Jay Hardway Masterclass: How To Start A Track @ Spinnin’ Academy ADE 2018

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During the last edition of Amsterdam Dance Event we hosted the Spinnin’ Academy, a day full of masterclasses, seminars and Q&A’s by some of the biggest artists in the industry. During that day we filmed the masterclass of Jay Hardway where he explained how to start a track and we’re super happy we can finally share it with all of you! Enjoy watching!
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Jan 31, 2019




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Comments 73
Spinnin' Talent Pool
Should we film all the masterclasses of the upcoming edition of Spinnin' Academy at Dancefair as well? 🤔
Can Cion
Can Cion 27 days ago
%100 yes please
遊戲sologames Month ago
Mayank Pant
Mayank Pant 2 months ago
Please do a start to finish by Kshmr
Roshan Rix Riderz
Roshan Rix Riderz 4 months ago
Hardwell plz!!!
wasupthere 4 months ago
yes please
Asep Jaka Ronaldo
Asep Jaka Ronaldo 11 days ago
46:02 best melody from jay hardway
Dori Misini
Dori Misini 17 days ago
RIJ 4 months ago
Hardway-Omishphere is really cool for cool sounding sound. Me-Ok!
Sumedh Garimella
Sumedh Garimella 4 months ago
"That's a bit too Indian for me" 🤣🤣🤣 stg somebody ought to collect all of the funny soundbites from his vids. Reminds me of the one time he said "if I cut my fingers we're gonna have a viral video"
Darius Music
Darius Music 4 months ago
Martin changed the whole "spotless" track but sounds so much better.
David Gaette
David Gaette 5 months ago
There is a Latino here who asks for subtitles in the video, please help a lot
harjot singh
harjot singh 5 months ago
Wasted my 1 hour
Saad 6 months ago
The guy who speaks with Jay thinks him self funny!
Subzone 7 months ago
"I don't like the second part of the vocal" duhh it's not in key jeez..
Yuri Bennington
Yuri Bennington 8 months ago
Make more masterclass spinnin please
CR3CS 9 months ago
When I see Jay tutoring here, he makes me feel that i am actually not so far away from how he starts a track :) Love to see how pros work, BIG thx @Spinnin to make this insight happen!!! Keep focusing!
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 11 months ago
where can i find the preset he use to make his melodys?
XCAEVZ Year ago
He knows but he doesn't know he just know it and can't explain it to you😁😁😁
Devil Dork
Devil Dork Year ago
Spinnim records is the biggest edm record label in the market Signing new artists,providing masterclass etc Infinite love music and dance
HNRY Year ago
I think Music theory is garbage. No one Can tell that my melodie is wrong if my heart says something else.
Thanks Jay hardway for your base chord technique
Zeke D'Angelo
Zeke D'Angelo Year ago
39:20 😱
Huwei Heiwu
Huwei Heiwu Year ago
First of all thanks for these vids. I have multiple question and I hope one of you can answer them. 1. When do you speak about release and are there rules, for example must a label release it? 2. When do you speak about remix and what are the rules? 3. Dumb question, What is the point of giving your tracks to a label when you can put it online? 4. What music theory book/website would you recommend? 5. Where do they get their sample packs? I hope on of you can anwer this.
KaotixMusic Year ago
the title of the video is "How to start a Track" and its Jay Hardway teaching the class. He clearly is struggling giving this class. I feel like his struggle literally IS the class. To teach you all that just because this dude has mad experience and releases out there, starting a track isnt easy even for guys like him. I get asked all the time how i come up with melodies and drops and chords and design this crazy lead sounds and the only answer i give is "sleepless nights and beer". Hes writing a track cuz he has to, not because he wants to. Producers write from within themselves. whether its based of a life experience, an emotion their feeling, a story thats in their head. And that in my opinion is what it takes to "start" a song
MUMER TUBER 7 months ago
Yes dude ...
Mezoy Music
Mezoy Music Year ago
34:27 Bootcamp😂😅 Pubg players will understand😂
Mezoy Music
Mezoy Music Year ago
We Want Mr.Mesto😁😁😍
Ray Lee
Ray Lee Year ago
U can find pitch using editor>detect pitch regions 🤖
Ray Lee
Ray Lee Year ago
“That’s a bit too Indian for me,” 🤣. Since Kshmr packs came out all i hear is Indian.
