jeffree star being jeffree star for 3 minutes straight

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jeffree star being iconic for 3 minutes straight
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Comments 80
shook 8 months ago
did you guys miss these? 😩 2017 tingz
Aaliya Mayes
Aaliya Mayes Month ago
shook yeassssssssssssss! So muchhhhhhhh. Jeffry is such a icon.
Monaf Ahmed
Monaf Ahmed Month ago
Cinnam0nn Month ago
I know I’m late, but I love this stuff 😍
Willa Prothro
Willa Prothro 3 months ago
shook i miss 2017 but it is 2020!!!
Gaymes 5 months ago
please bring em back i lived for these
Tashan Thomas
Tashan Thomas 14 hours ago
Jeffrey star millionaire Fancy restaurants: am I a joke to you
kallme Jay
kallme Jay 16 hours ago
Literally looks like an alien who wants to be a human!!! Lmao!!!
Ella C.
Ella C. 2 days ago
Duolingo 2 days ago
why is this in my recommendations??
Kimi Corbett
Kimi Corbett 2 days ago
"How's this foundation look y'all?" James Charles is *quaking*
Ash Jacks
Ash Jacks 2 days ago
Hmmmm. Yes. The floor here is made out of floor.
Zozo GMR
Zozo GMR 2 days ago
James Tutorials
James Tutorials 2 days ago
1:07 i died
•V è n u s P l à y z•
The fact that Jeffree calls everything trash it makes me think that I am “trash”
Felipe Sabbag
Felipe Sabbag 3 days ago
What video he did thay to that baby doll??? LoL
j u s t r e l a x
0:12 to 0:14 . Caption this..
storm chaser
storm chaser 3 days ago
jeffree:4,000 thousand 1900 125,000. me: god this goes one of two ways jeffree is super rich or i broke as shit
TheLiving Bird
TheLiving Bird 4 days ago
Let me fix the title: Jeffree Star being Jeffree Star for 3 minutes gay
Hassan Ghuman
Hassan Ghuman 4 days ago
lilia lili
lilia lili 4 days ago
He's sehun from exo
Rosario Petralia
Rosario Petralia 5 days ago
You are gay
Dorian Parker
Dorian Parker 5 days ago
That moment when people like star and Charles show you all this $1000 stuff and nothing but dust and cobwebs are in your wallet
Nodirabegim Madmarova
m.ruvid.net/video/video-2gp5zh2lA8s.html 😭please watch
Ķøøķý Ćhåñ Øøf
Jeffree stars : like i mean just look at this hermes Bag and thankgoodness i have it Jamie chua : i have 200 hermes bag
Stervie 7 days ago
No one: Literally no one: Jeffree: Goes to park to meet friends and greets them with a twerk
Minh Phuong Nguyen
"Alright foundation, WORK."
andre luis trubat de souza
Essa sim e a verdadeira mulher da minha vida que eu quero e acredito de na minha vida❤💕💕💞💞💋💘💗🙏🙏🙏🙏
dizzy 11 days ago
0:27 what's the video?
sana zafar
sana zafar 11 days ago
I laughed alottttt
Melissa 12 days ago
Jeffree looking at this ex boyfriend showed how much he loved him
Calvary Crusader
Calvary Crusader 12 days ago
That video is an example of why the world is going through so much suffering - and it will only get worse - HELLFIRE.
Aliwell 13 days ago
tropicalpalmtree 13 days ago
Fucking state of this cunt
Masełko Na Mokro
Masełko Na Mokro 13 days ago
I didnt know I needed it this much
Retemar Robinson
Retemar Robinson 13 days ago
Who else thought that was a real baby for a sec
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 13 days ago
Jeff is not just the bomb Jeff is also the explosion after
Legging Dreamers
Legging Dreamers 13 days ago
1:16 😂😂
Meg 14 days ago
Jeffree Star pretending to be an intolerable self-obsessed train wreck for three minutes. THIS fella, AINT gonna age well. What an idijit. ANd all of you watching this and wanting to be/look like this mentally perturbed individual, are useless wastes of flesh. It is NOT a virtue to be self-obsessed. There was a time, when good upstanding people realized this kind of person is a TRAIN WRECK. TIME to WAKE da FK UP kidz. Planet melting down, people dying - and you are watching this asshat. SHAME.
