happened with boy ?
Gerry Roberts
Gerry Roberts 10 days ago
Gay movie
Tim Kocher
Tim Kocher 10 days ago
I tried watching this on Netflix but it was just really horrible.
garethegan22 11 days ago
Worleston back again
Amin Waziri
Amin Waziri 11 days ago
Movie name? Plz
Evan Fields
Evan Fields 12 days ago
This is a prequel to Aquaman called Desert Man.
E 12 days ago
I haven't seeing any hard acting Arts? E
V D 12 days ago
Fell on black days it seems....sick sick sick
Amrinder Singh
Amrinder Singh 14 days ago
what is meaning of this short film, pls tell. I dont understand it
Jon Hansen
Jon Hansen 13 days ago
Just a trailer.... meant to give ya a lil taste of what the movie is about, who's in it, etc etc.
Donna Chambers
Donna Chambers 14 days ago
All jim carrey needs is a straight jacket
vrea77 15 days ago
Snow globes makes everything better
thingies4U 15 days ago
I think credit is owed to the director, cinematographer, costuming and makeup departments. Carrey does very little here that many other actors couldn't pull off, other than NOT act like the raging doofus he usually portrays. It's a cool short.
Josh Grooms
Josh Grooms 16 days ago
Such an awful movie and I am a fan of B movies like this.
tyler elliott
tyler elliott 16 days ago
Badbatch for those looking for the film it's on Netflix
Matt Viel
Matt Viel 16 days ago
Was gonna say...what the F do we have to do to find out what the movie is called.
Gavin Hadley
Gavin Hadley 16 days ago
..uhh no
Graham Smith
Graham Smith 16 days ago
wow. So Jim Carrey has more than one string to his bow after all!!
StarScreamPrimus 13 days ago
Is that perchance meant to read: More than 1 Arrow in his Quiver" lol 😉😉😉😁😁😁
Eric Dryden
Eric Dryden 16 days ago
He is a Liberal Douche Bag.
Theo Bouwer
Theo Bouwer 17 days ago
Carrey is a nutcase🖕
Josue Perez
Josue Perez 17 days ago
What movie is this
koosmangat 17 days ago
wow thats deep.. the gift at the end was a gift from the same man who gave him the portrait of a girl who saved his life from the man at the beginning of a nonsensical ridiculous statement like this one!!!
DuNyAmEli_HD Azeri bass music canal
Film name ??
Boo Ya
Boo Ya 18 days ago
Ace Ventura is a homeless now.
Ingrid rodriguez
Ingrid rodriguez 18 days ago
I saw the movie, He did a good job.
عابر سبيل
عابر سبيل 18 days ago
Danny Ferguson
Danny Ferguson 18 days ago
1 of the most underrated actors ever
swerve s
swerve s 12 days ago
Said no one ever.
Maxat Idirisov
Maxat Idirisov 19 days ago
просто супер!
Robb Benson
Robb Benson 19 days ago
Jim Is PURE GOLD!!!!! Great Film!!!!
Dave Skylark
Dave Skylark 20 days ago
Omg..... Aquaman can draw?😱
Stephen Mark Harmon
🎶 i could sell a mill(ion) saying nothing on the track 🎶 🥺
Celia England
Celia England 22 days ago
not looking forward to his moronic acceptance speeches!
Chad Her
Chad Her 22 days ago
This is the new Matrix movie starring Jim Carrey.
blank blank
blank blank 22 days ago
So true but so much better
FunnyVideosShowPL 23 days ago
So.... what's the movie name? I literally can't find it.
Rex Gaming
Rex Gaming 23 days ago
jim carrey have boobs :P
Diverse VE
Diverse VE 23 days ago
I think down time... No idea what was this all about, surrly a down thumb down from this clip. Perhaps I am wrong? But fy this upsets me for not understanding it, so down thumb on and addition to my unliked clips, thanks for building it up.
S E 24 days ago
Looks like he is portraying in this short film his current mindset.
Dea Dropuljic'
Dea Dropuljic' 22 days ago
Lmfao!!!😂😂😂 💯% spot on!
Naouel Louglayal
Naouel Louglayal 24 days ago
Very good !!!
edwin agustian
edwin agustian 25 days ago
why is aquaman here ?
michael Hendrickson
I like Jim Carey, but watching this character, all I can think of is that he must smell really bad.
eracer1111 25 days ago
Screw that psycho leftist.
David Martinez
David Martinez 25 days ago
What movie is this
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas 25 days ago
Robert 6870
Robert 6870 25 days ago
Ughhh 5 mins I'll never get back ...bye bye ...no thanks
joseph edmunds
joseph edmunds 26 days ago
is this a real full movie with jim carrey
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