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Comments 80
BLk JuanesRose
BLk JuanesRose 2 days ago
people needs to worry about their own man and stay out of others business, nate is a grown man and doesn't need to be babysit, they are broken up and both are their own person and can be with whoever, let them have their own privacy and personal life.
mjkingofmusic 3 days ago
Who cares about that mess
astrid vvv
astrid vvv 4 days ago
Jeffree is PETTY for taking Nate's car back and his bad intentions were proven by the fact that he took pictures of himself getting the car shipped back to him. To take gifts back from an SO is NEVER a good look and I know some of y'all are going to say it's different because J* was taking back expensive, luxury cars but not really! Jeffree is so wealthy that him taking that car back from Nate is the equivalent of you or me taking a sweatshirt or Xbox game we gifted to our ex-boyfriends. I think Jeffree had ensured himself that he and Nate weren't broken up for good and was so sure Nate would come back to him after a few weeks. When he didn't, and when Jeffree saw indication that Nate is dating, he had to face reality. And it made him enraged. I empathize to a point, but I can't get behind his petty posts which I believe exist to give Nate a hard time and to otherwise humiliate him as Jeffree probably feel humiliated himself. He shouldn't! It's not like Nate is dragging his ass all over LA chasing clout and trying to stay relevant. It seems like he truly has no interest in fame or maintaining the lifestyle he had with Jeffree as it seems like he's back home in Michigan. How many of y'all think Jeffree's petty ass is going to take the Michigan house from Nate and his family? That would be so fucked.
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai 4 days ago
he did not take it away and on the other side they both have still a good contact relationship^^ and just let them try to fix what they need to fix on themselfes non of us would like rumors if we would break up just let it be jeez
Kenz D
Kenz D 5 days ago
That is fake it says University of Nebraska lincoln, I live in Nebraska, lmao..
Marvel Girl15
Marvel Girl15 5 days ago
I’m sorry who the hell wants them to get back together
Paul C Grout
Paul C Grout 5 days ago
I can't believe people are actually buying cosmetics made in China?
John Warner
John Warner 5 days ago
0:10 honey, lord knows jeffree is still living that luxurious life 🤣
Talynn Brown
Talynn Brown 6 days ago
This just goes to show money cant buy love! But it would be nice though..
Mr Jones and me
Mr Jones and me 6 days ago
I like J* but he is a narcissist to the mil. He has great makeup tho
Tasty Nachosss
Tasty Nachosss 6 days ago
I thought Jeffree said that the car was his?
Zoe Garner
Zoe Garner 7 days ago
You’re how to cook that... I remember that intelligent voice from anywhere
Ashelie Claesson
Ashelie Claesson 7 days ago
I mean I never trusted Nate. He just always came off a a user and a gold digger, maybe a tad bit confused. It seems to me, he was only with Jeffree for the money and the status being with him for him. MAYBE I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say perhaps, he was going through something and confused about his sexuality and Jeffree was a good way to experiment with that (considering he’s a very feminine gay man). But you can’t sit here and be like, “oh I’m straight, but I like having sex with men”... no.. you’re either Gay, Bi, Demi or Pan. Unless of course, the nature of their relationship, was never sexual (which would explain why it was polyamorous)... Now of course it could of been one of those “publicity” relationships, that they just turned on for the cameras, when it was convenient and it was all a show.& Jeffree has enough money to be like yeah, pretend to be my boyfriend and you’ll get anything you want (sugar daddy type shit). so at that point, it could’ve been seen from a mile away. He says he came from nothing and didn’t get “rich” until after him and Nate started dating, but let’s be real, we all know that’s a crock of shit, Jeffree just didn’t want people going after Nate or him for Nate just being a gold digging arm piece. No one wants to look like a fool. Everything about it just gave me bad vibes. Which tells me that he’s just a superficial prick. Jeffree deserves at least a little better than that. All I say, is good fucking riddance dill hole.
Bambi Rood
Bambi Rood 7 days ago
Hmm well maybe he was a gold digger...?
How can he get over a relationship so quick it's hardly 3 months and they were in relationship for so long ..if he was so involved in his relationship with Jeffree I feel there's no way he can move on so fast and start looking for new date.
Iam Who
Iam Who 7 days ago
My explanation for his Instagram: The boy needs to pay his bills somehow (??)
brxzy999 7 days ago
idk why I've always had a feeling he was using him 😭 but thats just mind dont come for me yooo
Dew War
Dew War 7 days ago
I don’t think he was into men
Jessica Ponticello
It seems that they are both moving on can’t hate on that life goes on.
Shannon B
Shannon B 8 days ago
Nate is clearly straight
LuvGreed 8 days ago
The more jeffree takes more things from nate the more hes just making him self jeffre star unaprroved
Magical Unicorn Rosh
Things that HE owned in the first place. And those shit aint just for a couple of bucks, unless those were named under Nate, I dont see anything wrong on keeping what you own instead of sharing it with someone who broke your heart.
