Jayme Closs found safe: Full press conference

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Jayme Closs, who went missing almost three months ago from her Wisconsin home, was located alive Thursday evening, according to the Barron County Sheriff's Office. Deputies said a suspect is in custody.
Authorities in Wisconsin are expected to provide new details Friday morning about 13-year-old Jayme Closs, who was found alive Thursday after disappearing the day her parents were murdered in October. The Barron County Sheriff's Department said it would be holding a press conference on the case at around 11 a.m. ET.
A suspect was taken into custody Thursday. Police haven't released any details about the suspect.
For further details: www.cbsnews.com/news/jayme-closs-update-police-wisconsin-missing-girl-found-today-2019-01-11-live-stream-updates/
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11 янв 2019

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egas that lil psycho
egas that lil psycho 2 дня назад
Im whisky
cynthy bailey
cynthy bailey 3 дня назад
It annoys me that so much credit for her safe return is given to the law enforcement. What did they accomplish, exactly? It was Jayme and the lady walking her dog who should be given ALL of he credit. Yes, they put in a lot of work to find her but failed in the end. Thank God she saved herself.
ThatsRight Bitch
ThatsRight Bitch 4 дня назад
When they called 911 she knew his name....not by first she knew his entire name!!!!!
Barry Patrick
Barry Patrick 5 дней назад
Diane Tremblay..holding a celebration? Her parents were murdered right in front of her...she was most likely raped repeatedly over the last 3 months...every speaker at the press conference was taking a victory lap that they didn’t earn...this young girl needs time to heal...
Dan Cooper
Dan Cooper 7 дней назад
This is a tragedy, very glad she escaped. Something went wrong with this young mans upbringing. With time to reflect he will realize what he did was wrong then he can be released from prison without danger to the public. With counseling he can learn how to respect and interact with young women.
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry 7 дней назад
Dont bother reading the comments. The ALL say the exact same thing
H. E. Finley Jr.
H. E. Finley Jr. 7 дней назад
And cops are worthless revenue generators for the state. Pigs having donut withdrawals
H. E. Finley Jr.
H. E. Finley Jr. 7 дней назад
This has the feel of a staged event
Rockwell19701 7 дней назад
Wtf reality is this guy living in?? NOBODY found her!! She saved herself!! Do you comprestand that!!
Toni Hart
Toni Hart 7 дней назад
The main focus here is she finally safe! God Bless this young girl, she has a long way to go with therapy for tragedy she has experienced.
Sum Solution
Sum Solution 7 дней назад
So glad the cops found her. God bless America
Beef Stew
Beef Stew 7 дней назад
I thought the title meant they literally found a safe
west coast LA
west coast LA 7 дней назад
I bet r kelly mad
west coast LA
west coast LA 7 дней назад
Dont let your under age kids use facebook ig ect.
kj p
kj p 7 дней назад
There is something very strange about this case and the girl not sure what but something is off
Phil J.L Fig
Phil J.L Fig 7 дней назад
This would make a great true story film ...
Super Spectile
Super Spectile 7 дней назад
Guys you didn’t find her she escaped
panda hat
panda hat 7 дней назад
She did save yourself but at least they arrested the guy so least they did something
Ashlei Johnson
Ashlei Johnson 7 дней назад
Even though the girl saved herself, this doesn’t mean everyone didn’t try. Glad she is safe now.
Who spilled My beans
Who spilled My beans 7 дней назад
I’m glad she’s safe now let’s nab the kidnapper and stake him in town square
Booty Eater
Booty Eater 7 дней назад
She could get it...
Cousin It
Cousin It 7 дней назад
Do we still have public hangings????
brandon 7 дней назад
4:05 thank you all for doing nothing 👀
Brianna Rodriguez
Brianna Rodriguez 8 дней назад
Ok ok ok This doesn’t sound right. Their is no way he killed two people and kidnapped this girl in one night by himself. These chat rooms lure girls like prey. Maybe she was talking to him online? Or she wanted her parents dead. Her eyes look sad in her pics, like she is hurt but can’t speak. Something was going on in this home. This will all come out soon, and if I’m wrong I’ll gladly admit it.
