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I never thought we would revisit this again ...
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Jul 24, 2020




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Anne-Marie Laplante
The keyword here is RETAIL value. We now know the cost value (10 000$) vs retail value (2mil$) edit: doesn’t mean I say he’s telling the truth though... he’s a complete liar
_.Smitten Kitten._
After all this im still trying to figure out why the hell is he not cancelled but Shane is cancelled for dug up videos from years ago?!?!!?
Lettie Messi
Lettie Messi 2 months ago
They sometimes spell the name wrong, it doesn't mean its fake.
Niki Luv
Niki Luv 2 months ago
That goes to show how much he marks up his make up for all u dumbass’ to buy! : )
Dia 2 months ago
If jeffree walked into a house dripping wet and said it was raining outside, I’d still go out and check
zarah becker
zarah becker 2 months ago
even his own home could be fake all the stuff could be from a secret partner
jeromy 916217
jeromy 916217 2 months ago
People who lie about stupid shit lie about everything.....😒🙄
wiseone 2 months ago
He gets more insurance money if the value was 2 mil or 2.5 mil. You don't receive insurance money for what you would have made had the products been sold. You receive what it would cost to replace the stolen items.
Pyper 2 months ago
am i the only one wanting nate to just expose all
Jowan Alfailakawi
Jowan Alfailakawi 2 months ago
His name is not spelt wrong. that is his birth name. Look it up.
Kourtney Koskotas
Kourtney Koskotas 2 months ago
Wishing everyone’s dreams come true! Please help mine come true and subscribe 💗
Cassie J.
Cassie J. 2 months ago
I think regardless, D'Angelo needs to retract his accusation. What's most likely is that the police initially listed the product cost without the sales markup. Make-up markup is astronomically high and for insurance purposes, J* would have needed their reports amended in order to claim the actual losses.
Jessica Desousa
Jessica Desousa 2 months ago
What a stupid video
Shayla Lynn
Shayla Lynn 2 months ago
Do y’all realize how much makeup would have to be stolen to steal 2.5 million worth..? He’s dumb
Sarah Layhe
Sarah Layhe 2 months ago
Cops spell names wrong on reports all the time
Melody Tenis
Melody Tenis 2 months ago
what they even gon do with the makeup lmao like would they sell it...? how would they sell 2.5m worth of makeup oh my god thats so much makeup it doesn't make sense like what
Moonstruck Noonook
Moonstruck Noonook 2 months ago
Why. Are. Y’all. Surprised. He’s lying for YEARS and recently he lied in his apology on twitter 🤪
urlgmez 2 months ago
"This S i t u A t i o n " 👁👄👁
Regina Trigos
Regina Trigos 2 months ago
Wtf happened? RUvid drama a few years ago was mostly people subtweeting eachother and now...
The Wredd Witch
The Wredd Witch 2 months ago
Kinda jumping the gun info wise there. It looks like it’s currently an open investigation, and definitely not enough info if everyone is just going off emails. I’ve had cops come and handle a burglary for me before and we didn’t find everything initially the first time until we cleaned everything up and looked around. It’s just as likely for jefree; 10k to 2.5 mil is a huge jump, he could’ve just overreacted and said that number, but regardless, I’m sure LAPD will figure it all out. Meanwhile speculating on the most hated beauty guru could be an issue: he sure loves his law suits 🙄
Clancy Bolton
Clancy Bolton 2 months ago
I’m sure the warehouse is insured. If a claim was filed with a grossly overinflated dollar amount/value for the cargo...that’s insurance fraud. 😬
Chelsi Ramroopsingh
Chelsi Ramroopsingh 2 months ago
Maybe his ex-boyfriend stole his makeup
Fight Me Freddy
Fight Me Freddy 2 months ago
When you realize you live near Jeremiah Starburst 👀👀👀👀👀👀
IcePrinCess22 3 months ago
He needs help . Seems mental to me. Also his followers seem dumb
Thy 3 months ago
the anonymous email came in march 12, but the theft happened on march 15???
