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Comments 80
Christina Scafuto
Peter are you talking about the shake weight? Lol
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith Month ago
Wow you called it peter... the Jeffree stans FLOCKED to the comment section to defend their king 🥴 its embarrassing smh
Susie Q
Susie Q Month ago
as a Norwegian I can't relate. Every time I see a knitted sweather with clear Norwegain patterns like the snow rose/star I don't scream cultural appropriation, nor do I get my panties in a bunch every time I see a US team calling themselves vikings, or every time I hear someone outside Norway sample traditional Norwegian folk music, or abuse Edvard Grieg in a song I find this very noisy. What is it about african americans and their complete willingness to share their culture?? I absolutely do not get it, and I'm fed up. It's effing exhausting PS: the snowrose/star you often see on sweathers and other knit wear is actually patented and protected by a Norwegian heritage fund called Husfliden and they have been known to sue companies for using it without paying them
heather kirk
heather kirk Month ago
What about black culture doing the same with their hair to change it to white culture? Isn’t that similar? Not saying that makes what he did excusable. Just seems that things seem to be ok when it flows one way but not the other way in todays society. I wouldn’t dare do that. I know where the boundaries are that should not be crossed so i dont hurt anyone. But i wish others dont know where not to cross so they dont hurt or effect me
Xica Phx
Xica Phx Month ago
Yes please Peter. I would love to meet you. Im in Phoenix 🥳
Mr & Mrs Lee
Mr & Mrs Lee Month ago
I’m so honestly tired of hearing about cultural appreciation. Should we all just be completely separated at this point? No one gets to share shit and everyone is divided. Maybe then once we segment and segregate everyone we will find peace by appreciating each other from a far. Probably not... if someone is not being rude or trying to be rude shouldn’t it be considered a good thing that we share culture with each other? I mean the end goal is for us all to be treated with respect and to have love, compassion, and empathy for each other regardless of skin color? Why has the last 5 years felt like every step forward we get 2 going back.. tired of it. I don’t judge people and I’m not looking for a reason too, only when I see purposeful hate do I really have any kind of reaction. This time I’m just frustrated, not even really interested that it’s about Jeffree but the topic as a whole is frustrating and only feels like it’s mean to separate people further.
D. M. K.
D. M. K. Month ago
This is funny. If wearing long skirts with flower print is a cultural thing in my country doest it mean noone else can wear it? xD Ridiculous 🤣
Story Month ago
🌷 I think that generation lacks a true comprehension of suffering, and therefore their idea of oppression is laughable.
Brendan YZF
Brendan YZF Month ago
Just hair ffs
Prata Kid
Prata Kid Month ago
Omgggg I’ll be in PHX at my sisters!!!’ When !!!
HopelesslyHope Month ago
A census ad just popped up on this video 🤣🤣🤣
Görel Barkbark
Görel Barkbark Month ago
Jeffree shouldn't be wearing braids.
Coune Coune
Coune Coune Month ago
What Cultural Appropriation Is (And Isn’t) In short: Cultural appropriation is when somebody adopts aspects of a culture that’s not their own. But that’s only the most basic definition. A deeper understanding of cultural appropriation also refers to a particular power dynamic in which members of a dominant culture take elements from a culture of people who have been systematically oppressed by that dominant group. That’s why cultural appropriation is not the same as cultural exchange, when people share mutually with each other - because cultural exchange lacks that systemic power dynamic. It’s also not the same as assimilation, when marginalized people adopt elements of the dominant culture in order to survive conditions that make life more of a struggle if they don’t
Katie Rose
Katie Rose Month ago
Aw Peter I’m so happy you’re visiting AZ 🌞 you’ll love it here! While you’re in town you should visit the Old Town Scottsdale area, it’s super cute and has lots of great shopping. Also lots of cute coffee shops for a review video 😉
ariismyagent Month ago
Why is it always non black people saying cultural appropriation isn’t a problem lol
MandyGirlT Month ago
People need to worry about other things other than jeffree stars hair. It’s so sad. Who is the judge of what hair is for black people and what hair is for white people. He can wear whatever he wants. Stupid people are wasting their time on this
Tonya Green
Tonya Green Month ago
Why can't we all just wear our hair how ever we want and not have people freak out about. I miss the 80s 90s and earlier 2000s when people weren't so offended.
Melanie C
Melanie C Month ago
I think that anyone can wear their hair in any style they want. Braids, straight, curly, etc. Its just a hairstyle 🤦🏻‍♀️
Beautiful Disaster
If it's a stupid ideal about Jeffree Star then why is he soooooooo successful Your a sour Fruit cake🖕
An na
An na Month ago
Who tf is this loser
Loraine Taylor
Loraine Taylor Month ago
How is braiding hair "cultural appropriation" but straightening hair is not?
