Jeffree Star is a Danger to Society

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May 25, 2019




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Comments 80
Opinions are like assholes everyone’s got one. But opinions are just watered down facts often 10% or less then what the truth may be. This so called “meme news” you report is just opinionated and is just as dangerous as the channels/people you hate. You NEED THE FULL STORY. Opinions don’t help the good of people it just leads to misdirection. And no matter who you are unless you’re involved, your “fact filled” opinion that you like to present against all the people you call out, often can be defended against time and time again because you like push story’s, with the good intention in your heart, to call out the wrong. But instead just end up leading people into believing your opinion is 100% truth, this isn’t always the case. But this is damaging not only the defending sides reputation (which you get an enjoyment out of doing, as do I and the rest of your channel..) but also your own reputation and this all can lead to you seeming less credible. You calling out an old, already Jeffree addressed story such as this, is very hypocritical as you defend a person just now (referring to your nuke content here... which btw keemstar can go suck one, not defending that guy) who was accused as a rapist but clears the entire situation in a video, all because CumStar wanted to revert attention elsewhere away from him. Before you start to formulate /post; you need to look into the WHOLE story otherwise you’re no worse then keemstar just sitting back thinking you’re ok just giving the people the story’s you wanted to share. I love you & Hila & I don’t want to see your “Death of H3” story next year on some other dickheads channel due to misinformation or misguided opinions. Also! You hate clickbait but for reference, in what my eyes as a fan of both sides, the Shane Dawson cat video says “Shane Did WHAT to his cat?”. Just implying he did something without any context or knowledge as to what that would mean. Did you not think about what that would do to his/others millions of followers that don’t also follow you, to then one day land on your page and see that video, and now hate on one of their favorite people. All because of that fake bullshit style news. But hey. Shane’s picture with a cat and a fucked up title will bring in more views right? Either way Ethan. Chill Bruh take a breath, don’t let your opinion on a topic you’re unaware of ruin what you’ve built because you’re looking for something to do. (BTW Secondary opinion for you all not just H3, (I know.. Opinions- I just shat on them) but I believe podcasts are beginning to be dangerous because it’s so loose and can easily destroy/implode on people due to this kind of ignorant shit coming out of their mouths. Which is hugely a reason the shitty ShowHosts/Radio people should stay where it’s at, TV. These guys are Strictly regulated by the FCC +sponsors and shit to ensure as little mishaps as possible happen. Their Shit sucks but it’s worked for the most part, I know controversial matter will always appear but not in a immediate world impact upon an individual that this format does. Especially since we’re not talking about celebrities attacking other celebrities, these are All real people with real lives on the line and not all, in fact most do not have infinite money to thrown down to protect themselves when some unknown force attacks them just for living their life. You’re clearly a smart guy otherwise you wouldn’t still be here making videos today 7+ Yrs later of doing this. Just think first man, This way RUvid can remain a fun content based site and not a, “let’s talk about my unneeded side of this Shit story” site.)
I can't even watch because that mangirl is so gross
Live Wire
Live Wire 2 days ago
Oh god that song what the hell JeffREE star
You're all utter mouth breathers 666
God damn that Charles man is fucking gorgeous 🤣🤣😙🥰🥰
Nova_Noelle 123
Nova_Noelle 123 3 days ago
Blake1720 2 days ago
Chimaera Regilla
Chimaera Regilla 4 days ago
This aged well
Thecapo Jimmyjones
He got Scotty too Hotty for eyebrows hahahahah
hold 'er Newt, shes rearin' ?
Those chicks are ugly as sin and flat as a board! How did i get here?
Solo Hazard
Solo Hazard 6 days ago
All of this stuff about James should’ve stayed private. I’m not a fan of his, but I don’t think these two 30 year olds should be attacking a 19 year old about something that should’ve been settled privately. I think all of this could’ve been settled if it had just stayed private.
Nina Novak
Nina Novak 6 days ago
AGREEEEEE! IF ANYONE IS a danger its jeffree and not james..lol
Whalesnamedshark 6 days ago
It’s shame the lawyers broke it up
marlin gates
marlin gates 6 days ago
He's an ass
2001 Monolithic
2001 Monolithic 7 days ago
I can't watch this. I'll re-watch that squid eating monster instead.
Louis Rautenbach
Louis Rautenbach 7 days ago
Wtf happened to the world . Men dressing like girls . Wtf
Louis Rautenbach
Louis Rautenbach 7 days ago
Nothing beautiful about a dick in a panty
COACH BILL!!! 7 days ago
Damn. These “beauty” guys got molested HARD as kids.