Pattrisha Bagley
Pattrisha Bagley 3 months ago
Ok, but are the values based on sale value or actual whole cost value? I would be interested to see the total number of items stolen because even 1000 items stolen is still around $20000....
Jessica Williamson
Jessica Williamson 3 months ago
I’ve worked at a cosmetic manufacturer where there was a burglary - what’s reported to LAPD isn’t where you’d find the real answer. The insurance company would require proof of receipt of products stolen and their retail value. There would be a detailed “schedule” that would need to be produced by the company. Many departments would be involved to quantify actual loss. I’ve also worked in insurance and attorneys as a paralegal for claims for losses. The schedules are thick and designed to close any loops for fraudulent reporting. It’s also a crime to commit insurance fraud. No employee will sign off on that, much less several.
Jessica Williamson
Jessica Williamson 3 months ago
Missy Galante
Missy Galante 3 months ago
It’s probably production price vs sale price
Houda Kas
Houda Kas 3 months ago
It's weird how i'm subscribed to you but only saw the video five days later, i don't think it apeared on my subscribed
Brown_beauty 3 months ago
Let's be honest Shane Dawson is in hiding until everything blows over. While Jeffree's fans will prevent him from being canceled so he's out living his best life. Jeffree at this point most likely think he's bulletproof
ThePsycoFairy 3 months ago
This isn't rocket science, if my bar gets burgled they are taking the alcohol stolen on stock value let's say one bottle of vodka costs £20 wholesale. What it would actually cost me in resale is £60 🙄
rafaela 3 months ago
this is stupid. i understand jeffree is a terrible person but people need to stop thinking everything he does has some huge meaning behind it. there’s so many reasonable explanations for this. it could be the 10,000 would, in sale, make the company 2,5 million. it could be initially them thinking it was only 10,000 worth stolen but then finding out more stuff was stolen. so many possible reasons.
Maresii 3 months ago
what's new?
bri2uty 3 months ago
So it happened, was smaller than he said, and he blew it up for PR
Ocean Sky
Ocean Sky 3 months ago
I questioned the burglary since the beginning. Seemed so fake
Mafia Princess
Mafia Princess 3 months ago
I don’t know about the FBI, but I can tell you I bought one of those concealers in AZ, a short time after the robbery. This lady sells makeup out of her garage and had just gotten them in. They had not been released yet.
temple2heaven 3 months ago
Ok, I work with police reports daily in my job. I will let you know that on initial reports like where the amount is listed at 10k. The officer is literally ball park estimating. Just like on a car crash report, the amount they estimate is most often woefully undervalued. I know you have purchased high end cosmetics like this and can't be shocked that the amount could be 2.5 Mil. It would be the retail cost of the stolen items. A cop is most like going to have NO idea how much cosmetics are worth. I wish everyone would stop being so thirsty and trying to drum up drama where there is none. There is PLENTY of drama already.
Esaw Is oof
Esaw Is oof 3 months ago
Basically this is how rich jeffree star is He puts in 10k gets 2.5 mil......
Pragya Bawa
Pragya Bawa 3 months ago
Jabadaiya scrotum just said on his snapstory that he is going to visit his friends in another state and hasn't gone anywhere since February, thereby confirming the grandma turning 104 trip was indeed fake
Becky Dahl
Becky Dahl 3 months ago
It's probably because the raw materials are 10k, but the lost profits are 2.5 million.
Trevia Smith
Trevia Smith 3 months ago
For all of y’all trying to make this make sense. Jeffree said they stole an entire shade of a concealer, thousands of Northern Lights, and thousands of lip liners. Okay, so we are assuming these are all finished products. Their value was estimated at $10,000. Y’all really believe he has a 25,000% markup on his products in order for the retail value to be $2.5 million? Even if that’s true, y’all are okay with that?
