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Hey Guys!
In today's video I review the entire Jeffree Star Cosmetics BloodLust Collection (minus the extreme frost which I already ordered) I absolutely LOVE this collection! So don't forget to give this video a cheeky thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoy!
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Comments 80
frosty2013 17 days ago
Your eye look is amazing! Very pretty
Missi Slaughter
Missi Slaughter 20 days ago
damn!! i missed it!! i was moving ::((
Shay Taliaferro
Shay Taliaferro 25 days ago
you love that looklol
Tyra Nicholee
Tyra Nicholee Month ago
Tyra.nicholee on IG. I LOVE THAT LOOOOOK
oscar diaz
oscar diaz Month ago
Looks beautiful! Ive been binge watching your videos. Lost internet for awhile lol. Not even on my computer today. Anyways love it !!! IG: danawork14 Dana Work
Jes Mina
Jes Mina Month ago
Hi beautiful. Your make up is so beautiful ♥. Contact: glee@ptt.rs
Matthew Collier
Matthew Collier Month ago
I LOVE your videos!!!! (ig: @mattcollier456)
Tenita Miller
Tenita Miller Month ago
Love the look you came up with!!🤗 IG: tenmill98
Jessica Marie
Jessica Marie Month ago
I lovedddddd the look! I missed the launch because of a family loss :/ I’m obsessed with the mirror and neeeeeed the straws hehe Ig: jess0292_
Estefani O
Estefani O Month ago
Ig: endlesslovev12
Sam Boston
Sam Boston Month ago
that look is amazing! absolutely amazing! ig samjboston
Autumn Woolslayer
When some were saying they were sad there wasn't more purple in the palette all I could say was, "That Blue Tho". Thank you for this really fun look with this amazing luxurious palette. A Jeffree homage for sure 👽💜. IG: autumn_wool 🤞🤞
Alberto Garza
Alberto Garza Month ago
Amazing reviews as per usual! My Instagram is: Artsymaniac0 Good luck to everyone
Felicity Jean
Felicity Jean Month ago
Purple is my fav color 💜 IG, twitter and insta: felicitygenie
Tracey Wagganer
Tracey Wagganer Month ago
Beautiful look!! Loving the look of this collection wish I could of gotten it!! Purple is my favorite color... love to be entered for a chance to win this giveaway.. IG @TraceyWagganer
tracy shep
tracy shep Month ago
#stillwaiting 🤦😩😩 march 6th cant come soon enough 🤞🤞🤞🤞 and just for allie a cheeky 👍👍
Wavy Lou
Wavy Lou Month ago
You are such and inspiration!! I’m not just saying that to enter the giveaway but you truly are!! I have never met you but I can tell you are a very giving and thoughtful women! Your very giving for doing a giveaway with your subscribers!! Insta808deee
Macie Bush
Macie Bush Month ago
You are such and inspiration!! I’m not just saying that to enter the giveaway but you truly are!! I have never met you but I can tell you are a very giving and thoughtful women! Your very giving for doing a giveaway with your subscribers!! Insta: macie_bush
Andrea Baca
Andrea Baca Month ago
Love the look! Ig: Andrea.m.baca
Ashley Edwards
Ashley Edwards Month ago
I literally had a dream that I won this giveaway 😂Please let this dream come true! 😂🍀💜 IG: ashnicola__
jaffnath Month ago
I would love to win omg 💋💕 IG: beautifulfaceart or here on youtube..thank you 💜
ana_krn909 Month ago
I really want that highlighter I think it’s sooo pretty!💖✨ Love how your eyeshadow came out it, your eyes look so pretty!!! ♥️ Thank you for the opportunity to win💟 IG: ana_krnb
SkyAnn Sweetheart