AmyBEgirl Month ago
I knew this was coming when I saw the snap. Ridiculous.
Brandy Weaver
Brandy Weaver Month ago
OMFG! R u fucking kidding me?? Edges and braids???? He wears wigs all the time, he's a drag queen, plus in one photo he's in bed with a buncha black guys and maybe a mexican guy, lol... He's doin fine, leave him alone... Try going after him for something real if ur gonna attack... How miserable u must be to bitch about someone wearing braids... EVERYONE HAS EDGES, lol... I call my edges fucking "wisps".... It's so fucking stupid... This is why anyone over 35 hates the younger generations, because this is what ur worried about... FUCKING HAIR STYLES!!! Wtf is wrong with u ppl???? Where is the fucking equality now?? U cry for acceptance but u hate everyone and everything... U guys literally bitch about EVERYTHING... Get over yourselves... Try not spending ur every waking second online and go the fuck outside...
Mary Nunez
Mary Nunez Month ago
Funny how many minions(my b) people defend Jolene Smelly on RUvid but irl literally everyone hates his shitty ass
Tattastrophic Witch
I think for the goth pallet he teased he should either Be in a traditional narrow foot coffin ⚰️ . Or a skull shaped pallet. I just want a true goth pallet!
Willow Moon Wolf
Everyone gets upset/mad/salty over everything. So we can’t do anything regarding a culture different from ours. Pretty soon people will be getting mad because you’re a Mexican person eating Italian food. “You’re not Italian, don’t eat our food !!!” Or an Italian person eating soul food. When do we draw the line of cultural appropriation ? Asking for a friend.
Papi Schmear
Papi Schmear Month ago
Morphe stores change their displays to coincide with the current release. Thus, Jaclyn $hill will be prominently displayed... It'll change in a week or 2. Thomas Halbert is getting flack because he's taken *MONTHS* if not over a year to pay *a few dollars* owed to an artist he commissioned - ridiculous! Seems like forever ago now but Jeffree addressed the issue Kat brought up about hiring her friend's art that never actually got used. Some research might help.
Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer Month ago
Everyone says purples are hard to formulate so i think this may be something to do with the lack of a full purple moment.
Kara Douglas
Kara Douglas Month ago
Why does EVERYTHING have to be about race?????? He has to put his hair like that when he wears wigs so who gives a damn if he’s snatched his wig off and left his hair. Geezus. That’s like saying people that don’t typically have blonde hair can’t have blonde hair because that’s cultural appreciation. Talk to Beyoncé about that or gtfo. It’s just not that deep.
LauraJane LuvsBeauty
And dreds are usually a sign between the wearer and god. Nordic people’s wore them, island culture, cearribiean specifically, however edges are typically associated with African American culture. However braids are associated with MANY CLUTURES, DREDS TOO
Lilith Month ago
So tell me, if a person of color straightens their hair it's cultural appropriation too, RIGHT? There is no such thing as "Cultural Appropriation" when it comes to hair styles. The Celts were braiding their hair LONG before they ever saw a person of any other color than white. People are being stupid with all of this shit. Instead of thinking "Cultural Appropriation" how about we think "Cultural APPRECIATION" ??? Stop being so negative. And FYI, Jeffree's hair when it was in cornrows was like that because he was out during the day shopping. He wears his hair like that whenever he's going to be wearing a wig. It controls the hair and gives something for hair pins to hook into.
Heather Huber
Heather Huber Month ago
I'm so pleased to come to the table (the comment section) and see that people are already saying what I was thinking and all I was going to say is already said. Bravo everyone, I love when communities think in the same logical fashion and think before we speak and/or act.
Leslie Aussem
Leslie Aussem Month ago
I think this whole thing stinks..then if you are going to say Jeffree cannot wear cornrows..looking darling..then People of Darker Color can't have bleach blonde hair..and straight~! its all bullshit..What this is, is a hypocrisy of do what you like..there are no rules...be yourself..god almighty..get a life...
Sandy Davidson
Sandy Davidson Month ago
I just don't get it. Why can't we all wear braids!! Why does everything come down to race? It's just crazy. Do we scream about them wearing straight wigs ? Or hairstyles that we wear? No! Why would we? Nobody "owns" a hairstyle. It's 2020 people. Grow up and act like adults!