Trevia Smith
Trevia Smith 3 months ago
Didn’t he say the FBI was involved and someone was arrested? Just lying to be lying 🙄
Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson 3 months ago
He can lie all he wants. His flock still think he walks on water and can do no wrong.
Grayson Lowe
Grayson Lowe 3 months ago
Anyone now seriously wonder why him and Nathan actually broke up?
Tamar Zonenberg
Tamar Zonenberg 3 months ago
Wow. He really got pink pantherd
Bexy Boo
Bexy Boo 3 months ago
Even though I know he LOVES drama and embellishes the truth a lot or just flat out makes sh*t up. I will still watch him as he's so Gosh darn entertaining, talented and has the Midas touch. I'll just take what he says with a pinch of salt and not buy his makeup (haven't yet)
Thejok3r 3 months ago
He said 2.5 mil because the pallette wasn't out yet so for someone to have that before it was out means its worth a ton. 2.5 million in possible damages because he doesn't know who and where those pallettes were sold to.
Marlynne K
Marlynne K 3 months ago
The common denominator in ALL THE DRAMA in the beauty community is Jeffree Starr. He's a pathological liar.
AnnaDaA 3 months ago
i love how she said "jeffrey is spelled WRONG" have you ever considered that maybe he lied about that and that his legal name might not be writen the same way his "stage name" is?
Ashleigh Lancaster
Ashleigh Lancaster 3 months ago
Nah I get the disparity in the values. Just because Jeffree charges through the nose for his products, doesn't mean they're actually worth that much or cost even close to their retail value to produce. So he's lost $2.5 million in projected sales, all he would have actually lost was the $10k it would have cost to make the products. See the only thing that gives Jeffree's products the expensive pricetag they have, is his name. I've used, owned and even swear by products just as good (and usually better) at a much lower price point, because they don't have a high profile name attached to them.
Sondra Sebald
Sondra Sebald 3 months ago
I’m wondering if it’s what he paid vs what he could of sold it for. Because that would be a big profit.
Jo Va
Jo Va 3 months ago
ppl are really going in didn’t we just have an issue with sanders doing shit like this
Anna Breon
Anna Breon 3 months ago
If I remember correctly, there were two locations which were robbed: a warehouse and a secondary storage area used for receiving. Cutting through the roof is not unusual for warehouse thefts. The roof is usually fairly thin metal and not alarmed. Once inside you just disable the alarm and bob’s yer uncle. If initial report only includes the product already in inventory but doesn’t include the product in receiving that would be part of the discrepancy, as would differences in valuation between goods destined for wholesale vs. goods sold direct to consumer. The “anonymous” email appears to include an enumeration of what product was missing possibly meant as an update once the product inventory in receiving was determined. Although why that would be anonymous is a bit puzzling.
Daniela Isabela
Daniela Isabela 3 months ago
I think that’s just because that’s how much it actually cost him to make those products but the actual amount he would have sold all of that for is what he said was stolen
ran d
ran d 3 months ago
i think that the 2.5 million email is hella sus but the $10k was stolen out of his factory and it seems that the $2mil was stolen from killer merch. if i remember correctly they didn’t find out the extent of everything stolen when the police initially came and they found stuff missing as time went by. plus stolen unreleased stuff could sell for a lot so i understand how $2.5mil could be possible.... but for an anonymous email to give that figure before the police found that out ??? i don’t like that at all...