Heidi 8 days ago
well, it was jeffrees car on his name so.
Mark Weaver
Mark Weaver 8 days ago
Jeffree is a strange name for a girl!!
Alma&Tamar Naor
Alma&Tamar Naor 8 days ago
You guys! My gosh jeffry and nate brake up and they are herat broken right? Well let them be and let them tell us what is happening
PolishPocket 8 days ago
this is not true, the car was always jeffrees kkk
Patricia Taylor
Patricia Taylor 9 days ago
S S 9 days ago
shesaprototype 9 days ago
It's all fake. Nate is not dumb
Wynn Gwynn
Wynn Gwynn 9 days ago
I don't trust reviews from people who get PR
Feefee Fuufuu
Feefee Fuufuu 10 days ago
cloudzinmyize 10 days ago
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are from Australia and do not speak with a thick dialect. You might want to work on your thick accent since it is hard to understand some of the words you mispronounce.
Norma Fig
Norma Fig 11 days ago
Media always has away of sending people in doubt and confusion. Actually, let’s face it, one of them, or both of them, came to an agreement to go forward with their lives as single people. How it happened, and why it happened, is really no concern of ours. Eventually, all truth will submerge . As for now, They had their Season together, their learning experience together. Isn’t that what’s life is all about. I wish both of them much luck and happiness whomever or however life brings them, regardless what is being said that happened.
Kat M
Kat M 11 days ago
Clearly Nathan had no interest in Jeffree personally; it was only the fame and money. From new videos put up I didn't see any true love toward Jeffree; it looked like Nathan was uncomfortable being near him. I'm happy irs over frankly. Jeffree is far better off without Nathan n his life. And good J took his car back!! More power to him!👍❤
Natas Nico
Natas Nico 11 days ago
Nate probably didn’t feel like he was being true to himself. He seems to be looking for solace within. Praying for him that he finds his way, not what everyone else wants him to do
Mitchell Rosa
Mitchell Rosa 11 days ago
Nates only on IG cuz he’s probably broke now that he doesn’t have jeffrees money
Hoop Jeanne
Hoop Jeanne 11 days ago
I care a lot about nasty expired butter formula lipstick, but old eyeshadow? Girl, I use eyeshadows from from 90s. It’s not going in my mouth.. and it’s powder. There’s no moisture in powder eyeshadows to grow mold or bacteria...
American Express
American Express 11 days ago
Jeffery had some money before he had Nate , their first date wasn’t cheap .. and it wasn’t a Netflix and chill , they went to a expensive restaurant, that regular broke ppl CANT AFFORD .. and SIR Jeffery PAID!!stop letting Jeff LIE to y’all ! Nate is clearly straight , and gay for pay ... he sucked it up and did some strange things for the “life “.. I bet he wasn’t a bottom , Jeffery bought Nate because he thought he was FINE and a good look for his lifestyle , arm candy eye candy ... he kept saying Nate was straight a straight man .. he was until he starting messing with sir Jeffery.. Jeffery doesn’t even believe in God , you think he wouldn’t lie .. ? He wants ppl to believe Nate wanted him for him but no,! Nate wanted the Bag the coin them dollars ,pesos, dinero , USD, Mula dollar signs and a lavish life .. If he was smart he saved whatever this sissy Pooh gave him and invested for himself and a REAL woman to be his WIFE one day for all those good genes to go to some babies not in bed with hairy butt sir Jeff
Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith 11 days ago
Nate was probably happy to get away from all the "devil worshippers" aka: illuminati!! Just my opinion guys💜
four babie
four babie 11 days ago
Kelly Smith why do you think JS’s affiliates with that? I was wondering he may be lol
Kate M.hunter
Kate M.hunter 12 days ago
Jaclyn is a liar and a scammer but her sheep will follow her no matter what ...and she knows it ...disgusting
Kate M.hunter
Kate M.hunter 12 days ago
He’s gross anyway
Plínio Lopes
Plínio Lopes 12 days ago
Lie lie lie lie lie
karen PAN
karen PAN 12 days ago
Saucy saucy
Timothy Verheyn Jr.
Shane IS a sell-out
Zeus ?????
Zeus ????? 12 days ago
Yeah take the views and shut up already
Jakub Gad
Jakub Gad 13 days ago
Where is your accent from?
dreamerdazegirl 13 days ago
He looking for females only because Nate considers himself "straight"
Candice McRorie
Candice McRorie 13 days ago
I honestly think Nate cheated
MidnightMan 13 days ago
Nate for HIRE.....
