Jeffree Star faked everything about... well, everything.

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Jul 4, 2020




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Comments 100
dangelowallace 2 months ago
alternative title: jeffree star blocked me so i decided to make a literal documentary about why i don't like him
•Happy• •Blank•
SpiderBrine lmao
iomilo Month ago
we stan a king that makes documentaries about people he doesnt like
Nimiu Month ago
We stan 😗 ✌
Mia Phasay
Mia Phasay Month ago
Props to you and your content! You have such a great mind set and you speak so eloquently! Thank you for the good content! I subscribed 😊
Samsung's Apple
Samsung's Apple 25 minutes ago
15:25 lol
Britt Hour ago
why do you have mixed feelings about Chris Hansen...? of all people
uzhollywood 4 hours ago
the dislikes have to be his bots right ?
Hazardous Waste
Hazardous Waste 6 hours ago
I get Kris Jenner vibes from Jeffrey
Desiree Maturo
Desiree Maturo 6 hours ago
Sometimes I turn on your videos just to relax, I couldn't care less about any of these people really, just the calm is so lovely
sammy pagano
sammy pagano 7 hours ago
Is that FFX music I hear in the background? ❤
ArtsyType 13
ArtsyType 13 10 hours ago
"A cute little white lie." No! Lying ain't cute sis.
Logicality Fan
Logicality Fan 10 hours ago
I mean you do have a pretty smile🥰
All We had To Do Was
I wonder if he was somehow involved in Jacklyn Hill's failed launch...
Igwe Ola
Igwe Ola 12 hours ago
You have issues for a number of reasons with everybody 😂😂
Kyrstyn Sims
Kyrstyn Sims 13 hours ago
It's the aggressive *"I'm sORRY"* for me
J B 16 hours ago
I’m not defending him or anything but he did say in the car video for Nate that it was both of their car Ino the title said otherwise tho. But if u listen close he does say that it’s both of theirs
Marina Coptic
Marina Coptic 17 hours ago
Why can't it turn on the dang notification bell?!
Nora Li
Nora Li 20 hours ago
This has nothing to do with anything but please narrate an audiobook your voice is so nice 🖤
686 Bhatt Prit
686 Bhatt Prit 21 hour ago
Very informative and love long videos of your sweet deep voice which is soothing to the soul
saint mooka
saint mooka 22 hours ago
i finished this video
Trevor Pettit
Trevor Pettit 23 hours ago
You are running back and forth
tokiobabe99 23 hours ago
"If I had to see me and not be me, well, I'd probably block me too." Legendary quote right there.
kayla v
kayla v Day ago
That vpn sponsor came in real clutch tho tyyy
mariwhya Day ago
I love these commentary videos... I also love the final fantasy background music 🤣
Julia Maik
Julia Maik Day ago
Funny that there is a victim that didnt go to court, instead he or she shared all the trauma with Jefree. idk I think I would sue Jefree if i was James for misleading info spread in public
Mikaely Layser
he looks like a dehydrated alien-drag queen apologizing for throwing a fit when he didn't win prom queen. I'm gonna be honest, his makeup makes me want to fall into the ground, never to be seen again.
Paris McInnis
Canadian netflix is shit.. wdym, I want American
jennifer simmons
Dude I love your vids
Ariesgoth Day ago
Anyone else catch the ffx music playing in the background? 😊 ps livin' for you content right now. 👍
Angie Poggi
Angie Poggi Day ago
The real question is: Who likes/follows Jeffree Star??
Guide Me
Guide Me Day ago
Love you! Shine hon!
Jessie Jn Baptiste
This guy is just a mess. The drama keeps them going on social media.
sus hi
sus hi Day ago
i used to watch jeffree star bc... well, idk but thankfully we've moved on from the dark ages and i don't watch his stuff anymore (i'm also glad i'm too broke to have ever purchased any of his stuff)
Diva supreme
Diva supreme Day ago
Jeffree: straight boys where you at? Also Jeffree: yoU aRe dAngEr To SoCieTy
Adam 13magic
Adam 13magic Day ago
I don't feel too much when someone gets flack for a video 12 years ago, but when that behavior continues then I have a problem with it.
