Jeffree Star REACTS to Kesha's NEW MAKEUP Line

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Kesha Rose just announced that she is dipping into the world of makeup, and Jeffree Star has some comments to make about this debut.
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Nov 7, 2019




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Comments 60
What's Trending
What's Trending 9 months ago
Are you going to buy Kesha's new makeup line?
B4Now 3 months ago
Waiting on mines in the mail 🙂
Elizabeth Barnes
Elizabeth Barnes 7 months ago
Hell NO
lil ruskii
lil ruskii 8 months ago
doesnt ship to Australia 😭
rawrberrys 8 months ago
Just did. Only pallet I've liked more than just a few colors in, and it's less than $40
illidelphian1 8 months ago
Don't know till I see it. 🤔
Katie. Morales
Katie. Morales 4 months ago
Who seen candy Ken
Owenplaysroblox 4 months ago
Does anyone think she sounds a bit like mr kate
the gaming fox
the gaming fox 4 months ago
I miss ke$ha
Joey Joe
Joey Joe 5 months ago
This is basically click bait, and I don’t appreciate it.
Kimberly M.
Kimberly M. 6 months ago
She doesn’t even know how to apply her own makeup... so why come out with eyeshadows? Guess anyone and everyone. Is slapping their names on products these days! Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
chrissy5291 6 months ago
I got it all. The pallet really is super soft and vibrant. The liners also do not rub off, but I have only put them on my hands. The lipstick is a beautiful and creamy red. But the holy grail truly is the lip gloss. It turns your lips a pretty pink, and I usually prefer more purple shades. It’s glossy and does have a slight plumping effect. It really was everything she said it was.
Miss Miami
Miss Miami 6 months ago
Romaan Breezy101
Romaan Breezy101 6 months ago
Yass kesha been loooow im exciteddddd for thisss 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Manolis Roberts
Manolis Roberts 7 months ago
This vid took too long to get to what it said in the title. Waste of time
Dylan 7 months ago
You’re wrong. Kesha and Jeffree weren’t in Kesha’s Take It Off video. They danced in her music video for Backstabber that her label never released.
Vitória Régia Sampaio
Actually exist two versions of Take it off, and one of them Jeffrey appear. Sadly is hard to find this video these days
We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr
But like kesha doesnt know anything about the drama
adina 7 months ago
Thatweird kid i think she does but doesn’t care
Dominik's Geeky Life
Jeffree's reaction starts at 2:03 and it's literally just a generic tweet... how you turn a tweet into a meaningless 3.03-minute long video is beyond me
charlotte aitchison
charlotte aitchison 3 months ago
Thanks! I hate these annoying ass click bait channels
Josie Thornton
Josie Thornton 3 months ago
eksoodohs 7 months ago
saved my time, thank you
Justin S
Justin S 8 months ago
Yes, instead of the James Charles collab... she should of done it with Star/Dawson. But 🤷🏼‍♂️ get over it. Star and Kesha need to have a collab.
TSERIES & GAY EMPIRE Are Kings Of GAys And B0ts
Eww anything but no to jerry skeleton or shanaya dowson
Lomas Ghimire
Lomas Ghimire 8 months ago
His hand expressions are so fake
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS 8 months ago
...And then Jeffree’s petty a$$ unfollowed Kesha because she did a video with James Charles... so dumb. 🙄
AliceShinya 3 months ago
What a dissapointment. I think he had some tea with her because i wonder why theres no make up video or maybe she only could choose one artist ?
Kallie Mae
Kallie Mae 3 months ago
Govan Animations “supported” is a strong word. He briefly mentioned that he was in a music video with her a while ago. Never even mentioned her makeup brand, which is the LEAST he could do after he totally screwed her over being petty. Going out of his way to delete a tweet in support of her. 🙄
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS 3 months ago
Govan Animations ... I saw that, good for him 👏👏👏
Govan Animations
Govan Animations 3 months ago
luoaR ogaitnaS Jeffree supported Kesha in his most recent video.
Kallie Mae
Kallie Mae 4 months ago
Jose Adame yes. Such a shame she had the heart to support him when no one else did, and he can’t return the favor because he’s being petty.
N 8 months ago
Never even heard of this Kesha chik....CASH GRAB....PASS
Space Cowgirl
Space Cowgirl 7 months ago
CrazyDayz you said that you’ve never heard of her so how would you know if she had crap music or not if you’ve never heard of her 🤔
N 7 months ago
@Space Cowgirl Just not a 12 year that likes crap music
TSERIES & GAY EMPIRE Are Kings Of GAys And B0ts
You jealous coz she didn't collaborate with jerry skeleton.
