Jeffree Star Speaks Up After Seeing What Fans Did to Shane Dawson Palette

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Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star sold out of their new makeup collection but fans are upset at some of the buyers.

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Tyrone Patrick
Tyrone Patrick 12 days ago
I low key now wanna resell stuff lol. Ngl
Amber Frankel
Amber Frankel 15 days ago
There’s nothing wrong with reselling... it’s a very good way to make money & completely legal. It’s your money lol, you don’t have to spend it on resells. Just don’t complain.
Camie 17 days ago
yalls dunno wat a restock is
deadly oreo
deadly oreo 21 day ago
U should already know that people are going to do it anyway
Lucky The Dog
Lucky The Dog 23 days ago
"There is people dying Kim"
Yeet :3
Yeet :3 23 days ago
Lol ik I'm late but "This is so unfair" KiM tHeREs PeOpLe DyInG
M a r i a I n o u y e
Just shows you how materialistic this world is. Like seriously calm down. It’s makeup. It will restock.
erin the egg
erin the egg 29 days ago
there’s bigger things in life than a makeup palette everyone needs to chill
Panda Bear UwU
Panda Bear UwU Month ago
The reselling biz seems really good, I might consider it if I will ever be in student debt lol
Ayy. Jayy
Ayy. Jayy Month ago
Why is no one talking about how rude it is for people to buy just to resell for so much more. Shane isn’t getting any money for the hard work he put into it and you’re getting triple the price when all you did is buy and resell
cool_soima Month ago
me over here who died for this palette yet cant even get a grain of eyeshadow because im broke
Interesting. Month ago
just like nintendo is doing with amiibos
kimbre01 Month ago
It sucks but supply and demand is a part of capitalism. There is a rather easy way to get it to stop. Just like Amazon and Ebay restricted items due to Covid they could the same thing again. Online retailers could also put a ceiling price on new items and not allow them to be sold for a certain percentage above the original sales price, but limiting that to items one year old and newer.That way collectables aren't effected. Of course, if the beauty fandom as whole just put their feet down and said "I will not buy from resellers because it hurts a lot of people when I give in to that need for instant gratification." Well, if no one was buying from them resellers wouldn't be able to stay in business.
Samantha Haggstrom
Honestly scalpers are soulless people and you shouldn't do that no matter if its concert tickets or makeup.
Kris M
Kris M Month ago
It seems the easiest fix would be for sites like Ebay Mercari or Kijiji to put a price cap on how high an item can be marked up
Valentina de los Angeles Ponce Alarcon
I resseled candy :v
Salma Siraj Year 8
I don’t like jeffree or Shane but this is messed up
AnnieGamer1123 Month ago
Spill failing at maths: 30 x 2 to 3 = 120 It’s 30 x 4
Hana Arichi
Hana Arichi Month ago
Ok why is nobody talking about that at 2:18 the price is 666.66?
Midnight Studios
Like y’all it’s a friken EYESHADOW palette, yet nobody sad about friken McDonald’s selling meals for like $20
Kalaika Allin
Kalaika Allin Month ago
I said this on Shane’s video and I’ll say it again. Shopify going down was NOT their fault. It being sold out was NOT their fault. People reselling it is NOT their fault. Their job is to make the product and put it for sale and that is what they did. Jeffery even said that Shane’s launch was the biggest order they had ever placed, and that he has never had over 2.5 MILLION people click onto their site within 24 hours. They knew what they were getting themselves into, but not to that extent.
Christina Patz
Christina Patz Month ago
Back at Morophe
CircaXv8 Month ago
well u can tell these people have never bought a youtooz before (which really are "when theyre gone, theyre gone forever" because theyve never restocked a figure)
Barney The Dinosaur
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari Month ago
there’s tea spill on you saying your “click baiting” ?
Lily Gonzalez
Lily Gonzalez Month ago
Someone smart enough should make an app that doesn't allow price gouging when reselling items cause honestly I know this is just makeup but think about when something becomes a necessity like when people were reselling toilet paper or germ x for outrageous prices.
