Jeffrey Dahmer. Inside His Messed Up Mind & How He Almost Got Away. Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

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Hi friends happy Monday !
We’ve got a long one! Thank you for always sending recommendations my way, I so greatly appreciate you guys for doing that. Some of the story I did cut out for time purposes, but over all we got the major stuff covered. Um, not much you can really say about him. You know what’s crazy though ? His upbringing seems so tame compared to lots of others we’ve talked about here and he was REALLY BAD. I wonder if there was more to his upbringing he didnt share or I missed. Let me know your thoughts down below. Long videos or shorter? I definitely lost my voice on this one. Ha. Love and appreciate you guys so much and I hope to be seeing you very soon.
x o
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Feb 17, 2020




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Bailey Sarian
Bailey Sarian 8 months ago
Hi Friends Happy Monday! Hope you liked todays long video and thank you for hanging out with me
Blue Rose
Blue Rose 2 days ago
Can you cover some of the crimes and mysteries here in the Philippines
Lorena Ortega
Lorena Ortega 3 days ago
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh 7 days ago
Elinor Greenway
Elinor Greenway 7 days ago
You did a great job looking into this case but there is a correction I have to make his victim who was given back to him was not Native American he was southeast Asian.
Jennifer Mitchell
No android case?
Ciara C
Ciara C 57 minutes ago
I like how you said he drank before, during, and sometimes even after school... like after school was the weird part haha 11:11
Denise45 3 hours ago
I waited all day for my sandwich. I started listening and my sandwich taste awful. This story is gross but interesting. Thank you Bailey
Denise45 3 hours ago
This story is crazier than I thought😯😫
Regina Okebugwu
Regina Okebugwu 4 hours ago
saeri sari
saeri sari 7 hours ago
i didnt notice that this video is 1hr length because i was just listening to her voice while reviewing for my exam and this feels like a podcast to me and i love it.
Molly Lankford
Molly Lankford 10 hours ago
Oooh! Do one on Albert Fish!
Alexandria Lowe
Alexandria Lowe 15 hours ago
@baileysarian your like me, we make jokes and laugh at uncomfortable situations and feelings in general lol it's just how I deal. I get you haha Ps. Your make up skills are BOMB
Har Kiran
Har Kiran 16 hours ago
Intriguing woman and attractive
ells 2304
ells 2304 17 hours ago
The neighbors and the manager didn't know there was an impostor among them .
Sarah Brady
Sarah Brady 17 hours ago
I love that lipstick
Sarah Thiele
Sarah Thiele 18 hours ago
So many of these guys were in the army!
Camika Mc Letchie
Camika Mc Letchie 20 hours ago
Something is wrong with these people :why why why !!🤮🤮🤮🤮
Camika Mc Letchie
Camika Mc Letchie 20 hours ago
Sonja Starks
Sonja Starks Day ago
guuuuuuuurl, you can really tell a story!!i! i love it !!!!!!!iii!!!!
Kiki's Crew 09
what-- im just- im speechless-- i cant--
Elisa Santiago
Bailey's talking kinds of remind of Sadie from Awkward. Only on some certain parts tho.
Cheska Barcelo
I just love the sheneshensheneshen I sometimes do it now lol love you bailey
Brandi Moorman-thomas
Pepperidge Farms remembers 😂😂😂 I'm a forever fan now. This was my first time watching
arralyy Day ago
“Go mimis” lol
Lauren Hoover
Even with the death penalty they will spend the majority of their lives sitting on death row. Makes more sense to remove them from society completely instead of wasting tax payer money to house and feed them for a life sentence. They get shelter and food when there are homeless veterans, elderly people, women, and children more deserving of a meal and a roof over their heads. That's just my feelings about the death penalty. 🤷
L Grace
L Grace Day ago
I disagree. I believe the death penalty gives them the easy way out. I'd rather live with the fact that a criminal is rotting away in a jail cell vs not having to suffer anything at all in this world.
Britny Hurd
Britny Hurd Day ago
Laguna beach reference or just that song in general? Either way. 👍🏼
LaTerrika Scales
I wonder how they were even able to identify most of the victims. Especially since he no longer had them and I doubt he knew their real names
Patricia Strange
They dont really suffer in prison. 3 hot meals and a bed? Warmth? Naw. What he deserved is exactly what he got. Lol
L Grace
L Grace Day ago
Just my opinion. No hate.
L Grace
L Grace Day ago
Easy way out tho. And it's inhumane regardless.
Camille Moore
Camille Moore 2 days ago
I’m new to your channel. Have you done Eileen wournos?
