Jhené Aiko - While We're Young (Official Video)

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Music video by Jhené Aiko performing “While We’re Young". (C) 2017 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. (ARTium Recordings)


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Jun 8, 2017




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Comments 100
Dahlia 2 hours ago
This is literally the most most most most beautiful song in the world..
M.P 3 days ago
Lol the video and the song dosnt add up but i love ittt!!
Jocelyn Kyran
Jocelyn Kyran 3 days ago
I have seen this before but for the life of me I cant put my finger on it
Nadia Alhadi
Nadia Alhadi 3 days ago
50 first dates😪
Antionette Medlin
I just realized this is based on the movie “50 first dates” 😫
Amarri's life
Amarri's life 4 days ago
awww this sad she got alzimers
Zion Boseman
Zion Boseman 4 days ago
Baby while we're young I think we should do something crazy Like say "Fuck everyone" And just run away from the daily routine Yeah you know what I mean I'm tellin' everybody you're mine and I like it And I really hope you don't mind, I can't fight it No, you know I cannot hide it 'cause I am so excited That I finally decided on you 'Cause it's been another perfect day with ya Wanna lay with ya Spend the night with ya Then spend my life with ya, alright Alright, alright Yeah you heard me right I'll go everywhere you go (I'll go everywhere you go) You know I'll go, I'll go Everywhere you go (I'll go everywhere you go) You know I'll go, I'll go Everywhere you go (I'll go everywhere you go You know I'll go, I'll go) Everywhere you go (I'll go everywhere you go) You know I'll go, I'll go Uh, baby while we're young we should just have fun We should just do whatever we want And tell everyone that we fell in love with each other Ooh that we found the one in one another I'm tellin' everybody you're mine and I like it (I like it) And I really hope you don't mind, I can't fight it (don't fight it) No, you know I cannot hide it 'cause I am so excited That I finally decided on you (oh yeah) 'Cause it's been another perfect day with ya (perfect day) Wanna lay with ya (wanna lay) Spend the night with ya Spend my life with you, alright (alright) You know I'm down to ride (you know I am down to ride, you know I am down to ride) I'm giving you my heart, please don't break it Take it and lock it up and put me in your pocket, love Alright, right by your side I'll go everywhere you go (I'll go everywhere you go) You know I'll go, I'll go Everywhere you go (I'll go everywhere you go) You know I'll go, I'll go Everywhere you go (I'll go everywhere you go) You know I'll go, you know I'll go, you know I'll go (I'll go everywhere you go, you know I'll go, I'll go, ooh) Baby while we're young We should rush and do something dumb We should, we should, we should We should just say "Fuck everyone" And walk hand in hand to the sun
Kr plays
Kr plays 4 days ago
50 first dates😔
Kr plays
Kr plays 4 days ago
Me and my ex watched that lmao
Intelligent Quoter
Wud u have done it fa ur love 🔥
Courtney Collins
Courtney Collins 5 days ago
Nice Song!!💜💚💙👏🏽🙌🏽🤗🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶💞❣️💞💞
Badre Mhiouah
Badre Mhiouah 6 days ago
SO she's sleeping with him the first day everyday??
neci danpat
neci danpat 6 days ago
Has anyone figured out this video is base off 50 first dates 🥺❤️
james collins
james collins 6 days ago
She is so beautiful and her music touches the soul ❤
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie 6 days ago
Fifty first dates
garikayi zhakata
garikayi zhakata 6 days ago
i'm thinking, this video might have been inspired by the movie '50 First Dates'
Cerrika Barclay
Cerrika Barclay 7 days ago
That is so sweet 😍
Ari Ari
Ari Ari 8 days ago
I love her so much, my inspiration in singing 🥰😍
Ralph Keeldar
Ralph Keeldar 8 days ago
Niceeee !