Brian Weiss
Brian Weiss 7 days ago
Leave him the fuck alone worry about ur self
yama hama
yama hama 7 days ago
J.s has mental illness. Fact
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy 7 days ago
these guys cause more drama than a bunch of high school kids
Rowan Melton
Rowan Melton 8 days ago
James Charles' voice is so irritating
StevePeeve 9 days ago
Ethan ahead of the curve again, Jeffree hanging out with child predators, being racist, lying, revenge porn! It's all coming out now
lisa dodd
lisa dodd 6 days ago
fuck jeffrey star all my homies hate jeffery star
Rocket Man
Rocket Man 9 days ago
Jeffree star is a phyco he should play the saw clown in saw he looks like it
Sarina Gito
Sarina Gito 9 days ago
i used to like jefree starr until ... that stomach gut feeling.. was confirmed.. .the guy is sick. and a total pawn for this luciferian agenda. i feel for his dogs.
Jeffrey Star is a Cancer to society.
dimithri94 9 days ago
man i feel sort of bad for James. He is a young boy getting sucked into this imotionally unstable adults andt their drama. He is better off without them and their friendhsip, they are just goddamn jealous he was blowing up so fast
sbjkd 9 days ago
The blonde dude looks a lot older than 34.
sbjkd 9 days ago
Cure for cyber bullying starts at 6:50 ruvid.net/video/video-8SFCE4RsJHw.html watch the whole thing for laughs 😁😁👍👍
sbjkd 9 days ago
The short-haired guy is giving me a headache.
sbjkd 9 days ago
This guys fake eyelashes look like they hurt or are getting caught/stuck together.
Trey Tong
Trey Tong 10 days ago
would smash...she is a he...wait..what??/
Theo Weiner
Theo Weiner 11 days ago
They need to do an interview with James charles
weird science the 2nd
Yeyy gay beef dude this is going to get bitchy and it's going to go on forever
Max Caulfield
Max Caulfield 12 days ago
Jeffree star looks like the kind of dude to drink babies blood from some fancy thousand dollar cup lol
Mr. B. Trace
Mr. B. Trace 12 days ago
I still hear things. lol
JetSki Wet
JetSki Wet 13 days ago
Who let these people be so sick
Fl1ght CSGO
Fl1ght CSGO 13 days ago
men wearing makeup just is so fucking weird it's scary.
Kristy Kirkland
Kristy Kirkland 13 days ago
jeffree is the next michael jackson
Alan Michael
Alan Michael 15 days ago
Makeup is used to mask the reality of what is beneath: an insecurity, ugliness, asymmetrical features, a monster.
FR19 InFeRnO
FR19 InFeRnO 16 days ago
Is it a boy or a girl?
Jan ŽATECKÝ 16 days ago
This is Boys future look
tortillawing tv
tortillawing tv 17 days ago
jeffrey star looks like a fruity marylyn manson
Jamie Blackman
Jamie Blackman 19 days ago
Jeffree Star looks like Barbie on meth
Sarah 19 days ago
i want an ethan klein straight boys cover
Elizabeth Abbott
Elizabeth Abbott 19 days ago
this aged surprisingly well for h3h3
Sparkle O'Whore
Sparkle O'Whore 21 day ago
They look like a horror movie
Danny Wright
Danny Wright 21 day ago
The beauty community, is that double speak beacaue they are all ugly as fuck
Make America Great Again Nunyeah
Jeffery Star is a (wack/wonky) Bully!!!
Make America Great Again Nunyeah
I apologize but people that think these type of videos are normal there is something seriously wrong with you
123apacino 22 days ago
This whole situation is gay
Samantha 22 days ago
Playing the straight boys song while jeffree star was talking made me laugh so hard 😂 what a clown. That song is so toxic btw, kinda sounds like raping to me....
tubagoo dom
tubagoo dom 23 days ago
Can always count on the H3 podcast to be the first to dig up some dirt
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 23 days ago
Mad respect to the normal gays who don’t dress up like clowns at pride rally’s or look like James Cuckhead and Jeffrey Pedophile
no one
no one 6 hours ago
Peter Griffin lol well you’re making the choice to put energy into looking. It’s ok if you’re into him
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 7 hours ago
Jenica Lee yes it hurts me to see it
Jenica Lee
Jenica Lee 9 hours ago
I mean it's their choice on what they want to wear and how they want to present themselves? It's not hurting u lol
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 13 days ago
Nah just hating on all these gay assholes with their rainbow flags acting like it’s the biggest deal in the world to be gay.
no one
no one 13 days ago
2nd gayest thing to say that I’ve seen. You’re very concerned about how men dress. Fetish?
Abby 23 days ago
Jeffrey Star has a brother??
