Jeremy Thorpe Questioned

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Jeremy Thorpe Questioned

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Jun 27, 2008




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Comments 42
YouTube user
YouTube user 4 months ago
Thorpes sex was consensual with grown ass men. Stop comparing him to Savile
Charles DuBois
Charles DuBois 8 months ago
Times change I know. As do our cultures. But this older Yank can only wince as Mr Thorpe insists on crossing his leg as does only the North American woman in my world. BTW...my above choice of the verb 'wince' was carefully and politely chosen. 😋
Victor oladuja
Bloody hell ....a fudge packer & a kiddy fiddler in the same studio.
Iazzaboyce 2 years ago
Typical Liberal pretending to be for the working people to split their vote and give the Tories an unfair chance.
alan bullman
alan bullman 2 years ago
wow thorpe and saville big pot of vaseline needed
David Gibbs
David Gibbs 2 years ago
This is a great team up is it not Thorpe and Saville.My God.
cozener1 2 years ago
Saville seems to have crossed paths with just about every pervert in the 1970s .
Ken Pudsey
Ken Pudsey 2 years ago
Jmmy Saville sat next to him..how's about that then guys and gals?
gavin Reid
gavin Reid 2 years ago
Thorpe and Saville together. Sick duo.
Rob Bell
Rob Bell 2 years ago
Jeremy Thorpe and Jimmy saville , enough said !.
Ertomax 2 years ago
Yes 0:27 with Savile What more evidence of his collusion and association with the elite do we need?
Rockin' T.C.
Rockin' T.C. 2 years ago
Wasn't the guy asking the question a young Stephen Fry?
Tony Bates
Tony Bates 2 years ago
I think he looked vaguely like Basil Fawlty.
ABC DEF 2 years ago
They should have put Norman Scott in the audience. He would have said to Thorpe: "You are my secret lover. So why won't you give me my National Insurance card?"
MELLOW RECORDS 2 years ago
Jeremy was a naighty boy
paperchain 123
paperchain 123 2 years ago
Hugh Grant done such a good job on Jeremy Thorpe - at times I thought it was him!
numbersix100 2 years ago
Jeremy and Savile together. Sums up the BBC.
Mark Hale
Mark Hale 2 years ago
Saville was a monster 'Jeremy' conspired to have someone murdered. But why prey does it sum up the BBC?
warren mckay
warren mckay 2 years ago
Bloody Jimmy Saville there too. Speaks volumes about the corruption in politics and tv. Fucking vermin.
highdownmartin 2 years ago
Savile and thorpe Sharing then killing the same boys from the boys home
the real slim shady
Dont bend down when Jeremys around or he'll stick his willy up ur hole.🤗🖕👌
Mandy Khoo
Mandy Khoo 2 years ago
The arrogance drops from the chair...a fop and poppet ...he had the je
Mandy Khoo
Mandy Khoo 2 years ago
A very slimy chap...a total snob ...and a fool...but strangely hypnotically charming. Odd
Flipdrivel 2 years ago
Then again, Margaret Thatcher.
John Craske
John Craske 2 years ago
Picnicl Good post. Er, that's it.
Paul Wilde
Paul Wilde 2 years ago
As you might already know, In the 70s and before, though, so relative few went to university compared to now that many didn't feel failures for getting thirds. There was even a strange thing that the rich and posh either wanted to get a first, which showed that they were cleverer than everyone and had deserved their (often) privileged prior schooling, or a third, which showed that they'd enjoyed the social whirl of entertainment at university and the connections-making. To get a second, on the other hand, suggested not necessarily being a great social butterfly and not being clever either- a mediocre talent not worthy of Oxbridge.
Paul Wilde
Paul Wilde 2 years ago
Hardly a fool.
grassic 4 years ago
Jimmy Savile?????
Clem Alford
Clem Alford 5 years ago
Is that Jimmy Savil sitting next to Thorpe??
everylittlebreeze 2 years ago
gavin Reid
gavin Reid 2 years ago
Sure is. Perv convention.
dave 1
dave 1 2 years ago
Oh it bloody is...well say no more..all pervs together..
dave 1
dave 1 2 years ago
Where ?
laika288 2 years ago
Clem Alford couldn't fucking write it!! 😂 😂
sail1948 5 years ago
Help! Did I see Jimmy Savile?
Rama Bhardwaj
Rama Bhardwaj 2 years ago
sail1948 We all got duped looking at the creep now , his got Paedophile written all over his face .
