Jessie J - Domino (Official Video)

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Music video by Jessie J performing Domino. © 2011 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Dec 26, 2011




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Mert 2 hours ago
Mert 2 hours ago
KATY PERRY is the only female artist with 6 videos more than 1B wiews. SHE IS THE QUEEN OF POP MUSIC. She alsohas biggest female Twitter account. 🍒🍭🌻👁🤡🟩🍒🍭🌻👁🤡
xBossDagzx DzX
xBossDagzx DzX 6 hours ago
this is a perfect vibes for me everyday I play I can't stop my self to dance like a crazy, and thinking just have fun❤️ Eunice ❤️
JAJAN STORY 8 hours ago
playing poker game with play this song.. and always winner
Brother Thomas Novel
I'm having a deep depression and it makes me want to commit suicide but I can't. It's so lonely and I don't know where this comes from and having difficulty to sleep. In just one notice comes from you then I'll be fine. Thank you for inspiring so many people. My religion MCGI at least save my life that's why I'm still alive .......
Brother Thomas Novel
I'm having a deep depression and it makes me want to commit suicide but I can't. It's so lonely and I don't know where this comes from and having difficulty to sleep. In just one notice comes from you then I'll be fine. Thank you for inspiring so many people. My religion MCGI at least save my life that's why I'm still alive .......
Grae Hall
Grae Hall 8 hours ago
Straight. Up. Banger.
allergic to bullshit
I love you Jessica.
Cicillia Wongsokenongo
If you see this on 2025 you're a legend, sorry just preparing for the future
derek452 19 hours ago
I finally figured out why we not at 1B views. Idiots searched for the wrong name.
Whatchamacallit Lovva
She's kinda cute tho
Kostas Milo
Kostas Milo Day ago
Sorry for anyone that gets hurt by this comment but Jessie J is way better than Katy Perry....in every way
Yvonne Young
Yvonne Young Day ago
Song loves
Raf S un
Raf S un Day ago
Who is here in December 2020 ???
sofia Day ago
So she's the one who started that hair dye trend huh
Janzi Bunz
Janzi Bunz 2 days ago
I was today years old when I realized this was by Jessie. Not Katy Perry. Wot? WOT?!
Temotio Narciso
Temotio Narciso 2 days ago
This song had shown Jessie J vocal prowess.She can pull off different songs in different genre.She is indeed a great singer.
Da'Shaunn TV
Da'Shaunn TV 2 days ago
Underrated Indeed
Jona Sturm
Jona Sturm 3 days ago
Did anyone count how many colours of her hair were? I couldn't count them all.
Taslim :D
Taslim :D 3 days ago
I’m just reflecting on when things where better. Don’t mind me 😂
Just Bbb
Just Bbb 3 days ago
I had a dream I wrote a story about why mom is sooooo beautiful .....then all of the world danced to the beat of my drum like some line of ants up and in to my ant farm....then I woke up and it was sooooo lucid of a dream I could have swore the entire thing was real....../scratches head...../in confusion.....do you know what this drea m may mean????say who?
s hoebert
s hoebert 3 days ago
0.18 🤯☝️☝️😷😷🤯🤯🤯🤯
Angel Mae
Angel Mae 3 days ago
2020 anyone???
gonztok 3 days ago
I thought Katy Perry sang this hahaha
Captain Barbossa
Captain Barbossa 4 days ago
What country are you guys from? Let's see how international Jessie J is. I'll start off with my country 🇬🇧
Fire Cayanong
Fire Cayanong 2 days ago
Philippines 🇵🇭
Evangeline Tocao
Evangeline Tocao 4 days ago
I was still 3 when this was realeased but i can still remember my little self dancing to this iconic song💖
Samra Hadzimuharemovic
...Rock my world until the sunlight Make this dream the best I've ever known😍😍❤❤
bakugou titties
bakugou titties 5 days ago
idk man, gives me bruno bucciarati vibez
RICARDO 5 days ago
Damn not a single domino in the video lol
lion king
lion king 5 days ago
Pia worseback
Disneyworld4 5 days ago
I thought this song was sang by Katy perry XD
Oscar Clarke
Oscar Clarke 6 days ago
Man, I forgot how good this song is
Agustin Gonzalez
Agustin Gonzalez 6 days ago
First cut is the deepest!!!
demian everloth
demian everloth 6 days ago
this is beautifful
Datdat Hikilan
Datdat Hikilan 6 days ago
8yrs ago
Jana Fierens
Jana Fierens 7 days ago
My teenage song, back in the days!
Elif Darıcalı
Elif Darıcalı 7 days ago
She has a powerfull voice
Erica Rapisarda
Erica Rapisarda 7 days ago
love Jessie mi iss lov
Naomi Silva
Naomi Silva 7 days ago
Came here from Just Dance 2020 😁
Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl
Who is listening 2020.11.25 Mongolia
Yury Kopryantsev
Yury Kopryantsev 7 days ago
Mohamad Zulqarnain Dahari
8 years later and above, if u're watching this u're legend
Sam Lashgari
Sam Lashgari 8 days ago
the melody is so f*cking nostalgic
Raphael 5 days ago
Yes and you're right especially 2:00
Sam Lashgari
Sam Lashgari 8 days ago
chi especially this moment 2:00
Neville Peters
Neville Peters 9 days ago
alextzatzanis1 9 days ago
Such a bop man
alextzatzanis1 9 days ago
Nostalgic and underrated honestly
Felicia Cassadey
Felicia Cassadey 9 days ago
I like stand to this song in the car everytime
The Sounds of Chicago Knight
9 Years Later I’m Still Up Singing Like The First Time It Debut Man She Does Resembles Katy Perry A lot The Voice But I Believe In My Heart and Soul She Can Be The Only One Who Can Pay Actual Tribute Katy And Do An Astounding Job 🥶🥶🥶🥵🥶🥶🥵🥶🥶🥵
Wai Htet
Wai Htet 9 days ago
same here.
