JET ENGINE CANOE! (World's Fastest!)

the Hacksmith
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We put two jet engines on the back of our canoe. Then we took it out for a rip der bud.
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0:00 Teaser
0:25 Intro
1:00 You need two things
1:25 Build time!
3:47 Learn How To Make DIY Projects!
5:07 Mounting jets
6:36 Test fire!
7:12 First test on water
8:26 Building the keels
11:15 Canadian Pride
11:33 The final test
13:40 Outro
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Jul 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 14 minutes ago
F Canada. This build is stupid
Arun Mali
Arun Mali 2 hours ago
Ross Gosenberg
Ross Gosenberg 7 hours ago
The keel on the american's had on their winning boat ,not sure what year ,but it worked like a hydro foil , probably keep that nose down
Ayley Leynes
Ayley Leynes 13 hours ago
You should race that with Long Tailed 2JZ Turbo boats at Thailand
OptikGhosts 20 hours ago
Jet powered hydrofoil?
Jennifer Ezell
you guy should gather a lot of people and have a battle with all the weapons you have
Dazer slazer :D
I’ve been watching hack smith for 4 years
Error Creator
13:17 Now mount 1 jet engine on a remote controled turret base in the rear storage hole of the Cayak :)
TIME OUT 2 days ago
Let’s agree it is a boat
alex 2 days ago
Looks great hey
Gaming For Fun
Gaming For Fun 2 days ago
Imagine just sitting in your canoe relaxing and this thing came by
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 2 days ago
Isn't it a fin?
anom794939393 2 days ago
Hydrofoil would have been a badass upgrade for this and totally changed the way it functioned
Rea Kirk
Rea Kirk 3 days ago
Is this the reason you haven't continued the Spy Car? Because people keep using the jets for projects like this?
Sean Vickery
Sean Vickery 3 days ago
I'm just dying laughing cause the flag is on a hockey stick!
Cup Topia
Cup Topia 3 days ago
Make a hydro foil boat
Bigardio 3 days ago
"To build a jet canoe, We'll need two things, A jet, And a canoe". HOW DID YOU FIGUE THAT OUT!?
paul cini
paul cini 3 days ago
this is some hack job geto shit .. .pathetic
Elijah James Perez
This can actually fly an ultra light plane
Virginia Leonard
Virginia Leonard 4 days ago
Put someone fat in the front.
RIKOARIshowreel 4 days ago
Cow aerodynamics : funny Keels failing 11:51 : funniest 🤣
Will Jackson
Will Jackson 4 days ago
I just realized the first guy kind of looked like Spangler from ghostbusters
Nick Phelan
Nick Phelan 5 days ago
Nataliya Gordeyev
Make a boat with jets
Igor Stranenski
Igor Stranenski 5 days ago
Move the CG forward ,put the pontoon dohicky on the bow to keep from driving the nose under by accident.
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 6 days ago
As far as ideas I was thinking what about making a canoe into a jet boat, impeller and all
Future Thamizha Gaming
That boat is Flying
ron baer
ron baer 7 days ago
now take it to Thailand and race it
derick poteet
derick poteet 7 days ago
Duude, slap one of those bad bois on a paddle board and full send that shit 😂
Foton 824
Foton 824 7 days ago
таке ото. фізику потрібно не тільки вивчати але й практикувати бо теорія від практики дуже відрізняеться.
Junior Milliard
Junior Milliard 7 days ago
make it better u can do it comon easy fit sit more infront make the steering handle longer so u can sit infront and have more front wait keeping it flatter
Keenan Powers
Keenan Powers 7 days ago
Great idea, I'd pilot that baby any day. And btw the word you were looking for is a keel it's a rudder. A keel is the base of a boat/ship to keep the weight low. Even old wooden ships often had lead or metal keels located at the very lowest part of the vessel. Helps with rocking and from tipping over. No complaints here, just wanted to inform you like your videos inform me and keep me interested while learning
Wisdom SP
Wisdom SP 8 days ago
All you have to do is move the seat forward so that you can get it up on a plane. You will probably need a keel to keep it tracking straight and a rudder would help you turn. Check out the keels on other flat bottom boats. They are not very big, sometimes just a thin strip of wood down the center line.
shawn huis
shawn huis 8 days ago
Didnt look like 50 KM/H speed to me !
Theres a vid on here a guy put a 5.9 cummins on one of these shits crazy
Michael Heider
Michael Heider 8 days ago
I love stupid ideas. How about moving your weight forward.