Fisher  Kieds
Fisher Kieds 8 дней назад
Stoked she is free and alive,but her poor family......She broke loose ,found help,and these cops act like they did so much,shameless,they should apologize for not finding her sooner
TheSwedishJew 8 дней назад
99% of the comments are like “You didn’t find her! She escaped herself!” because it’s true.
Cameron Bales
Cameron Bales 8 дней назад
she escaped. she’s her own hero🙃 good for her! :)
Ken Guidry
Ken Guidry 8 дней назад
“And *escaped* from a residence” ...
Dexx Stokley
Dexx Stokley 8 дней назад
Praise GOD!! i believe persistent prayer works. it shows God you want His help and we need HIM!
Don Lemon
Don Lemon 8 дней назад
She should be a suspect
Sujo Hi
Sujo Hi 8 дней назад
For every one talking crap, people and the Police were searching for her. She did save herself but they were also praying and searching
Sujo Hi
Sujo Hi 8 дней назад
The Police do try. Sometimes slow but they were trying and God did answer these prayers.
Twisting GRIPS
Twisting GRIPS 8 дней назад
White people.
Craig 8 дней назад
This is par for the course in ghetto land.
Jeffrey Ledbetter
Jeffrey Ledbetter 8 дней назад
I have a feeling God had his hands all over this.
pikmin786 8 дней назад
Do we know what was in the safe?
Born Yesterday
Born Yesterday 8 дней назад
Look at this goofy idiot. He did absolutely nothing
Vg-FrameFred7 8 дней назад
Lol fuckem
Anonymous LD: Breach 3-A
Anonymous LD: Breach 3-A 8 дней назад
Keep on keepin on Jayne!
Bloodthirsty Vegan
Bloodthirsty Vegan 8 дней назад
She's so creepy looking.....she'd have to kidnap me.
John Steller932
John Steller932 8 дней назад
We thank God for this and when this happened we got the church to send prayers up for her and we reached out to mrpastor77 as well and he prayed and fasted for Jayme .. we got discouraged because we thought the Lord didn't hear out prayers and it was very long and testing times but the Lord made a way and she got freed .. it was his angels. Praise God, and we thank all those who prayed for her and you mrpastor77
242ThinkMedia 8 дней назад
A girl who went missing has been found ALIVE. How is this not the number 1 thing trending?
luna lovette
luna lovette 8 дней назад
They're not saying they saved her but they're thanking everyone who helped and put in an effort anyway. Jfc, there was still so much effort put in by everyone!
Bridger Meza
Bridger Meza 8 дней назад
Watching them praise themselves for “finding” her is so infuriating..
Brett VV
Brett VV 8 дней назад
Except they didn't do that _at all_ in this video.
Suite 212
Suite 212 8 дней назад
Raga Reddy
Raga Reddy 8 дней назад
Is it really difficult to find who all worked at the parents place and who left and find more about them?
Jean-Jacques Manca
Jean-Jacques Manca 8 дней назад
Dont be so mad about the title, thats not what matters here.
desertrose 8 дней назад
I guess law enforcement as a profession isn’t necessary, because if a 13 year old little girl can save herself, their life purpose should be directed elsewhere. 20/20 vision when looking back at a situation. If you weren’t involved in the search to find Jayme, stfu.
Terra Lee
Terra Lee 8 дней назад
I hope you will be okay young lady :.(
ClaytonD ASMR
ClaytonD ASMR 8 дней назад
I know everyone is talking about how the cops didn't save her, and the they didn't save her directly. But what did they do? They made this case popular, they alerted the public about this, they were the ones who arrested the suspect. This young lady just had her parents killed and was kidnapped for 3 months, and all you can do is (like always) criticise the police. These cops worked so hard and even if they didn't directly find Jamie, they still deserve credit for what they've done. I spread my condolences to Jamie and any of her family.
STARLORD 8 дней назад
99% of comments: you didn’t find her she escaped 1% of comments: other
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