jeffree star moments that had me screaming

iced almond trash
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a collection of my favourite moments of jeffree star featuring shane dawson, nate schwandt, ryland adams, garrett watts, andrew siwicki, trisha paytas, tana mongeau and more!
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intro: boy with luv (apocalypse remix) ruvid.net/video/video-toc6crqioEU.html
outro: you reposted in the wrong neighbourhood ruvid.net/video/video-4feUSTS21-8.html
q: how old are you?
a: 17
q: where are you from?
a: sydney, australia
i do not own any of these clips!
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Comments 80
iced almond trash
iced almond trash 4 months ago
i'm so glad to see everyone loving this video! what other celebrities or youtubers would you like to see in compilations?
Oppa Girl
Oppa Girl 13 days ago
*yells in Bakugou*
*yells in Bakugou* 18 days ago
@Baby Girl oh god ssoyoung is a mess
bil's pirate
bil's pirate 18 days ago
Billie Eilish!!!pls🙏🙏🥑
Aesthetic 20 days ago
James Charles
*yells in Bakugou*
*yells in Bakugou* 28 days ago
BTS lmao
Karanveer Singh
can anyone tell me what is he trying at 4:28
May04bwu 4 hours ago
I don't even watch Jefree, I just watch these compilation videos
Kacie Knits
Kacie Knits 9 hours ago
Your intro is loud and long and annoying lmfao
schwarz ist mein name
1:51 I kept replaying the scream and I pissed myself
Seokie Jinnie
Seokie Jinnie 18 hours ago
I love your intro!!
Mehak Bhatia
Mehak Bhatia Day ago
Please do check my videos for tarot card reading
Ethan Lockhart
Ethan Lockhart 2 days ago
shane being confused in the bg is me all the time
Sanvi Sinha
Sanvi Sinha 2 days ago
The richest vsco girl is Jeffree. "ANNA OPP"
arannaxkatana 2 days ago
Lmao the way Ryland gasped when jeffree threw the gucci
WHIMSII 2 days ago
He's so iconic, I can't-
Evie Lee
Evie Lee 2 days ago
“Where’s the fucking makeup!”- Jeffree Star
Katie Dalton4579
Katie Dalton4579 2 days ago
I don’t care what anyone says Jeffree is the funniest/shadiest person love him so much 😂
Julia Freitas
Julia Freitas 2 days ago
He’s so iconic
Jeffree: “Ahahaha!” *Not even two second later* Jeffree: *HIGH PITCHED SCREAM*
Kirralee Pearson
Kirralee Pearson 3 days ago
boy with luv at the beginning omg
Jessica Khan
Jessica Khan 3 days ago
1:48 when Jeffree screams makes my literally cry with laughing I CANT- its so random I love it
Khamaraa Ramirez
Khamaraa Ramirez 3 days ago
When he screamed that had me dying 💀💀
Iris Bonamigo
Iris Bonamigo 3 days ago
"omg theres moeny in that " it had me crying ahahha
domisthebomb09 3 days ago
Dude. I have never related to anyone so much in my life. I want him to do my makeup and I'm a straight man
Jk Bts
Jk Bts 3 days ago
Jeffree star w a bts intro😂what a combination
Rachael Dye
Rachael Dye 4 days ago
"Which, by the way, lawsuit pending." I'm done. 😂😂😂
Ash Martinez
Ash Martinez 4 days ago
From low to high scream to normal back to a screech is how my whole year has been going
mIKeY LeE 4 days ago
He called me poor in every language
XcloudXtears 4 days ago
Emily Olsen
Emily Olsen 4 days ago
Wtf is this lmao
mariah alize
mariah alize 4 days ago
MOVE BITCH!! istg that gets me everytime lmaooo
S Smith
S Smith 4 days ago
I used to find Jeffrey Star a lot to handle but over time I have learned to love his extra ways. He’s just a fabulous extra person and we love him! 💗💗💗
Sister ShoOk
Sister ShoOk 4 days ago
*can everyone appreciate the intro music please*
Ethentent 4 days ago
1:46 is one of my favorite Jeffree moments ever
90sTae 5 days ago
living for the bts in the beginning
Stefane Sheryniele
1:52 holy shit lol😂
Rose Lee
Rose Lee 5 days ago
jacobi notmeanymore
is there some kind of really good deal to sell your souls recent years ? like : become this thing and get 5% more fame !
Frank Parent
Frank Parent 6 days ago
"I really would like to give this place 0 stars, but it won't let me!" Had me dying!!!
Kiss yo Homies gn
I thought I was watching larray for a sec
jax l
jax l 6 days ago
LOL sephora have a seat...
