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Hi you guys!!
Welcome to todays video where I share with you a Jeffree Star BLOOD LUST Collection!! AHHHH!! Is all I have to say! I loved how the look turned out - kinda grungy & I'm obsessed!
I'd love to know what you all thought/think of this collection! Also let me know what you picked up!



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Giveaway will end on March 2nd, 2020.
Giveaway will be international. GOOD LUCK!!

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FTC Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored by any of the brands featured in this video. Some links are affiliated.

If you are a company/brand interested in contacting me, please email me at: Leoy2011@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/lioray91/
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Comments 80
Angel and Devil
Angel and Devil 10 days ago
Oh i wish I could have gotten this pallet.
Janet Zak
Janet Zak 14 days ago
Looks amazing
Janet Zak
Janet Zak 14 days ago
really enjoyed your video. Love to win this beauty collection of JEFFREE Starr ! janetzak1313@gmail.com and @janetzakrealtor
Tiffanie Eakman
Tiffanie Eakman 25 days ago
So pretty & nice of you! It would be a dream to win 💜!
adrianna Month ago
Madison Daisy
Madison Daisy Month ago
I really like the pallete. It just gives such a luxurious feel. The packaging is sickening. And I absolutely loved your look🖤♥️♥️ My ig - liz_martir_writes
Nellie Bean
Nellie Bean Month ago
This whole collection is phenomenal! You are so awesome! I'm so glad your channel popped up on my RUvid main page back in December! My insta is: darling_dog_mom
Sara Rojo
Sara Rojo Month ago
I think this collection is really pretty but I would love more purple on the eyeshadow palette! My instagram is @_sararojo 💖
Angie Rivera Ruiz
This collection is everything✨ great review! Ig: angierivera.11
Lina Contreras
Lina Contreras Month ago
I love purples, and love your look! Ig:adel2425
Sherry Lamphear
Sherry Lamphear Month ago
The colors in this palette are gorgeous and the packaging is something elseIG@sherrylamp12117
Keke_ 231
Keke_ 231 Month ago
I don’t have any and have never tried any Jeffree Star make-up. This palette has some very unique and beautiful shades. I would love to try his lip formulas. My IG: keke_231
MuZ Vlogs
MuZ Vlogs Month ago
i absolutely loveddd the packaging of the palette
MuZ Vlogs
MuZ Vlogs Month ago
lots of love from Pakistan
Tessa Leuth
Tessa Leuth Month ago
Love this collection! 💜 I feel like purple is a flattering color for a ton of skin tones so I’m happy he did a purple palette! Ig: Tessa373
Tonya Sullivan
Tonya Sullivan Month ago
I love it
Nicole Albrecht
Nicole Albrecht Month ago
That look is bomb girl...I just started my own business so I had to pass on this one soooooo sad luv purples....so jealous ....I would luv to win that...btw u dont have to say anything else that look speaks for itself!!
Nicole Albrecht
Nicole Albrecht Month ago
Dawn Gilbert
Dawn Gilbert Month ago
I love this collection, it's probably my favorite from Jeffree Star. I think you should be on his PR list! Your eye look is beautiful!!! IG: lefflergilbertdawn ❤
Zephyr Dahn
Zephyr Dahn Month ago
This collection is breathtaking!!! I need it in my life! Executioner is the best color. And those lipsticks are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing with us! I hope to win but will also be excited for anyone who does win. I also followed your IG. My IG is: zephyrdahn
christina craciun
I like the collection but its not quite what I wanted. I wish their were more dark tones in the palette, and its also a little too expensive to me. ig - glamxchristina
You are an absolute angel to be giving these away!! Wow loved the look, totally going to use the spraying the finger trick 💕
Julia Carroll
Julia Carroll Month ago
Your make up look is stunning You’re so talented
Kim xx
Kim xx Month ago
This collection is to diiiiiieeee for! I’ve never owned any of his palettes, too pricey for me unfortunately but I’m soooo tempted to have this one because this purple theme I could see myself wearing often! My insta is @krombopulus_m
Melissa Morales
Melissa Morales Month ago
this collection is stunning!!!! i’m probably biased considering purp is my fave.
Lori B
Lori B Month ago
I don't have any Jeffree Star cosmetics , but would love to try some. My insta is nyskier1. Thank you for being you!!!
