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British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, an ex-girlfriend of convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has been charged in the US after being arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire. Subscribe to our channel here: goo.gl/31Q53F

She is accused of assisting Epstein's abuse of minors by helping to recruit and groom victims known to be underage.
Ms Maxwell has been charged with six counts of sexual exploitation, grooming and enticing minors - as young as fourteen - to engage in illegal sex acts with Epstein, assisting Epstein, trafficking the minors across states and on occasion taking part herself in the sexual abuse.
Ms Maxwell has previously denied any involvement in or knowledge of Epstein's alleged sexual misconduct.
The charges relate to the years from 1994 to 1997 and include some allegations relating to an alleged victim in London.
Ms Maxwell is a friend of Prince Andrew - when Newsnight interviewed him last year, he told us how the socialite introduced him in 1999 to Epstein.
The Duke of York has denied any allegations of impropriety and today, Audrey Strauss, the acting US attorney for the Southern District of New York, declined to comment on Prince Andrew's status in the investigation.
Epstein died in prison on 10 August as he awaited, without the chance of bail, his trial on sex trafficking charges.
He was arrested last year in New York following allegations that he was running a network of underage girls - some as young as 14 - for sex. His death was determined to be suicide.
Our US correspondent David Grossman reports.
In the studio, Kirsty Wark is joined by lawyer Lisa Bloom, who represents one of the complainants mentioned in the indictment of Ghislaine Maxwell and lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Mr Dershowitz represented Geoffrey Epstein and brokered a plea bargain for him. He himself been embroiled in accusations by one of Epstein's alleged victims, Virginia Giuffre, which he has denied.
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Jul 2, 2020




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Comments 60
sam mm
sam mm Day ago
The audio on this video is shit. Its 2020 how do we not have clear volume???
Wederyeleshbededa Bedada
Our First Lady Maria Farmer is battling cancer. She was JE and GM victim. She reported them in 1996. Watch her interviews on RUvid. Help Maria Farmer Beat Cancer #teammariafarmer GoFundMe
Xposed Tube
Xposed Tube 3 days ago
Jeffrey Epstein's Second Girlfriend revealed in the new documents. ruvid.net/video/video-LgR2r9ZG4ao.html
Soledad Graf-Mora
irginia seems to be loving the luxury and to be with famous people and not to mention the money, she also recruited younger girls. she was already 18 so she knew what she was doing
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Martin Salas 6 days ago
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Sheltowee 7 days ago
They're really still pushing the suicide story. How long till she commits "suicide" to?
Francheska Vega
Francheska Vega 9 days ago
If she dies it was not suicide
Ernest Pachonick
Ernest Pachonick 10 days ago
satan has already prepared his daughter "GhiSlaine's" pit in hell, with her name on it """GhiSlaine"""", where she will be joining her father satan, VERY SOON!! to spend eternity with him and the demons!!!
LOLA M. 11 days ago
What a pig!
Faticus 12 days ago
The only "justice" Bloom is looking forward is a big pay-day for herself! She is a real bottom feeder! Those 6 victims she is representing should fire her before she takes all the money they are entitled to. She has the audacity to interview that dirt-bag Dirty Dershowitz. She has no shame! Did you.know that she represented Harvey Weinstein. Trying to help him slander the women Harvey raped?
Claude C
Claude C 12 days ago
Prince Andrew well...i am like anyone else.... shakes head no the whole time.
Faith 13 days ago
God we need you in this wicked world!!!!!
HotRod Mama49
HotRod Mama49 14 days ago
And Trump wishes her well? Is that code that for don't spill the beans and I will commute you? What happened to "Lock her up?" Are Republicans lacking all morality by still supporting him? Not OK.
Gale Miller
Gale Miller 15 days ago
A child molester, is a child molester doesn't matter when they did it they did it!🙏🙏🙏🙏
Speed Bird536
Speed Bird536 16 days ago
Did anyone expect anything less from a scumbag lawyer? Hell whole his job is to lie. He’s trained to think on his feet, people like him makes my skin crawl, He ought to be in jail with her.
Noah Noah
Noah Noah 16 days ago
Damn epstein really letting her rot in jail?
David Stevenson
David Stevenson 17 days ago
Lol the lawyer mentions bill and Hillary clinton, the Rothchilds those people are 100% into that high level pedo shit
Tamar Biton
Tamar Biton 17 days ago
This guy he is no good
m w
m w 18 days ago
One more fake news story. What makes a fake piece of news different from a factual piece of news? As Judge Judy would say..."don't tell me what you "think happened" just tell me the answer to my question..and I'll be the judge of whether you are telling the truth or lying to me.." or words to that effect.
