Jeannie Mai Says Jeezy Is An Excellent Salsa Dancer, Gushes Over First Dates

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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 80
JUS GREG Month ago
Meanwhile..... So many Educated degree holding black women who barely make 150k remain on the sidelines as non educated millionaire convicts walk by them hand in hand with a non black woman they're trying be like. Who's being mislead here?
Tiff 2 months ago
The foolishness is disgusting...I hate interracial relationships genetically black people need to be with black folks. We are not the same as other race of people. 🤦🏽🤷🏽✌🏽
Tony Quick
Tony Quick 4 months ago
Tony Quick
Tony Quick 4 months ago
SincerelyUmmi 6 months ago
So so beyond happy and I didn’t even watch the video yet 😍😍😍😍
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams 6 months ago
Aww she makes him happy so different from what thier use to. I love it!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
1goldbaby 7 months ago
WHY are Black men the Weakest Links? Why?
Kristie Bach
Kristie Bach 7 months ago
Yes they won’t last
Rio Blanks
Rio Blanks 8 months ago
When a fake hood Asian with no rhythm says that a out of shape black dude with two left feet can dance salsa you should take that with a grain of salt
Bix Low
Bix Low 8 months ago
Asian woman? Really? He couldn't find a sister anywhere in the world? Stop playin with me Ak.
Nichole Jones
Nichole Jones 8 months ago
I don't like Jeannie. She fetishize black men. 🙄
DeAnna Adams
DeAnna Adams 8 months ago
Jeezy was on his grown man.
Yah'shua Libyan Nile
These dudes don't know life Jennings is a real street nigga. He don't play no games. Niggas know him from the streets to the prisons. Y'all don't let that r&b shit fool y'all, ain't y'all hear the song he made called stick up kid. Facts!
Lia J
Lia J 8 months ago
To me I don't think it serious...🙄
Mr. K
Mr. K 8 months ago
Let's not forget what she said about black men as a whole.
Primrose Redmond
Primrose Redmond 8 months ago
Ok so is Kanye West next album called JESUS IS KING or yeezy is king? I wanted 2 know b4 I make a comment
Jaajaa Rogers
Jaajaa Rogers 8 months ago
Enjoy Jeezy while it lasts ❣️
K L 8 months ago
Black men will jump through hopes for non-black women and display traits they wouldn’t DARE give to black women. That’s so weird how open minded all of a sudden some of them become and lower their standards all cause the woman isn’t black.
jobs 4
jobs 4 8 months ago
Let’s keep it real her entire life goal was to act black and get a Black man
ajones21606 8 months ago
I dont like Jeezy personality and Jeannie talks too damn much so idgaf 💁
George Clooney
George Clooney 8 months ago
The plug taught Jeezy how to Salsa dance
Yah Girl
Yah Girl 8 months ago
I swear Envy cant ever pronounce anything. Sau Sa dancing,😂😂
Robi Jeneva
Robi Jeneva 8 months ago
Breakfast club now talkin about chinese ppl?
Hey U
Hey U 8 months ago
Sneezy needs to collaborate with Tito Fuente
M S. B R A N D Y
M S. B R A N D Y 8 months ago
If this relationship moves forward, just wait until she gets half (if he has anything)...these Ninjas never learn!!
Pyrex Metronome
Pyrex Metronome 8 months ago
Jeezy like drank jezzy like to smoke jezzy like salsa dance why he move his coke
Sclass Entertainment
Birch please.. Lol
P H 8 months ago
Keep the original set it off
Mimi 8 months ago
Black man love Asian woman...i know bcuz my bf left me for one😭😭
CONJUNCTION 8 months ago
"dark meat on the side, white keeps me mean and lean" -Jeannie Mai on the Real (ruvid.net/video/video-sNRMjmUN844.html)
Phillip Cunningham
Phillip Cunningham 8 months ago
Its salsa envy not saulsa.....
tangapie 8 months ago
She talk too much. Asian Colonizer
tangapie 8 months ago
And she looks like a tranny
Bruce King
Bruce King 8 months ago
Jeannie only wit Jezzy cuz she CAN'T meet White Men's standards anymore... She a culture vulture; plain & simple!!!
Tshephang Moswete
Tshephang Moswete 8 months ago
The snowman is out here shaking his hips? lol
R. Nemesis
R. Nemesis 8 months ago
Jeannie is way to sexy for that nigga!!!😍😍
Ricky Patrick
Ricky Patrick 8 months ago
Ms. Garcia
Ms. Garcia 8 months ago
Jeannie always acted like wanted a Blackman anyway. She was just with "Paul Bunion" bc that's what was expected of her.
Dirty Sauce
Dirty Sauce 8 months ago
Oh now she serious about black men
Hello All
Hello All 8 months ago
I thought only black women like thugs 🤔 Where are all the black guys to comment on that?