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS 8 months ago
Space Cowgirl ...I know right? Lol
Space Cowgirl
Space Cowgirl 8 months ago
CrazyDayz have you been living under a rock? Because Kesha had some of the best selling songs in this decade & in history too
Leon Darko
Leon Darko 8 months ago
Violet Rose
Violet Rose 8 months ago
Ke$ha is featured in her own album because shes saying that she was bringing a bit of her past self back to the album
a_star_for_nick 7 months ago
the song features an old rap she wrote when she was younger, that's why it's ft.Ke$ha
Ryann Kern
Ryann Kern 8 months ago
For one it's Kesha 5th album 1th animals 2th cannibal 3th warrior 4th rainbow And now the 5th album high road Kesha makeup line drops tomorrow Dec 3 5th album drops Jan 10th
Jex VoorheesDragonEmpress
Jan 31st
AYEForApplesauce 6 months ago
Ask her label, her label counts it as an album even though it's not
ericsuxx 7 months ago
Ryann Kern Cannibal is an EP, not a studio album so High Road would be her fourth album
Grant Kopman
Grant Kopman 8 months ago
Omg I'm boutta cry that kesha and jeffree are friends
Grant Kopman
Grant Kopman 7 months ago
@luoaR ogaitnaS big sad, I wish this shit was over
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS 8 months ago
Grant Kopman ...in case you didn’t know, Jeffree recently unfollowed Kesha because of her vid collab with James Charles... Jeffree is so freakin petty... you can now cry over that lol.
Lia Zoe
Lia Zoe 8 months ago
Why is everyone doing make up
California Doll
California Doll 7 months ago
Money but 100% they will all lie and say they're doing it for their fans and love of makeup when in reality it's just for money, which is okay but just say it and be honest
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS 8 months ago
Money and art
Kumotta Kun
Kumotta Kun 8 months ago
It's the new "celebrity fragrance"
Miquel Monarch
Miquel Monarch 8 months ago
who ?
DG 8 months ago
The announcer is cute
illidelphian1 8 months ago
What's with the lighting in this video?
krystie roth
krystie roth 8 months ago
I really wish she wasn't doing a video with James Charles.... Jeffree deleted his tweet and unfollowed her 😭😭😭
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS 8 months ago
I’m glad she did... it resulted in showing how petty Jeffree Star really is. #TrueColors
anotherperson 8 months ago
Randall 45 lmao james charles isnt better than jeffree! Lol check james's racist remark! At least, jeffree didnt pretend to be a female to get straight men in tinder lmao. Such a predatory behaviour!
Bruno NASA
Bruno NASA 8 months ago
kesha so Sally... she shouldn't b friend with jc..
徐马成 8 months ago
Welcome to 2019, the year everyone and their mother has a makeup brand
Helz 8 months ago
白花吗如maru 🤣
Jeffrey K
Jeffrey K 8 months ago
Love kesha but she and Make-up no Rihanna and Make-up yes its fits but Lets wait and see Maby iT Will be iconic 😏
Kallie Mae
Kallie Mae 5 months ago
Jeffrey K have you never heard anyone call her the queen of glitter? People have been demanding makeup from her since the early 2000’s. After releasing an album literally called “Rainbow” that uses colors as significant and deep symbolism, nows the perfect time. You need to catch up on pop news lol
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS 8 months ago
... you gotta start somewhere 🤷🏽‍♂️
Jeffrey K
Jeffrey K 8 months ago
luoaR ogaitnaS jup lol messy Rainbowwarrior but still not really icon but Lets wait and see Its already delayed until jan because its So planned ect lol But still we Will see 😘😋
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS 8 months ago
Jeffrey K ... what? Lol... Kesha has her own style. She has always been a “messy rainbow” from the beginning.
Jeffrey K
Jeffrey K 8 months ago
luoaR ogaitnaS its a natural fashion ect for Rihanna kesha diddent had a lot of style and trends thats why
I will always support this girl She’s been through too much to not be given the world at this point. I can’t wait to see her grow more:)
Mykyla Shaw
Mykyla Shaw 8 months ago
She must finally be free from her contract she was forced to stay in even though he’d been raping her. I am so excited for her and am so proud of her resilience. She’s gunna come back with a splash and I am so ready.
Mykyla Shaw
Mykyla Shaw 8 months ago
That’s stupid kill it with fire
Jacob Smollet
Jacob Smollet 8 months ago
Mykyla Shaw she’s not free, dr luke still profits off her:(
Sheri Wolaver
Sheri Wolaver 8 months ago
Dorian Lovell
Dorian Lovell 9 months ago
Not sure what she's on????!
Josh Levy
Josh Levy 8 months ago
Dorian Lovell happiness
Jennie Todd
Jennie Todd 9 months ago
I'm glad it was love n not negative. ❤️💞
Kallie Mae
Kallie Mae 5 months ago
Jennie Todd yeah he deleted the tweet and unfollowed her because she did a makeup collab with James Charles. 🙄 so fucking petty.
Mikal Bates
Mikal Bates 9 months ago
Fuck Jeff Starr who is his ass to comment on Kesha?
R1L3Y73 9 months ago
We love Kesha and I’m SUPER hype that Ke$ha is featured on the album!!
Satria Primadana
Satria Primadana 9 months ago
Why every make up artist need to be approved jefree star (in some article or youtube shit) like who fuck cares
anotherperson 8 months ago
Simple..u dont need PR anymore if u can get a big influencer that can easily attract more than 3M+ viewers in less than 24hrs & will get ur make up products on yt trending page. U dont care bcuz that isnt your product lmao...so calm your balls dude.