LIONZ !!! 2 months ago
that's the thing. the resellers BARELY get THAT many buyers. sooo
pucca24sweet 2 months ago
I am not upset over reselling items however I am disgusted by the people who claim to resell items and then send you something completely different from what you actually ordered on eBay I had ordered Jeffree Stars designer blood liquid lip and was sent the colored dominatrix. I paid triple the amount that this lipstick was actually worth just to get something I did not ask for. And when I message them for a refund or for me to be able to send back the product and get the color I asked for they took down the listing completely. That's what's disgusting not reselling but the scams that some resellers do paint all resellers in such a bad light Edit-*not to mention the products was NOT NEW* waste of $68 plus shipping but I still support Jeffree and Shane I will just never buy a resold product again
Jessica Porter
Jessica Porter 2 months ago
Let this be a lesson on why we should buy in stores. Online shopping has ruined the experience for so many.
SuperStar Ava
SuperStar Ava 2 months ago
I like how she says at the beginning “this is simply meant to report on the news” when it doesn’t even make it on the news most of the time
Chloe Humphrey
Chloe Humphrey 2 months ago
God so many makeup brats
florxal 2 months ago
“This is so unfair” *insert the “Kim Theres people dying” meme*
K . T .
K . T . 2 months ago
some of these people have never been a k pop stan and it shows .... and that's on jungkook's downy sis
TheScaredNoodle !
TheScaredNoodle ! 2 months ago
I don’t see why they think it’s Shane and Jeffree’s fault! It’s no ones. We all crowded the site and the site workers were trying their best! Plus it is permanent!! You will get more chances to get the pallet. Life is unfair and you can’t always get what you want. I understand being sad bc I didn’t manage to get onto the site on time. But please consider that there are thousands of us and we basically raided the site. 😕
CottonCandy Gacha
CottonCandy Gacha 2 months ago
Wait,the bundle was being resold for 666.66 DOLLARS! I'm SHOOK SHISTER!
【•Nënë Yûgī•】
im sorry but i think seeing your product have so much hype should be celebrated?? like why not
jeonkim ssi
jeonkim ssi 2 months ago
mercy main, btw
mercy main, btw 2 months ago
They did treat it like Shane and Jeffree crashed the site on purpose, like they had power over that???
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 2 months ago
Guess who found a job.. 🤣🤣🤣
Señor Sano
Señor Sano 2 months ago
these whiny people wouldn’t be moaning about it being unfair if they just got it from a reseller. Just trying to find things to complain about, nit-picking.
Laurel Gray
Laurel Gray 2 months ago
Wait I’m confused why were they bashing poor Jeffree and Shane?
Theory Guy
Theory Guy 2 months ago
Oh boo hoo. Cry us a river!
Mel Babes
Mel Babes 2 months ago
You can have a job where you are your own boss and have 2 employees to get along with. But it doesn't have to be a job that works at the expense of someone elses hard work that they would spend more than a year to create. Disgusting.
Laney Nikole
Laney Nikole 2 months ago
Life ain't fair sweetie
ReachSkyla 2 months ago
I feel like half of the people who were in queue were scalper bots
Just A Pufferfish With Internet Access
People need to realize that websites are not meant to have hundreds of thousands of people on its server at once. It overloads it and causes it to crash. There was never "website issues" per say, the website works perfectly fine. It should be common sense that if you make technology do something it was not made to do, then its going to malfunction and/or crash.
Alice Duarte
Alice Duarte 2 months ago
Having watched the video of the launch day and how stressful it was for Shane and Jeffree. How they were so stressed and worried about the fans when it all crashed. And then the fans are just that ungrateful
UniKitty 4312
UniKitty 4312 2 months ago
Strike __
Strike __ 2 months ago
"The Pig Mirrors, which were sold for $30 each, were sold for 2-3 times the price" *Shows a picture of one up for $120 on Ebay*
Bruh moment
Bruh moment 2 months ago
Yall chill, this is how everything works
Gay Werewolf
Gay Werewolf 2 months ago
Honestly, ppl need to calm tf down. There's so many ppl trying to get it, something bad will happen alomg the way and they will eventually run out. If you get it, you get it and if you don't, then you don't
Macy Neff
Macy Neff 2 months ago
I’m kinda confused because it’s now April and there still hasn’t been a restock. James Charles sold out in like 30 minutes and I think it was only like 2 months before he had a full restock already. I know this is higher quality or whatever but this seems excessive.