Shattered Crystal
Shattered Crystal 3 months ago
Just imagine if he’s lied about all these stuff I don’t want to even imagine the real content and production of his ‘vegan’ products. Most unethical person. Big lesson of this: phrase stop making stupid people famous
Iaintyourbabe 3 months ago
Now this was some tea!! Of course he would over exaggerate the amount stolen. Bet he sent that anonymous email lmfao.
serenity 3 months ago
let’s top the most disliked video record on youtube with jessie starfish’s “apology” video 💁‍♀️
just call me Jess z
just call me Jess z 3 months ago
I'm kinda getting annoyed that I keep having to _feel_ like I am 'sticking up' for JS when I personally don't care for him, at all. I feel like it should be obvious that the $2.5 million would be the *retail* value of product stolen. Which in itself is a huge markup but is also why JS is $$$ lol. This situation specifically isn't really about if he lied to anyone. Even if the actual manufacturing cost was $10k and it was never made public or even police involvement.... the insurance claim wouldn't be cost. It would be retail. He has every right and all the historical evidence to claim the amount of $ lost by not being able to sell the product
Peachy Clouds
Peachy Clouds 3 months ago
I used to think he was a boss ass bitch cause he is so successful but turns out he manipulates everyone to get him to be successful
Candice Cart
Candice Cart 3 months ago
🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t think it matters.. HOWEVER, you never know who made the initial report (eg a new employee who might not know where all the inventory is or may just notice right away a pallet was missing)... if you’ve ever had your house broken into or robbed, you realize you may notice right away some things are missing but not others until you do a thorough inventory... additionally the $2mil email said “retail value”... often times for police reports or insurance, the value is basically the cost to the company to produce the item (we all know cosmetics have a huge markup, so say it’s 20xs the cost- if it costs you $100k, it would have a retail of $2m) 🤷🏼‍♀️
SSJ Kaerkarot
SSJ Kaerkarot 3 months ago
Jeffy so manipulative he pre-emptively posted the tweet about never thinking he'd be spending the night with the FBI tracking down stolen makeup on APRIL 1ST. So when he is called out on his BS, he can say omg happy belated april fools day! I thought y'all been knew it was a joke sheesh
tiggz R
tiggz R 3 months ago
That is just a report lol its not an investigation or evidence it actually happened
Nerd Goddess
Nerd Goddess 3 months ago
For everyone hating on Jeffree this song is for you! Saturday steppin' into the club The music makes me wanna tell the DJ Turn It Up I feel the energy all around And my body can't stop moving to the sound But I can tell that you're watching me And you're probably gonna write what you didn't see Well I just need a little space to breathe Can you please respect my privacy [Bridge:] Why can't you just let me Do the things I wanna do I just wanna be me I don't understand why Would you wanna bring me down I'm only having fun I'm gonna live my life (but not the way you want me to) [Chorus:] I'm tired of rumors starting I'm sick of being followed I'm tired of people lying Saying what they want about me Why can't they back up off me Why can't they let me live I'm gonna do it my way Take this for just what it is Here we are back up in the club People taking pictures Don't you think they get enough I just wanna be all over the floor And throw my hands up in the air to a beat like (What?) I've gotta say respectfully I would like it if you take the cameras off of me 'Cause I just want a little room to breathe Can you please respect my privacy [Bridge:] Why can't you just let me Do the things I wanna do I just wanna be me I don't understand why Would you wanna bring me down I'm only having fun I'm gonna live my life But not the way you want me to [Chorus:] I'm tired of rumors starting I'm sick of being followed I'm tired of people lying Saying what they want about me Why can't they back up off me Why can't they let me live I'm gonna do it my way Take this for just what it is I just need to free my mind (my mind) Just wanna dance and have a good time (good time) I'm tired of rumors (rumors) Followed (followed, followed, followed, followed, followed) What they (follow) me Why can't they (they they they-they-they) let me live Take this for just what it is [Chorus:] I'm tired of rumors starting I'm sick of being followed I'm tired of people lying Saying what they want about me Why can't they back up off me Why can't they let me live I'm gonna do it my way Take this for just what it is I'm tired of rumors starting I'm sick of being followed I'm tired of people lying Saying what they want about me Why can't they back up off me why can't they let me live I'm gonna do it my way Take this for just what it is
Estephany De Luna
Estephany De Luna 3 months ago
Oh goodness why are people sooo overly invested in this. Going as far as looking for police records... the fact is we will never know for sure what happened. But also why care so much don’t y’all gotta more important shit to worry about?
covinah 3 months ago
Jeffree Star is named after his father Jeffrey. His actual birth name is Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. and he just changed the spelling to Jeffree.
