Jeremy Thorpe the establishment cover up

Roosevelt Halvorson
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Description Shocking new claims about the involvement of senior Liberal figures in the plot which saw Jeremy Thorpe accused of conspiracy to murder At the trial, which began on 8 1979,.

Roger Bolton talks to investigative journalist Tom Mangold about The Silent Conspiracy, a programme he first began working on 35 years ago. The programme concerned Jeremy Thorpe, the charismatic.

Tom Mangold dusts of a programme made in 1979, that wasnt broadcast for legal reasons, about the attempted murder trial where Jeremy Thorpe was famously acquitted. He updates it to produce.

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Feb 25, 2018




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west brit
west brit 2 years ago
Thing is Thorpe was proven not guilty in court , but the Television programs seem to have reversed that fact
Mr100duke 2 years ago
I see thorpe picked the short straw with regard to coach seating arrangements.
rjun67 2 years ago
that was the funniest thing I've ever seen, I was rolling on the floor when that BRIXTON GAYS photo kept coming up.....Thank You
Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit 2 years ago
Cyril Smith , Kitty ..Cliff Richard , Ted Heath et al will be exposed as paedophiles , surely Dolphin Square must have some records of these famous vermin who used their apartments for underage male and female abuse . All I can say , and have been saying for the last yrs , is the fact that whilst staying at Dolphin Square I witnessed several V.I.P.s with very young people. ...correction. ..40yrs . No cctv , no sophisticated technology = no proof , some investigative journalists should be doing their jobs instead of printing gossip , bring back the likes of Kate Aidie ( sp mistake )
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