Vortex R6
Vortex R6 Year ago
Hey Spinnin' Thanks for doing these masterclasses, it helps a lot with us younger and enthusiastic producers, I hope to see you soon when I make BANGERS XD.
Spinnin' Talent Pool
Glad to hear you find them helpful Vortex ❤️
gladJonas Year ago
JOGH Year ago
This is Progresive House Good Melody 🤔
JOGH Year ago
I Like that Oliver Heldens 😏😎🎧💃😏😏😏💃
niels maggen
niels maggen Year ago
top dj jayhardway
JOGH Year ago
I Love Masterclass 😎
Bran M
Bran M Year ago
One friend told me " minute 31:09 look "3 are Legend.flp" not only by garrix but also ghostproduced by Jay? Also look the date , after the premiere of tomorrowland of it, maybe he helped for the final result
Daniel Bužo
Daniel Bužo Year ago
Maybe he named this FLP because he did something in "3 Are Legends" style, who knows 😏
Bran M
Bran M Year ago
@Mæxst garrix did it, and he too
Mæxst Year ago
Shiitttt, seems like he did ghostproduce 3 are legend
JuryComb001 Year ago
2:03 "Bronze", is that the ID that he announced some years ago?
onandoffer Year ago
Release that Electric Elephants version as a VIP!
Manxawer Year ago
what are the names of the presets he used in sylenth???????
Đức Anh Đỗ
39:20 holy this is good!
- KYX3N 2 months ago
SP TW electric elephant
Farhan Kautsar
Farhan Kautsar 5 months ago
Sound like MOTi
SP TW 6 months ago
Do you know the name of that track man its insane
Christian Krillz
FEB Unsoed
FEB Unsoed Year ago
KSHMR , mike Cervello , curbi , brooks , mike williams , jay hardway , mesto , dyro , loopers , todd helder , stoltenhoff , cesqeaux , mr belt , avicii , yellow claw , martin garrix , jonas aden , don diablo , martin garrix , justin mylo , yung felix , marteen vorwerk , maddix , w&w , julian jordan , todd helder , drew (cymatics) all are the genius producers!!
Alejandro O
Alejandro O Year ago
31:07 „3 are legends“ project done in 2014?
so Year ago
Loooool jay out here ghost producing 👀👀
Wouter Year ago
Why is he not on STMPD yet?
Hallveu 4 months ago
Wouter he is garrix enemy🤣
Anton Year ago
Damn, what a cool sound at 38:12
Ant00ne Year ago
@Drastik Yes I figured it out after I saw the video, but thanks anyway :) I tried to get the same sound, and it's just a sax loop reversed with a lot of effects, like distorsion, tons of reverb, delay etc. 👍
Drastik Year ago
Jay hardway Eletric elefants
MiNansA CheeseGrater
LET ME JUST pause this 1 hour video (that I thought was 10) and open a new youtube tab and watch a different video and never come back to this one but for some reason keep the tab.
TiaPony Year ago
Dirty palm masterclass plsss!!
Sölace GZ
Sölace GZ Year ago
FoleyZ Year ago
Questions were so fucking stupid!
Dimple Year ago
In India every one except me make fun of such song.thy don't care and r not interested in such EDM.how I can get true feed back if thy don't know about it.thy just want song like tunnk tunnk Tara tara
Vignesh Jeyachandran
Tunak tunak tun is a legendary song bro wtf
Dee Daimary
Dee Daimary Year ago
It also happened to me bro , and what I've learned is that ignore those people and find your fan or listener who listen to edm. Btw I'm from India too.
Dimple Year ago
It's shows tht pro DJ's are also noob like us on first time. No one is perfect from beginning
DAJ 4 months ago
Alen Paul
Alen Paul Year ago
Spinnin' Talent Pool ty 😊
Spinnin' Talent Pool
Everybody started from scratch, remember to keep on working hard! 😊
Dimple Year ago
Previous spotless sounds funny. But new is my fav. Song
이성민 Year ago
wow Jay Hardway!!!!!!
JAX Year ago
So cool to see the older versions of some of these tracks! Jay Hardway is one of the most underrated producers
ANDSICK Music Year ago
jan ajaj
jan ajaj Year ago
Where can i find this version from electric elephants from 39min ? Its so amazing
Coegi Year ago
3 soundgoodizers on master here you go
Maxx Doran
Maxx Doran 10 months ago
Coegi The only way!
