Jianbing: Classic Chinese Breakfast Recipe (煎饼果子)

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When it comes to Chinese breakfast, Jianbing (煎饼果子) is an absolute classic. It is somewhere between a pancake and an omelette. In this video, you can learn how to make Jianbing and I share my favorite tricks to make your life easier!
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🌯 Ingredients
For the Cuibing (脆饼):
Wonton wrappers, for deep frying
Batter (for 3 Jianbing pancakes):
150g all purpose flour
75g mung bean flour (NOT mung bean starch!)
a pinch of salt
350g water
10g neutral (canola) oil
Eggs. Use free range ❤️🥚🐔
For the sauce:
2 Tbsp Hoisin sauce
1 Tbsp Fermented bean paste (Doubanjiang, 豆瓣酱)
1 tsp Fermented Tofu (Doufuru, 豆腐乳)
1 tsp sugar
For garnish:
Chinese pickles (mustard stem)
cilantro, chopped
spring onions, chopped
Jianbing on the street videos uploaded by Tien Chau
Used under CC-BY

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Feb 15, 2018




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gurly girl
gurly girl 2 days ago
Lol great info&great attitude! Definitely subbed(: much love💖
BigDaddy Lee
BigDaddy Lee 16 days ago
Dude, you crack me up 🍎👍
FaerieDust 29 days ago
I had these years ago and they're seriously a perfect on the go food!! Looking forward to recreating them at home ❤️
Bella Month ago
Thank you for the wonderful recipes. Subscribed! 😁
绿豆面 can be easily made from mung beans. I gave a grinder that can make flour of all kinds of stuff. In Tianjin you more or less get 甜面酱, fresh leek with optional 豆腐乳酱. Maybe nowadays they put all kinds of stuff on it...
Demsale Month ago
I started watching your videos with the hand pulled noodles episode and wondered how your pronunciation was so good, explained in this video! But since you lived in Shanghai you should know you need to make xiaolongbao, right?
unknown sender
unknown sender Month ago
Dude, this is a chinese crepe. It's so damn similar to a crepe. It's not even funny. I wonder if you can make a mille crepe video for me dude?
Andrei Boiko
Andrei Boiko 2 months ago
Ну это не то что ты можешь купить на улице в Пекине. 6 юаней и такая вкуснятина.
Kalvin Wei
Kalvin Wei 2 months ago
Andong, buddy. I have to remind you that you forgot two other important ingredients: fried meat (sausage or bacon) and lettuce (typically a kind of rawly edible veg).
Luke H
Luke H 2 months ago
I ate this everyday in China too, I used to buy it from a lovely young couple who were extremely clean and modern in their cooking. They had a secret that I'll share with you, you can use plain tortilla chips (including Doritos) as your cuibing! That's what they did and it was amazing. Way more convenient than deep frying..
DeadFish Waltat
DeadFish Waltat 2 months ago
thanks for the tip it seems way easier now lmao
Yinghan Li
Yinghan Li 2 months ago
Chinese learning cooking skills from german
Marius Frank
Marius Frank 3 months ago
As always 😍 als ich in China gelebt habe war das auch mein all time favorite! 谢谢andong for the video 💕
Marius Frank
Marius Frank 3 months ago
Ach... Wie wäre es mal mit 小杨锅盔? Ist auch immer so ein toller Snack für zwischendurch
Chayew 3 months ago
Doufuru sounds like a Japanese guy saying Tofu in a over the edge thick accent
Mayuri Shrivastava
Mayuri Shrivastava 3 months ago
You should have far more subs dude plus love your energy
Tingwei Li
Tingwei Li 3 months ago
No wonder you can call all the native names of Chinese dishes. You.ve been in Shanghai haha . I’m based in SH and Berlin . Definitely following your channel
Kirtahl 3 months ago
I am not a real man as I have not had porkbun yet. I also have wanted to have jianbing for a long time.
Eeb Neeb
Eeb Neeb 3 months ago
So annoying go away
C Chen
C Chen 4 months ago
well done!!!
Felix Feng
Felix Feng 4 months ago
BubblewrapHighway 4 months ago
I don't like deep fake, I just like deep fry. 8 )
MusicFreakgirl666 4 months ago
What are you doing to me?! My Back Hurts (the reason why I did not cook today), it is 3:42 am, and I made the mistake to start one of your Playlists....Well...i am on my way to the Kitchen😂😂😂😂😂 thanks for the motivation 😂😊 (sorry for any spelling mistakes)
MusicFreakgirl666 4 months ago
@My Name Is Andong just some noodles with leek and garlicXD oh and salt, pepper, etc 😂 i always want to cook when I watch you.
Will S
Will S 4 months ago
Almost midnight and now ready for Jianbing 😫
わわわぐぐぐ 4 months ago
Ollie Gorman
Ollie Gorman 5 months ago
Jianbing are sooooo good! I try to have one here in Shanghai at least once a week 🇨🇳🍳
Lee impp
Lee impp 5 months ago
I really got to thank you Andong! This is the right way we could prepare Jianbing in Australia!
Augustine Liew
Augustine Liew 5 months ago
Your written recipe says mung bean flour not mung bean starch. I researched it. There is no difference.
kawaii madafakka
kawaii madafakka 5 months ago
I've been having that everyday in the last two months