Lawrence Woodson
Lawrence Woodson 8 months ago
Jeezy knocking the bottom out that pwussy and hitting her with game.
Peter Piper
Peter Piper 8 months ago
Mia ugly tho...she look like her booty stank
Los Reyes
Los Reyes 8 months ago
sDOOM 8 months ago
Not gonna lie I might date an Asian chick in the future.
Allmighty13 8 months ago
😂😂😂Where he learn to salsa...
PurpleYellowFan 8 months ago
New set it off cast Young ma Nicki Minaj Keke palmer Malik yoba
1800 N Arizona
1800 N Arizona 8 months ago
PurpleYellowFan 💀💀💀
Rebecca G
Rebecca G 8 months ago
Jeannie talk too much. She must not have learned from the last relationship. But okay.... it’s new love and she’s mouthy
CA Rome
CA Rome 8 months ago
Asian chicks bout to really getting at blk men....sisters better get right lol
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith 8 months ago
Sunny Over the mountain
This girl Mai just getting smashed 😂😂😂 she too hype .,. She a hope... hopes to be the only girl ... hope jeezy married her ... I’ll be surprised .. I’m not hating either lmao
Celebrity Sound Box
Celebrity Sound Box 8 months ago
Jezzy letting the nutz hang out
Lashawn Simpson
Lashawn Simpson 8 months ago
Its always nice in the beginning but I'm happy for them.
Ramses II
Ramses II 8 months ago
Man with such good qualities couldn't find a black woman to settle down with?..or maybe the black women he dated didnt see the qualities this lady is seeing...you snooze you lose..
Jesze Loc
Jesze Loc 8 months ago
KINGTANA 23 8 months ago
Awesome love is everything jezzy a salsa killa
Jessann Reece
Jessann Reece 8 months ago
Listen, Angela has got to give up the hair routine because the curls been poppin...
Omnitrix8 8 months ago
It won't last.
ImOnlyJustSaying 8 months ago
So .. no Yandi?
MsL.1 8 months ago
Did he have the same energy with black women?
The Renaissance Amazon
I love all of it!
Jo Stew
Jo Stew 8 months ago
Gangsters don't dance, or jook, they salsa
Renethia Kirby
Renethia Kirby 8 months ago
Jeannie Mai and Jeezy... WOW and that's all I'm go say!
Woo&Chunk 8 months ago
Sis went from MAGA Bae to TRAP OR DIE Bae 😂😂😂😂😂
Lil Chocolate
Lil Chocolate 8 months ago
She’s trying so hard to prove their love like just stfu already we rlly don’t care
11thWoods 8 months ago
She gotta BIIIIGGGG mouth Young... You in trouble breh. Lol
YouHateItIknow bish
YouHateItIknow bish 8 months ago
You know what we gotta give Steve some love ! he's truly down with the shits.
Reg Jones
Reg Jones 8 months ago
I wonder what jenni will like about the next rapper?
joe brown
joe brown 8 months ago
LOL!!!! Damn don't do that to camera man Steve bruh
andrew clark
andrew clark 8 months ago
Who cares? 🤔 NEXT! 🖕🏾
Kode Kween
Kode Kween 8 months ago
Why are we remaking shit that came out a few years ago? Go remake Gone With The Wind. That shit is old.
River 8 months ago
Serena!!! Take that!!!
Nick Lee
Nick Lee 8 months ago
I heard there making a "House Party" remake too 😠. This generation i tell you.
TKOMGdotnet 8 months ago
bout to start giving women homework! lol
anthony jeter
anthony jeter 8 months ago
Jeezy put that thug passion on that Thai...lol
Carlos O
Carlos O 8 months ago
Wow a set it off remake why? Make an original film geez what happen to creativity?
Vangie A
Vangie A 8 months ago
Enough already
Denzel 8 months ago
Is it me or is Kanye hairline receding?
Akilies 8 months ago
These negros love chasing non black women.
ezekwu 8 months ago
women actually choose the man, so it's the other way around...
krazikashh 8 months ago
Why did they skip past Issa & Kanye like it was nothing 😐..
Jay Wreckx
Jay Wreckx 8 months ago
Man Jeezy is nothing but a rebound, bruh smash that package and send her on her way, she talks to fucking much and the inky reason she acts like she cares is because she is trying to make her ex jealous he has moved on i suggest she do the same it's sad watching a woman play herself because she can't let go so she uses the first black man that comes her way as a tool to blatantly talk about how different or special they are blah blah blah Jeezy ain't special no hit records and pretty much a wash Nobody cares.....
Dman Smith
Dman Smith 8 months ago
That dude with the beard loves his job.
s02 Pzychotik
s02 Pzychotik 8 months ago
Next videos