Mama Rana
Mama Rana 13 days ago
Let Nathan move on with his life, yes it's pretty soon by our standards, but still his prerogative. He owes Jeffree nothing. I'm sorry
Rebecca Meyer
Rebecca Meyer 14 days ago
Ok. So? They broke up. Nate and jeffree can do whatever they want their lives
TayTay Vaughn
TayTay Vaughn 14 days ago
Idk I can’t help but to feel Nate couldn’t fake it anymore and money can’t always buy you. And looking for women !? In his other new pics he looks as if he is goin twd the more masculine look for the girls 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔
Lolita Grant
Lolita Grant 14 days ago
I just feel bad for Jeffrey. Of course, we can only judge by what we see, and alot of us dont personally know them, it appears to me, that Jeffrey was very good to Nate; and, loved him dearly. I hope, if they truly loved each other, (I think they did) that they can work it out and get back together. If you truly love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, they truly love you. Regardless, I'm glad to see, Jeffrey is doing OK. Nate's well being is more of a mystery.
Mimi Singer
Mimi Singer 14 days ago
I’m still shocked they over
AshlynnChristina 14 days ago
Who cares if Jeffree took the car back.. I would have too. That's alot of money and Nate probably would of tried to sell it anyways
Unknown 14 days ago
Lol obvious this was coming
Dennis Tokay
Dennis Tokay 15 days ago
This channel should be sued
Charmaine Smith
Charmaine Smith 15 days ago
Can’t buy love
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez 15 days ago
Nates needs a real woman.
David Roberts
David Roberts 16 days ago
Shane please stop apologize for doing good. Kids comin after u, ( they look up to u) they're gonna follow your lead. Selling, creating etc is a very good thing.
Nate Archibald
Nate Archibald 16 days ago
The i8 was the fun car that they had in grand rapids. Jeffree bought a house there for Nates Family. Nates Car was the Aston Martin in neon as you can see on jeffrees channel
Antonio Leyba
Antonio Leyba 16 days ago
First off its jeffree star and his ex boyfriend
Kesha Pri
Kesha Pri 16 days ago
Sooo...Andd...If true they business he left he want it back oh well cant have yo cake n eat it too...
Marla Seng
Marla Seng 16 days ago
Nate can be on tinder. They aren’t dating anymore. Nate may just want a rebound. Tinder isn’t for relationships so I mean
sandramorrison99 16 days ago
Wow- BEING on a PR LIST, means YOU ARE VALUED. So, getting booted off, is BULLSHIT if you didn't do ANYTHING wrong! It's pure CORPORATE GREED. ITS WRONG. & EVIL
Jessie lynn
Jessie lynn 16 days ago
I wanna order blood thirst. When is more coming
TheTaxburden 17 days ago
So that's the pink bmw in his garage from his new video! Lol. How could Nate sell cars to get money? Everything he has is bc of Jeffree. Wonder about the house his parents were/are living in. I mean Jeffree shouldnt be expected to pay their way forever. If Shane wants to promote other brands or whatever on his channel, that's fine. No one is making his viewers buy it. Like no one at all.
Brenda 17 days ago
Nate never gave me a good vibe. No, not since the recent break up, but since way back when Jeffree started putting up pics with him as a couple. Jeffree is better off with out him.
Marie-Christin Kohl
I thought that Nathan was gay, well it seems he doesn‘t. Good to know 🤠 just kidding :D
teatimetravelr 17 days ago
Can somebody please explain why it is so bad for him to go on Tinder after breaking up? I mean does Jefferee own him after the split? Can’t he move on with his life?
Chad Kemp
Chad Kemp 17 days ago
If this was about Jeffery and Nate why did she go off about some makeup drama
Mj 17 days ago
When you split up with someone, you should be able to keep any gifts! My ex burnt me good, keeping all the expensive antiques he had given me, including a set of eight barrister bookcases that I adored. He also kept the Spode dishes, the Wedgwood basalt ware and some dishes that had come from my mother. He simply changed the locks and I couldn't afford to take him to court...
24hours ofawesomeness
This whole channel is so bad lmao
D.A. Maisonville
D.A. Maisonville 17 days ago
Where do you get this crap
Chyna Grochoske
Chyna Grochoske 18 days ago
I always had the idea that Jeffree's lifestyle just wasn't for Nate. Maybe Jeffree took the car back because Nate just didn't want it?
Lady Scarface
Lady Scarface 18 days ago
Nate was NEVER into doodes. He just lived the life a paid for hoe for awhile. Anyone that knew him knew this wasn't a life long situation. In from michigan also.
Lee Howarth
Lee Howarth 18 days ago
Jeffrey should just get a big butch man . Stop fecking around with boys
Charlotte Swirski
Charlotte Swirski 19 days ago
The instagram account looks fake!
toby Golding
toby Golding 19 days ago
Nate was never happy $ isn't worth your soul
Abbie Atchison
Abbie Atchison 19 days ago
I don’t think either are real. His brother doesn’t follow the insta not does the insta follow him plus theres a paypal and some small “cosmetic store” Instagram @ in the bio now. Someone’s just trying to make some money off pretending to be him.
Humanoide #707
Humanoide #707 19 days ago
I will never understand the need of beauty gurus making palettes every year, they all look the same to me then again i dont wear make up and i dont even know why im here xd
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