JAZZ (full EP)

Louie Zong
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some jazzy tunes!!
0:00 baguette bop
2:06 hold on, please!
4:10 dogtective
6:20 minty fresh
8:11 charlie brown's day off
10:54 puzzle jazz
12:31 horn dog shuffle
15:38 after the rain


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Feb 28, 2020




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Comments 80
the OWO men
the OWO men 2 days ago
this playlist makes my lust go away
Vaidehi Laata
Vaidehi Laata 2 days ago
I love your music! hope you never stop creating more
Knowledge 5 days ago
The art reminds me of Rythm Heaven Fever's Credits
Hope Kim
Hope Kim 11 days ago
always good my best
Lilian Onditi
Lilian Onditi 12 days ago
day off is the best
Eumar Jaramillo
Eumar Jaramillo 13 days ago
We groovin'!
Lawrence Seiji Abbott
You sir, have been inspiring my musical taste recently.. Your songs are telling me not to be afraid of certain sounds just because I made them. I sense that in your music, truly, thank you for showing such freedom in your expression.
Lawrence Seiji Abbott
Dogtective damnnn that groove is so hard 🔥
eunsoeul 14 days ago
I feel like everything is well and safe while I listen to this music. Thank you Louie.❤️
Dolops 15 days ago
charlie brown typa beat :^)
Fretchie Egay
Fretchie Egay 15 days ago
2:08 is my fav ♡♡♡
Dunk_the_Amazing !
Dunk_the_Amazing ! 16 days ago
Did anyone see the rhythm heaven reference
Pietschoe Tschoepie
I loooooovee this, keep makin stuff Louie, you're doing amazing :D
René Ochoa
René Ochoa 17 days ago
This is pure gold.
Kryptionite 18 days ago
This guy is so underrated, good Job Louie!
WintyBa3000 19 days ago
JacquesSnacques 19 days ago
The only reason I noticed the nods to "What'd You Say" in "charlie brown's day off" was because you uploaded the recording of it to your channel a while ago. Thanks for that! It has quickly become one of my favorite songs.
a p
a p 21 day ago
0.00 where when I feel sad. 0.01a moment when I'm grateful
DapperJazz 23 days ago
Yes I do!
Taaamas 24 days ago
What is this change? RUvid splitting the timeline(?) into sections based on song? I love it!!!
Taaamas 24 days ago
Or did i just never notice it ._.
hinako 26 days ago
Baguette bop feels like crushing on your friend and then fantasizing about going on a picnic with them 🥺
Marissa Cheatham
Marissa Cheatham 29 days ago
09:41 13:35 03:49
Randell Lee
Randell Lee Month ago
13:15 06:52 01:26
Joel Erhart
Joel Erhart Month ago
Thank you for all your work Louie. So glad you're out there making good feels.
Aeneas Strozier
Aeneas Strozier Month ago
someones been listening to Ryo Fukui. Love it!
RaginPlayer Month ago
I have never seen a video structured like this what is it called and can i find more??
joker !
joker ! Month ago
* Insert Bee movie joke here *
Sleepy Pup
Sleepy Pup Month ago
These remind me of nintendogs... :
Angry Spider
Angry Spider Month ago
What is this, the... twentieth time I've listened to this? Am I stuck in a loop? Is it Groundhog Day? No, it's just really good music.
jamos reece
jamos reece Month ago
hold on, please! reminds me of potsu
Chevrite Month ago
I love you, I love your music, I love your teaching, like your chords personalities video/song taught me a lot about voicings and I amd excited to experiment with them!! Thanks so much you are a fine soul
Jiali Month ago
I can't stop hearing this EP in every vlog I see and I love it, keep up the awesome music!!
Egg Y
Egg Y Month ago
Aww yeahh, my favorite music genera, elevator music babeyyyyy
bella mitchell
bella mitchell Month ago
linh troung!! she’s the only person i think of when i hear this 🌿
Cat Splash
Cat Splash Month ago
Narmina Arlert
Narmina Arlert Month ago
:3 i love it
Adam Neville
Adam Neville Month ago
I like you
Lauti Month ago
the´re tracks that are a truecopypapaste of real songs
unga bunga caveman time
thank you for making music, i was freaking out since i was reporting my dad to cps, but your music came on and now im significantly calmer so thank you!
FUJISAN992 2 months ago
Alternating watching episodes of Ken Burns' Vietnam war doc and listening to Louie to bring myself back down.