Emily Holbrook
Emily Holbrook 3 months ago
People commenting here are so crazy !! Y’all don’t understand that people selling things on the black market is huge and actually horrible ... you can literally buy anything on there and people who sell it may add things to it to hurt you . I think that people are thinking this situation through it’s not just about breaking & entering .
Mauricio Marroquin
Mauricio Marroquin 3 months ago
I mean, $2.5M/10K is $250. So what I’m his long of cosmetics costs that much? Unless a lot of it was kept under wraps. I can understand amounts shifting as more is found (not from $10K to $2.5M) but I get that things change.
Gabby Sheidy
Gabby Sheidy 3 months ago
Literally was off RUvid for a couple of weeks comes back like nothing ever happened
Nicole Dressel
Nicole Dressel 3 months ago
Idk if it’s really lying but more exaggeration. He was robbed and it was an open case then, but no fbi and not as much stolen as he had said
Savannah Salaiz
Savannah Salaiz 3 months ago
I think that it could have to do with the actual out of pocket value vs. retail value aspect. Like, Jeffree paid $10,000 for that patch, but it would be resold for upwards of $2 million. And if that’s true, I think that’s still an interesting story 👀
Little Red Beanie - 빨간 비니
Nadia Nanette
Nadia Nanette 3 months ago
It’s probably 2.5 million is estimations because that’s the projected amount he was suppose to make or whatever. But it only actually cost him 10,000
Pamela Soda
Pamela Soda 3 months ago
Why did you blur the emails 🤨
Delaney 3 months ago
i think at the time of the police being there they have to make a rough estimate of what was stolen and then after they left with more investigation they realized more was stolen than originally thought?
Jacqueline Urgo
Jacqueline Urgo 3 months ago
Okay hear me out- maybe $10,000 worth of product was stolen but it’s valued at $2M because they stole a product that wasn’t released yet and the products getting leaked could cause dupes to be made before the release of jefrees product causing him loose a significant amount of sales. Does this make sense to anyone?
9razzler9 3 months ago
While you're at it, let's talk about rich lux's alleged robbery lmao. Also, Sanders Kennedy, if you're reading this: this is how you spill well researched tea. Not make up stories Also. 2.5mil is RETAIL value aka what he priced them for sale. The real value of the product is actually 10k. So think about that when you spend your hard earned cash on his highly marked up products lmao.
captrebo 3 months ago
Pretty sure at one point during all this he even said for a few days after the robbery the realized a, b and c were also stolen as they went through the inventory in the warehouse, thus increasing in value form the initial 10k.
Rachel Dawley
Rachel Dawley 3 months ago
My best guess is that the 10k was incorrectly reported and that 10k UNITS were stolen rather than dollar value?
natalie 3 months ago
$2.5 million is only like 3 of Jeffree’s pallets though. That shit is overpriced & dusty
Jacinda Miranda
Jacinda Miranda 3 months ago
Girl are you good, cause we all know you work your butt off to make these videos for us, and yes we love em but it’s alright if you need a break :)🥺
Chelsea C
Chelsea C 3 months ago
Maybe it's worth 10k - as in what J* paid to have it produced. But market value - what he would have made from sales is 2.5 mil
Katie 3 months ago
I think you're right - the cost of inventory and the value of inventory are very different things (otherwise businesses wouldn't be able to cover their overheads or make a profit). So maybe it was 10,000 dollars worth of cost but 2m worth of sales revenue lost.