Unit 8 days ago
Just sit further forward, put a plastic pipe on the handle so you lengthen it and keep throttle control. You even said it, its back heavy so shift the weight geniuses
Abdullah Rashid
Abdullah Rashid 9 days ago
Build the master sword from breath of the wild
Wolfdoggo 9 days ago
You should turn into a hydrofoil
Geodrein !
Geodrein ! 9 days ago
how fast were they
your daddy
your daddy 9 days ago
Dallton Blain
Dallton Blain 10 days ago
Pelican kayak next?
Clapafox Fn
Clapafox Fn 10 days ago
Lol it’s not the fastest
SixStar 206
SixStar 206 11 days ago
Combine those jets with a water jet drive on a kayak. Like a 600+hp kayak.
Kevin Crossland
Kevin Crossland 11 days ago
That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen!
FBI 11 days ago
funny how its not even fast
Kurt Broerman
Kurt Broerman 11 days ago
He called the hydrodynamics water dynamics lol.
Lavenderfrog520 Or lav
Them: jet canoe Me : rocket boat
Corey Gosnell
Corey Gosnell 11 days ago
Make some hydrofoils for the rear of the canoe not to big so hen the rear sinks and gains speed it will lift it up
anjo fortich
anjo fortich 11 days ago
They should try putting turbo diesel engines in that canoe, you know like the ones in Thailand.
Pavan Nandan
Pavan Nandan 11 days ago
Can you make a Iron Man hip pod
Miles Moskowitz
Miles Moskowitz 12 days ago
Should’ve gone water skiing with it
Theo 12 days ago
Leave the camera guy in the front if the canoe for ballast.
Marcel Poisot
Marcel Poisot 12 days ago
Try making a hydrofoil! Someone will need to brush up in their water- I mean hydrodynamics.
A P 12 days ago
Country: Discovers oil America: 12:13
Zanderrman 13 days ago
K...... That thumbnail.... THAT TITLE, HOW COULD I NOT WATCH THIS !?! LOL
oiuslags 13 days ago
Get fellow Canadian Adam van kovanan (spelling ) use him and that jet on and a racing kayak get the trim right and it will go many times faster
David Kearns
David Kearns 13 days ago
"You steer, I'll push" -Rocketeer that said a sack or two of sand in the front probably would have kept it down better. Or proper outriggers amidships and mount the engines on the outriggers. Might need a conventional rudder to steer then. Craziest idea would be, can those things be converted to turboshafts? Turboshaft driven pumpjets...
Daniel Mattos
Daniel Mattos 13 days ago
Very cool but the people in the comments are right if you just moved forward the thrust would be a lot more horizontal and you wouldn't lose as much thrust.
Paul Gingras
Paul Gingras 13 days ago
You're losing too much forward momentum by riding bow high and creating such a massive bow wake. Ballast the boat forward to drop the bow, and lose the wake. Also, it would be safer. Currently, if you should turn too quickly or wind gets beneath a high bow, it could potentially flip the canoe.
Draksis Draconis
Draksis Draconis 13 days ago
Make a Submarine??
CaptainRon1913 14 days ago
could have just ordered a couple surfboard keels
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle 14 days ago
fill three ; five ( US ) gallon bottles with water and lay them up front of the canoe one in front of the other for trim ballast . You may find 80 pounds ballast is plenty to trim it up ? Your steering will certainly become lively . Moving controls more forward could help a lot , except your directional sense would become less acute and steering would show it . It looks brilliant on the move, like a crazy indian from mythology getting after some settlers or fetching some crucial item upriver ? Him called crazydug Out
eranlando 14 days ago
Jet hydrofoil!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bartu Aday
Bartu Aday 15 days ago
Let me gues... America
Goose Gaming
Goose Gaming 15 days ago
So... a jet boat?
William Garvey
William Garvey 15 days ago
I really hope someone thought of a hydrofoil.
Ronnie Lawson
Ronnie Lawson 15 days ago
Be meet to make a hyperglidecattached to the boat
Pat Booth
Pat Booth 15 days ago
I get 3D printing is the in thing but holy fuck you could have knocked that fin out in about an hour using actual tools and wood lol
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 14 days ago
Less effort to print lol
Ayden Cantu
Ayden Cantu 15 days ago
U should mount it on a kayak
Les Hemmings
Les Hemmings 15 days ago
You needed to be sat in the nose to keep the canoe up on the plane. Once you get the weight distribution right then if you fit hydroplanes these would lift the whole shebang up and out of the water. Use a dihedral on the hydroplanes for stability. Low drag, more stable & less strain on the hull means lots more speed!