Omg your makeup looks amazing girl!!! Absolutely Love your videos 💜💜💜💜💜 I follow you on instagram already @skyann_810
spookyghouls_ beautyschool
Loved hearing about your wait to get into the morphe store and trying to sneak in with Paige, it was so sweet of her to get you bloodsugar! Loved the look you did with the palette! my insta is "spookyghouls_beautyschool"
Makayla Month ago
OMG this look turned out amazing as usual, Allie! Love the dedication you and Paige had to get the collection, I would be extremely tired to get up that early lol!! IG- makaylabwrites
Jennifer Month ago
This look is stunning on you! I’m on IG @beauty.disney.life
Liliana Perez
Liliana Perez Month ago
The mirror is perfect for my big head! 😂 @lily3dg
Meghan McCarthy
Meghan McCarthy Month ago
Your eye look is stunning. I wasn't sure when you started but it came together beautifully. Ig pixiebelle30
Keto Mexican Recipes
Yours is the best look I've seen with this palette! IG: @ThirdMilitiaMomma
shelsea perez
shelsea perez Month ago
I really love the eye look you created! This was such a great review! Insta: shelseaperez
Karyn Wise
Karyn Wise Month ago
What do you do at Disney? You remind me of a princess, so energetic! IG karynirby
Karyn Wise
Karyn Wise Month ago
Just found your channel and I’m hooked! Insta karynirby
Clorinda_ E
Clorinda_ E Month ago
I can't love your eyes more. So pretty. cespinoza8197@gmail.com
julie trani
julie trani Month ago
I absolutely love your makeup. Ig jtcatt
Rebeca Osorio
Rebeca Osorio Month ago
Love this collection! The colors you used look so nice together, i would of never thought to use those two. insta- guatbabigirl
Simona Staneva
Simona Staneva Month ago
Wow I just realized I don't subscribe to you on my personal YT channel, only with my work mail channel. Already changed, subscribed asappppp ❤️ Thank you for the opportunity for this amazing giveaway. I love you so much. 😍 Ig@fluffypandaaaaa
Dani Thomas
Dani Thomas Month ago
Those colours tho 😍😍 Ig dani.rose.chan
Kimberly Erin
Kimberly Erin Month ago
This is the best eye look anyone has done with this palette so far!! I love this! Ig: RSD_Strong
Nicole Albrecht
Nicole Albrecht Month ago
Ur so cute "oh wow" when u opened it that would be me too # jealous lol
haley vasicek
haley vasicek Month ago
Love this collection ❤️ haleyvasicek7@gmail.con
Veronica Christy
I love how the palette looks like a jewelry box. Love how your eye look turned out! IG:@penkaloka
Ashlee Rose
Ashlee Rose Month ago
email : ashhsea@icloud.com insta: misstrangerthing P.S. love your videos!!!
Maria Camila De Paz
That look is EVERYTHING!!! You can find me on IG : mariacamiladepaz
Melissa Mayot
Melissa Mayot Month ago
Omg I'd love to win! I just can't afford his stuff being Canadian :( ig princessmissy007
Brucey Wayne
Brucey Wayne Month ago
💜💜💜 ig:soramie_leon
Brucey Wayne
Brucey Wayne Month ago
💜💜💜 ig:soramie_leon
Emma Bergley
Emma Bergley Month ago
your so cute!! They just opened a morphe store in seattle and I stayed the night at my cousins house to be able to go in the morning and there was a line and everything!! Was such a fun experience and my cousin and i agreed we are doing this for every launch lol!! @em.munkeexxpunk em.blogz123@gmail.com
Emily Hewitt
Emily Hewitt Month ago
I’m so excited for you and Paige to collab!! I can’t wait 🤗 ig: emily.hewitt
Amanda Hays
Amanda Hays Month ago
Omg I love your look!! @sweetdeadlylove
H A N I Y A ._.