Brennan Barner-Couther
Omg I forgot about this Gucci bag in my trunk. 😂
cHalLeNgE mE pEaSeNt
WRONG... 3minutes GAY
Satanic Hollywood
Satanic Hollywood 14 days ago
Sadly & unfortunately clueless Americans have been living in a matrix like fantasy world were everything they believe in is based on lies & fabrications ever since Zionist killed JFK. They have been so brainwashed & propegandized by the warmongering Zionist & their full control of Goverment and Congress through AIPAC and full controll of Media, Social Media & Hollywood that they are unable to grasp reality how they’re being led to the slaughter. America has become bankrupt to its fiscal & moral core. Zionist have successfully maneuvered America into a dead end, it is a nation divided & will remain divided because Zionist control us & they want us to fall. America is ruined, it has fallen to Zionist predation & she shall be disposed when the Zionist finished using it. Trump will not challenge the false Zionist inspired narrative, Trump will not re-investigate 911, Trump will not prosecute the Zionist criminals that pulled 911. Trump will not stop the wars, nor will he balance the budget or restore our liberty. The truth is a murderer, a warmonger, an egomaniacal narcissistic maniac. He is Israel’s first Zionist Stooge. Read the Talmud or google & read a few protocals of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” and you will see the Evil! Listen to these heroes on RUvid; Christopher Bollyn, Ryan Dawson, Kevin Barrett, Ken Okeefe, George Galloway, Jimmy Dore Show, Know More News/Adam Green, The Last American Vagabond & EFDawah. Support the Palestine Cause & #BDS❤️Because they are definitely the Achilles’ heel of Zionist! Remember Pedophile Zionist Epstein worked for Israeli Mossad Rats and he Definitely DID NOT kill himself!
River Woodes
River Woodes 14 days ago
I love him so much 😂😂
LuciLaife 123
LuciLaife 123 15 days ago
Nobody: Jeffree: *pErIoD*
Filip 16 days ago
1:16 Karen Star
Miranda Strickland
Miranda Strickland 17 days ago
Is this dior?
Scp-8282 Scp-590’s bestie
This man is great I was like 13 when I started watching this guy and he still kills me
Emma Biron
Emma Biron 19 days ago
Every single time Jeffree laughs it gives me life
Mr. ZAPPER 21 day ago
can i speak to your manager pls ? im hungry * i cant😂
Ethan B
Ethan B 21 day ago
Nobody: Jeffree: *films a whole ass makeup review in a pool*
Kierra Moore
Kierra Moore 22 days ago
I want Jeffrey Starr to do a video on how to twerk/teach me how to twerk
Ammarie gg
Ammarie gg 22 days ago
This is the most Jeffree star video I’ve ever seen
Burt Toes
Burt Toes 22 days ago
The fucking baby got dragged like 😂😭
Chad Robillard
Chad Robillard 22 days ago
*hOw yA lIkE tHiS fOuNdAtIoN hErE yAlL!?!?* I AM OR DED😂😂😂
Eva Teehee
Eva Teehee 22 days ago
I thought the title said "Jeffree Star being straight for 3 minutes" lol but if it was it would probably be a joke
Akira Cossings
Akira Cossings 23 days ago
A ysl ad for a jeffree themed video, accurate.
Addison Black
Addison Black 23 days ago
I actually dont know !
:0 Omg its 3:02 seconds not 3:00 . 😳😳😳
Lilyanna XD
Lilyanna XD 24 days ago
0:52 Sis- 😂😂😂
- h x n e y -
- h x n e y - 25 days ago
Mariachill67 eh
Mariachill67 eh 25 days ago
at least he knows how to match his foundation
Tiana Marie
Tiana Marie 26 days ago
When he through the baby doll I swear to god I thought it was his dog for a second
Monica Okada
Monica Okada 26 days ago
I use Revlon mixed with garnier bb cream foundation and it works for me. There both spf 15 which I love
Orjwan Motaen
Orjwan Motaen 27 days ago
Orjwan Motaen
Orjwan Motaen 27 days ago
pearl 27 days ago
Jeffree Star being Jeffree Star for about 34 years.
Andrea Rojo
Andrea Rojo 27 days ago
I literally just made this new account so I can like this again 😈 Jeffree is the Queen 👑
Normal Reality
Normal Reality 27 days ago
There is no man and no woman, there is only Jeffree
DIY DIY 27 days ago
I feel cheap
ぱかある 27 days ago
What video was 0:25 ??? I've never seen it come onnnnn
Professor Histoire
Professor Histoire 28 days ago
Even though he is consistently involved in drama, he's just so above it all and rich that it doesn't really affect him.
Ljubica Jovic
Ljubica Jovic 28 days ago
3 minutes straight? You mean 3 minutes gay? *sorry a bad joke*
멀타이YT 28 days ago
Really thankful that he is a man
Johanna Bothur
Johanna Bothur 28 days ago
Kinda miss Nate in his videos :(
ソフィー 28 days ago
imagine having this much self-confidence-
Lmao Bye
Lmao Bye 29 days ago
He started with nothing, He started as a freak, He started out in a tiny ass apartment sometimes with nothing too eat. But now, he’s classiest bitch you will ever meet. Hope you liked my poem
luciano AC
luciano AC 29 days ago
buys nathan a new car - breaks up
Raven Reyes
Raven Reyes Month ago
Ok but I love Jeffery so much for no reason
Sara Mattaliano
Sara Mattaliano Month ago
Am I the only one that sometimes think that Jeffree Star is related to Millie Bobby Brown?
Nate *
Nate * Month ago
I just...sigh. I love him.
Leah Chan
Leah Chan Month ago
Jeffriee is a funny bitch😤🙌🏻😂
julia rumińska
julia rumińska Month ago
almost forgot to watch this today
Dominika Tymicka
jeffree is marylin manson and barbie in one person
Colored Cosplay Girl
lmao i love him 💀💀💕
Tjitske hes
Tjitske hes Month ago
Wat is je zoooooo rich
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