Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang (Official Video)

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Aug 25, 2014




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Comments 80
rion Ishiguro
rion Ishiguro 7 hours ago
Angel Louise
Angel Louise 7 hours ago
ngl i stan the Ariana 5 years ago.
Angel Louise
Angel Louise 7 hours ago
the power of this song 😭 sadly they don't make songs like this anymore
laura cassia
laura cassia 8 hours ago
Ariana Grande sei la mia dea
GÜLƏLİ aliyev
GÜLƏLİ aliyev 10 hours ago
2020 ????
milsanekpl 10 hours ago
Ktoś z polski
Kallan on controller
i miss these days.
Baby нєll Avataria
Anyone else in quarantine?
Ally xx
Ally xx 12 hours ago
Let's be honest, life was good when this song came out
Troy Tucc
Troy Tucc 11 hours ago
So good
Sara Benkalowycz
Sara Benkalowycz 13 hours ago
3:04 that hits different
Blues Clues
Blues Clues 14 hours ago
Alasai Faletuai
Alasai Faletuai 14 hours ago
Comments 235K
Dennis Edwards
Dennis Edwards 14 hours ago
I like country but this song makes me want to sing along just like country
Undinne Ü
Undinne Ü 15 hours ago
pooobear100k baeo
pooobear100k baeo 15 hours ago
I never new about Jessie I don’t really listen to Nikki I love Ariana but this song firee
Yumna Ahmed
Yumna Ahmed 16 hours ago
Another episode of: Where Quarantine Brings Me...
mirola73 16 hours ago
'Bang, bang' Ok then. Nicky, juck, full of plastic, not much natural about it, Grande is flat as an ironing board looks like a doll, that leaves Jessie then..........
Mahika Bhandari
Mahika Bhandari 17 hours ago
Producer: How many words do you want in your rap? Nicki: Yes.
desmond 18 hours ago
kent where you at? 🌚
Baby Grillz
Baby Grillz 19 hours ago
I can listen to this song all day
Messi Day
Messi Day 19 hours ago
Quarintine got as all thinking about bang bang
Gabrielle Mary Patricia Hills
Am I the only one addicted to this video?
Joice Rocha
Joice Rocha 21 hour ago
Eu amo alas 😍
angelina k
angelina k 21 hour ago
i am still obsessed with this song 6 years later
Brad Marks
Brad Marks 20 hours ago
Me too. I can't get enough of it. Three really sexy ladies😅
Laura 21 hour ago
if u do not like Nicky Minaj I just don't wha are you doing with your life
Syed Subhan Ahsen
Syed Subhan Ahsen 22 hours ago
A random person who liked this comment will develop covid antibodies.
:3 23 hours ago
Aída Sousa
Aída Sousa 23 hours ago
Dionne Kimmins
Dionne Kimmins 23 hours ago
I used to love this song x
Anneka Day ago
Me: Nicki's going really fast Also me: turns it to double speed, and can't understand it
Thivin 6768
Thivin 6768 Day ago
Shut up Arianna granda
Dandy Toding
Dandy Toding Day ago
i'm crying over all this nicki comment, don't come at her please.. she is legend omg🤣
jhon losada
jhon losada Day ago
John Bires
John Bires Day ago
I guess Ariana really can't dance.
annamaria cazzulo
Bhenz contento
Im just here waiting to have subscribers ;-;
Onelcy Rodríguez
Me encantó en video 😍
Ashley Rodriguez
this is my one and only favorite song!
Naralyye Escobedoxxx
who's here after the global pandemic
Brad Marks
Brad Marks 20 hours ago
I'm here during it lol
Ari Day ago
Me: I wanna go to heaven :) God: I know you want it, but you can’t have it.
P.S.28 Wright Brothers
nicki: heyyy me: uhh.... hai ?
P.S.28 Wright Brothers
Why does nicki look thicc there but in 2020 she dont look thicc
Hồng Ngọc
Xuất sắc 💌
lor rivr
lor rivr Day ago
3:09 hey mi ciela ese grito es de ariana :2
Jaimin Pandey
And there buts
Samuel Silva
Samuel Silva Day ago
2020 🇧🇷
Annie Clark
Annie Clark Day ago
I love this music video you can see how much fun the girls had filming it together it’s so cute 🥺🥰❤️ and it is SUCH a girl power anthem!!!!
Pedro Henrique
Better part é of Nicki Minaj. The queen🍇
Rita Rathod
Rita Rathod Day ago
My phone volume: 5 Nicki Minaj's hair volume: 100
Annssskiesss M.
Annssskiesss M.
Wow 1.5B 😍😍😍👏👏👏
Cillian McGovern
Producer: *You're Not Aloud To Write 'Ft.' In The Title* Jessie: *Hold My Beer*
りす Day ago
AVAcodo Day ago
Did anyone else used to think they could pull off Jessie’s high note when they were little?
Crazy Memi
Crazy Memi Day ago
You three are fantastic, but I prefer Ariana ❤️❤️
Ana Buric
Ana Buric Day ago
Love Ari but I think Niki got this so good
lol lol
lol lol Day ago
Girls Theme song
Anne Darlet
Anne Darlet Day ago
omg ariana queen
Brzii Faster
Brzii Faster Day ago
anita sond
anita sond Day ago
Song starts at 0:50 Your welcome😇
Kristin Saynova
Jessie J - I want a pink car Ariana Grande - I want a pink room Nicki Minaj - Gimme a helicopter
Idris Unüs
Idris Unüs Day ago
Idris Unüs
Idris Unüs Day ago
Shamar Cleary
Who else randomly listening 2012-2016 songs in quarantine
Magenta Rose
Magenta Rose Day ago
Are used to think this was an inappropriate video
Shaun Cook
Shaun Cook Day ago
Gloria Burwell
i love how everything is ghetto...YAAASSSSS!!!!!
Marisol Carrasco
I like the song when I was 4
angelina k
angelina k 21 hour ago
damn ur hella young lmao💀
Øut øf ørder
5 years ago we were all vibing to this song- until we realize what the lyrics are saying
_ Pot Potchii _
When I was a kid I always get a toy gun and say "Bang bang bang"
Ever lasting everything LLL
Wow this video has 1b views
Emerson Leal
Emerson Leal Day ago
Amo ❤ 🌸
Jade Clem
Jade Clem Day ago
ARIANNA: she might of let you hold a hand in school but imma show how to GRADUATÉ ME:She might of let you say hi to her man but that's it
Anan Wang
Anan Wang Day ago
2:31 There is a heart made of the lights in the building. Nice detail ♥
lailaaa Indahh
World Brain
World Brain Day ago
Official Manii
Heyy you i know you dont got on socks and are laying on your bed here in quarantine .
Official Manii
Sebrena Flowers
You got that right sister
50k subscribers before quarantine end please help
Let appreciate the fact that tiktok didn't find a way to ruin this song
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