Lissa Month ago
This is not cultural appropriation. It's that simple. And omg, he did a pallet that he wanted. We buy what we want. What is wrong with people reaching for hot takes and fake woke?!
Need Covfefe
Need Covfefe Month ago
You know Kenya is going to drag Jeffree about those cornrows. LOL She did a whole video about Nikita's box braids and cultural appropriation. Think Jeffree's gonna get a free pass from her? Nope.
j -s-m-r asmr
j -s-m-r asmr Month ago
Good thing prison inmates and veterans of military dont get pissed every time someone gets a tatoo!! Ha ha
Amy Petrie
Amy Petrie Month ago
My ears are bleeding from all the fan smacking! Lol!
Osito Cedar
Osito Cedar Month ago
As soon as I saw those cornrows I knew people were gonna come for him 🙄 Don’t a lot of people do that who wear wigs so their hair doesn’t get Fd? Plus I could have sworn I’ve seen him in cornrows before.
Osito Cedar
Osito Cedar Month ago
As soon as I saw those cornrows I knew people were gonna come for him 🙄 Don’t a lot of people do that who wear wigs so their hair doesn’t get Fd?
Osito Cedar
Osito Cedar Month ago
As soon as I saw those cornrows I knew people were gonna come for him 🙄 Don’t a lot of people do that who wear wigs so their hair doesn’t get Fd?
Lauren XOX
Lauren XOX Month ago
If the palette was all purple you would have no highlight or transition colours. Also lilac is a shade of purple 😂
Phoenix is Rising
His braids were under is wigs. Is the easiest way to change them in a few days like he did for that weekend.
Toni Page
Toni Page Month ago
I think it’s ironic that the people getting so butt-hurt over his hair are mostly white. It’s hair. Move on.
Chelsie Marshall
OMG YES PLEASE DO A MEET AND GREET IN PHOENIX!! That would make my LIFE I would love to meet you!! 💕
Elizabeth Basich
How many stars have rocked corn rows???? Jo Lo, she’s latino, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Gwen Stefani to name a few.Why aren’t they held to the same standard? Stuff like this is ridiculous.
Cheryl Mills
Cheryl Mills Month ago
I was really hoping to meet you while you were in town. Maybe next time. Glad you had fun.
Darlene Guide
Darlene Guide Month ago
Wendy Williams has been very disrespectful with her recent moments about other races than her's and gender issues. She should have been suspended or released from her show because of these remarks.
Tuley Month ago
Did Bo Dereck get push back on her braids back in the 80's?
Desirae Bates
Desirae Bates Month ago
Thank you so much for addressing the whole statistics issue. It always has kind of bothered me when a percentage is thrown out there without any actual backing. 69% of the time it works 100% of the time
Melissa Louise Madden
I honestly doubt cultures our communities will ever unite with love... 💔
Mekailah C
Mekailah C Month ago
Please start a podcast
shadowmatrx Month ago
Randomly complaining about a palette is weird, but I think putting out an opinion in response to a posed question is totally valid. I posted twice that I was underwhelmed, but only because people asked viewers to comment. I don't think it's really "complaining" to answer someone's question. It's just 1 person's opinion.
makeupwithkait _
i think the palette is really pretty. i didn't know what to expect so when i saw it, i wasn't disappointed. it's kind of rude of people to tell him how to create a palette, i'm sure he knows what he's doing. also, i'm a fan of his but i don't think he should be wearing his hair that way.. it kind of crossed the line. you can be a huge fan of someone and still be disappointed when they mess up.. some of these "super fans" are just pathetic.
Alesia Nicholson
I feel like I'm the only person who LOVES that palette. Also, as an artist who knows color theory, there are plenty of purples and tones within the family. You know if they were all dark people would be bitching just as much. Give me a break. As far as the hair goes, keyword ASSOCIATED with. No one owns a hairstyle. Get over it.
Moody Morgan
Moody Morgan Month ago
Shake and bake lololol.... your not fooling us na folks.... we got it
Cazzle Evo
Cazzle Evo Month ago
I am fed up of this 'cultural appropriation' stuff. Hair is braided to enable wig wearing and also for sewn in extensions - because it is PRACTICAL ! Besides this The oldest known historical depictions of what appear to show some form of cornrow or braid are the Venus of Brassempouy and the Venus of Willendorf dating back 25,000-30,000 years ago and found in modern day France and Austria. African women adopted this practice in 3500 BC to show which family/tribe they belonged to. It's similar to dreadlocks. Some of the earliest depictions of dreadlocks date back as far as 3600 years to the Minoan Civilization, one of Europe's earliest civilizations, centred in Crete and in Santorini in Greece. Dreadlocks were adopted by Rastafarians in the 1930's..... I rest my case
equestriem Month ago
The main thing for me is WHY are there still two or three tan nuetrals mixed in? We all have 30 tanish nuetrals. Not everyone has purple and the 3 lavenders are all different tones so that doesn't bug me.
