jeffree star dragging the kardashians for a decade straight

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jeffree has had multiple occasions to drag the kardashians




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Nemesis 14 minutes ago
What Jeffrey Star says I say them inside my head but it never comes out of my mouth 😭 Whenever I want to say something like that only one sound comes out bahhhhhhhhh
Hi Guys
Hi Guys Hour ago
Not a fan of the kardashians but jeffree kinda came off as a hater.
Mariah Danielle
Mariah Danielle 2 hours ago
i love how honest he is .
Milly Whehg
Milly Whehg 3 hours ago
𝙄𝙢 𝙅𝙪𝙎𝙩 𝙂𝙤𝙉𝙣𝘼 𝙆𝙚𝙀𝙥 𝙄𝙩 𝙂𝙖𝙉𝙂𝙨𝙏𝙖
Rose Bon
Rose Bon 7 hours ago
I obviously would’ve removed him too if he was putting down my brand like “here take this and write a bad review on it aight?” Like bruh
sea breeze
sea breeze 12 hours ago
R E N E G A D E 14 hours ago
Um mm why do u still gotta rate her and say mean things like that her confidence went down she has feelings too....
Padma M
Padma M 14 hours ago
Reviewing makeup is all fine, but i think jeffree should mind his own business rather than commenting on other people's relationships.
Panda Kate
Panda Kate 15 hours ago
When Jeffree takes a deep breath mid sentence or runs his tongue over his teeth... sis you need to hold onto your wig because he's about to DRAG you to absolute filth😂😂😂👏👏
davinxi 78
davinxi 78 18 hours ago
lol the thumbnail looks like they're in one place tho
Tizitash Zeweter
Tizitash Zeweter 20 hours ago
Hate this dude
Takali Sorovi
Takali Sorovi 20 hours ago
Scorpio vibes ♏️
Raven Sylvia
Raven Sylvia 21 hour ago
Shane being all nice and not knowing if he can say it on camera and Jeffree just being like ItS BuRnInG
Nataliya Kovalski
Nataliya Kovalski 21 hour ago
get'em honey! lmao
l e o n a c u n n i n g h a m
Kylies skin care did not get that much hype lol
Latina_17 23 hours ago
Love his honesty.... why would he approve shit he don’t like?!
Chelcy Etienne
Chelcy Etienne 23 hours ago
“YouthinkI’mbotheredhoney-yOuTHinkImBotHerdKyLie” just 😩uhhh
Chloe Louise
Chloe Louise Day ago
Meanwhile I don’t have a beauty blender
Breeann Best
Breeann Best Day ago
There’s nothing in 2010-2015..... 2016-2019 is not even half a decade. 🙄
Raven Preston
Angg Artmomt
Angg Artmomt Day ago
I love jeffree he pops off
Angg Artmomt
Angg Artmomt Day ago
He speaks facts tho
Holly Day ago
6:20 okay, let's be honest she handled that really well
Katiana X
Katiana X Day ago
Kardashians are petty for doing all of that but Jeffery needs to stop going for the Kardashian’s because clearly they can’t take the joke lol
Alanna Day ago
and that’s why mason dragged him on live😂😂
Mobina Hosseini
Is this Chanel swedish?
Just Me
Just Me Day ago
Of course that jealousy that she’s a real woman and you are you want to be . And Kylie at a very short time she became a mother and a billionaire something you can’t do
Freddie Mercury Fandom
He thinks 360 dollars is a lot and he's a millionaire so he shouldn't care at all about the price. The more he reviews, the faker he gets.
Anusha Singh
Anusha Singh Day ago
Hahahahahahaha omg hahahahahahhahahahaha
Love live cry Hate Remember
I honestly think jeffree should have got a self in between argument with Chloe and tea
Annmarie Grace
Let’s be real here, jeffree did take a video of himself throwing out her lip glosses, that was childish and unneeded
See, here's the thing; he wasn't lying...
aggie Day ago
“Is there anything in here that’d you recommend?” **sigh** ends video 😂
Carman White
Carman White 2 days ago
If he don't like the makeup why keep buying it
Bea Castillo
Bea Castillo 2 days ago
Gross hahhaa sticky
jay bustos
jay bustos 2 days ago
He’s just AMAZING!! Very HUMBLE!! He’s been through a ton of shit!! He has risen above!! He does more for people!! than y’all can’t or ever will or can even imagine!!! SO VERY PROUD OF JEFFERY!!! YOU ARE THE BOMB!! My gorgeous queen 👑
crispycream321 2 days ago
I love Jeffree HAHAHA he is a whole mood huntiiiiiii , he was speaking facts all throughout
Abbey Peters
Abbey Peters 2 days ago
I mean i guess if jeffree wasn't enjoying the KYLIE products, and kylie heard and knew about it and took him off the PR list, it's probs just because she naturally thought, why would she keep sending them to him if he doesn't like them? + I dunno, but it could also be a shady move cuz yknow... it's the kardashians lol
thivashinie nazan
Trash trash trash
Fernanda 2 days ago
Katharine Myers
Katharine Myers 2 days ago
Jeffree Star is so lucky the Kardashians aren't a mob family or his ass would be dead. And nobody would be sad about it.
Allegedly and Facts
Soooooooo problematic.
Fatima Virk !!
Fatima Virk !! 3 days ago
THIS VIDEO HAS 60k likes!!!!!!!