Kernel Jose
Kernel Jose 10 days ago
This song and Jessie j is are prettie
Safar Junaid
Safar Junaid 10 days ago
Back in the day, this song was it. After almost 8 years... It still is. #TakeMeDown
Princess Julia Esperida
This was the first song I got for my iRiver m3 player 👀 I feel so old now
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ax k
ax k 11 days ago
videos were high definition back in the day.
LOL 11 days ago
Cxrnotaurus - RBLX
Cxrnotaurus - RBLX 11 days ago
mega song this seems like a song made in 2020 just watching some ninjago vids of lloyd and akita and stuff then came across this song in a video!this song is just reminding me of my future because this song is GODLY
Angel Castillo
Angel Castillo 11 days ago
On my wedding day I'm going to play this music lol 😂
LetMeTasteYa ya
LetMeTasteYa ya 3 days ago
Regil Linga
Regil Linga 11 days ago
It's been 8 years and this song is still iconic ✨
Andi P
Andi P 11 days ago
Listening in November Corona Time!! :,( where have the years gone
Cauã Santos
Cauã Santos 12 days ago
Meu Deus essa música é a cara da Katy
maria 12 days ago
aaaaaaaaaah i love this song since i was 10
Hin K
Hin K 12 days ago
the background looks like I'm on acid lmao
Cleo Fausto
Cleo Fausto 12 days ago
Mah childhood Song is finally found and its back
Tyler Hays
Tyler Hays 12 days ago
1:05 when I am about to have an explosion
vanala 12 days ago
Did her and Rihanna have the same director? Because this is similar to Rude Boy😳
Peter LaCombe
Peter LaCombe 12 days ago
You Go Girl !!!
Chairynot Cherry
Chairynot Cherry 12 days ago
2020 where are you
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz 13 days ago
Where did she get that blinged hat? I want one
nhatphu thuyhong
nhatphu thuyhong 13 days ago
tenaciousd tovelo crossfire
Tobias Vilain Newman
This is a great song, even though the lyrics are complete nonsense.
Tobias Vilain Newman
@Clutter ah.
Clutter 11 days ago
The lyrics make sense, they just aren't extremely meaningful
Janaka Chouchara
Janaka Chouchara 13 days ago
Je n aime pas☹☹☹
yoUr miSsie_
yoUr miSsie_ 13 days ago
I felt so greatly nostalgic 'D
Coleen Bedia
Coleen Bedia 13 days ago
She's so talented ! Yass Queen
수빈 13 days ago
6년만에 이노래 찾아냈다 하ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Paulo T. Dela Cruz
Paulo T. Dela Cruz 13 days ago
She sounds like katy perry
Jacob Hufano
Jacob Hufano 13 days ago
Why iam i thinking of dominos pizza......
Weirdo Introvert 2: The Awkward Edition
People do their hair like that now all the time... was she part of the inspiration for that.
john carlo orioque
john carlo orioque 14 days ago
whos watching this in nov2020
Ashley 14 days ago
312 mn?!? Wow 😮🤩
Mohamed Elsayed
Mohamed Elsayed 14 days ago
Watching this in 2020
GET IN 14 days ago
So much nostalgia
leka 14 days ago
reminds me of the car rides to school in 2nd grade
Sarah Bonkers Lee
Sarah Bonkers Lee 14 days ago
Good song still listening in 2020
Carl Rose
Carl Rose 14 days ago
She got 1 hell of a Voice 👍
Xynolopis 14 days ago
Who's watching this in 2020?
Bunny Tsukino
Bunny Tsukino 14 days ago
I miss her music
Greatian Vicente
Greatian Vicente 14 days ago
When i was still live with cringey bangs
Klaudia Richards
Klaudia Richards 14 days ago
I just naturally feel good when I listen to this song
P. 15 days ago
Where was I in 2011 that I missed this???
btsxarmy !!!
btsxarmy !!! 15 days ago
This is the definition of nostalgia right here. I used to jam to this with my siblings😂
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 15 days ago
I hate Katy Perry I love jessie she the girl
Victorio Prados
Victorio Prados 15 days ago
Gerbildo123456789 15 days ago
Nobody gives this musical vibe anymore, 2011 was THAT year in terms of this type of vibe.
Steve Lilley
Steve Lilley 13 days ago
You must've missed the 90s
Imed Bob
Imed Bob 15 days ago
Shenanigans With Layla
Yes i came here on my own because I want the 2000-2015 era to come back. I miss this so much.
Arman Ali
Arman Ali 16 days ago
You’ve come from tik Tok
musicas de teclado
musicas de teclado 16 days ago
10M voices
10M voices 16 days ago
still get goosebumps from this classic till today
Alicia Mae
Alicia Mae 16 days ago
i miss this
seven 07
seven 07 16 days ago
I’m pretty sure 97% of those who listened to this song thought this was Katy Perry’s until they looked it up to RUvid😂 anyways, 2020 anyone??💓😂
Clara F
Clara F 17 days ago
Omg why no one is listening to this more on 2020 wtf this is such a bop SO NOSTALGIC 😂😭
Dave Trotter
Dave Trotter 14 days ago
just crank it, can't beat those riffs, Moose music plays this, Elliott lake, Ontario
Clutter 15 days ago
I listen to it every day. It's my favorite song. I feel so happy when I listen to it and it helps me calm down
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