Violet Moon
Violet Moon 6 days ago
Made my week this is art😁🙏😍❤
Kiki ASMR 6 days ago
"TRASHHHH" "OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" "WAIT THERE'S MONEY IN THAT BAG!!!" *me and my last three brain cells looking for money in my wallet*
Phương Trang
Phương Trang 6 days ago
Actually , he is so handsome 😢😢😢😢
Ash_Ketchum 6 days ago
2:29 rudolph???
Natan Biller
Natan Biller 6 days ago
Jeffree: we did not have fortnite and I wasn't blowing anyone yet, or was I. Me: *DYING*
Natan Biller
Natan Biller 6 days ago
Jeffree is litterally me and my personality
Natan Biller
Natan Biller 6 days ago
Jeffrey: hi today we are going to try something new and I don't mean your father. Me: *QUAKING*
Sitara Rajappan
Sitara Rajappan 7 days ago
WELCOME BACK to my channel ☺️
Assistant to the Regional Manager Anna ou
Miss Cracker
Miss Cracker 7 days ago
I just realized Jeffree is Single and can date Garett
Jasmine Gentry
Jasmine Gentry 8 days ago
1:46 im crying💀💀
Katrina Wilson
Katrina Wilson 8 days ago
1:24 shane: "wAiT tHeRe Is MoNeY iN tHaT bAg!"
Angela Cruz-Mendoza
No one: Me: He got so many tattoos 🤭😶
Christian Jiménez Zurcher
0:01 BTS at the beginning YAAAAAAAASS 👌👌👌
Celia 188
Celia 188 9 days ago
My eyes are watering
Dirk Aeron Uy
Dirk Aeron Uy 9 days ago
Jeffree: shading gucci shane: wait theres money inside the bag
Leen Malek
Leen Malek 9 days ago
Bella thrones looks different here
potato Pierson
potato Pierson 9 days ago
I love him but he had white chocolate kit kats in his hand wtf😂😂
Leighanna Jaime
Leighanna Jaime 9 days ago
He gives me life
evelyn aguilar
evelyn aguilar 9 days ago
“Let’s all get drug tested...hot” 👀😂
Jilari Oviedo
Jilari Oviedo 9 days ago
9:12 kinda shipppp 😊
Addison Black
Addison Black 9 days ago
He seems so annoying to be around. I love him. I want to travel the world with him telling me how poor I am. HE IS AWSOME!
Addison Black
Addison Black 9 days ago
Jeffrey: *trash* Shane/me: *wait there’s money in that bag!*
sid viscus
sid viscus 10 days ago
LOL 1:20 ryland's gasp when jeffree throws his gucci clothes
Frosty *snowflake*
Frosty *snowflake* 10 days ago
love the into song
Stephanie Stephanie
*wAiT, tHere MonEy iN tHat bAg-*
just babe
just babe 10 days ago
now nate is gone 😭
Tyler Herberholt
Tyler Herberholt 11 days ago
4:32 he turned into onion boy for a sec there
Jimins Jams
Jimins Jams 11 days ago
So no ones going to talk about the intro-
Maki Lee
Maki Lee 11 days ago
0:40 brooooooo 😂
Tianna Taylor
Tianna Taylor 11 days ago
1:24 the way Shane says that is hilarious
Flavia De Brito
Flavia De Brito 11 days ago
Saben young
Saben young 12 days ago
Seizure time 0:00
OWOimaperson 12
OWOimaperson 12 12 days ago
“Cant relate, have my own company” LMFAO!
Felicity Giraffe
Felicity Giraffe 12 days ago
Me watching this video is about as helpful as a child in Africa watching a Mukbang video. I don't even own any makeup beyond eyeliner and a bottle of lipgloss from 2004.
boy with luv
zenzoner zz
zenzoner zz 12 days ago
1:05 im sorry but why is trish's face orange? Like literal orange, like put her face next to jeffree's wig and her head would dissapear!
Giorgi GG
Giorgi GG 12 days ago
7:25 I CAN'T BREATHE 🤣🤣🤣
Ayden Bennington
Ayden Bennington 12 days ago
1:52 made me scream
Miss Synth
Miss Synth 12 days ago
All Shane Cared About was the money lmao 😂😂
Delia Jasmin Anzora
1:23 killed me 💀💀😂💀😂💀💀💀💀💀
Kitchen Wench
Kitchen Wench 12 days ago
shane and jeffree are goals
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 12 days ago
The I really would like to give this place 0 stars but it won't let me........ Literally I was biting my own nails when he took the pen out 😂😂
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