Kay-Dee Agonoy
Kay-Dee Agonoy 2 days ago
I mean, he wasn't attractive. Like, at all. 🤮
L Grace
L Grace Day ago
Real facts
Mary Katherine
Mary Katherine 2 days ago
He went to the samw school my kids go to.
Ann James
Ann James 2 days ago
Milwaukee: LaVerne and Shirley.... And they were delicious
JD 2 days ago
Yah I couldn’t finish this video. He is so revolting. I had seen this in buzzfeed unsolved already but love Baileys story telling. But I just can’t hear this again. Feel so bad for the victims and their families 😞
Em Kay
Em Kay 2 days ago
Chicks about to hit 3 million subscribers. Nice
kiyanna Davy
kiyanna Davy 2 days ago
I cannot believe that there are people so messed.
Alicia ah Flower
Alicia ah Flower 2 days ago
Weren’t most of his victim African American??
Alicia ah Flower
Alicia ah Flower 2 days ago
quz908 2 days ago
The 14 year old victim was from Laos, which makes him Asian American, not Native American.
Amanda Rae
Amanda Rae 2 days ago
wait, didn't he eat his victims too? I thought he was a cannibal...
Rachael Belzer
Rachael Belzer 2 days ago
I just want to say I just found her yesterday via recommendation from my sister and now im addicted. Her personality is awesome, her energy is contagious and did I mention even without makeup this chick is gorg??? 😍♥️
Indigo Flame
Indigo Flame 2 days ago
You make Mondays better. That’s all.
Alexis Brianna
Alexis Brianna 2 days ago
You give me kalgater143 vibes!
deLeeuw Productions
just found out today about this amazing woman and her vids.. just watched a few and im like, oke. just 1 vid and then i need to go to bed because i have to get up early.. then i noticed the length of this vid. RIP my sleep xD
Isabella 3 days ago
The fact that people idolize him.............that adds to the horror.
Gypsy SnowWolf
Gypsy SnowWolf 3 days ago
This crime story is disgusting and disturbing. *shudders* It made me angry too I'm a new follower. I absolutely LOVE your eye makeup in this one. Green is my favorite color. 💚💚💚
Courtney Lynn
Courtney Lynn 3 days ago
I am a new subscriber and I have been binge watching all your Monday videos! absolutely loveee them!
Lizbeth Tejada
Lizbeth Tejada 3 days ago
guys f r i e n d
Rebekah Jones
Rebekah Jones 3 days ago
Have you done one on john wayne gacy
Carmen Garcia
Carmen Garcia 3 days ago
I completely agree with you on the death penalty. Let them suffer and rot in jail.
Cerise Dragon
Cerise Dragon 3 days ago
Wow! Road to 3million up subscribers! ❤️❤️🥂 congrats girl!
Julia Jackson
Julia Jackson 3 days ago
It’s only 15% off casetify now 😣
Mars Bars
Mars Bars 3 days ago
im sorry but JD is not cute lol
Bombalurina 3 days ago
I believe the 14 year old was a Laotian immigrant. If he had been white, maybe the police would have cared. 😔
Euphenia Morellye
samgmcrX 3 days ago
If the grandma went to the basement he probably would have ultimately killed her too.
christina shaw
christina shaw 3 days ago
How to you find all this information EEEeeee
Pamela Newman
Pamela Newman 3 days ago
Makeup 💄 is on point Girl ❤️💯
Pamela Newman
Pamela Newman 3 days ago
This creepy dude wow I never knew all the details I mean we heard some of them but yikes 😳😳😳 sicko 🤢🤢🤢glad he dead tho gbye satan
Zac Collins
Zac Collins 4 days ago
You should do a piece on Carl Panzram
Madisen Wilson
Madisen Wilson 4 days ago
Her voice is just super pleasant to listen to
Kathryn Pasteur
Kathryn Pasteur 4 days ago
I know what you mean about the death penalty and the person would suffer more if they had to live in prison, but it cost between $40,000-$50,000 a year to keep each prison for a year. That is tax payer money.
I just wanted to say thank you for the disclaimer. I’m very sensitive to animals being harmed And I skipped that part. ❤️
Megan Boone
Megan Boone 4 days ago
Bailey pls do the ammityviile massacre!!
Natalie Rathbone
Natalie Rathbone 4 days ago
Who is selling this dude all this acid?
KOKOAXXXable 4 days ago
As the risk of sounding like a stuck record... Bailey u r supremely entertaining. ❤️
Lae Lae
Lae Lae 4 days ago
vanessa luviano
vanessa luviano 4 days ago
Wow! this one was really gruesome.
