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It's Finished and it looks a beauty so we had to chuck a few Jet engines in for good measure.
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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 100
Garit Jax
Garit Jax 19 hours ago
I would love to see you try and build the classic Eagle space ship from the TV show Space 1999. But it may be a bit to large to attempt... man i loved that ship.
laurent Setzer
Super !!!
River Hardman
River Hardman 3 days ago
Alternate title: Collin builds a car
Maricel Prou
Maricel Prou 5 days ago
What he made was so epicccccccc
Maricel Prou
Maricel Prou 5 days ago
I hope nobody steals your speeder because that speeder sticks out
Maricel Prou
Maricel Prou 5 days ago
That's very dangerous, because it looked as if the engine was gonna explode 🌋
Maricel Prou
Maricel Prou 5 days ago
It does look cool, but the speeder doesnt hover
mobile legerds Adventure türkiye
Beautiful girl
Capt Nemo
Capt Nemo 7 days ago
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo 9 days ago
2:52 my PS4 at 2:00 am
A Z 9 days ago
2:39 was there a little bit of Obiwan Kenobi here ?
Titan Noscoper
Titan Noscoper 12 days ago
Kurt Schawacker
Kurt Schawacker 14 days ago
Would've been a bit more impressive if this was designed around a modern hovercraft platform. It would've lloked slightly different with an air skirt around it, but mechanically, it'd also allow you to go a lot faster since you're no longer competing with ground friction. The trusters on the back would then become the main thrusters for the system and dramatically reduce weight as the effectiveness of EV's is limited to how much dead battery weight can be hauled without effecting performance. Elimitating this system entireley would allow the craft to experience far less performance decrease as it doesn't have the extra weight to carry anymore.
A Person
A Person 15 days ago
His kid like expressions and behavior make me feel happy that he’s happy
acronus 16 days ago
Rotary engine? It's half way to having the right sound......
Malcolmm Freak
Malcolmm Freak 16 days ago
If i loose my head I'd want to become Colin.
Alex Nolan
Alex Nolan 17 days ago
Instead of wheels maybe it could have been made as a ground effect vehicle.
Dan that man
Dan that man 18 days ago
Imagine if there was giant fans under it so it actually floats
Mike 07 gaming DK
Mike 07 gaming DK 18 days ago
that mmmmmmm is funny
Kingbrother 123
Kingbrother 123 19 days ago
Oh man I tough it was floating ;(
Yodha 20 days ago
May the force be with you
Jack Stafford
Jack Stafford 20 days ago
That horrible "music" really makes these videos hard to watch
King of Phantoms
King of Phantoms 21 day ago
5:00 How did you drive that on a public road? I'm sure it's not street legal
King of Phantoms
King of Phantoms 21 day ago
Oh, I should read the text on the screen before commenting
Jack Goodwin
Jack Goodwin 22 days ago
10/10 want one
Ellie Nibiru
Ellie Nibiru 23 days ago
and he’s still alive.amazing
Roberts George
Roberts George 23 days ago
the okeefes
the okeefes 24 days ago
You should team up with Mark Rober
Maxplaysbest 9000
Maxplaysbest 9000 24 days ago
That is cool
Arslan A.
Arslan A. 25 days ago
I mean he has all his limbs attached
Amatör Öğrenci
Amatör Öğrenci 26 days ago
Bu araçla sokakta gezmek, komik doğrusu
Gavin Heckrodt
Gavin Heckrodt 26 days ago
Make it jet powered
eri albar
eri albar 26 days ago
Now go Drivetru
Samuel Elie
Samuel Elie 26 days ago
i got so excited when i saw the jet engines
Dekuto Midozumaki
Dekuto Midozumaki 27 days ago
How about u turn its into a boat
Meier Marc
Meier Marc 27 days ago
Colin furze..mean colin fart in german..he rides jets lol nice build.
Qayniece Smith
Qayniece Smith 27 days ago
MatthewPlays_YT 28 days ago
Brent Doolin
Brent Doolin 28 days ago
Glad you didn't get a wild hair up your parts unmentionable and try to propel this with C Stoff, S or T Stoff
P- fog
P- fog 28 days ago
Police: [Pulls Colin over for speeding] "Papers sir" Colin: SCISSORS!! [Drives away in his jet-powered landspeeder from star wars]
RageDpxbro 08
RageDpxbro 08 28 days ago
Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans 29 days ago
And just like the real landspeeder engine caught on fire and burnt
Yeetus Deletus
Yeetus Deletus 29 days ago
His last words- “aren’t these things supposed to be jet powered?”
Jason Li
Jason Li Month ago
That is awesome
Mooseknockerz Month ago
I was about to say... Jet pow... Oh. Should have been a pulse jet Colin.
