Jhené Aiko - B.S. (Lyrics) ft. H.E.R.

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Jhené Aiko - B.S. (Lyrics) ft. H.E.R.
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This is a lyric video for "B.S." by Jhene Aiko ft. H.E.R.
Tags: #JheneAiko #BS #HER #PrivilegeRnB


Published on


Mar 5, 2020




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Comments 100
Privilege RnB
Privilege RnB 7 months ago
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Dre'Ona Robinson
Dre'Ona Robinson 10 hours ago
From laptop or TV or phone!!!!!
ashley watson
Rannetta PARKER
Rannetta PARKER 3 days ago
S@adrianna2288ñekfdsdfdddfdffefd gyyy txt us. Y at. Y. Tt y y. Y yy. Zillow to xbox ty xx xxxxxxxxxxxyy nuff yyyyyzyzy
Ro Stacks
Ro Stacks 4 days ago
holla bb Pietrangeli
Richnbeauty Me
How is it toxic saying Hell Yes to self respect self esteem and self love in lieu of b*llsh*t? Gimmie a break. You must be twelve without any life experience and clearly knowing NOTHING about loving a person more than you love yourself then FINALLY having the strength to break the CYCLE of abuse. Get your life and please try again.
Demetrius Wright
This song is fire, especially the beat🔥🔥🔥🔥
Timothy Davis
Timothy Davis 2 days ago
Just now recently hearing this song. This is straight 🔥 wow
kamiya richardson
My boyfriend literally cheated on me before I heard this song
Wendy Ayala
Wendy Ayala 4 days ago
I can fix my own CROWN....not ground
Showstopper 37
Showstopper 37 5 days ago
The fact ppl calling her music toxic but yet are still here listening and loving it... The toxic music is the ones who raps and sings about how to sit and spit on a men dick and ur/our kids sit and listen too... I rather listen to someone who's saying don't sit back in take shit from a man, and know your worth!!!!!
Ebony Dunston
Ebony Dunston 5 days ago
Go girl
holla bb Pietrangeli
I fukin love this song kill it galssss
xxclusive._Aj 8 days ago
I JUST SEEN YO NEW BITCH.. It.BoOsT mY sElF eStEeM👌🏽😜😘 period
Javier Aguado
Javier Aguado 8 days ago
gaming music
thisisnice95 9 days ago
I was trying to cry when I found this song but now I’m smiling. I forgot that I’m a bad bitch.
Kay Bervinn
Kay Bervinn 13 days ago
This is all the thotties favorite song
Paul samson
Paul samson 13 days ago
MNakiatdaesonzux e hz k oa.iaeesanclipte raintvajn
Life with Kk
Life with Kk 13 days ago
I can’t be the only one who find it so cute when she say “bitch” because of her soft singing voice 🤤🤧🥰
xxclusive._Aj 8 days ago
u not the only one lolll 😘👶🏽
Angel H
Angel H 14 days ago
This a bop
Diamond Smarr
Diamond Smarr 15 days ago
They SNAPPED!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Little Hoe
Little Hoe 15 days ago
I’m a transgender girl and I been in a relationship with a girl at age 14 but then she literally cheated on me with my fucking best friend
Ophelia Mcgruder
Ophelia Mcgruder 17 days ago
I showed this to my friend and she literally cheated and brole up with her boyfriend and i was laughing but i lnew i shouldn't have been
Aaliyah jass
Aaliyah jass 18 days ago
Anyone know the instrumental at the end of the song??
E B 19 days ago
Tell me why sent me this song then a wk or so after said she basically said she wanted to be free as a 🐦 bird and single . TX Blues 💔 this song gets a thumbs 👎😂😂 forreal
AkoniAldane 20 days ago
Some of yall ain't never had no real QUEEN cuz I ain't no bitch😌
AkoniAldane 20 days ago
I dont see how this song is toxic. What I'm getting is she done putting up with a no shit ass nigga who dont seem like he fuck with her so she doing her.
Exxxclusive Mgmt
Exxxclusive Mgmt 21 day ago
Oh my I'm right here I this place right this moment.😍
Kare Bear
Kare Bear 22 days ago
T Money
T Money 23 days ago
Hmmmm 🤩
NikkiJeanine 26 days ago
Never paid much mind to this but it hit extra hard especially when she say ..”Flexin on my ex in my Model X...” make me feel like hopping in that white on white on 22s... you curious now... just head on over to my page ;) lol
GLENDA Felix-Carr
GLENDA Felix-Carr 26 days ago
Smooth R & B for the new generation, I love it and I’m old school , we need more music like this and less twerk shit ! 😂 ✊🏽
His Wife
His Wife Month ago
Back up on my bullshit! Period.