Timothy Warfield
Timothy Warfield 9 days ago
Moriah Waite
Moriah Waite 9 days ago
this is a movie :)
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 9 days ago
This song makes me emotional, Jhené is such a talented artist🥰🥰
Kay Hernandez
Kay Hernandez 9 days ago
Don't he got a job though 😅
Julia Dakkak
Julia Dakkak 9 days ago
tf this making me cry for
rudeboy panther
rudeboy panther 11 days ago
that was deep!!!...great job!!!🎶👍💞
endemiczz 11 days ago
i use to listen this song with my ex and now i listen to this and its not the same i just get flash backs of those amazing memories that will never fade...i miss her so much....that cheating shit is just not cool.....keep your heads up tho kings if u going through the same thing just remember that people come and go and their nothing u can do abt it cause its life but cherish those memories...
Xaishawn 12 days ago
Xaishawn 12 days ago
BEst 4:00mins of Ma life nahhh imNot cRying
zaniah sims
zaniah sims 12 days ago
L Meira
L Meira 12 days ago
It's a beautiful history of love ...
Sigh Mon
Sigh Mon 13 days ago
does anyone know what dress she's wearing?
Ciara Monet
Ciara Monet 13 days ago
Awwww 50 first dates tease🥺♥️
Karlos Eddu
Karlos Eddu 14 days ago
Oh it's like that movie with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, I love that!
Racheal Jones
Racheal Jones 14 days ago
I love this...Based on my favourite film too..😍🥰
Makayla unger
Makayla unger 15 days ago
Okay Adam Sandler lmfao
Golden Gamer
Golden Gamer 16 days ago
I wasn’t paying attention to the song I was paying attention to the video
Pom-Pom Bri
Pom-Pom Bri 16 days ago
Love the 50 Dates refernce
Mauricio Balderas
Mauricio Balderas 16 days ago
Jhene aiko is hella underrated
Polywalk production
Love the 50 first date remix #hawaii
Hello Martha
Hello Martha 17 days ago
They don’t have jobs?
Kirsten Stanback
Kirsten Stanback 17 days ago
You know you’re tired when you cry to a song you should be happy listening to. 🌺😞
Kirsten Stanback
Kirsten Stanback 17 days ago
Sitting here at 3AM arguing with a piece of shit and crying to this song.
Saradiyaable Mordanable
Such a well thought. Video
Myah Durham
Myah Durham 18 days ago
The end just made me smile so hard 3:41 like if you smiled to!
Fitz Williams
Fitz Williams 18 days ago
Love this song and video so much. I'd do this if i really care
Clarissa Angel
Clarissa Angel 18 days ago
I love how she chose 50 First Dates as a music video idea
Refilwe Mokoka
Refilwe Mokoka 20 days ago
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂"don't hit me so hard" Then the stick had me on my knees
enrico ramos
enrico ramos 20 days ago
Jhene and her magic stik always ready for combat lmao
Timothy Warfield
Timothy Warfield 20 days ago
OfficialProphet 21 day ago
Jhene is an angel
britnie wilson
britnie wilson 22 days ago
Damn I think every artist have San inspiration every artist should share there story I'm listening to baby girl owns right now....
Hill Traduções
Hill Traduções 22 days ago
Olá, somos um canal de tradução, traduzimos no canal músicas exclusivas/antigas de cantores novos/conhecidos e tá INCRÍVEL.. Quem puder passar no canal e quiser conferir, será muito legal ♥️
Michelle Morgan
Michelle Morgan 23 days ago
Great song. Video obviously inspired by 50 first dates movie .
Jade Leanne
Jade Leanne 23 days ago
Katlego Angelo
Katlego Angelo 23 days ago
❤️This is my favourite song ❤️
trish bunster
trish bunster 23 days ago
Absolutely beautiful
iLL Gates
iLL Gates 24 days ago
50 first dates!!!
BarbiiDxll 24 days ago
Do yk this music video is based off of a movie ?
sleepy asmr
sleepy asmr 24 days ago
i love thiss😭😭
Lul Sleepy
Lul Sleepy 25 days ago
my vato that i was watching a trailer to a movie lmao he said this would be a good movie period
1badassbasplayr 25 days ago
My favorite!
Karima Al-Hasani
Karima Al-Hasani 26 days ago
Love this. 50 First Dates was my favorite movie
KID 90
KID 90 26 days ago
🤷🏽‍♂️I'm sorry, I was going to leave from the first encounter... It's just too much of a burden to deal with.