captain mirrorboots
I'm afraid you did see him.He was ubiquitous in those days.
fishhead06 6 years ago
My, there's a lot of people obsessed with homosexuality commenting here.
5888max 5 years ago
@Jim Riddle Not 'practising' anymore eh ? Glad you have perfected it!
fishhead06 5 years ago
Homosexuality is "gross perversion"? Are you a 100 year old Baptist pastor?
Jim Riddle
Jim Riddle 5 years ago
@fishhead06 No, I am not a practising homosexual; I leave that sort of gross perversion to old queens like you in private.
fishhead06 5 years ago
Now I see your character more clearly.
fishhead06 5 years ago
You need to read more carefully, Mr. Riddle.
Myndir 7 years ago
Jeremy Thorpe and Jimmy Saville on the same set. Lock up your sons!
DeliriousGnome 2 years ago
Please don't compare a gay person with a paedophile/prolific sex offender.
Radical Rainbow
Radical Rainbow 2 years ago
Myndir girls for Saville
Violin Accordion
Violin Accordion 2 years ago
pat dunne for savile , sex was only a by product for the power he held over so many significant characters
pykkervots 2 years ago
Nah..lock up anything with a pulse
Paul Wilde
Paul Wilde 2 years ago
Saville's interest wasn't in males.
John Craske
John Craske 7 years ago
I thought it was John Redwood...
Vadim Russobotov
Vadim Russobotov 2 years ago
theconman not trying to have pooves killed though
Stanley13 2 years ago
Brexit Monger Redwood is hardly a man of morals. Evil yes...but not morals.
IAN PAYNE 2 years ago
He means the questioner not Thorpe !!!
IAN PAYNE 2 years ago
No the other one...
Cyril Sneer
Cyril Sneer 7 years ago
TheEdnaThompson works for Capita plc the TV licensing people.
merrylegs234 7 years ago
The questioner is actually Gerald (now Sir Gerald) Howarth, who later became a leading and controversial figure on the Tory hard right, and is now MP for Aldershot.
alydon2 7 years ago
Guy sitting next to Thorpe about 0.27 looks like Jimmy Saville! "No excuse to break the law," doesn't look like fellow Liberal Cyril Smith worried too much about that - the crap's coming out of the woodwork now Jeremy!
lecturer09 7 years ago
Yeah he was a 'bum boy', as you say. And he got away with conspiracy to murder.....
Kelly14UK 7 years ago
Yes. Check my other comment. Recognised him immeditely. Sick of these bastards.
Monterey2am 9 years ago
is this the guy that was under consideration for the job of lead guitarist for Whitesnake, when deep purple split up?
tdp1909 10 years ago
Jesus - he looks just like Chris Morris!
peterkin1010 10 years ago
Shame Jeremy Thorpe wasn't questioned about the night he fucked Norman Scott's arse.
simonlilley 11 years ago
It is Gerald Howarth, no mistake.
sail1948 11 years ago
Thorpes career was ruined when he was accused of attempting to murder his gay lover, apparently he, Thorpe, used to smear his dick with vaseline before buggaring his more than willing lover. A joke doing the rounds at the time alleged that the label on the vaseline included the instructions: Use Liberaly ! his lovers name was Norman Scott now known as Scott of the arseantics !
cylon6 11 years ago
And Jeremy Thorpe's career ended when he went on trial for conspiracy to murder someone in the 70's. I remember seeing his face on the news but not understanding what was going on as I was 7 or 8 at the time.
KennBurch 12 years ago
For the dispossed, there is always no alternative but direct action. The only alternative is for them to shut up, live without dignity, obey their oppressors and "know their place". Power has never conceded anything, anywhere, without active resistance from the powerless.
KennBurch 12 years ago
Why is there a conflict between "direct action" and "democracy"? In the U.S. for example, democracy would never have been extended to African Americans or other people of color without the direct action(civil disobedience)of the Civil Rights movement. India would still be an undemocratic British colony without direct action. Without the direct action of the suffragist movements in the UK and Britain, women in those countries would never have gained the right to vote.
Andy JS
Andy JS 12 years ago
That looks like a very young Gerald Howarth asking the questions.
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