Jennifer Lopez performs at Joe Biden's inauguration

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Jan 20, 2021




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Comments 100
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Lopez 5 hours ago
Comunista Demócrata
YSDH - Sol Cephe
YSDH - Sol Cephe 12 hours ago
No Pasaran !
YSDH-Gassan Kanafani
Down with my capitalisim.🚩
Sosyalist Gençlik
Sosyalist Gençlik 12 hours ago
Long live Vietnam 🇻🇳✊🏻
Sosyalist Gençlik
Sosyalist Gençlik 12 hours ago
Vietnam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
YSDH-Gassan Kanafani
Give account of the children you murdered in Abd, which drenched the Middle East with blood.✌
YSDH - Sol Cephe
YSDH - Sol Cephe 12 hours ago
YSDH İS HERE !! ✊✊✊🚩
YSDH - Sol Cephe
YSDH - Sol Cephe 12 hours ago
Long live socialism ✊✊✊✊
YSDH-Gassan Kanafani
YSDH - Sol Cephe
YSDH - Sol Cephe 12 hours ago
Long live Palastine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Niko Baker
Niko Baker 2 days ago
Remember when jenny when back to her block and no one knew who tf she was and why she was there lol... thats jenny from bidens inauguration! How could you forget!
Ella Dowling
Ella Dowling 2 days ago
Mississippi 1888 🤔
Chrissieee DiscussesSs
Let’s get loud is the best she ever sounded in any song.
Lisa Cup
Lisa Cup 3 days ago
Terrible. Whole thing is a joke.
IK0786x 4 days ago
Stolen land 🤪🥰😍😍
Luka V
Luka V 4 days ago
I don’t understand why everyone is making fun of her? Because she’s Jlo? It’s like saying oh lady Gaga was gonna jump off the roof of the White House. Jennifer was amazing. And her live vocals were amazing. PS They wouldn’t let a star lip sync at a presidential inauguration
fanfam 4 days ago
The beginning of the end of the western world.
Phyllis Howell
Phyllis Howell 5 days ago
Wonderful! Respect!
ErinTeeV 5 days ago
I can honestly see Flora from “Winx Club” singing that. 🥰
Duane Mendez
Duane Mendez 5 days ago
Another hack!!!
escapegrl1 5 days ago
Fraudulent election!!!
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia 5 days ago
We all know who disliked this
Last PM
Last PM 5 days ago
Helen Nguyen
Helen Nguyen 6 days ago
I ❤️ jLo
Benjamin Heke
Benjamin Heke 7 days ago
Why is Robert DiNiro happy with this??
Christopher Fortin
Jib jab sang it better
Jadalee Rodriguez
This is my favorite song
Edison Velija
Edison Velija 9 days ago
Nice performance Jennifer
Bernardo ferdaser
"La Jenny llegó!!!!....... Presente!........... here we go!!! Let's get loud let's get loud........" HAHAHAHAHA
Tracy Fountain
Tracy Fountain 9 days ago
U know I really use to like you. But sadly now you will b anther 1 in Hollywood that I WILL NOT listen to ever again. I thought u had more class than this. Guess I was wrong.
Tac Black 57
Tac Black 57 9 days ago
Just Ahlex
Just Ahlex 10 days ago
Imagine if LL cool J came out of nowhere
V C H 10 days ago
BLM... Latino... Mexican... Are big fan of BILADENG
KultClassic 10 days ago
Thought she might sing jenny from the block.
Benedicta Otchere
Benedicta Otchere 11 days ago
Joe biden my boyfriend l just loves 💘❤ you so much
Felix Pohlmann
Felix Pohlmann 11 days ago
V P 11 days ago
The worst singer ever 👎
Brittney Lee Hill Collier
I watched this WHOLE thing, I have the break down for you: Hey Everyone, Here are all of the details, as to why, the Rich and Famous, have been acting so odd, and suspicious, in the Media (and in person). At the Top, they are the ones, who have power, and influence, over the Globe. Do me a small favor, and read this whole thing, all of the information is vitally important. I know that I may have told you some of this information already, but here is the, last, and final, full package, of information. It’s, ME, Brittney Lee Hill Collier
Paul 12 days ago
Thomas Banco
Thomas Banco 12 days ago
RUvid please stop scrubbing my dislikes from Joe Biden videos
Sam Harris
Sam Harris 12 days ago
kinda rude of them to inaugurate some guy during a jlo and lady gaga concert
Sam Harris
Sam Harris 12 days ago
ugh i love her
J.B. Dazen
J.B. Dazen 12 days ago
Why do American announcers always sound like they've swallowed a tuba?
Camaleão 1999
Camaleão 1999 13 days ago
Z Floyd
Z Floyd 13 days ago
Remember, guys, that Joe Biden was installed by Xi Jinping, and not elected.
Evelyn 13 days ago
Jenifer Lopez at the coin master: did you attack my village?
GoBackToAfrica AsscheesePicker64
She's never mated with a white man?
Roel Versantvoort
Roel Versantvoort 14 days ago
I still love JL!! you are great!
Jeferson Santos
Jeferson Santos 15 days ago
Mariah doesn't know her
Angel L.V
Angel L.V 15 days ago
How is no one tlaking about that SHE'S SO RED OMG
Luis Hernández
Luis Hernández 16 days ago
Shame of that administration. Shame on those “artists”.