Devon Adams
Devon Adams 27 days ago
Sapphire Dragon777
Sapphire Dragon777 27 days ago
I looovvvvveeee this song! I would love this song to be performed at my wedding performed by this beautiful angel! 😇
PARIS SUNSHINE 27 days ago
I love 💘 this 😍 ❤ ♥ 💓 💕
Tithanhobit 28 days ago
"God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do." Chris Pratt
Masemola Brilliant
Masemola Brilliant 29 days ago
Damn!! look at this music vid, am telling you there is someone very brilliant behind.
btg nick
btg nick 29 days ago
This song makes me cry and imma dude 😥 jhene you have a soothing voice keep up the good work
Andrew Vu
Andrew Vu Month ago
Some of y’all have never watched 50 first dates
laina david
laina david Month ago
This dude chasing her is so cute♨
Aaliyah Bailey
Aaliyah Bailey Month ago
This movie ♥️♥️
Melanie Case
Melanie Case Month ago
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Lea Alicia
Lea Alicia Month ago
😓 I like both movies
Lea Alicia
Lea Alicia Month ago
oh wait wrong movie , 50 first dates OOPS LOL
Lea Alicia
Lea Alicia Month ago
500 days of summer type of music video 😊❤️
Bennett Muasau
Bennett Muasau Month ago
50 First Dates havin ass 😂😂 LOVE LOVE!
Tiffany Bennett
Tiffany Bennett Month ago
I absolutely love this song 💕
Abdiaziz Noor
Abdiaziz Noor Month ago
My ex loved this song....2025
Rubie Manual
Rubie Manual Month ago
Wish I could do this with someone I like
Leajha Williamson
Does she actually have short term memory loss
Denise Clark
Denise Clark Month ago
I’ve never seen this video and it’s 2020
musiclova2112 Month ago
This song and “Clover Cage - On My Mind” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..
Quinn Royaltii
Quinn Royaltii Month ago
....but....the dress....everyday....must be her favorite...
Anthony & Pamela Dunn
Special 101💏song and video! 👊😇👩✌
starkid77 Month ago
Those must be some good a&& waffles though. She knows how to use that stick too. I hope love is strong enough to heal her memory. I'm really feeling this song and video 😊
maryama johnson
maryama johnson Month ago
Her and that damn stick 😂😂😂😂
Nick Casey
Nick Casey Month ago
Melanie Month ago
Jhené Aiko your speaking for me THANK YOU FOR ETERNAL LIFE 💔🦋
Dream MoreLife
Dream MoreLife Month ago
Mbali Kunene
Mbali Kunene Month ago
It just remind of 50 first dates movie
MISS KC Month ago
Her little ass 😍I love this song...
S Jennings
S Jennings Month ago
Login the video
NevaFold Records
Love this ladies vibe Awesome
Gigi Gonzalez
Gigi Gonzalez Month ago
I loved 50 first dates. This speaks to my heart
Sandi North
Sandi North Month ago
This song was sent to me by a Man, that says he Love Me, I absolutely love this song, it’s Beautiful 💯💯💯💯💛💛💛💛
Madison Rose
Madison Rose Month ago
Damn JHENÉ this is such a amazing song!!! My friend introduced me to you and told me how you like to use healing sounds in your music which is just amazing. I’ve been binge watching all your music and each one keeps leaving me with a feeling of being understood and heard in so many ways. Your a awesome amazing smart talented woman and the list goes on. I am so so so happy I found you cause truly your music is soothing and healing and I just cant get enough 😭😭😭💜💜💜💜 thank youuu for “ speak ” too cause ON EVERYTHING that truly is a song I’ve been needing to hear. 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Thy0dre __laylay
1:20 through 1:37😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lora Shagus
Lora Shagus Month ago
I'm 18 and I've never experienced a person with an essence like this and it's the only thing I truly and deeply crave. It's weird cuz when romantic interests ask me what I want, I don't really know what to tell them because while I'm young, I just wanna have fun and make memories without labelling anything, and none of them can comprehend the concept and thus nothing ends up working out. I want a youth that I can look back to and feel proud of but I just feel like it's slowly slipping away from my hands the harder I try to find this feeling I'm chasing. :/
Parker Doumanou moye
I love your music
Aja Lyn Morales
Aja Lyn Morales Month ago
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