Zachary Cepulis
Zachary Cepulis Month ago
i can imagine just goin to work every day in a sexy jet powered go cart
Tom Cumming
Tom Cumming Month ago
Your steering wheel's on the wrong side btw. :)
basil fawlty
basil fawlty Month ago
Such a man-child :D
SplattyJ Month ago
It’s cool but it’s it, road legal
Ben4TheWin Month ago
Did one of the jets blow
ben penrod
ben penrod Month ago
All it needs is jet engines
Limes Month ago
yo you can buy a jet engene on Ebay holy shiz sign me up @colinfurze
Jr Blake
Jr Blake Month ago
Well Done Furzie!!
Mr. taxpayer
Mr. taxpayer Month ago
you must be swimming in money to afford to do all these Star Wars projects. and.......you need to wear safety glasses while fabricating these projects. Just sayin
Ashley Tuavao
Ashley Tuavao Month ago
That’s awesome dude!
Ren Month ago
This channel has the best music choices by far.
Jett De Livera
Jett De Livera Month ago
You should make Anakin's Jedi Interceptor from Episode 3
colin did you buy the jet from ebay ?
The Next Houdini
all his neighbors must be like 'wtf is colin doing now'
Matthew Moe
Matthew Moe Month ago
You just ask for a spaceship and he will build it
Declan Johnson
Declan Johnson Month ago
Get it registered
Himalay Pandya
Himalay Pandya Month ago
Can this swim
steve johnson
steve johnson Month ago
Be better if u got the SoapGirls in it, playin their music.
David Sierowski
David Sierowski Month ago
i bet people would pay good money, if they where to make a movie, with something like this.
Ryan Wolschlager
Wait did you make it to toshes station
Ali Gaming
Ali Gaming Month ago
Where can I buy this
el Frix
el Frix Month ago
LOL his neighbors gotta love him and his projects
Awesome Apricot
Awesome Apricot Month ago
Now that’s what I call pod racing
Kellen Conradin
Kellen Conradin Month ago
Why did he put a fake hand when he turned it on
Scrapman50 Month ago
4:00 No.. No Wheels at all! Funny how this exact same thing happened durring the filming of the Movie!
Karl Sanderson
Karl Sanderson Month ago
If you can't do it colin furze can
bruh moment
bruh moment Month ago
Omg is cool
Edward John Knish III
Top speed after the jet mods?
Aaron Peterson
Aaron Peterson Month ago
How could anyone dislike such an epic video
1-800-hEaVeN Month ago
4:42 for a second I thought it was his hand and I was like 0.0
U9REAL fortmaster
That looks like the boot in fortnite 🤣🤣
a b
a b Month ago
Literally the best thing TROS gave to the world
Sapumal Maduhara
put some wings and you are ready to fly xD
chigglywiggly Month ago
I feel sorry for his neighbours 😉
We need this street legal
jimmi henry
jimmi henry Month ago
Opps is the scale a victom of costs or wentt the mm inch thing tits up?
Benjamin Zeravich
i have that lego star wars set
Liam Morris
Liam Morris Month ago
where u get all the parts???
Planes 2608
Planes 2608 Month ago
If Colin joins the military I will be happy bcs Military: please make a tank Colin: ok and I’ll make it fry bacon and cha... Military: only a tank please coli... Colin a few days later: look I made your tank and the exhaust has enough power to fry bacon and eggs! Also the thrust from the shell will charge your phone!
PowerOf One
PowerOf One Month ago
dude that windscreen is a widow maker.... put a racing seatbelt on.
Sean Holland
Sean Holland Month ago
He needs to become a scientist
Bro GS - Gaming
Bro GS - Gaming Month ago
You can give me 1 subscribed
程韬 Month ago
wow!that ‘s so cool!
robert stirling
robert stirling Month ago
Jet powered hovercraft?
time timer
time timer Month ago
You can made flying car!
DOU_Original Month ago
5:57 Explain why this man only censored this kid’s face (except every adults)
Moses Daniel Abidnego
Kids privacy maybe?
Commander Jesse
Commander Jesse Month ago
5 years later we made a Death Star!
elthe3rd Month ago
How much you want for that car??
Toby Groovytunes
The Dead Memer
The Dead Memer Month ago
imagine if he built a full scale millennium falcon
Asif Mahin
Asif Mahin Month ago
What's his age ?
DHC Boyce
DHC Boyce Month ago
All great but pitty the movie was a flop
Antonio Suklovski
Episode 500 flying the jet to the moon 🌒
Stephen carter
Stephen carter Month ago
What about making it a hover craft?
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