TalaDyani Pinkard
Ive only watched a couple of videos on the collection and yours was definitely one of my favorites!!! But Ahhhhh I love this collection...especially the palette. I know people were expecting a super purple pallet but I love it(and there’s purples in his others)💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 IG- @taladyani_
sumaliworld Month ago
I don't usually love purple, BUT I love this! @_hot_tamali
Kiesha Breanna
Kiesha Breanna Month ago
Obsessed with how it came out! Love this collection!! My favourite ones I would say!!! Instagram kiesha_breanna
Shayla Mclellan
Shayla Mclellan Month ago
You look like jlo
Paola Santiago.
Paola Santiago. Month ago
I absolutely love this collection and colors ! I want all of Jeffree products legit in love with you 💕💕💕 Insta pao_sanjimnz
susan young
susan young Month ago
Love the look you did! Would love to win this😊❤️
Dana Sullivan
Dana Sullivan Month ago
A fellow scorpio! 😘 Love the lip colour, of course lol, and the gloss on top is perfection. Email : d.sullivan8@hotmail.com
nava Ilan
nava Ilan Month ago
The collection is Freaking amazing. 😎 Ilove the purple shades and the complimentary colors that are in it. Ig:dror_sparrow
Lucy French
Lucy French Month ago
I love Jeffree Star eyeshadows and this collection is everything. Insta: lucyfrench02
Chinker. Nancy
Chinker. Nancy Month ago
I love your hair color it’s the perfect honey dipped shade 😍 also I think this collection is amazing the glosses were actually more on the wearable side and the palette being a velvety touch is all boujee total JS vibes I’m currently on maternity leave so I’m on a tight budget but if I weren’t this would have been on my list of must haves 🥳. Nancy_mena1@yahoo.com Chinker_nancy
Tracy Harper
Tracy Harper Month ago
Love this collection, getting hold of it in the U.K. is impossible!!! Please consider me for the giveaway! Xxxx
Caroline Lawson
Caroline Lawson Month ago
I love purpley looks for spring. Really curious to see how this compares to ABH Norvina and Colourpop palettes. IG: carolinemariaa
Caroline Lawson
Caroline Lawson Month ago
Also. Wow. Scorpio! I need it in my life even if I am an Aries lol
Senpai717 Month ago
This collection looks so pretty. When I saw it I just thought “this is where my tax return is going”😂 @Senpai717
Joyce De La Cruz
So gorgeous 💜 IG: joycemfmdlc20
Bianca Espinoza
Bianca Espinoza Month ago
Am I too late for this giveaway 😭😭 tomorrow is my day off so i am binge watching your videos tonight!! Haha love you girl love the paellete & LOVE the look you created you are truly a queen 💜💜💜💜
Bianca Espinoza
Bianca Espinoza Month ago
Paulina Rodriguez
I don't have an Instagram tho :(
Brooke Palafox
Brooke Palafox Month ago
I've been wanting to try Jeffrey Stars pallets haven't been able to buy one. I think this collection is so stunning, loved the look you created by far my love seen done with this collection. MamaFox1415(insta)
Elizabeth Sibaja
I love the purple lip shades! Especially cause they also go with the mini breaker too lol keep up the videos :)) insta: sibajafresh
Kelly McKenzie
Kelly McKenzie Month ago
This collection looks ah-mazing! With everything Jefree that you’ve got, girl you should be getting that stuff in PR! Insta: kmckenzie0308
Mykala J
Mykala J Month ago
Literally love the hair!! The collection is beautiful! His gloss formula is everything! IG: mykalaj96
D-Dub Month ago
not A fan of Jeff. Glad you are happy.
melissaa0420 Month ago
Your looks always are always amazing, love your content. Ig melissaa04200
Rose Eschtruth Harrison
Those purples look amazing! @_redhairedprince
Amanda Palutsyn
Amanda Palutsyn Month ago
jeffree always has amazing products. loving the purple colors of the collection.❤️ IG: mandalvexo
carolyn harrington
Feel like I’m hangin with my sister whenever I watch you 💕💕 IG: carolynharrington710
J Kidd
J Kidd Month ago
Ok wasn’t really interested in this collection at all till I saw what you did now I’m all 🤔 IG: j_kidder1
Galletti Guitar Tones
I love that nail polish color super cute! I'm in love with this collection, I loved the lipsticks bundle, and those eyeshadow colors are just perfect, I'm thinking about doing my hair purple now, it's blue at the moment lol and that color "scorpio " looks so pretty on you! IG: alexagalletti3
ig: instagram.com/lumizumi/ I am absolutely in love with your look from this collection and your channel! I was on the fence about the Blood Lust collection because as someone who loves everything purple, the palette just felt sort of disappointing. But I think after seeing this, I might be able to do more with it than I thought. I for sure feel like the biggest missing piece though is a dark, daaaaark purple VLL mini. That would have won me over, hands down.