Wendy Gutierrez
Wendy Gutierrez Month ago
I won't defend his promo pic, but the last Vegas pic is how he wears his hair under his wigs. He has it braided back so the wigs are smooth. So this is just pre-glam
Kate Ireland
Kate Ireland Month ago
Yassss do an Arizona meet & greet!!!
Eloise Witbooi
Eloise Witbooi Month ago
Cultural appropriation in hairstyling is a non-issue. And I'm saying that as a black woman. It's 2020. There are real issues in this world that you can battle on the internet from the comfort of your air conditioned / centrally-heated house or Starbucks café.
Anteroization Month ago
only in America , the rest of the world , does not care about cultural appropiation
Linz Taylor
Linz Taylor Month ago
I think Jeffree just likes to wear wigs. And for that matter, I think he was just feeling himself and thought it looked good. Xoxo. 💖 u Peter!!
Melissa Garza
Melissa Garza Month ago
It's Shake n Bake and ah haylped! Oh, my gosh. i was all about Northpark Mall back in the day when I went to SMU. So excited you got to come to Texas.
Karlyn Busche
Karlyn Busche Month ago
Yessss! Please do the meet and greet in Phoenix. I would absolutely LOVE to meet you! 😊 🏜
Brittany Rodriguez
There are so many reasons to hate Jeffree and this ain't it sis. These ppl need to get lives.
purple enchilada
I just can’t believe the extent that people will excuse JS’s behavior. It’s unbelievable. A great video to watch regarding this issue is As Told By Kenya, she breaks this issue down perfectly and is 100% correct.
Firem00n Knits
Firem00n Knits Month ago
I love both the packaging and the pans inside, BUT... I love them separately. I don't think they really belong together.
Emily Allen
Emily Allen Month ago
If I had the money to get nice braids done AND planned on wearing wigs all weekend then I would totally go for it because it's beautiful and also makes sense for him too and flattens it for the wigs. The articles going after him are trash stop it. Too much hate. I thought they were pretty, I think there are other social problems to address besides this makeup artists wig! Love ya, Peter. (:
Junebug Month ago
its just a hairstyle! does that mean we cant wear italian suits or australian wool or an american designer clothes or african print, hawian shirts. etc etc. its all getting too much dont you think?
Erin 8
Erin 8 Month ago
You were at NORTH PARK MALL and you didn’t CALL ME?!? How dare you, Peter!
Annette Pratts
Annette Pratts Month ago
Not a fan of Jen Luvs ... she just rubs me the wrong way. Regarding the Vegas corn rows on JS... I figured he wore them to make putting on his wigs easier. For the photo shoot... I am a Hispanic American... and I didn't think the braids were bad... but if they are... I am willing to learn. 🙂
Grace Westin
Grace Westin Month ago
Dallas love u!!!
Rearden Hardy
Rearden Hardy Month ago
OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU!!!!! This was the best little shout out ever!!!! You made my day Peter💛💛💛
Angela Carroll
Angela Carroll Month ago
People are getting wayyyy too sensitive. Even in the Shane Dawson video he has his hair braided so he could put a wig on. Maybe he was wearing a wig earlier and kept his hair that way. Or maybe he just wanted braids. Let him do what he wants to his hair!!
ginagina909 Month ago
I don’t like the pallet and I LOVE purple. I’ve been watching people’s swatches too and still not into it. I also like Jeffreys stuff. And there are too many lipglosses.
Beatriz Alejandra
In high school my black friends would cornrow my hair all the time. They weren’t offended obviously. People love black culture and I think others are misinterpreting flattery with cultural appropriation. What is that anyways???? That saying has sprouted wings and now covers over more than I think it should. People are being fake “woke”. What is going on????
Glo M
Glo M Month ago
I love you Peter but why? This tea shouldn't ever have been brewed!
Tamara Figge
Tamara Figge Month ago
Do people of color get accused of cultural appropriation because they straighten their hair? No. Why is it different for someone wearing braids. Heck, I’d wear them if I had the hair. I like it. Is that cultural appropriation? People are much too sensitive over this, it’s ridiculous.
Cheryl S.
Cheryl S. Month ago
The Dreadlock situation is silly. Every culture has worn them. If you look up the history of them, you will see this.
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