Jasmine Feliciano
do emma walker
I survived veganism barely
People protested for those officers to be punished. The ones that let the boy go back with Dahmer. They called them racist and homophobic. I honestly don't think that's what it was though. They probably thought the women were the homophobic ones butting in. I don't think people understand how charming and convincing a psychopath can be
Hanani Spradley
Hanani Spradley 5 days ago
One of the girls Ted Bunddy killed is from my hometown.
Beautiful Contradiction
This sociopaths I'm dating has the same date of birth as Jeffrey Dahmer not saying that all Gemini's are sociopaths I'm just saying that date is very spooky
TheMelrose1961 5 days ago
Another great video...still binge watching.. just loved this makeup.. so intense..but the story-time was too..
Junk Journals And More
Do one on lizzie borden
Ashram Elekima
Ashram Elekima 5 days ago
Got to see your videos on Facebook, I ran here to check if you had a RUvid channel, subscribed immediately ❣
Vicky F
Vicky F 5 days ago
That last bit was my fav.
Lexi S
Lexi S 5 days ago
I agree. Lifetime torture is better than the death penalty. Death is easier. They should face themselves every single day.
Hershey Villalino
Bailey is like a combination of Topanga (mother from Girl Meets World) & Corinne (Threadbanger) 😂😂
Norma Richards
Norma Richards 5 days ago
Noelle Broemser
Noelle Broemser 5 days ago
You should look into the true crime story of the Memphis 3 and do a video on that, talked about F*#&@% up!!!
Autumn Smith
Autumn Smith 5 days ago
Every single thing about this sicko dude is disgusting. Every. Single. Thing.
Diary of a Broken Soul Sorry it’s only audio ATM
Bailey, I need to know you concealer and foundation please!! Btw.. you rock!! Please let me know the make up for this video as I can’t see it. Thank you 😊
Allicesa Ellis
Allicesa Ellis 6 days ago
You also left out the bit as to why the inmate also killed Jeffery and it was because Jeffery had been antagonizing him,bringing up the people he had killed and essentially showing no remorse and that he admitted he didn't regret it.
Chloe Brown
Chloe Brown 6 days ago
I love her videos
King Penguin
King Penguin 6 days ago
Finally, someone feels the same about the death penalty. Let them suffer!
Amy Marie
Amy Marie 6 days ago
Bailey you look like catwoman with your make-up, you're such a beautiful woman💖
ashley marie
ashley marie 6 days ago
Can you do jonbenet ramsey story!
Maria Ferrao
Maria Ferrao 6 days ago
At the start she said to grab a snack because it was going to be long. 15.00 mins into the video I almost threw up 😂😂
blmxo58 6 days ago
ok now I need Ted Bundy
Savannah 7 days ago
I can't help but dance a little every time I hear your theme song.
Patricia Sewell
Patricia Sewell 7 days ago
I love your intro
Benito Dominguez
Benito Dominguez 7 days ago
Can you talk about Scott Peterson. He is getting a new trail.
Marie Esguerra
Marie Esguerra 7 days ago
Ooh thats why i kept on falling asleep during this video. Its one hour long. Jeez hahaha
Katherine Moynihan
Please do Kendall Francois.
Kayla Bear
Kayla Bear 7 days ago
I’m here for the true crime but I love your makeup skills!
Lxnie 8 days ago
i totally see what you’re saying regarding making people sit in prison and yes i agree with this for less offensive crimes. the reason i agree with the death penalty in crimes such as these with irrefutable proof is that if he’s alive there’s always a slight minute chance that he could get out or hurt another person. what if that person was your sister or brother ? what if they were you parents or cousins ? it’s just too much of a risk. those kinds of people need to be killed imo
boys3mom 8 days ago
"Is it mean?" "No" 🤣🤣
June Humphrey
June Humphrey 8 days ago
This is sad
Chanejel Star
Chanejel Star 8 days ago
No one bought his house that week when it was Entertainment Tonight either! and Simon Cowell is okay
ASMR BLOOM 8 days ago
Watch all her story time video in 1.5x it's more fun🤭🤭
Donna Patton
Donna Patton 8 days ago
Who’s here in the fall of 2020 passing time? I’m from Wisconsin and remember this well.
Aleys 8 days ago
woah 1 hour this is what i want to watch in Netflix
meryl sanchez
meryl sanchez 8 days ago
Can you please make a Spotify podcast? 🥺 really love your stories!!!
Marijuana Misfit
Marijuana Misfit 8 days ago
"My friend Dahmer" is a GREAT movie that covers a lot of how Jeff was in High school and shows him moving into madness. I recommend it.
C Kee
C Kee 8 days ago
Only 5 years of probation???? dang. Wreck a kid for life, basically have no consequences. No wonder so many kids end up victims.
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