Riley Ward
Riley Ward Day ago
Paused at the end of the robbery section, there was a thing where burke's was selling the "stolen product", Jeffree went off about it, people started boycotting burke's for selling it, people started scouring the internet to find any mention of selling the stolen goods, Burke's released some twitter statements, Jeffree did a series of snapchat videos saying lawyers were involved. Burke's and Jeffree tweeted at each other. It died down shortly after because it was "handled by lawyers". I remember seeing it all over facebook snapchat and twitter. Fans were digging deep. A lot of them did the investigating for him and would tweet at him. Including me and a few friends because we thought it was wrong to steal from people and then sell the stolen items. I don't know if it was real or not honestly but Burke's did give credence to the story. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Jacob S
Jacob S Day ago
Lol Chris Hansen is sooooo shady 😂
Robert K James
anyone back here ... just because D'Wallace is Awesome!??
Robbie Arcangel
Can you do james charles too?
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose Day ago
Im just saying, most of the videos people are upset about with Jeffree and Shane are very old videos... they were not influencers then, so they did and said whatever they wanted. They are influencers now, so have had to change a lot. I believe theyve both changed, maybe not as much as their fans hope, but they have. Even if the things said here are true, this doesnt mean this is who they are as a person. I just like to see things from every perspective, none of us can prove any of this ... but none of us can prove against either, sorry but its all just "he said, she said" at this point.
I Crave Green Tea
My brother said Jeffree Star has no eyebrows because they fall off when your racist, I know its pointless to comment this but I cant get it out of my head so it has to get stuck in yours.
Megan Welsford
I watch Dangelo at night and his voice puts me to sleep.
Jiana Evans
Jiana Evans Day ago
Val’s PTSD
Val’s PTSD 2 days ago
This is good. Really really good. I seriously appreciate an honest check of facts (okay, TRACKABLE facts). And, I have to confess, I watched all of the Tati video, but could NOT dredge my way through Shane. He always made me cringe. It’s gross. He’s gross. I don’t get it. I never got it. I am glad I never got it. It doesn’t seem like fact checking him was complicated, either.
Seanlightning 2 days ago
Georgia Conway
Georgia Conway 2 days ago
That one girl, Blaire White, said that Jeffree has paid people to say stuff, but what if SHE'S being paid?
Oleander Venzon
Oleander Venzon 2 days ago
please cover andy thanfiction fanlore.org/wiki/Thanfiction
Keizerlynn De Lafranc
Forgive my ignorance, I'm old, but what are these "receipts" for things? Not like store receipts, obviously, but receipts for things that happened?
Keizerlynn De Lafranc
Ahh, I see, that makes sense to me now :) Thanks!
Sunday 7 hours ago
Proof. Or evidence I.e screenshots, voice memos, videos etc.
hideem1 2 days ago
Ok, white dude in the United States saying racism doesn’t live inside of them... good lord. White people, including myself all have racism in us, because we are indoctrinated to in our environment. He cannot fix this without acknowledging that it’s there. It’s there, ignoring it won’t make it go away. Don’t apologize, just find the bad code and fix it. This is a life long process and every white person (including myself) is not “to blame” for what we were taught, but we are 100% responsible for addressing it by educating ourselves, listening to people who do not look like us and taking feedback with open hearts and correcting our behavior. Pretending it isn’t there makes it impossible to do any of this, so this man is willfully CHOOSING to remain a racist. Until that changes, I say FUUUUUUUCK him. I’m done with people who do nothing but be the problem while pretending that they aren’t that way “anymore.”
just run with it promo
7:56 and when jefree is in a dark place he calls the room a-
Keizerlynn De Lafranc
What blows my mind is that Akon, A-fricking-KON, thought so much that Jeffrey Star was going to be the next Lady GaGa that he signed him! Hello, Lady GaGa has genuine singing talent; J Star is a Lady GaGa lookalike w/ no singing ability, FTW was Akon thinking? Its telling his career fizzled out shortly after signing Jeffrey for completely different reasons but that's why we never saw Jeffrey on MTV in the early 2000s Not to mention that Akon is African American, and he's giving Jeffrey his chance, how can you be racist when you're literally being given your Big Shot by a black man who's a friggin superstar?!