Erin Parker
Erin Parker 3 days ago
Jeffree: “If you’re making makeup how the HELL do you not know how to swatch??” Also Jeffree: *makes a makeup line with Shane Dawson*
ITs_ ChLoE
ITs_ ChLoE 3 days ago
Okay if Jeffrey saw the stuff between Chloe and chloes ex boyfriend he didn’t half to comment anything it was really non of his business and nobody asked for his opinion😒 and yea he can give his opinions on things but does he really half to be so mean about it? NO.
Viantz Pradz
Viantz Pradz 3 days ago
He like Joan Rivers of makeup!
Maria Khalil
Maria Khalil 3 days ago
he's just way too dramatic and jealous
Samantha Dalia
Samantha Dalia 3 days ago
6:30 uhh Shane Dawson did that and it worked 👀🤭
美的Aesthetic baby
I just came here to say you all need to mind your own business, none of this is regarding you in any way. Go find a new hobby or brush up on an old skill or something instead of exaggerating problems you have nothing to do with. ❣️
Primavera Garcia
Primavera Garcia 3 days ago
What a fucking icon
it’s like i can’t stand him but i love him bc he says what other thinks 😂😂
LoveCrzy Xoxo
LoveCrzy Xoxo 4 days ago
This was a nice video but why did end mid- cut like that 😂 hope theres a pt2
Maria Manuela Chacra
Jeffree: kylie is comparing herself to an iconic legend, girl you better chill Kylie:he thinks he is so famous.
yourfather 4 days ago
the way the video ended has me dead💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
w0keglam 4 days ago
Why is Jeffree the only person on the internet where you can say He or She whenever you want and won’t get called out for it?
free radicals
free radicals 4 days ago
Kim is smart to keep her mouth shut XD
Jack Carter
Jack Carter 4 days ago
if someone constantly talks bad about your brand why would you keep them on your pr list? y’all will find any reason to hate on the youngest SELF MADE billionaire
16 hadeer Al Zaidi
Lmao the sound effects
Unkownkille R
Unkownkille R 4 days ago
Only reason Jeffery made it this far is Bc he’s gay its like if u are gay u get a golden pass lmao
Maya Kathem
Maya Kathem 4 days ago
I love how you guys support a racist
Thot pocket_69
Thot pocket_69 4 days ago
I love how the video ended with Jeffree taking a deep ass breath
Fiona Giaretto
Fiona Giaretto 4 days ago
Who thinks that jeffre is jelly because of how rich and perfect the Kardashian’s are
MorningFaroe 4 days ago
11:32 the shady LOOKS they gave each other I live for that lmao
Zoe Soelil
Zoe Soelil 4 days ago
That man just jealous as hell in some of these
Irene Kim
Irene Kim 4 days ago
I love how he takes advantage of his own money to give his fans QUALITY stuff, and how he takes the time and effort to make sure his fans get the best of the best
M. Cobb
M. Cobb 5 days ago
I've owned Kylie's makeup and firsthand I can say that it doesn't age well AT ALL. I do like the feel of the liquid lips when you first get them but then they get dry real fast and the liners don't sharpen well, they fall apart. Her eye shadow palettes are very difficult to use. They either don't blend or they're too difficult to get any pigment. I agree with Jeffree on everything.
v.__t 5 days ago
9:54 when even the dictionary comin for you
Ron Elsen
Ron Elsen 5 days ago
He knows. O well back to Sightseeing Sally
Mr. Wonderful
Mr. Wonderful 5 days ago
When Jeffrey said I'm going to keep it Gangster at that moment I fell in love with her!!!!
April 5 days ago
I think Jeffrey should try mama Annes brushes ❤
Ivanna Portillo
Ivanna Portillo 5 days ago
I love how he’ll straight up tell you the raw fucking truth 😌
Jethro Teece
Jethro Teece 5 days ago
If he wasn't bothered, he wouldn't have said that 😂😂😂 he's clearly jealous
Komatsu Sakura
Komatsu Sakura 5 days ago
i never knew they live next to each other lol .
The Kendyl Diaries
andra caston
andra caston 5 days ago
AHT AHT AHT and there we go. IT WASNT ABOUT TRISTAN CHEATING WE KNEW THAT. It was more about loyalty and trust. Before the show Jordan was in their lives and to do that is messed Up forget Tristan. BUT I DIGRESS
andra caston
andra caston 5 days ago
WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH JEFFREY ??? Like let them do them And you do you 🤷🏾‍♂️ why even do reviews WHY CANT YOU JUST STUNT IN SILENCE. People stay talking about them
Noell Shimeles
Noell Shimeles 6 days ago
He’s dragging her but she is worth 1 billion and he is worth 20 mil
Jonny Garrity
Jonny Garrity 3 days ago
Noell Shimeles what’s your point?
Ria Mae Fontejon
Ria Mae Fontejon 6 days ago
That is why I STAN Jeffrey ⭐💖
Ge Mum
Ge Mum 6 days ago
Kylie, a billionaire at age 23. Wow that is hard on Jeffree! He seems really agitated.
Anissa Yuliana Muchlis
Ge Mum mehhh, not self made tho. She was born with it and had helps from her family. Jeffree? He made his way to the top.
Noodleie marie tt__
And why is he so determined to put down kylie? And people in comment section are like 'kylie is not a self made billionaires' and criticizing her as if the title is given to her by herself. It's you people who are calling her self- made billionaire and then telling self made and kylie shouldnt be in the same sentence like wtf. Anyways self made or not, she is a billionaire living luxury life while y'all buying kylie comestics to find something bad in it and criticize it online where no one even watches it. Maybe with some 1k views??lol
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