Water Sheep
Water Sheep 3 months ago
Some of these ppl r getting mad over a website crashing cuz so many ppl bought it at the same time
azzy 1
azzy 1 3 months ago
I don't get why people were so mad like its not Shane or Jeffreys fault that they sold out
Shannon B
Shannon B 3 months ago
Imagine flipping out because you can’t buy eyeshadow 😂
Dora Da Baddie
Dora Da Baddie 3 months ago
I was actually drinking tea while this video was going on
Kelley Robles
Kelley Robles 3 months ago
I just wanna say having something in your cart doesn’t hold it. I’ve had stuff in my cart for gym clothes during a launch and got to start checking out and things have sold out while I was in the queue waiting to check out. It’s unfortunately the way the internet works
Danger Zone
Danger Zone 3 months ago
The only time people should get upset is when people do things like this with essential items during a pandemic or other natural disaster. Otherwise? Chill tf out.
Coco Noisette
Coco Noisette 3 months ago
Okay but real talk, resellers are trash and a perfect example of toxic capitalism
layna :3
layna :3 3 months ago
Oh well, if you didn’t get in in time, your loss.
Ãķï Love
Ãķï Love 3 months ago
Depressed Kermit
Depressed Kermit 3 months ago
💎thats 🤗 my 😶 idol 😹 thats 👿 my 🤢 idol 😰 if 😓 you 🤪 dont 😍 know 😇 her 🤭 she 🧐 is 😜 zoe 😯 laverne 😛
Bass Underscore Harmonic
This makes me so sad. Poor Jeffree and Shane worked so hard and they're getting backlash for being so successful.
Felstable 3 months ago
They mightve listed them at those prices on the reselling websites. But that doesnt mean they were actually selling at those prices.. no ones gonna buy a gloss for 85 lol
Zaks personal youtube
Also reselling and scalping are a different thing. Yes lemme go out to a yard sale find an old vintage vase that's worth 100$ the people don't know that sell it for 5$ i sell it for 100 online. Scalping is when someone buys stuff that's worth 100$ and try to sell it for way more than that like the people are doing with the beauty community
Zaks personal youtube
Hey welcome to the gaming Community where Everytime we have a limited addition anything scalpers buy out all the stock and sell it for quad price
Lisa Dee
Lisa Dee 3 months ago
i’ve purchased from resellers triple the price lesson learn you can’t get hold of it don’t buy them
Lisa Dee
Lisa Dee 3 months ago
i’ve purchased from resellers triple the price because i want to collect them, yes it’s frustrated i get it it’s about marketing but what’s not fair is how this crooked resellers being a team ?
Gabriella Leanne
Gabriella Leanne 3 months ago
I don’t get why people are mad I’m honestly happy for Jeffree and Shane because it’s like has that ever happened before?? It’s a website, you can’t count on it
Think Tasha
Think Tasha 3 months ago
I'm so glad I'm not into make-up like that.
lwhite.rabbitl 3 months ago
I understand why they would be mad, they waited for hours only not to get it, however they should respect Shane and Jeffree and not take it out on them, it's not their fault some people are reselling it, they could limit it however that in itself would also cause problems for if someone wants to buy one for themselves and one as a gift for a sister or brother or anyone, so even if they did put a limit, the problem would still not be solved
Hunter Hudgens
Hunter Hudgens 3 months ago
“Oh no! I’m an entitled, first world, middle class, 15 year old who can’t buy a $52 dollar palette with daddy’s card the MOMENT it drops. THIS IS SO UNFAIR! Other people aren’t more important than me. How DARE they. I’ve been a fan so much longer than most of these consumers!” Please get over yourselves.
Valeria Vismara
Valeria Vismara 3 months ago
I don't think reselling is the issue here... IMHO the problem is that people are willing to pay 2~6 times the price for something. It might seem unethical that people do that, but that only happens because there is a market.
TheRedhead1997 3 months ago
Why do you blank out words
awhhmel 3 months ago
when people re sell, they are still giving money to the person they are buying from. ppl need to stop being such brats. they will get it later. then can wait a little jeez.
Heather Kavanagh
Heather Kavanagh 3 months ago
At the end of the day people... it’s just makeup. It’s MAKEUP! You can wait for it to be restocked. Figure out your priorities.
adele preyer
adele preyer 3 months ago
I hunted it down In Tigard mall!
Death Hela
Death Hela 4 months ago
Well at least their collection is like the Hermes bags in the beauty world 😂 Isn’t that what Jeffree wants XD
Nickicomehome 4 months ago
Yassy the potato
Yassy the potato 4 months ago
Yall who didn't get it need to stop getting mad at shane and jeffree Other people want to get it to
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