Ashley Keller
Ashley Keller 3 months ago
Wow, you were really thorough and objective with the situation, we stan (:
Petar Vujčić
Petar Vujčić 3 months ago
He basically was robbed but he said oH its 2 MiL for ppl to feel sorry and buy products good job jeFF
KissMyCreative 3 months ago
D’angelo Wallace reports, the world listens lol. I love that guy! He’s speaks the real real! Can’t wait for his Tati vid. Whoever is reading this needs to go follow him!
Jenifer Rogers
Jenifer Rogers 3 months ago
So... People realize that the mark-up for TONS of products is CRAZY high.... Right? I mean most stuff at the $1 store costs less then 10 CENTS to make... And that $2,000 LV bag, or $200,000 Burken bag? Same thing... Some products have more then a 200% mark-up!!! So if he had shipments with 100 pieces per box, and pallets being roughly 16 boxes per layer, 6 layers high, = (again roughly) 96 cases that = just under 10,000 pieces per pallet... So 100,000 pieces would be under 10 pallets.... That might seem like A LOT... But the police report confirms, they came in the the roof, and went OUT thru a loading dock door... Moving 10+ pallets takes only minutes! $0.10 per unit times 100,000 units = $10,000 COST... However they sell for $22.00, which =$2,200,000.00! In lost revenue, Vs $10,000 in loss product! And with how MUCH JSC sells, and how many different employees he has handling different aspects of the company, I could EASILY see the "guesstimate" being off by $300,000... Which if it was only $250 Vs $220 Vs $200... doesn't seem THAT drastic of an initial difference. It's when you separate the context of the entire number and hear only $300,000 or $500,000 difference... That's when it seems drastic.
MeGustaKoolAidDeUva 3 months ago
Couldn’t the difference in numbers be retail amount stolen and actual cost of goods stolen?
Iva 3 months ago
why are all the people in the comments so pressed lmao. The emails and records prove that there was a robbery, and quite possibly valued for the bigger amount , you can have a number diffeence if you take into account the amount of products stolen and the effect that it has on the company. Seriously some be like "he is a big liar" oh boo hoo like we dont know that celebrities, influencers and millioners all lie. People serioulsy trying tro cancel him for lying about his grandmas age like whoooooo the hell gives a shit
Littlesnackcakez RPM
Not to mention he did say in the beginning they didn't realize everything that was taken plus the wages it cost to manufacture and what it will cost to replace he paid everyone on his team and they have to rush to remake and package everything
Littlesnackcakez RPM
The cost of damage and then the insurance money if including the amount it cost to manufacture and employees payroll it cost to make stolen make up plus the time it will take to make more
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 3 months ago
Jairo Gijon
Jairo Gijon 3 months ago
2.5 million is the retail value which is the amount it’s worth at selling price. 10,000 is how much it cost to make.
Hall 233
Hall 233 3 months ago
I don't think Jeffree is that stupid, fabricating something like this is a crime .
C V 3 months ago
What does it matter HOW MUCH was stolen? Y’all that money crazy huh? Stolen is stolen, it doesn’t matter how much. Stop creating drama off nothing and only report actual tea.
Scarlet 3 months ago
The value of inventory can be calculated differently, e.g., "replacement value" meaning how much it costs for the factory to make more, vs "market value" which is the retail price. So, he could have very high profit margins where his $10k inventory can be sold for $2m
jiv tuoob
jiv tuoob 3 months ago
ok but like how to i find ur background music girl like its a bop
Lincoln7Echo 3 months ago
I"m not sure if or when he legally changed his name as anyone can locate public records under his birth name, Jeffrey L. Steininger.
Kylie Crawford
Kylie Crawford 3 months ago
Ok, someone help me out. Jeffree said in the original video about the break-in, that one of the concealer shades was completely stolen except for a small amount. The email implies that it was one pallet was stolen though, equating to the $10,000. There’s no way he would have all of the concealers on one pallet in the warehouse. Also, I’m not sure if the one pallet of concealers is worth $10,000... so there is definitely some information missing.
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