Paul Totzke
Paul Totzke 5 months ago
Is this called 蛋餅 (dan bing) in taiwan?
Chang Liu
Chang Liu 4 months ago
They are different. He said at 0:15 that "there are so many different varieties of Chinese pancakes"... and dan bing is actually another kind of pancake. 煎饼 (jian bing) or 煎饼果子 (jian bing guo zi) was originated in Tianjin and popular in Northern provinces, but now it's widespread in all large cities in China.
Christian Ozoa
Christian Ozoa 5 months ago
I can relate this thing is addictive when I stayed in china ate this every day.
rowan orre
rowan orre 5 months ago
I am Desperate - what kind of oil do you use?
Ell Tee
Ell Tee 6 months ago
JIANBING LADY! She's everywhere! But wonton wrappers instead of fried 都皮? I don't know man... A nasty bit of chicken and some lettuce would also be classic.
TAA Chang
TAA Chang 6 months ago
please tell us what the original dough ingredients are as well, here in Amsterdam everything is available
TAA Chang
TAA Chang 6 months ago
@My Name Is Andong ty
Valentin Eisendle
Valentin Eisendle 6 months ago
That was an awesome recipe. Thanks so much und liebe Grüße
SadOnionSneeze 6 months ago
Do a video for 蛋烘糕👻
liang wei
liang wei 6 months ago
you can find the franch crepes maker for this. its much better thust me.
Bear CD
Bear CD 6 months ago
HK T 6 months ago
I want to try it toooooo
Clarence Shaw
Clarence Shaw 6 months ago
U can use potato chips to replace crackers
CJ 6 months ago
Susan Lu
Susan Lu 6 months ago
adding pork floss is awesome as well!!
Tony chan
Tony chan 6 months ago
薄脆可以用油条替代 哈哈
LISA W 6 months ago
Tony chan 国外没油条
wayne wang
wayne wang 6 months ago
Bro. 你太他妈牛逼啦!
Jean ou
Jean ou 6 months ago
老哥6得一批,这都会做。。 你比很多中国人厨艺好多了
Weijie Li
Weijie Li 6 months ago
I hate you , Andong. You make me hungry. 0:32 here in China. Starving in bed. Thank you . I will eat this tomorrow morning .😭
Tom Stoker
Tom Stoker 7 months ago
I will not watch a video by a fool who wears his hat backwards
Tom Stoker
Tom Stoker 6 months ago
To see stupid people like you
Tom Stoker
Tom Stoker 6 months ago
@Weijie Li it was a mistake
Weijie Li
Weijie Li 6 months ago
Why are you here......
Lucas Zoe
Lucas Zoe 7 months ago
My favourite jianbing place in Shanghai actually doesn't flip and leaves the egg on the inside. At the beginning I thought that's normal then I found out that it was one of the fewer places that did so, but I living, cleaner hands in the end hahaha
Armstrong Chan
Armstrong Chan 7 months ago
Just replace the deep fried wantaon wrap with potato chips, it will work or even better!
Luke Miller
Luke Miller 7 months ago
I got lucky finding mung bean flour at an Indian store. Maybe its a more common item in Indian cuisine, I couldn't find any at any of the 3 Asian markets in my town.
Seb K
Seb K 6 months ago
Buddy, sure it was mung bean flour and not chick pea?
Gabo Prado
Gabo Prado 7 months ago
Are you sure you aren’t chinese??
李荣 8 months ago
李荣 6 months ago
@Martin X Ma 是央视(也许是北京或天津台)一档介绍煎饼果子的节目里,里面的煎饼果子专家说的。。。。那人还说发明煎饼果子的是山东人,跑天津卖,普通话不标准,天津人把"将饼裹主油条"听成煎饼果子。。。。我电视节目看到的,信不信由你
Martin X Ma
Martin X Ma 6 months ago
李荣 煎饼果子是天津小吃,天津话油条叫“馃子”,天津煎饼分油条的和薄脆(果蓖)的,和普通话没关系
Tony Gilbert
Tony Gilbert 9 months ago
This was the most pornographic video I have seen on RUvid in a long time. Thanks!
Joe KUE 9 months ago
kinda Terex there with the hands buddy
Kim Li
Kim Li 9 months ago
great video!!!!!! love it love your tips
muzz engine
muzz engine 9 months ago
lol finally made that currywurst sausage, was nice af thanks! will try this recipe and the eggplant recipe next cheers awesome channel👌
Realize 9 months ago
i always watch those videos and think to myself: I'm never going to cook that :D
Zombag Gam-R
Zombag Gam-R 10 months ago
Just finished making some. Thanks for the instructions. All the flavors blended nicely. Simply delish
A-Team 10 months ago
Hammer :) ich war vor Jahren mit der schule in China und hab das dort sehr oft gegessen. Nachdem ich wieder Zuhause war hab ich es versucht nachzumachen aber es war nie so wie dort. Dein Rezept sieht Hammer aus :) ich habe morgens in China auch öfter ein Art pancake gegessen der sehr dünn war, der aber mit sehr viel Gemüse use. Gefüllt war. Weißt du wie der heißt?
A-Team 10 months ago
@My Name Is Andong Danke :) ich war in Shanghai, Peking, tonglou und noch in ein paar anderen Städten und Provinzen ich glaube in Hangzhou und suzhou falls ich das jetzt richtig schreibe haha
Zombag Gam-R
Zombag Gam-R 10 months ago
I'm having trouble finding the ingredients for the sauce. Is there a different name for fermented tofu and fermented bean paste?
Gchan86 10 months ago
The recipe is great but I used a crepe pan, with low sides, which I find more practical, when it comes to flipping the pancake 😊
Bing Bing
Bing Bing 10 months ago
I am from Tianjin, I like your video. Wish you could have the spin tool to make it!
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