Sam Burrows
Sam Burrows Month ago
I loooove this collection so much!! I think its perfect! Insta is _sammm_b
Kasey Masson
Kasey Masson Month ago
Just love the purple collection!! Though the palette has some surprising pops of other colours. ❤️❤️ kc_maggie is my insta. Dying to try a gloss just wish the cap wasn’t so huge. That ain’t gonna fit in my purse lippie spot! 🤣
Madison Rueann
Madison Rueann Month ago
I love this palette! I’m really into purples lately. I especially love the middle row. IG: @madsmacey
Hannah clary
Hannah clary Month ago
Do you like the face brushes from jaclyns brush sets to? LOve this look! I dont own anything from jeffree star but a few brushes from morphe and a liquid lipstick. I cant wait to see his neutral pallet he comes out with!
richer Month ago
I've never had any Jeffree star products, but this palette stole my heart💜 IG: @richer.rr
TaraMay 95
TaraMay 95 Month ago
This is the first time i found myself liking one of his palette 😊 ig:amaraliamed
Elin Andreassen
Elin Andreassen Month ago
I want it so bad but can't really afford it because in Norway the stores sell it for almost 60 dollars because of customs and import etc... crazyyy :(
Meghan Black
Meghan Black Month ago
This is my favorite look of yours! Hoping I can win! Mlynnblack@gmail.com @mrsmeghan624 on insta!
Stephanie Leitao
Been waiting for jeffree to release a purple pallet forever and he completely nailed it!
Tina Soulti
Tina Soulti Month ago
This is the first palette from jefree star than i really love and want to try😍😍 ig: tinasoulti
T. Jay
T. Jay Month ago
Love the look! So gorgeous 💜 IG- tan__ya
Retro Keliy's Makeup
Beanie looks super cute on you!
Ambreen Azim
Ambreen Azim Month ago
YOUR TJ MAXX VIDEOS GIVE ME LIFE 💜 also you’re gorgeous and the looks you do are always blended to the gods 😍 IG: aaa_zim
Retro Keliy's Makeup
This is my favorite collection so far. I’m in LOVE with the palette and lipsticks the most. But glosses and mirror are stunning as well. Instagram: retro_keliy
Rachael The Pisces
I just found you cause I’m watching all j star videos and holy fuck you’re beautiful!! I’m still waiting on my order!!!!
Brandi Mattocks
Brandi Mattocks Month ago
Okay but that greenish shade in the palette is to die for
laura avalos
laura avalos Month ago
The collection is stunning and the packaging OMG I LOVE 💜 Ig:Laura.c.avalos
Susan Bartley
Susan Bartley Month ago
I love Jeffree Star 🌟 🥰
metrini Month ago
I wasn't excited until I saw the palette in use 💜💜💜💜💜 wish I could afford it!! My IG-METRINIAM
Jessamy Cortes
Jessamy Cortes Month ago
I love this collection & am grateful for the chance to get it. jessamyharville@gmail.com
Lucy Castillo
Lucy Castillo Month ago
Wow everything looks beautiful on you...to the makeup, hair, beanie just 🔥🔥🔥 My IG is @lc_love193023 and email is lucycastillo312@gmail.com
Tammy PRINCE lover
Love, love, Love the look and the blending of the beautiful colors!!!!! Love PURPLE and LOVE PRINCE! 💜💜
LiviaJaneXD Month ago
At first I was a bit weary of the colour story but you putting them on and describing each one definitely has me falling in love with the collection! Royal armour on the eyes oh my! Ig: @liv_tigris
A day in the life of Michelle
Love that color sweater on you! I've seen so many different looks done with this pallet. I would be over the moon if I won. IG: michelleprieur
Galletti Guitar Tones
This collection is my favorite of all. And Jawbreaker. Those two are my top top! I would love to have this eyeshadow palette the packaging is so beautiful!! IG: alexagalletti3
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Month ago
I love the look you created! 🔮💜 IG: iloveunicornsandglitterr
Kacey Miller
Kacey Miller Month ago
On ig @kcbette I got the choke on ice highlighter! And im so excited. I didn't like scorpio in the bottle but it looks so good on you. Ill have to pick one up!
Maddy Doll63
Maddy Doll63 Month ago
I freaking love this collection and love your vids! The crown mirror is so cute too. Ig: maddydoll63 Email: maddydoll.63@gmail.com
Savannah Marie Williams
After seeing reviews I honestly love the collection more! 💜💜
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