Andrea Fierro
Andrea Fierro 2 days ago
I just wanted to finish this trilogy before subscribing, you're great
Toxic Ginger Rose
I love you for saying Canadian Netflix is superior. As a Canadian, I concur. Also, you are wonderful. Keep it up!
Lea Whitley
Lea Whitley 2 days ago
You had me at "I talk about whatever I want "
Ray gaming channel
He just scary me because people say that he is Poseidon
Rudi Sheldon
Rudi Sheldon 2 days ago
He really said, "I have mixed feelings about [insert name] for a number of reasons, none of which we'll be discussing in this video" three times.
Lamar Samarkandi
Lamar Samarkandi 2 days ago
7:47 you are a God if you can do all three at the same time
Banana Seokjin
Banana Seokjin 2 days ago
The fact that they stole an entire shade is a calculated accusation. By claiming they stole a shade, he was able to swing in how many shades he had, resulting in him hyping diversity clout. I never bought it from the beginning.
poisonedpotter _
poisonedpotter _ 2 days ago
'i was in a dark place' pay your electricity bill hun we all know that you can afford it xx
Isa Kroon
Isa Kroon 2 days ago
make more long videos it makes my days less boring c:
viviana 2 days ago
wow, I didn't even realized I watch a full 45 min video.
paula rivaner
paula rivaner 2 days ago
lindsay ellis
Katherine Kelly
Katherine Kelly 2 days ago
“I’m Canadian now” ❣️ you said it and you can’t take it back, we won’t let you ! 🇨🇦 4 EVER ! Lol
Mxrgxn 3 days ago
The pouty face that all these big influencers make gives me a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like their vogueing there apologies. It’s so annoying
Saeko Kijmuto
Saeko Kijmuto 3 days ago
omg now I know why I got bad vibes from him
Nox 3 days ago
“They came in through the roof” Really? This sounds like some mission impossible shit.
Cupíd BSP
Cupíd BSP 3 days ago
You can also tell by a lot of celebrities faces that there faking EVERYTHING! To the point where they have no more ideas to cover up the situation that they ignore it. His video of apologizing to his fans that he wasn't racist was a COMPLETE lie. that he WAS racist and isn't now is very concerning to society. You can't make excuses over your actions. He was 19 at the time, don't you think he could've controlled himself. Just because someone was calling you names doesn't mean and to defend yourself in a harmful way. For example, he came at those 2 girls over the littles things. But yes, of course, I get it Some people are sensitive and some are not. But you shouldn't be calling someone the n-word just because you were trying to defend yourself and you're allowed too. It is very hurtful to the black community, especially the people who support the black community but aren't black. Not to mention that he also told his fans that he was a BLM supporter was a lie....once again. I have lots and lots of questions for Jeffree Star and why he has done this. But for now, we need to think positively and try NOT to get caught up in drama because it's really not worth your time at all. For now, we really should be more focused on staying safe. But, I really do appreciate you took an hour of this video to give us a lot more information about him. Especially the others!
Empty Space
Empty Space 3 days ago
I am sad to say that I used to watch and enjoy both of their content during that "docu-series" 😔😔 Thank you for further opening my eyes
Cookie Blanco
Cookie Blanco 3 days ago
With all of these controversies, awful behavior, & a disgusting personality how does this person still have a platform??? Why are people still supporting his brand???? He's a two-faced egomaniac 😕
mickymc bryan
mickymc bryan 3 days ago
As a Canadian, watching all these english speaking youtubers loving our Netflix in now the sole source of my national pride.
burnt pigeon
burnt pigeon 3 days ago
I love ur pullover
Olivia Anne McIlwain
here from internet analysis and boy am i impressed so far. keep it up 👍
Sash Bee
Sash Bee 3 days ago
This is your first video ive seen (how embarrassing for me) and im so excited youve announced a podcast; your voice is incredibly calming.