Andrew Beresford
Andrew Beresford 15 days ago
Yall should make a hydrofoil canoe
Roberto Black
Roberto Black 15 days ago
It's amazing.
Tijn Israel
Tijn Israel 15 days ago
More water projects
R3D_ B4RON 16 days ago
So... a motor boat?
webejamn2 16 days ago
A commercial every TWO minutes!
Sayantan Dey
Sayantan Dey 16 days ago
More water project we need more water projects
Lily Lupin
Lily Lupin 16 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks that he should make Sheila from Apex Legends? (If you don’t know, Sheila is Rampart’s ultimate ability that’s a turret)
Danial Atta-singh
Danial Atta-singh 16 days ago
Wouldnt u move foward to where tha nose isnt so high? Id even have it so ur jets also pivit up or down aswell giving u type of trimabilty action. Seem 1/3 of y'all brain knocked off before tha job was done.
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 16 days ago
If it planed it would be unstable and we'd crash and bust $10k worth of engines.
Dougal Tolan
Dougal Tolan 16 days ago
You had it at 8:37 "it was very back heavy" 2 ways to solve this: 1 point the engines down (just be sure you dont melt the back of the canoe. 2 (the most obvious) move the CoG forward. Make remote controls for the engines so the pilot can move forwards. Also, if you had increased thrust the canoe would not have reared up further, instead it would have properly got up on the plane, leveled out and caused a brown stain in your pants. It would only require a small skeg (look it up) the give directional stability and a rudder would facilitate much better steering than thrust vectoring.
Syed Nausherwan
Syed Nausherwan 16 days ago
I love how they used a hockey stick for the flagpole🤣😂😂😆
Skysailor Cloud
Skysailor Cloud 16 days ago
Wow, this is great
Scott Snyder
Scott Snyder 16 days ago
high power mini jet boat
Megidramon 16 days ago
Crazy idea. The canoe is basically a long ass lever at this point, with all of the weight on the back to force everything down into the water. See as how fuel is heavy as hell, and levers work on distance being better than force, couldn't you try to balance the canoe by putting another, larger fuel tank up in the front of the canoe, thus leading to a higher speed output, as the canoe wouldn't be crashing against the water as it traveled, but slicing though it, like a canoe is intended to do?
Dyllan Shaw
Dyllan Shaw 16 days ago
It's too bad you didn't make a pivot forward and back because your angle of thrust is pushing the rear of the canoe down, the more thrust you have if you pivoted the engines more backwards you would lift the rear out of the water more and make hydroplaning easier. Of course I think you'd need to make a heat shield for the rear of the canoe just incase
Novi S
Novi S 16 days ago
Sachlang Jamatia
Sachlang Jamatia 16 days ago
Is it a jet? Is it a canoe? No, its jenoe!
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 16 days ago
You should use the jets to turn a driveshaft that would turn water jet drives.
John Smith
John Smith 17 days ago
I see the problem, you needed a goalies stick for the flag. Greetings from a Penguins fan to our friends up North :)
LivinLarge Nas
LivinLarge Nas 17 days ago
Should’ve gave it a sick paint job
Robert Scheimann
Robert Scheimann 17 days ago
So why not try out the outriggers instead of just ripping them off. Seems like a wast.
Robert Scheimann
Robert Scheimann 16 days ago
the Hacksmith Oh, Ok , so you tried them but didn’t film it.
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 16 days ago
They didn't work
Jonathan Bocanegra
Jonathan Bocanegra 17 days ago
The dial up tone was too much 😂😂😂
Jeff Boyack
Jeff Boyack 17 days ago
Rojo Jaerold Chyle
Rojo Jaerold Chyle 17 days ago
Check out the thailands drag racing boats.. there some truck engines/diesel engine and race car engines 😂
paddlesaddlelad ,
paddlesaddlelad , 17 days ago
thing is disappointingly fast, like it should be faster despite it being already fast
Ty Leo
Ty Leo 17 days ago
Anyone reading this search diesel engine powered canoe... That is the fastest canoe, pretty sure it's in somewhere like Indonesia or the Philippines going back in time down a river.
xイ丂ㄩ爪ノ 18 days ago
put those wake things at the front and put some weight plates on it for front downforce
xXPROGAMER Xx 18 days ago
How do you guys even make money?
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 18 days ago
We don't
Finn Lankenau
Finn Lankenau 18 days ago
You should sit a bit more in the front to pitch up the thrust!
Benjamin Calmerman
Benjamin Calmerman 18 days ago
Build a trebuchet on a raft
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