Jennifer Lopez - Booty ft. Iggy Azalea (Official Video)

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Jennifer Lopez "Booty” (ft. Iggy Azalea)
Get “Booty” feat. Iggy Azalea here: smarturl.it/jlobootysingle
Download J. Lo’s latest album A.K.A. here: smarturl.it/akajlo
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Sep 19, 2014




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Comments 146 067
nzguy 1
nzguy 1 8 hours ago
Esengül Bölükbaş
harikaaaaaa :DDDDD
Glenn Haskins
Glenn Haskins 16 hours ago
Awesome song (on mute)
DanManFTW 17 hours ago
Why was this not performed at the halftime show???
419 tosand deslikes r gai.
tek elle yazıyorum helalolsunsüperşarkı perfect i see one hand i liket this sing
Rare Books Studio
Rare Books Studio 21 hour ago
Fake fake booty
Britney Azalea Minaj
Best Part 2:27 - 2:56
bill Tas
bill Tas 5 hours ago
Thanx... i fap fasteeeeeer :D
Britney Azalea Minaj
Iggy Azalea Is Fire 💕🤤👑
andrea nerio
andrea nerio Day ago
Billie Eyelash
how is JLO only like.... 50 ........... im quaking
Sean Henze
Sean Henze Day ago
After watching the super bowl, I now want to kill myself, because she is literally not young
samsung relax
fail 👎
Soni Sonila
Soni Sonila Day ago
2020 and I still hear it I love ittt
Huy Hoang Bui
Jlo: please dont let my children see this mv
Яна Дрозд
клип бомба😎
Orlando Gómez
Instagram debería permitir musicalizar las fotos, estaría perfecta para la que acabo de postear jaja #himno
Sơn tung Nguyen tran
Kiss me you
creepy boomer
i cant even remember how many times i've CAME here such a catchy song
RP scolli
RP scolli Day ago
Surleen Kaur
Surleen Kaur Day ago
Jen: Throw up your hands, if you like a big booty.. Me: WHO DOESN'T?
Artistic Compose
Artistic Compose 2 days ago
FEB 2020 Presente
angelo 2 days ago
noura Gafur
noura Gafur 2 days ago
J lo here looks like domestic chiken an old one....
Elite Spoofy
Elite Spoofy 2 days ago
Bet the directors fapped hard after this
alexis 3 days ago
love jlo
Anna Lore
Anna Lore 3 days ago
Loose the guy j..its really trashy
saul rosa
saul rosa 3 days ago
Chorus just like Prince - when the dove cries
Suhail Bhat
Suhail Bhat 3 days ago
This song makes even bold bald men cry.
Eduardo Moreno
Eduardo Moreno 3 days ago
#Super #Bowl 2020 #Half #Time
ivan medojevic
ivan medojevic 3 days ago
Bruka koliko
Christian Mendoza
Wow Sexy Booty
Christian Mendoza
Big Booty But Booty Work
Jayden Brough
Jayden Brough 3 days ago
Rated G for family enjoyment
RP scolli
RP scolli 3 days ago
Ayah Dela cruz
Ayah Dela cruz 3 days ago
LET IT GOOOOO now i gotta wipe mah booty
SķiLLy Boý
SķiLLy Boý 4 days ago
Seeing this my anaconda cried a lot
Janks H
Janks H 4 days ago
♡ the hotness!!!
Luis Acevedo
Luis Acevedo 4 days ago
Min 2:13 the good beat starts 😎
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith 4 days ago
If you have headphones it sounds better
Carson Weigle
Carson Weigle 4 days ago
Everyone needs to try this at 2x speed xd
Niv Rh
Niv Rh 4 days ago
0:39 "God of war"
Nicholas Gomez
Nicholas Gomez 4 days ago
I love this shit not the music just the Booty
king invictus
king invictus 4 days ago
anybody else jerking in 2020? :-))
Kourtney Kardasim
Fig nutie
Multi Stan
Multi Stan 4 days ago
No one: Everyone:anyone here after the Super Bowl
Georgos Kapios
Georgos Kapios 4 days ago
1:15 😲
Jose Adrian Castañeda Ortiz
Harresh Ceshava
Harresh Ceshava 5 days ago
I played this song to my friend's hot, sonhle, busty, huge ass - boobed mom, and she started stripping and we had so much fun dancing in the shower naked
Esteban Cardenas
Esteban Cardenas 5 days ago
Que buenas pajas me he mandado en sus nombres
Emmie -_-
Emmie -_- 5 days ago
Warning ⚠️ booty in this vid
bill Tas
bill Tas 5 days ago
Omg yeees.. i fap so fast
The Unbeatable
The Unbeatable 5 days ago
You might've not come for the song but you came for the song
عبدائيل عبدثيوس
Vicki Vehanen
Vicki Vehanen 5 days ago
I Love you so Much You R So Sexy
Billy T
Billy T 5 days ago
Fun fact:- Chris brown wrote this song...
momo wright
momo wright 5 days ago
Honey it's not cute to hump ur back like a camel sorry to brake it to u
William Walker
William Walker 6 days ago
When u 1st see this video lol guaranteed your 1st words are gonna b WOWWWW N DAMMMMMM
Paulina Martinez
Paulina Martinez 6 days ago
Esta canción es un himno para las que sí sabemos hacer twerk, y que mejor que ver el trasero de 6 millones de dólares de Jennifer López 🔥
Xyme INC
Xyme INC 6 days ago
Can i direct this with my face
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