K. 17 days ago
Yeah my ears were definitely crushed from all that whining. "You and meeee"🐈..
Alien POV
Alien POV 18 days ago
Thanks for the new awesome gas prices commie joe
Jelena Dinesen
Jelena Dinesen 18 days ago
Proof that the indigenous people are overlooked yet again, after so many false promises. They really decided to use this song...ugh.
mitchdrix sarro
mitchdrix sarro 18 days ago
she is a he
Matthew Fohl
Matthew Fohl 13 days ago
She's more of a man than Trump is, then!!! 🤣🤣🤣
mitchdrix sarro
mitchdrix sarro 18 days ago
Look at the skull on J Lo
Ma Trioshka
Ma Trioshka 18 days ago
Sie kann nicht singen
Aisha 18 days ago
The “let’s get loud” kills me every time lmao
ASRi SinGs
ASRi SinGs 19 days ago
Wowo she looks amazing despite her ages...! 🤨
Jacqueline Santos
Jacqueline Santos 19 days ago
Firma Elektroinstal
Alberto Crespo
Alberto Crespo 19 days ago
FroyoMarshmallo 20 days ago
what the heck is happening in the comments???? who is Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont and why are they spamming the comment section with random unsettling comments????? Um so the farther i scroll down the more concerned I am for his/her health im also mildly creeped out
Jahmelia Mills
Jahmelia Mills 21 day ago
Wow another snake ! Ellen , Demi lovato, Biden and his whole team, Oprah , bill gates, Tom hanks, dang there’s too many y’all help me if possible #savethechildren 🐍
Cagatay Tasdelen
Cagatay Tasdelen 21 day ago
how much money did she get.
Marcia Eovino
Marcia Eovino 21 day ago
She should have been singing with POTUS TRUMP there not biden👿
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 21 day ago
“LET’S GET LOUD” -Jennifer Lopez, January 20th, 2021 at Joe Biden’s inauguration.
Etegra T
Etegra T 21 day ago
isn't she from mexico or some kind of 3rd world country?? why would she sing for america??? aaaaaah yeeahhh THE MONEY
Shawn Waggoner
Shawn Waggoner 21 day ago
maria ramirez
maria ramirez 23 days ago
Bizzy Bee
Bizzy Bee 23 days ago
I kinda wish I was deaf after hearing that atrocity try to sing.
Kevin Reed
Kevin Reed 23 days ago
Pedophile celebrationparty. The Democrat are the Pedophile Party.
Will Farrell
Will Farrell 23 days ago
All I think is Joey from Friends hand twin when I hear this song... This hand is your hand, this hand is my hand, oh wait, no, that's you hand"
Mike Diamondz
Mike Diamondz 23 days ago
No more Jenny for me 🤢🤢🤢
Andrej Ponomarenko
Andrej Ponomarenko 24 days ago
Lopez Topp...Biden👎
Angel Warrior
Angel Warrior 25 days ago
Why are we talking in spanish a presidential inauguration. Smh 🤦‍♂️.
Attila Talarico
Attila Talarico 25 days ago
Mr Lusifer
Mr Lusifer 25 days ago
Nicole 26 days ago
Now I see why all her songs are stolen from ashanti and a bunch of other singers
Nicole 26 days ago
I thought Jlo steals vocals from everyone
dingle dee
dingle dee 26 days ago
Lolololololkl what jokehow they use celebrities to help brainwash us.
LiquidBread 26 days ago
Mail in likes showed up.
Dag Overstreet
Dag Overstreet 26 days ago
D Chavez
D Chavez 26 days ago
What the heck 😳 “ LETS GET LOUD” SMH REALLY 🤦🏼‍♀️.....🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Sebastian Blanco
Sebastian Blanco 26 days ago
d d
d d 27 days ago
Castel rock le cinéma de bidon
David M.
David M. 27 days ago
I love this song 3:12
Keith Webb
Keith Webb 28 days ago
This land Is my land, it isn't your land. I got a shot gun and you ain't got one.
Jesse the great
Jesse the great 28 days ago
Heather C.
Heather C. 28 days ago
Biden has done more in less then three months then Trump did in four years. He has kept his word. JLO got better singing but a way better dancer n actress. Love her tho.
sloams 28 days ago
Park Bommie
Park Bommie 29 days ago
Jlo sounding like a mosquito at the end
Victor Ocasio-Ortiz
@V P that’s your opinion
V P 11 days ago
She cant sing
Victor Ocasio-Ortiz
I can tell you have never heard a mosquito before
Ib Ben
Ib Ben Month ago
This land is your land from Morocco. God bless this beautiful country ❤️❤️
Rodolfo Cortez
Rodolfo Cortez Month ago
It was at this that Arod was done with Jlo
Pamela Mashego
Pamela Mashego 29 days ago
Lol u saw this on Twitter
JMLRH Month ago
3:29 when there's traffic
Galicia Calidade
She is best
Craftbeerdy Month ago
This is a disgrace.
Zozo aGogo
Zozo aGogo Month ago
Her voice is nothing compared to Gaga's but I love her vibe. She's an entertainer, but not a talented singer.
Rodney Clements
Rodney Clements Month ago
The worst ever, my eyes and ears hurt from all the screaming and lies flying around this dump hole.
Juliette N
Juliette N Month ago
I thought she would sing in respirator😄.
SML Month ago
Jenifer you have lost respect
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