Avori Peltier
Avori Peltier Month ago
Found out my ex of 5 years cheated on me with his best friends girlfriend and slept with a 40 year old lady he calls mom n sis 🤣
Avori Peltier
Avori Peltier 26 days ago
@Emahly Raymond idk lol but even his friends and family agree too 🤣
Emahly Raymond
Emahly Raymond Month ago
@Avori Peltier wth how does that even make any sense
Avori Peltier
Avori Peltier Month ago
@Emahly Raymond he said all of that was my fault 🤣
Emahly Raymond
Emahly Raymond Month ago
damn he belong to the streets frl
Alexia Cole
Alexia Cole Month ago
Sherry Sims
Sherry Sims Month ago
Glad I didn't except that nija engagement straight cheater
Meliah Grady
Meliah Grady Month ago
Who else thought she said "i can fix my own crown" which seems kinda better
Azure Nicole
Azure Nicole Month ago
@Meliah Grady ohhh lmaooo
Meliah Grady
Meliah Grady Month ago
@Azure Nicole she didnt but thats what it sounded like
Azure Nicole
Azure Nicole Month ago
she did?? idk ahha
TaeTM Month ago
i was in a good relationship well thats wat i thought my ex lied to me ABOUT EVERTHINGGG he had 3 accs cheating with 4 girls sexting with them he ran away and his mom wrote me and let me know about everything he is disgusting he texts grown woman and hes only 17,he said his name was victoor but its not his name is rob he lied to them also he told them his name was seth, but little did i know it wasnt i dont know how he or anybody can say that he love them but cheat its not ok u dont think about how much u hurt that one person he made me feel special but he was rude to his mom and his brothers he tells this one girl everything he knows where i live and where she lives i dont know if they had sex but its not ok...
S. Burks
S. Burks Month ago
Put him on my to-do list. Ayee I felt that ,😂
Renee Baker
Renee Baker Month ago
Definitely listened to this word for word at the right time 😌🤞🏽
M.M.L. Anthony
M.M.L. Anthony Month ago
Sounds like a song from eli sostre -bad advice
Lucinda Kelley Onverwacht
"I just seen your new bitch boost my self-esteem" 😆😆😆all the confidence
Chanel Charvis
Chanel Charvis Month ago
i sung this song to my ex who entertained me when he really wanted my ex best friend but it's cool because he is jealous of me and my new boo😝😂
Destiny Verniece
Latricia Vannorman
I love it this song got me in my feeling,😍🥰
Emory Malcom
Emory Malcom Month ago
you ade H.E.R RoCk
Emory Malcom
Emory Malcom Month ago
10k baddies
10k baddies Month ago
Theyyyluvvv _.S
Theyyyluvvv _.S Month ago
fucks with this song.
brittany turner
brittany turner Month ago
this my shit u find out everything once u listen to a certain song
ATaylor Productions
Dislikes from their exes haha
How is this toxic? She technically isn't in a relationship in this scenerio so she's exactly what she said. Back on her BS. How is that toxic if it ain't affecting anyone? All she doing is boosting herself up after getting out a trifling relationship. If he got in his feelings, it's because he thought she was gonna stay. ^-^
Honey Lush
Honey Lush Month ago
Just broke up with my boyfriend need this
Lisette Latini
Lisette Latini Month ago
Debi Robertson
Debi Robertson Month ago
Yea... Bitch!!! #everything🖤🅿
lorr._alyssa Month ago
mimi kk
mimi kk 2 months ago
if only i just listened to this after the break up
Nazma Mohamed
Nazma Mohamed 2 months ago
So love this song so bitchy
c mendez
c mendez 2 months ago
This whole song👌🏼 right on the dot. Done with all the bullshit.