The BiscuitXL
The BiscuitXL 23 days ago
I never get any of this.. Always looked like men acting like women to me.. Whatever floats your boat, i guess.
ma amí
ma amí 23 days ago
Hila :)
Polly Farmacy
Polly Farmacy 24 days ago
I like James Charles because he is talented and classy compared to jeffree who constantly talks about orgies and smoking weed on his channel...young girls watch that channel. Example: a product labeled “emotion proof” was tested by Jeffree giving oral sex to his bf in a steamy shower...literally. 🤮
im-pro-at-skyrim 25 days ago
Who else cant stand people who want to look like a women but also want to be creepishly manly about it
Mac 25 days ago
The fact that Jeffree has gotten so many passes on his behavior is shocking. He's such a disgustingly horrible person and truly psychotic. Don't understand why people like that pig Shane Dawson either but won't get into that. It's sad to see how fake the relationships these people have are.
Alyssa Pugh
Alyssa Pugh 25 days ago
Ethan went so off the rails during his video wow
Playstationeer 25 days ago
Idk man this jefferey star makes my skin crawl.
Actor Benandtonic
Actor Benandtonic 26 days ago
Whoooooooooooo cares!
Chloe Rene
Chloe Rene 26 days ago
Interesting how this is still relevant 🤔 Jefree👏star👏is👏a👏danger👏to👏society👏
Leah Acevedo
Leah Acevedo 26 days ago
I never bought into any of this cancel culture bullshit. Not James, not Nikocado, not Gabbie Hanna... not none of them. Cause I was not there. But James was able to prove that he was defamed. Good job.
no one
no one 13 days ago
I mean the Nik and Gabbie ones were obvious. All nik needed to do was give Steph permission to release the home security yet. And with gabbie she would hang out with her “bff’s” rapist. Yeah.....
Leah Acevedo
Leah Acevedo 26 days ago
James checkmated TWO powerful millionaire influencers, and he's 19.
Miranda Rodriguez
Miranda Rodriguez 26 days ago
When he started playing "straight boys" behing the apology video I literally died
Deadites 26 days ago
NATURE IS BEAUTIFUL these people are freaks of nature.
Ragical the Unhallowed Knight
Or in other words... Who the hell cares?
Jessica McIntyre
Jessica McIntyre 26 days ago
I remember people borderline hated me irl for believing James over Tati and Jeffree. It goes to show that people bandwagon hate to no end as soon as it starts. I knew James wasn’t an awful person and that the rumors surrounding the allegations were completely false and hypocritical of Tati and Jeffree
Haliel 26 days ago
why is that dude wearing makeup
Cas 27 days ago
The whole beauty community is a danger. Jeffrey star is the thing I see in nightmares
RunMe That
RunMe That 27 days ago
When he played straight boys in the background I fucking died
KnightBot N
KnightBot N 27 days ago
Tbh i dont know how jeffree got so many fans like hes so manipulative
Jade Williams
Jade Williams 28 days ago
Can you imagine waking up and everyone (who you thought were your friends) are trying to ruin your life and career?
Brandon Berry
Brandon Berry 28 days ago
Mental illness at its finest!!
Snips美優 28 days ago
Remember the times when the youtube beauty community was actually about beauty? Me neither.
Caleb Jensen
Caleb Jensen 28 days ago
Fuck, is that a girl or a boy?
Blake Sharp
Blake Sharp 29 days ago
These people think they are way too important and sadly there are way too many people reinforcing their belief that they are that important. Like Its fine to watch Ethan let these people know how lame they actually are but who are the people actually watching these James Charles videos. Like they are going to watch people read their text convos? I just don't get it anymore. This. This is the type of shit that makes God want to just flood the whole world and start over again. If James Charles gets me raptured I'm going to be so pissed
Blake Sharp
Blake Sharp 29 days ago
Oh just got to the justin beiber dick part. Fuck white privilege that's straight up (no pun Intended) gay privilege. If posted that and tagged a 16 year old Billie Eliish bout her tits you better believe Chris Hansens puffy ass is going to show up on my ring camera
Mark Sawyer
Mark Sawyer 29 days ago
Who gives a crap about this?
Sarah Bleu
Sarah Bleu 29 days ago
Jeffree's the turtle Jeffree the rabbit. Shane just wanted fast food that day and not gourmeat. Shane saw him with the big meat. Jeffree probably fuckd so many guys with his big meat. Shane wanted in on the action. He wanted whatever Jeffree had. I mean I get it Shane worked hard for what he got. No way Shane is like Jeffree. James Charles kept his head down the whole time. You want to deliver a great product to younger audience. Who most don't know what hard work is. And Shane had to introduce Jeffree. I'm sure most kids in America are accustomed to this type of Narcissistic behavior cause they living with their parents and don't know what responsibility is.
horticasey 29 days ago
Weimar Republic all over again. Don't forget how that ended last time. It's inevitable.
Erin meep
Erin meep Month ago
Jeffree lives for drama now that Nate isnt around...
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