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera Year ago
Not gonna lie, felt pretty underwhelming for a masterclass...
Alejandro O
Alejandro O Year ago
It doesn’t take much for a good track, only the idea. In the end of the process everything the song has to do, is to work.
Caroline Flanagan
tbf though on his youtube channel he has ton of really good masterclasses
FoleyZ Year ago
Junior Ji
Junior Ji Year ago
Its too crazy
Estinex Music
Estinex Music Year ago
56:06 sounds like a swede 100% lol
DENNICK Year ago
Mike Williams masterclassss pleaseee
Manish jadli
Manish jadli Year ago
Thanks for uploading 🎧
Thank you Jay and Spinnin' for posting this! Really interesting to see how Jay is using Omnisphere in this showcase 👀
@Spinnin' Talent Pool 🔥🔥
Spinnin' Talent Pool
Glad you enjoyed it!
The Karo
The Karo Year ago
I see Jay Hardway likes to play Portal 2 :D
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar Year ago
Black summer 54:32
Bran M
Bran M Year ago
One friend told me " minute 31:09 look "3 are Legend.flp" also ghostproduced by Jay?
rob1nzzz Year ago
38:50 I kinda liked the bass on the drop better than the released version
K-CED Year ago
He must release this version.
musqitone Year ago
Thanks jay
AJ54 Year ago
Jay Hardway has always been a favourite of mine. He's a good example of making accessible but unique music. Big inspiration too. Hopefully I'll meet him one day.
Spinnin' Talent Pool
Lovely to hear he's such a big inspiration to you! Hope you can indeed meet him one day (he's one of the nicest people in the scene!)
Aldobriantmusic •
how to fix 500 internal server error? I can't submit my demo on Talent Pool! Please Help Me!!! Thank You
bibibobs Year ago
You don't, if you were to look it up you'd know the HTTP status code 500 would fall under *internal server* errors which is out of your reach
Lunako 1111
Lunako 1111 Year ago
Pietro Casali
Pietro Casali Year ago
Really nice video! Thank you for this.
alexis Applause
wtf spotless XD
Bran M
Bran M Year ago
One friend told me " minute 31:09 look "3 are Legend.flp" also ghostproduced by Jay?
Tom Year ago
@Wsh 44:15
Wsh Year ago
When ?
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar Year ago
😂that reminds me of....................................My mixes 😐
Ömer Faruk Dündar
Why is the subtitle option not available?😡😠☹
Spinnin' Talent Pool
We're going to check if we can add this as soon as possible!
John Grace
John Grace Year ago
For more productions tips/sessions : - Mr.Belt & Wezol EXPLAINED videos. - Dancefair (Brooks, Martin Garrix, Mesto, ...). - SLAM 1 Hour Challenge (Bassjackers, Brooks, Mesto is coming). - Jonas Aden explaining videos. - Oliver Heldens explaining video for 'I Don't Wanna Go Home'. - FL Studio YTChannel (Dyro, Loopers, Arno Cost,...). - FutureMusic (Martin Garrix, Avicii, Savant,...). - FactMagazine for Against The Clock (Flux Pavillion, Redlight, MJ Cole, ...). - Genius (for beats producer). - Panda Eyes productions videos. - Virtual Riot productions streams (Twitch). - KSHMR tutorials. - [...]
Shot Pive
Shot Pive Year ago
Thank you so much dude! I knew about most of them but some I did not and they're amazing(Like Jonas Aden videos, amazing stuff)!
Victor Muindi
Victor Muindi Year ago
Julian Jordan was a dissapontment
Spinnin' Talent Pool
Great list! Thanks for sharing it with everyone 😊
Caroline Flanagan
frontliner studio sessions as well
Becku Official
+ Fabian Mazur
Mak Music
Mak Music Year ago
We want more masterclass
Spinnin' Talent Pool
Thanks for the feedback! Lovely to hear you like these kind of videos 😊
Divy Year ago
You guys should upload all the masterclasses plzz🙏🏻🙏🏻
Manish Jangid
Manish Jangid Year ago
Please upload the Mike Williams masterclass
Spinnin' Talent Pool
@gg 11 We're looking into if we can film all the masterclasses of the upcoming edition of Spinnin' Academy at Dancefair 😊
Spinnin' Talent Pool
Unfortunately, we won't be able to post Mike his masterclass :(
Abhishek Kumar
Love you mate, you always share how you made your track
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