Emma Mcvey
Emma Mcvey 3 days ago
I came from the video about Shane and I am embarrassed that I ever watched either of them
Wendy Ubani
Wendy Ubani 3 days ago
The Blaire white or whatever sounds really stupid
Donna Tansy
Donna Tansy 3 days ago
In 2017 I was convinced that Jeffree had changed and was a big fan of him. I didn't know about his past and I was never into Twitter etc. so I didn't really know what he was like. When I started to really see his behavior and how he treated people in 2019 and 2020, it made me so sad and angry with him. I'm glad that everyone else is seeing his gross behavior too.
Janice Brown
Janice Brown 3 days ago
Well done 👍👌 👋 you speak the TRUTH ❣️
pknm 3 days ago
Bbwong 3 days ago
Lemmings 3 days ago
all of the three really toxic ytbers you mentioned have in common that they are actually kind of old
hea booktubes
hea booktubes 3 days ago
I am loving your videos. ♥️🌿
Andrea Garbati
Andrea Garbati 3 days ago
My god, your voice... paradise. Total crush! ❤️
emily 3 days ago
re-dragged up lmfao
Beatrice Overton
Beatrice Overton 3 days ago
14:30 it sounded like you said 'feel sorry for *herm*' and i rly enjoy that as a pronoun lmao
Maria 3 days ago
Such a good video! Congrats
Alice Isla
Alice Isla 3 days ago
Ohmygod that clip if Kim K having your breasts glammed 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤦🏻‍♀️ no class
ShaySlay 3 days ago
Now jeff has a black boyfriend 😑 isn't that just so convenient? As a black woman, Im low key upset with that man for allowing jeff to use him as a prop. Just like all those racist tik tokers.
Jennifer Harris
Jennifer Harris 3 days ago
Food for thought. What if those racial epithets were in response to slurs that were first thrown at him about his...um...gender confusion? Is a racial slur worse than a transgender slur?
Cromeola 3 days ago
You are such a perceptive person. I love the way you communicate concepts, opinions and content! Love your videos
S lam
S lam 3 days ago
I'm so glad I found your channel. You make phenomenal content.
J enny
J enny 4 days ago
love the videos
Michael Carman
Michael Carman 4 days ago
People block you? Morons.
frost wolf
frost wolf 4 days ago
30 shades of grey.
Tay aka MC AF
Tay aka MC AF 4 days ago
Anyone else feel the cringe that comes from watching Jeffree Star's apology video?
Why am I not surprised that someone who looks like an alien Barbie doll prison inmate, who's career revolves around being fake, is actually a piece of sh*t?
Lylah Couto
Lylah Couto 4 days ago
wow things are not looking good for jeff ;)
K J 4 days ago
He was a scene kids dream lol
Sabreena Delacruz
express vpn.. you had me at canadain netflix
PandaVibes 4 days ago
welcome to candad, want some snow drowned with maple? also yea we got the good chemicals going through our brains because yes
Orion Belter
Orion Belter 4 days ago
How do you get a rape receipt?
Alisa Spear
Alisa Spear 4 days ago
Idea: cancel Jeffree long enough that he can’t brush it under the rug. He’s the Donald trump of RUvidr makeup artists 😂
Octavia Hill
Octavia Hill 4 days ago
speaking about chris hansen, it would be amazing if you could do a video about him and why he is good/bad because he has so many idolising fans at the moment when really he is lacking in his interview skills, shows ignorance and bias and definitely isnt the best voice or representation for the cases he is covering. Also with things like losing evidence etc. and not confronting jeffrey, fallon, etc. about blatant, evidence-based lying on his show.
Tova BT
Tova BT 4 days ago
absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence.
Miyusha 4 days ago
Jeffree Star bloomed in the era where minorities could speak that way not only to each other within their own minority but across minorities. It was no big deal back then. Not saying it was okay, just I don’t really think he was or is a racist. It was just words that he couldn’t grasp the meaning from which is awful.
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