Paris Katz
Paris Katz 18 days ago
When will the media investigate the real culprits behind this teenage sex trafficking operation.... the CIA/DoD, the Israeli Security Agencies, MI 5 & 6 et al? In addition, the above mentioned are also involved in sex trafficking children (even toddlers),trafficking organs, trafficking drugs, trafficking guns etc. Moreover, for decades, the CIA/DoD et al have been experimenting upon, killing, and torturing innocent, everyday John/Jane Q Citizens with impunity. I will support this last assertion using a fairly recent example. Another copy Do you recall the threat which the former National Security Adviser under President B. H. Obama made to Snoop Dogg? ‘...Snoop, back the **** off. You come for @Gale King, you come against an army. You will lose, and it won’t be pretty. ‘ Ms. Rice was in the world’s face, speaking literally and not figuratively. I come with receipts. The USA has over 800 military bases worldwide (EIGHT HUNDRED)! Everywhere these military bases are located, reports arise of 5G electromagnetic radiation torture. EVERYWHERE! From Japan to Thailand, from England to the USA, the precise same reports of 5G electromagnetic radiation weaponry torture . (Yet, not a peep out of mainstream media outlets. ) In case you are unaware that 5G electromagnetic radiation weaponry exists, search under ADS (Active Denial System). You will find a government video which will show a tank which shoots 5G electromagnetic radiation. According to this site, the tank is meant for “none lethal crowd control.” Nonetheless, there is also disinformation in this same video. The government denies that handheld versions of this same technology exists. False. Handheld 5G electromagnetic radiation weaponry has existed for, at least, three decades. There is even a miniature version small enough to fit into a man’s front trouser pocket and still leave room for his hand inside the same pocket. The power and range of this miniature gun is not earthshaking. It can, however, cause heart arrhythmia in the Target, and , consequently, death is a possibility. To go forward, I must now go back a bit. Some of you may recall the disinformation apology of President Bill Clinton for the CIA/DoD developed Project MK-Ultra. (It must be understood here that Project MK-Ultra is one of about 30 projects all working on the precise same objective, trauma based mind control. Each project is named differently, each project works independently, and each project is unaware of the other.) In his disinformation apology, Clinton greatly diminishes the level of the human rights abuses, as well as the intensity and horror, of the torture , nor does he mention that routine killing of the subjects once they are deemed unnecessary is “normal. “ Additionally, Clinton somehow forgot to mention that these CIA/DoD developed projects were heavily reliant upon SRA (satanic ritual abuse) to achieve their end (trauma based mind control). See the RUvid channel of Fiona Barnett, an SRA survivor, who was sexually farmed out to President Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham as a child. She now receives a pitance as compensation for her ordeal, from the Australian Government. ( Australian, English, German, French, Belgian and many of the NATO aligned Intelligence Services co- operate in these CIA/DoD projects. I have lived in Belgium, France, Germany , England, and the USA (amongst other countries) and I can personally attest to the fact that the EXACT SAME methodology of torture, trauma and biological experimentation was practiced in each country. The unique difference being the nationality of the perpetrators. ) Clinton also neglected to mention that the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and children is another integral part of their projects. See the book,” The Trance Formation of America,” by Cathy O’Brian. Ms. O’Brian is an MK-Ultra survivor (as is her child who was also sexually trafficked). The President of the United States stood before the American people and solemnly promised that Project MK-Ultra would be terminated and it’s victims compensated (at least, those who were still alive). Clinton lied. Project MK Ultra was NOT terminated. It was RENAMED and EXPANDED. One offshoot of this renaming and expansion is the Targeted Individuals Program. For more information on Project MK-Ultra research, see “The Black Vault. “ The Black Vault is a tome of documents obtained from the government through a crowd funded FOIA (freedom of information act) request. Unfortunately much of the most damning evidence against the CIA was “destroyed.” (I am willing to wager BIG MONEY that these “destroyed” documents are safely tucked away in the hidden nooks of the DoD. ) In his speech, the ONE thing Clinton did do was shape the perceptions of the American people concerning the horrific behavior of America’s “security” apparatuses. Clinton gave the impression that these murderers, these torturers, these child traffickers, were getting their comeuppance by having their Projects terminated and the victims compensated. In any event, one offshoot of this renaming and further division of MK Ultra is the Targeted Individuals Program. Ms. S. Rice was, in front of the world, in plain sight, threatening ‪Snoop Dogg‬ with being placed in this Targeted Individuals Program. A few of the elements of the Targeted Individuals Program are; 1. Being used for human Target practice, the weapons in use are the handheld 5G electromagnetic radiation