Arkiino ‘
Arkiino ‘ 2 months ago
wait what are these cuts on mobile where it cuts the song and says the title ??
Lemon Lad
Lemon Lad 2 months ago
14:06 for the L I C C
Mina Lotfy
Mina Lotfy 2 months ago
Upload the album on Anghami please!
aBraM 2 months ago
MATIASJUAJ 2 months ago
raining right now
도리토스 2 months ago
There are two Louie Zong in Apple music, one with this album and one with other singles you released. Which is real you?
Blaster’s Guitar Strap
This is what I listen to while playing ace attorney so I won’t rage
TEP THEP 2 months ago
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! OMG 💚💚💚
Elysia J.
Elysia J. 2 months ago
This is possibly my favorite album of all time.
ACarr 2 months ago
Really makes me FEEL like I'm in an elevator, good job
Fractured Pancake
Fractured Pancake 2 months ago
This is literally the exact type of music I'm always looking for
Kelly Nguyen
Kelly Nguyen 2 months ago
Fun, funky!
Daniel George
Daniel George 2 months ago
So Smooth and beautiful
TackyGuy 2 months ago
Really nice ! I'm curious, what DAW are you using ?
ManofSpork 2 months ago
[d a m n] [a c e]
[d a m n] [a c e] 2 months ago
I'm so glad I found this channel.. cant wait to fill up my time at home listening to all your bops :))
Bảo Bùi
Bảo Bùi 2 months ago
Dude, you’re awesome.
Writer Kaz
Writer Kaz 2 months ago
Ive always wanted to make something called jazz
TerTexis Baguette
TerTexis Baguette 2 months ago
can you please upload more of your song to youtube for us youtube music user?, muah thanksss
Test Subjection
Test Subjection 2 months ago
This is very funky fresh B)
GEO A.M 2 months ago
Damn his videos just keeping getting better. BTW I've just started to produce music inspired by this channel and it would be great if anybody could check it and show some love
Ezekiel Writer
Ezekiel Writer 2 months ago
How do you not have a record deal man this is crazy good
TheNameIsDiamond 2 months ago
maybe he doesn't want one
Djafar S. Ritonga
Djafar S. Ritonga 2 months ago
This is exactly what I need
JG Peres
JG Peres 2 months ago
mfs be looking like tia from diamond jack over here
Sophie Tan
Sophie Tan 2 months ago
it's driving me crazy because i KNOW hold on, please! is from SOMEWHERE and this is not the first time i'm hearing it someone help me PLEASE
Sophie Tan
Sophie Tan 2 months ago
everytime i see your face ??????? is that it
Tinycloud77 2 months ago
Damn this is actually really good
J. gabes
J. gabes 2 months ago
Look I dont know and of course you dont know me but I just wanted to say that your music and your drawings always save me in my midnight blues time and always put a giant smile on my sad face so just thank you
Sol Paloma Castellanos Quiriarte
you really are the real life K.K. Slider
Ari 2 months ago
ive never jammed harder in my live
William Hoffman
William Hoffman 2 months ago
The modulating background rhythms at 2:58 had me rewinding for a solid while :0.
KURT/ KAITS F.R. 2 2 months ago
i never knew that jazz is my favorite genre lol
It's Ken
It's Ken 2 months ago
please make a 10 hours one it just so good
Joe Blade
Joe Blade 2 months ago
mario elevator
Joe Blade
Joe Blade 2 months ago
its just really good
Joe Blade
Joe Blade 2 months ago
no nvm its niether
Joe Blade
Joe Blade 2 months ago
sorry mario nintendogs elevator
Lucia Soňa Dolobáčová
7 mi- oh sorry, 17 minutes of heaven
정우민 2 months ago
졈말 사랑해요!!!!!!
Jack Diligent
Jack Diligent 2 months ago
this is so fucking good, I can't stop bobbing my head and playing along with air piano
ラムネjzxager 2 months ago
Amazing! Just amazing Louie! You've outdone yourself! Continue making your amazing music!
MikSofa :3
MikSofa :3 3 months ago
Louie is really just out here releasing music,, we see u op,, ur stuff is so good! i like putting this on the background while I work on some online schooling,,,the right mix of chill and fresh :,)
Gabbb man
Gabbb man 3 months ago
This could be a ringtone, and i would call to my cellphone every time to hear it
George Winning
George Winning 3 months ago
IT NEEDS TO BE LONGERRR, this is perfect but I must hear moreeeee
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