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It's Finished and it looks a beauty so we had to chuck a few Jet engines in for good measure.
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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 5 632
Ryan Bianchini
Ryan Bianchini 11 hours ago
Build an X-wing that has foldable wings, a Y-wing, and an A-wing. You could also build the Millenium Falcon next.
Hoof Hearted Ice Melted
You're a mad genius brother Colin, a mad genius : P
Jyrsä 22
Jyrsä 22 17 hours ago
Make a lightsaber!!!
Jyrsä 22
Jyrsä 22 17 hours ago
Give that for mark hamill
Jullien L
Jullien L 20 hours ago
hammer bob
hammer bob 21 hour ago
Today we make yet another death trap
LogixBTW Day ago
Kelly T
Kelly T Day ago
All that hard work..deserved to have a powerful Tesla drive train!
lil Dust pan
lil Dust pan 2 days ago
Make a life size , just like in the movie ATAT
silas heuer andersen
Chris hansen comes into your workshop and offers you 100.000 dollars for making a star wars landspeeder and you make it.
I think the driver seat was on the left in the original
The Occasional Snickerdoodle
This is jazza if he never got married
Piloten 006
Piloten 006 3 days ago
I hope you have these to disney
Kage Hasegawa 長谷川影
I want him to do the parazon from warframe :3
Jonny DIY
Jonny DIY 5 days ago
4:29 🤣👍🏻 the fake hand you use in close up shots ahaha 😁👏
RGBPlaza 5 days ago
Totally looks like a fellow trombonist my bros
Giulio Pisciotta
Giulio Pisciotta 5 days ago
You are a genius
Häls ning
Häls ning 6 days ago
Excuse me w h a t
Barry Mantz
Barry Mantz 6 days ago
Drive one of these things????? It should fly!!!!!!
EdBarMusicGames 6 days ago
Over ol the video My reaction: Ahahahahahahahahahahahaah
Adriano paz
Adriano paz 6 days ago
Adriano paz
Adriano paz 6 days ago
Tente por 4 da queles ventiladores debaixo do carro e fassa a ligação no volante meu nome é BRYAN obrigado por me escuta
Toonice45 6 days ago
Now put mirrors at the bottom.
mato paz
mato paz 6 days ago
Or make it drive on water
bueno lopez
bueno lopez 7 days ago
i like you
Melissa Harris
Melissa Harris 7 days ago
i wish i had this o plz
adrian george
adrian george 7 days ago
Put another engine up
Mr. Chuck
Mr. Chuck 7 days ago
yowmemperor 8 days ago
I want to hear from you neighbors Furze! 😅
Mehman S
Mehman S 8 days ago
Super 👍👍👍👍👍
dino player
dino player 8 days ago
Factory one Carr of my please!!!
Gabriel Velalcázar
Niu sub
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 8 days ago
That is Epic!!!
Hanzala guy
Hanzala guy 8 days ago
Why did he turn it on with a fake hand when he used it as a daily?
Black Su
Black Su 8 days ago
Viet nam
DB Cooper
DB Cooper 9 days ago
At least the Landspeeder is more impressive than the movie.
Jp Berges
Jp Berges 9 days ago
Ist wouldt make a perfekt hovercraft
Phúc Điền
Phúc Điền 9 days ago
Tôi thích anh chàng này
David Anderson
David Anderson 9 days ago
So frkn cool, put some led’s underneath
Daniel Thirkettle
Daniel Thirkettle 10 days ago
Can you vent some exhaust gases and turn it into a jet powered hover craft?
Toptech21 10 days ago
What is this guys obsession with jet engines
EL ENANO 10 days ago
You put the steering wheel on the wrong side
Atelier.si 10 days ago
Hal's from Malcolm in the Middle real real son
David Thornbury
David Thornbury 10 days ago
4:06 😂
Joajaime Marti
Joajaime Marti 10 days ago
Next up Funccional Death Star
Aka Love
Aka Love 10 days ago
Real mechanic don't buy BMW or Ferrari. Lol 😂
Global Imperial Union
Great build You did but please! make it hover next time ! 👍😆
MikeIncorvaya 10 days ago
May the Furze be with you🤣
j Walster
j Walster 11 days ago
dimitri motor
dimitri motor 11 days ago
cool ..I can also make a lot but may not or is not possible here we live with know it is also not always allowed by law
Сильвестр Мориконе
Это ж сын Илона Маска.
Nhan CaoDien
Nhan CaoDien 11 days ago
I want to see a more complete fly car
Joe O Sullivan
Joe O Sullivan 12 days ago
It would have been slightly more awesome if he was tricked out in Jedi gear while going to the shops.. And if it actually hovered.
Канал HARDI 13 days ago
HorizonZero9 13 days ago
What does he do with all his stuff🤔
Alex Antonaci
Alex Antonaci 13 days ago
George Lucas lo comprerebbe subito
Francesco A
Francesco A 13 days ago
This is really impressive (and hilarious ;P)
瑚白 13 days ago
個人でこんなクオリティの高いランドスピーダーを作るなんて凄すぎる!てか欲しい笑 しかも、とても実用性があっていいなぁ~ってマジで思う!
The Dude907
The Dude907 13 days ago
What's next,the Mean Machine from Wacky Race ?
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