H A N I Y A ._. Month ago
Just subscribed to your RUvid channel and I’m so happy to be here 💜 I’m literally obsessed with this pallete 🥺💜 i’d love to win this 🤞🏻😍 is this an international giveaway?🥺 ig: miss.always_ri8
Ruegie Vengeance
Oh yay! I wanted to go wait but they had told me that actual mall opened at 5 also. I'm glad a wasn't even able to make it cuz they probably would have kicked us out as well AND waking my children so early would have been in vain!! 😣 Love you 😘❤️❤️❤️ Ig: ruegievengeance
Emily Patton
Emily Patton Month ago
Love love love this collection 😍😍 Ig: emilypatton97
Galletti Guitar Tones
The velour lipsticks are soo beautiful I'm living for the lilac one. My favorite color. So beautiful! IG: alexagalletti3
Kristi Month ago
Such a beautiful palette! JS always kills it with the packaging. IG: krisfuller73
Tamikins Month ago
Instagram @TamiHStevens
Irene Zaoldyeck
Irene Zaoldyeck Month ago
I really want this collection uggggh IG: irene_carretero95
Melissa Morales
Melissa Morales Month ago
yooooooo omg THIS EYE LOOK is everything !!!!! IG: dj_spit_hot_bars
Amanda Feltoe
Amanda Feltoe Month ago
Love the look you created! I managed to get my hands on the queen bitch lipsticks IG: waddles91
Jerricca Corbin
Jerricca Corbin Month ago
love this look u did an amazing job.... and the bloopers lol yokokuma89@gmail.com
Michelle Allen
Michelle Allen Month ago
I love the eyeshadow look!!! I missed out on the highlighter so sad 😪 insta: faithx07
Maria Rosenqvist Olsen
I would love to own the blood lust collection one day 🤞😊 ig mariarosenqvistolsen
jennifer taylor
jennifer taylor Month ago
I love make up and doing make up..not only because it amazing and fun..but it helps me deal with PTSD, anxiety and chronic pain. It’s such a peaceful and creative escape. If my days are super bad, I dive into the brushes and colors and textures and I can go neutral or glam or super colorful and I don’t see the things that bring me down. I love watching creators, like yourself, because it also takes me to a happy place and you feel like you belong to a group of wonderful people who love the same things 😊 You created gorgeous look on your already beautiful face, btw..love your videos! ♥️♥️ @jennm426
Darla Lyon
Darla Lyon Month ago
Hey did everyone know that you don’t necessarily have to wait to get a certain number of subscribers on RUvid to get a blinged out Starbucks cup they have them on amazon for 185$ keep that in mind! 🤩😀
Julie Kor
Julie Kor Month ago
Love your dedication! Thanks for the video 💜 IG: all_things_jules
Amanda Colby
Amanda Colby Month ago
I love your videos Ig: manda9590
This look looks so good😍 ig:invisiblechantal
Shelby Van Dyke
Shelby Van Dyke Month ago
Ig: shelbae_1997
Bailey Chomitzky
Love how the look turned out!! Ig: @chomitzkyb
Sharon Powers-Jacob
You and Paige should do a collab with the blood lust palette!!! You're both amazing!! :) Ig sharpowersjacob
Sharon Powers-Jacob
I love it and you look absolutely stunning. Ig sharpowersjacob
stacy loyacano
stacy loyacano Month ago
I love the look
stacy loyacano
stacy loyacano Month ago
Please enter me in the giveaway I would be honored to win thank you have a great day I.G stacy loyacano
I love watching your videos. IG: gr1sela1
Jenny Jakesta
Jenny Jakesta Month ago
I love the look you created 😍 IG: Jenny.lynn.j
Z V Month ago
Love it! 😊 IG: __yrruz
Allison Worley
Allison Worley Month ago
Love the look u created. Your halo eye is getting so good!! Thank you for thinking of us with thus giveaway. U are so generous💚💜💙@allison1122x
Laura Sesatty
Laura Sesatty Month ago
I loved your look! Honestly, at first I was kinda sad because I was expecting more purples but now that I've watched several videos I'm just in love! IG: carosesatty14
Retro Keliy's Makeup
Love the eye look you created! Instagram: retro _keliy
Sally Anderson
Sally Anderson Month ago
Hi Allie! I was kind of nervous at first with the eye look but it really turned out really pretty!!! Hugs 🤗😘 Instagram: sallyanderson2035
Gina Arceci
Gina Arceci Month ago
Hi, allie! You look absolutely fabulous!!!! Im so sorry that I haven't been on RUvid in awhile (like 2 months) except for a few minutes here and there. My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor and we've been going back and forth to Ann arbor ( 11 hours from where we live) and he has been having severely high blood pressure so we see the pediatric cardiologist Friday and im praying that they'll be able to do his brain surgery very soon after that. I love you and your channel And I just wanted to let you know that just because im not able to watch every video, doesn't mean I don't think about you. You're always in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you nothing but the best in life!!!! This giveaway is so kind and thoughtful and would be amazing to win. Thank you for always puttinga smile on my face! ((Hugs)) Instagram @Ginaarceci
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