torture guns 2. Being used as a human laboratory test animal for biological weaponry 3. Being exposed to biologically altered mold and dust 4. Being bombarded with high frequencies which destroys the hearing and damages the brain 5. Having none stop subliminal messages pumped into one’s living quarters 6. Having your phone and computer constantly hacked 7. Being none stop subjected to extreme psychological and emotional trauma (in addition to the electromagnetic radiation gunning) 8. Being sleep deprived 9. Being betrayed by friends and family 10. Having your pets (and sometimes loved ones killed) 11. Being asset stripped ( not just your money and jewelry, but everything, job, reputation, clothing, photographs, personal telephone books, e- mail accounts, e-mail contacts, identification documentation, University documentation, EVERYTHING) That which can not be stolen is destroyed. 12. Having your body contaminated with worms which were meant to feed on dead bodies, but which have been genetically modified by the CIA/DoD scientists to feed on those still alive (this genetic modification may have first been used by the Chinese).A tale tell sign of this infestation is the blackened facial skin which slowly spreads. (See photos on RUvid of two Chinese doctors who helped to expose the Covid 19 virus ( they believed at the time that Sars had returned ). These two doctors were punished with being eaten alive by worms by Chinese Intelligence (their collègue was killed by “Covid 19.”Because of the introduction of these genetically modified worms into their bodies, these two Chinese men now appear to be two Black men. It is difficult to ascertain if the Chinese Security Agencies had this technology before the Americans, but the Chinese used it on the Tibetan’s 16th Karmapa decades ago. 13. Having your entire body become a transmitter through millions of biologically altered, worms 14. Being gangstalked If you wish to research gangstalking and Targeted Individuals on RUvid, please note that the CIA/DoD have taken the precaution of placing VICE and other disinformation videos in amongst those of actual victims. These disinformation videos all follow the same script. A good looking, “investigative journalist” looks into the phenomenon of targeting; the conclusion is foregone. Everyone who claims to be a Targeted Individual, or suffer from gangstalking is mentally unstable. EVERYONE....all over the world. See part two.
Jerry Tidmore
Jerry Tidmore 18 days ago
I hear the son of a judge assigned to the Epstein case was murdered by a person posing as a FED X driver.
Genghis Tron
Genghis Tron 19 days ago
Of course Dershowitz is running to any influence he has, and preemptively; he was neck-deep in this whole situation, and was on Epstien's initial legal team. Utter horsesh*t.
Honest Comments
Honest Comments 20 days ago
Notice how Alan keeps talking about the process and avoids specific question about Maxwell case. Cannot stand Lisa Bloom....she was one of the Harvey Weinstein's lawyer. she went after journalist who tried to write stories about his behavior and harassed Weinstein's victims. Why would anyone hire her.
Honest Comments
Honest Comments 20 days ago
notice how Alan keeps talking about the process and avoids specific questions about this case. Can't stand Lisa Bloom...she was defending and harassing Wallenstein's victims. not sure why anyone would hire her.
fred fred
fred fred 20 days ago
How does the bbc have Dershovitz on and not completely grill him- he is dirty. He should not be treated as an independent expert. Also, look into Nick Bryant to learn more about this. (He wrote the franklin scandal - don't believe the Wikipedia page - he is not a conspiracy theory nutjob.)
brainsareus 20 days ago
Suicide via homicide
RainTubeTV 21 day ago
She’s gonna die from “coronavirus”
Alan Wayne
Alan Wayne 22 days ago
F B I O P E N U P 👋
Dave Wurst
Dave Wurst 22 days ago
In other words no!
Dave Wurst
Dave Wurst 22 days ago
Prince Andrew should be thrown under the bus
Dave Wurst
Dave Wurst 22 days ago
Dershowitz is going to be allowed to go free Trump will take care of it
Dave Wurst
Dave Wurst 22 days ago
Wow hope she lives
Shadooow 23
Shadooow 23 22 days ago
This guy is part of the problem in society.
Shadooow 23
Shadooow 23 22 days ago
if the rothschilds are involved with maxwell. I don't need to hear anything else. Some of the most evil people in the world.
D.L.C. 22 days ago
0:03 “suicide”. Watch. In about a year she’ll “commit suicide”
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 22 days ago
They need special forces guarding her to make sure she lives to stand trial.
Christa 777
Christa 777 23 days ago
Alan Dershowitz is as grimy as they come. What a snake.
TreeTrout 23 days ago
To Hell with " the prince " - He's a pig. Prince Pig. For a person supposedly " well brought up ", he sure is a poor speaker...read : Guilt. I hope to God he does not get away with it. He's just your average sub-human.
Jordan Fisher
Jordan Fisher 23 days ago
In a world today where nobody seems to agree about anything, we can all agree that Alan Dershowitz, although great at his job, is a slimy piece of human manure and Alex Acosta is a POS as well, as well as corrupt. I hope everyone realizes those two are not good people and are not here for the right reasons
Sfb 23 days ago
She will play the trump card and expose him ... watch
fred fred
fred fred 20 days ago
Let's hope so. I hope (Israel?) will not let American democracy disintegrate any more.
