Jeffree Star Had a Nazi Lipstick Brand

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But y’all don’t care...
Just my opinions for your listening pleasure (or displeasure lol idk)
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MaliciousFam 7 days ago
This is already gone from the Wayback machine -- unless I really suck at using it. He really must have gone through some shit to have this scrubbed from the internet. I feel so personally stupid for thinking that something had really happened inside him that had caused a real change. Like I was really taken by him...I did not like him in the beginning and for some reason, I thought had honestly changed. He KNEW about this but he only addressed things from his past that he positively HAD to. WTF
Dega 1313
Dega 1313 20 days ago
He even made a song about being a lipstick n*zi. It's on YT.
Escalera oHH
Escalera oHH Month ago
im still mad he hasnt gotten cancelled
Sara Tal
Sara Tal Month ago
Makes sense why him and kvd were friends...
the Flawless MoonlightQueen
I will for ever refer him to as his real name Jefree SH!t
R Diaz
R Diaz Month ago
The fact that a person like Jeffree Star (with the way he looks, acts, sexuality etc.) Even has the NERVE to be a racist piece of shit is completely unfathomable to me.
Susan Sanderson
Susan Sanderson Month ago
I've heard of this brand before. And I'm not big into this kind of stuff. So your right people don't seem to care about his past and probably his present behavior to be honest. It's sad, sold his damn soul to the devil for success, I really believe that. This stuff that he did wasn't that long ago, he was an adult, people don't change that drastically. He is just being more careful and quiet than he was in the past. You know his pr firm told him to keep his mouth shut!
Tom Price
Tom Price Month ago
That was young Jeffree trying to be edgy. And edgy it was, given that the Nazis killed thousand of gays. Ultimately it doesn't matter. He could launch a new palette called "Slave Master". Its could be all white shades, with names like "Privilege"..."Aryan"...."Klan Robe"...and it would sell out on day one.
Luke D.
Luke D. Month ago
Okay a little history fact; a lipstick nazi was the title used to call young women who would flirt with Nazis, lure them into the woods, and shoot them.
opinionated Month ago
Ah yes that’s definitely what Jeffree was going for which is why he used the swastika in his branding
Arfi Month ago
The White male privilege in the beauty community is astounding. At this point, these men can get away with murder with their careers and fan bases in tact. The entirety of Twitter would be in flames if Jackie Aina did even a FRACTION of the mess Jeffree has done, and continues to do.
Marina and the Saints
After watching this video , i looked this subject on reddit , this is jawdropping. I'm a fan of jeffrees recent aesthetic , pink ,luxury, taco bell ,this sorta thing, that being put aside , i'ts absolutely terrible that this is something that in 2020 he hasnt adressed himself , none of this info was adressed on the shane dawnson series. I didn't meet his persona on the myspace days because i was busy in club penguin so i only discovered him in early 2018. He always says that we never know the full story and theres still a lot of secrets to be revealed... the way back machine is reliable. There are no more secrets. Fuck him. Beauty fades but dumb is forever.
Cathy Lafleur33 No buy
😲 This guy is a pure evil.
M. Jenkins
M. Jenkins Month ago
I never trusted him after his apology, even him "supprting inclusive shade ranges" he has never had a black person or person of color on his channel look at his friends too. Whiter than white. He talks the talk, but never walks the walk
M. Jenkins
M. Jenkins 24 days ago
@kolina b idk just seems like having a black person around him not just a poc, when his racism was specifically anti black ,might help his look
kolina b
kolina b Month ago
He has his executive assistant on his channel who is a woman of color and was his road manager when he was still making music years ago. I think she’s not in the spotlight anymore due to privacy but they go back. I’m also sure he’s included poc in all of his campaigns
Kiana W.
Kiana W. Month ago
Luke D. no one said that but okay
Luke D.
Luke D. Month ago
M. Jenkins how does that make him racist?
Marisaeds3 Month ago
Most racists don't publicise their racism and pretend they aren't racist. You have to be a special type of racist (an extreme one) to have a brand where you use swastikas etc and to use the word nazi in the name of the brand. You'd have to be a particularly disgusting person to glamorise Nazism and the holocaust. He goes on about brands creating products for people with all skin shades but who did he think was going to buy that brand? He's just vile in every way. I'd say one of the last racist thing that he did was insert himself into the Jordyn Woods and Tristan drama. He lie about her and clearly knew nothing about the situation but couldn't help himself from trying to drag her.
Nhrth Month ago
Take a seat...you fatshamed Lizzo a while ago but now you’re talking about acceptance and all that? Of course that shit is fucked up but your whole channel is based on hate
☁️ Month ago
I think the reason people don't care about people being racist is because apparently it's common in America that everyone had a racist past. when I first heard the n world and found out what it means I was shocked people use it. but now after 4 years on the internet literally almost everyone has a racist past. someone will be exposed for using the n word and at this point I'm like here we go another one to add to the list.
Katy Bee
Katy Bee Month ago
Apparently dahvie vanity is a child abuser and he was a band mate of jeffree star and jeffree tweeted confirming the allegations and then years later posted what a wonderful friend dahvie is. So he has been witnessing what happened with the girls and didn’t call the police and instead waited until the allegations came to the press to chime in and insert himself. And a few years later he was still friends with that guy
Aurora Rey
Aurora Rey Month ago
Ok I am confused, on one hand she is disgusted by his racist make up name and other actions and on the other hand she’s advertising the product
opinionated Month ago
opinionated Month ago
opinionated Month ago
nekisha freespiritIbrokentoy
I can't agree with you on this one. Sorry. I'm not defending JS. But I need more information.
Anavrin Midia
Anavrin Midia Month ago
You can find so many proof on the rest of his My Space, and all the archived. He made many post for advertising his nazi brand
opinionated Month ago
Then look it up for yourself
Melissa coviello
All I can find on this is a reddit post and the image is blocked out because it’s considered graphic. Do you have anymore information where I can read the details?
Melissa coviello
I’m not sure why no one else knows this information. Literally I’ve never seen anyone mention this ever. I refuse to buy from him, period due to what was already known out there. At this point he is known in the mainstream and I don’t get how this isn’t known.
Lilith Spookypants
Oh Damn!! I never knew THIS💀💔😤
queen Month ago
welp i guess this is something people knew about. ig myspace ogs know more about who jeffree is than his fans do now. i guess he was morbid, creepy, and pretty much an emo, racist, aspiring musician. i’ll be honest i found his videos entertaining... but unsubscribe... and unfollow... and unEVERYTHING
carondelet Month ago
How is this not more widely known? Holy shit. Thank you for bringing this to light and making the video. Just...this is beyond the fucking pale. It’s legitimately nauseating.
Escalera oHH
Escalera oHH Month ago
that is DISGUSTING/DISTURBING i couldn't believe i used to watch his videos! hes a disgusting human being
Lauren Bray
Lauren Bray Month ago
This hasn't been talked about ever that I know of! Let's see if the JS stans that cancelled kvd for this same thing have anything to say lol
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