trap bunni shy
trap bunni shy 2 months ago
Mammaaaaaaaassssssss goinnn offffffffffffff
Deki_ Ja Gaming
Deki_ Ja Gaming 2 months ago
Subscribe to my page TT🔥👌
Shanna Reyes
Shanna Reyes 2 months ago
*some of y’all ain’t never had no REAL BITCH and it shows* and that’s on periodddddddd 🤧🤧🤧
Tshombe Harris
Tshombe Harris 2 months ago
I love your song is so good my name is TJ and I made a comment yes here we go now play with that Safari now yeah
Tshombe Harris
Tshombe Harris 2 months ago
Yes that’s fine
Tshombe Harris
Tshombe Harris 2 months ago
Hey baby
Jess Lopez
Jess Lopez 2 months ago
Ohhh this my jam. Soo fits me & my life w his lame ass! Thx sis for showing me this song. Love me sum Jhene Aiko!😘💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
adam aldo
adam aldo 2 months ago
0:42 "it seem like I give so much and don't get nothing back" sigh... relatable
Justvibe Annaya
Justvibe Annaya 2 months ago
Mariya Mccollough
Mariya Mccollough 2 months ago
Touch down in my hometown, got nothing to lose I am on my own now, I am in control now I need you to go now, I can fix my own crown see spelling errors its crown not grond
Mariya Mccollough
Mariya Mccollough 2 months ago
they have spelling errors like ground is crown
Cynthia Aguilar
Cynthia Aguilar 2 months ago
this song makes me want to get a model x already to flex on them exes
Safia N
Safia N 2 months ago
This would be so good as a lyrical prank ngl 😂😂🤷‍♀️
Jasmine Fuller
Jasmine Fuller 2 months ago
It's a great song
Nuvie Nunez
Nuvie Nunez 2 months ago
BTSontheside _
BTSontheside _ 2 months ago
Lisa please do a cover to this🥺🙏
Lisa Shuster
Lisa Shuster 2 months ago
tekken 7
Ginger Spice
Ginger Spice 2 months ago
Yup back on my bs dudes be dumb an for everyone
Chloe Grace
Chloe Grace 2 months ago
Lmao found out he’s cheating and this Is the first thing I searched 🙄🤣
Lia Craig
Lia Craig 2 months ago
Is crown not ground and you didn’t put really
flexin noonbool
flexin noonbool 2 months ago
Listen to this on 1.25X YOUR WELCOMEEE😘‼️
Queenn Carliee
Queenn Carliee 2 months ago
Bruh so y’all I just found this song and why they have to go so hard !? 😍
Edina L.
Edina L. 3 months ago
Is it just me or she kinda looks like a sim
Beautiful Diva
Beautiful Diva 3 months ago
Just broke up with my man this on time I sent it to him 😂😂😂
Legend & Nazareth
Legend & Nazareth 3 months ago
Erin Mahoney
Erin Mahoney 3 months ago
I LOVE her voice. 😍😍
MZ pollyannaprissypants
My new beats. She is fn FIRE
Linda Thao
Linda Thao 3 months ago
Omg I love this song
Abdullah Ergun
Abdullah Ergun 3 months ago
sad songs
miss t
miss t 3 months ago
Definitely a hitta!! This my bish!!🥰🥰
Michael Locklear
Michael Locklear 3 months ago
This my song💯💯💯💯
julian lemle
julian lemle 3 months ago
Ahmond Sigler
Ahmond Sigler 3 months ago
This song go hard it’s fire and it’s a hit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
RS 3 months ago
me to the skeleton that killed me in minecraft: 1:14
Ari Sistance
Ari Sistance 3 months ago
Love H.E.R!!
R_ ESTRADA006 3 months ago
SAS 1 3 months ago
Yoooo, they go hard. H.E.R. said I just met your roommate. I'm going to put him on my to do list!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I needed this song 12 years ago. But over time I healed from that relationship and now I'm married and things are good.
Kmya Bradley
Kmya Bradley 3 months ago
does anyone know the name of the song at the end of the video
yayaaa .
yayaaa . 3 months ago
this song makes me wanna break up with the boyfriend i don’t have .
holla bb Pietrangeli
luvly7lil7lady Month ago
Lmao 😂 yaaasss
Only Emmy
Only Emmy Month ago
realshit lmaooo
Mariana Rodriguez
Mariana Rodriguez 2 months ago
I'm dead 😭😭😭🤣🤣💀💀💀
Msndndn Nennejdrj
Msndndn Nennejdrj 2 months ago
ren . 😭😭😂
brittaney b
brittaney b 3 months ago
Her songs ain’t toxic. It’s facts.
Z A 3 months ago
Some lyrics wrong
Cubana Reyna
Cubana Reyna 3 months ago
These niggas ain't shit... Where the loyal women at... #BackOnMyBS... #FlexOnMyEx... 💅
La Tianna Jackson
La Tianna Jackson 3 months ago
Bro some of these lyrics are wrong asf
Brialashay 3 months ago
lots of typos in the video but hey its got 9mil views so it doesnt matter. people come for the song anyway
Philippe Cirse
Philippe Cirse 3 months ago
Sometimes I feel so weird that when I read comments, I really want to know what some of them really are, have the chance to meet them in person and be able to chat when we talk about music, history and culture !
Philippe Cirse
Philippe Cirse 3 months ago
@steph curry Et fier de l'être !!
steph curry
steph curry 3 months ago
Snd Gonzales
Snd Gonzales 3 months ago
April 8 2016 forever loved and never forgotten but I’m done ✅ and I’m okay with myself enough
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