Sfb 23 days ago
She's planted by mossad to expose trump... this scandal is a bigger set up ... trust me She's still protected
Charlie Richardson
Charlie Richardson 23 days ago
She bought this house in New Hampshire LAST YEAR I.e. 2019 Her accountant must’ve been screaming “NO DONT BUY A NEW HOUSE, FLEE THE COUNTRY AND DO NOT STEP FOOT ON ANY COUNTRYS SOIL WHO HAS AN EXTRADITION TREATY WITH THE U.S.” Why didn’t she take the advice? Because she wanted to Be arrested. The public pressure was too high, she was never going to escape this. So what do you do? You fake an arrest, fake your death, get some cosmetic surgery and change your name. The ultimate goal for these people, her and Epstein, live. She’ll be able to live the rest of her life in peace now. Money? She’ll be able to open a new bank account and someone will give her money and property. She’ll be fine as long as the public doesn’t want her to hang anymore.
Jackie Dowling
Jackie Dowling 23 days ago
He’s been accused him self from the filthy rich video
Brittsa 1963
Brittsa 1963 23 days ago
He's so tried to lawyer his way and switch the subject on her. He's a classic pee on myself idiot,!!!! These people are so desperate.... and he's a top-notch lawyer no doubt at all he can say is they don't have any evidence against her she's protected from any prosecution he is a freaking idiot.! Take him down he's guilty!!!!💯
SG .Hedge
SG .Hedge 23 days ago
Let’s hear more about Prince Andrew’s sweating problem, I bet he is sweating right now.
Tomahawk 23 days ago
Bull shit this media company dose not mention the disgraced prince Andrw and bill Clinton. Allen der. And other wealthy people. The in the same manner abused children ... Hope. Gislain you need to release the videos all if them now.... It getting late.....deer .isreail help her says the lord....of host...
Lorenna Kocijancic
Lorenna Kocijancic 24 days ago
Who knows maybe her husband will go to jail after the Ghislaine maxwell trial
nadli2008 24 days ago
well clintons are names so she is dead woman walking, hope there is a special place for you her in hell.
Samantha Conn
Samantha Conn 24 days ago
I love how these mfers are making themselves look iron clad guilty by the time they're done speaking 😂 Interviewer: So, let's talk about Eps.. Lawyer: I'M INNOCENT! SHE SUCKS A LOT! I'D TELL YOU IF WE WERE KID RAPERS! Interviewer: Uhhhmmmm..... 1st of all you cut me off to randomly yell that, 2 that wasn't what I was aski.. Lawyer: NO RAPEY MC RAPER-SONS HERE! Interviewer: ....riiigghhttt.... Um,...you kinda did it again just now and I'm not sure these out bursts about Epstein but you keep answering about you non stop is gonna do you any favo.. Lawyer: Rapeseys are bad to kid people! Interviewer:...riigghhhtt.... 😂
J M 24 days ago
Thomas Crawford
Thomas Crawford 24 days ago
Faith Love
Faith Love 24 days ago
Is the creepy background music really don't necessarily ..
Shannon Paine Frattura
Trump is up to his eye balls,,,,EYE balls? In this horror
Patty Haley
Patty Haley 23 days ago
Did you see Trumps comment above? LOL
The Foreigner
The Foreigner 24 days ago
Well at least they caught her. I thought for sure she fled to France years ago. I hope the evil witch catches covid in prison. By the way her father's death was very shady. I would not be surprised if she pushed him overboard off the yacht. She is shady and evil. Let her rot in prison, its what she deserves.
James O'Connor
James O'Connor 24 days ago
She's a pimp. Well traveled, well groomed, but still a pimp. Will trade the little black book for her freedom. Or end up dead like Epstein. Where is she getting her $$ from ??
Glenn Thompson
Glenn Thompson 24 days ago
What a scumbag Dershowitz is. He negotiated a plea deal to give a light sentence to a convicted paedophile and to prevent his co-conspirators from facing any justice. And isn’t it likely that he did so because he was one of the abusers as one alleged victim has claimed?
Amanda St John
Amanda St John 25 days ago
Sorry hate to break it to you, she is protected, she’s not going to talk and she’s definitely going to walk. Too many high players, even ones “prosecuting” her are involved. They’ll distract us by throwing a high profile celebrity under the bus to take heat off her. The Rothchilds are going to make sure of that!
Madison Walters
Madison Walters 25 days ago
Mawwell will to die its just a matter of time... hurry Andrew tell mommy Maxwell has to die .
Madison Walters
Madison Walters 25 days ago
Theres plenty evidence shes guilty and your a dirty old man but hey drop your daughter off atvthat wonderful island with these people you mention
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