Eleazar Mendez
Eleazar Mendez 9 months ago
She kinda looks like Jaclyn hill
Tabitha jade Hamilton
Omg I was listening to kesha about an hour ago wondering why she hasn't come out with a makeup line and now she is! Lol crazy but awesome
Kallie Mae
Kallie Mae 5 months ago
Kimberley Elisabeth Have you seen Jeffree star do his own makeup before a photo shoot? No. Even on the Shane Dawson documentary someone else did his makeup for him before the photo shoot to release their palette, and he’s one of the biggest names in makeup production right now. Having chemistry knowledge and building a fan base that is obsessed with your glittery and colorful aesthetic (she’s known as the glitter queen and recently released an album called Rainbow) and making a beautiful palette have nothing to do with applying your own makeup.
Kimberly M.
Kimberly M. 6 months ago
Tabitha Hamilton she doesn’t even know how to apply her own makeup! Everyone is slapping their names on products these days. She should just stick to singing.
Shannon Litt
Shannon Litt 9 months ago
Cant wait!
amber Lockhart
amber Lockhart 9 months ago
Where’s the reaction?
Bdette 9 months ago
Who does your closed captions? They are incorrect and make you look like you don’t really know what you’re talking about. It’s Jeffree Star, not Geoffrey Store.
lunatunakitty 9 months ago
I didn't even know she still made music. Lol
FXCK B!TCH KILL 9 months ago
Jake Matton
Jake Matton 8 months ago
W J and then he unfollowed her....
Abdelkader Elbachir
Abdelkader Elbachir 9 months ago
Kesha is still alive !!!!! I'm shook
Dyslexic Teletubby
Dyslexic Teletubby 9 months ago
They had a dance battle for Take It Off??!?! I love that song
Lock Cick3r
Lock Cick3r 9 months ago
Dyslexic Teletubby ruvid.net/video/video-hGoOxFUijDc.html
Trashy Trash
Trashy Trash 9 months ago
Jeffree better not come for the queen
Cali Snow
Cali Snow 9 months ago
Fan of kesha..not a huge fan of this. I feel like make up is the new cash grab just like back in early 2000's clothes and perfume was the cash grab
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS 8 months ago
It’s called branding... and I’m a huge fan of make up... I’m excited to try her formula 😊
Sarah Louise
Sarah Louise 9 months ago
True but mabye she does honestly wanna do this for herself lifes never over girl just keeps going shes doing her
Masonjar Productions
I LOVE KESHA!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Steffi WebStar
Steffi WebStar 9 months ago
I’m excited ! I love her !
One_Beat_Silence Music
Makeup is just a new form of Merch.
Kinichi Kun
Kinichi Kun 9 months ago
When i see Kesha i always remember when she tried to hug Jerry Seinfeld. Lol
adrianna 7 months ago
Kinichi Kun he was like “idk who she is” 🤣
Stevie Armando
Stevie Armando 8 months ago
He was such a dick
ImAdaYouCanSmd 8 months ago
Norbert Borbas he didn’t know it was her and it was rude of her to interrupt him talking to the reporter.
A Enriquez
A Enriquez 8 months ago
Girl same 😂😂💀
Norbert Borbas
Norbert Borbas 9 months ago
Kinichi Kun Jerry is an ASS
Tabatha Feucht
Tabatha Feucht 9 months ago
Kesha, I love you girl but them mini bangs has gots to go honey.......I can't wait for your makeup line.😘
Ima Mermaid
Ima Mermaid 9 months ago
So basic of course she coming out with a makeup line money grab
Alpha Red
Alpha Red 9 months ago
After all Kesha has gone through, it's awesome to see her expand beyond just music and art, now to makeup! So amped up for the release!
Irene Belserion
Irene Belserion 7 months ago
I’m actually gonna Triple my order just because how happy I am for her but also two of my nieces and me will have one each ❤️👍🏽
Sarah Louise
Sarah Louise 9 months ago
Im so hyped for her too shes gone so far since 2011.. im happy shes happy doing her thing being herself
jennifer garcia
jennifer garcia 9 months ago
Melissa Lynn
Melissa Lynn 9 months ago
Yea yea yeaaaaa!!!!! I freakin love Kesha!!! I cannot wait for this!!!! Pretty sure I saw on Twitter it was releasing December 3rd
pash91 9 months ago
WHO THE FUCK CARES?!? both of their hour of fame has rolled down the street...like a turd in the wind already
Matthew Fridley
Matthew Fridley 9 months ago
What about the time when jeffree star accused james charles of.... was it a pedophile, predator, and rapist? Wheres the content and proof of that. Instead he and shane launched a pallette and not uploading the other content. How is it ok that a thirty something year old can make accusations against a nineteen year old of vile acts, spill no facts, but spill a pallete? Who will follow in these footsteps?
YounS GameZ
YounS GameZ 9 months ago
Holy shit! That's too much makeup!!
luoaR ogaitnaS
luoaR ogaitnaS 8 months ago
...not if you love make up 🤷🏽‍♂️
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