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You asked for it so here it is. Thank you all so much for watching!
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Artist who made this possible:
My God Tier Animator: Nathan Wheeler aka Fantishow
Amazing Additional Animation: Sean Glaze
My Amazing Background artist: Davecavedraws
My Beautiful Sound Engineer: Justin Greger
The Muse that help me with my music: Samuel Long
The Outstanding Special Effects Artist: Molly Wright

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Jun 28, 2020




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Comments 100
MeatCanyon 6 months ago
I hope you all enjoyed this being snuck into the million sub thank you video. I’m not to big on making sequels, but I thought this would be fun to make for such an occasion. Thank you all for the support and I look forward to making more videos for ya! Hugs and kisses. -papa meat
Lachad Branch
Lachad Branch 7 days ago
Oh I did enjoyed Meat Canyon
C00L_KID1600 11 days ago
Papa meat
Helpful Roach
Helpful Roach 20 days ago
I regret waching this at night
Devilfruituser 28
Have you ever thought of working on a horror game
Alan Matthew
Alan Matthew 48 minutes ago
God bless you 🙏🏼
PrynKum YT
PrynKum YT 3 hours ago
mom: go outside and play with the neighbouring kids neighbouring kids:#feAR
zach galifianakis
zach galifianakis 5 hours ago
*dials 911*
*Kirby's calling the police.*
ibrahim olayiwola
ibrahim olayiwola 5 hours ago
I think I shit my pants
Ciara Diamond
Ciara Diamond 6 hours ago
If Midsommar was an early 2000’s Nick Toon.
Brock Meier
Brock Meier 6 hours ago
Kevin was indeed the worst to them. So the ED’s saved the best for last.
James Whitmore
James Whitmore 7 hours ago
Me who don’t whatch Ed, Edd, and Eddy: hmm yes
The Yeast of Thoughts and Minds
Witness perfection program
Lukas Ryan
Lukas Ryan 8 hours ago
This was more disturbing than the other one
JC M 9 hours ago
Are you people who make these videos ok? fr tho this shit is the most demonic shit I've ever seen
Rennoc_88 9 hours ago
This was just in my recommended and I’m confused abt what this is let alone it’s even allowed on yt.
Peter Santiago
Peter Santiago 12 hours ago
Yo.. When he said "It is so much more vibrant than the darkness that awaits you. I will give you this moment to cherish this" I was done like a perfect thanksgiving turkey... wow. What a way to transition from this plane of existence into the eternal nothing. So brutal that I felt sorry for the welp. I will never look at these cartoon series the same way ever again
Candice Burgess
Candice Burgess 13 hours ago
ayo not cool
SGTzheen Zheen
SGTzheen Zheen 14 hours ago
Imagine being robbed then the other robber says:" Bring me his jaw"
Corey Drums
Corey Drums 14 hours ago
Ed looks like one of those cooks off of Little Nightmares
Aditya 14 hours ago
I have witnessed perfection
Tyler Kruse
Tyler Kruse 15 hours ago
Just realized he put in those slow chimes of the bell to signify death was approaching.
Yeshua The Stoic
Yeshua The Stoic 21 hour ago
What sort of speech is this? I've heard it in movies and whatnot but it's so...direct? Ominous, I think? Commanding, I unno but it's cool to hear
Christina Arterberry
Pedro Guerrero Ribeiro
We demand a part 3
Smoke Vision
Smoke Vision Day ago
OHH JAW-BREAKER I get it now ha
Devin Pinkerton
The military: we need a new secret weapon ed calls say no more
sune perera
sune perera Day ago
a small price for PerFEctIoN
Sahara Day ago
i want to die now
Charles Rodriguez
This is my favorite thing ever so I hate myself
Colin Kehoe
Colin Kehoe Day ago
Meatcanyon would kill it as a voiceover villain in a movie
Ly- øn
Ly- øn Day ago
Can someone pls tell me......WHAT THE F**K I JUST WATCHED!!!!!!!!😵
Central jersey Railfan 104
justin flores
We gotta see how he got the rest of the kids.
Blade Ethridge
What The Fuck
Xxghost39Xx Powers
I have PTSD now
Ross Whitton
Ross Whitton Day ago
Please !!! Make me stop watching all of your videos!!
Kai Samuels
Kai Samuels Day ago
I love these cartoons please make more
fabian carrion
Jonnathan Chanquin
Is this any Ari Aster's film or something like that?
Jay Young
Jay Young Day ago
Funny mouth is that you?
wubba lubba lub lub
1:37 to 2:00 that shit touched new level of darkness hahaha jeez
Joshu- Vah
Joshu- Vah Day ago
Well at least Now I know how a *Jaw breaker taste like*
soupman Day ago
alrightee Day ago
does meatcanyon have terrible scary trips to get these ideas
Gold Mysterio
maybe it’s Cuz i’m dark...but i get so much out of this.
Ace Nights
Ace Nights Day ago
my childhood is RUINED!
codmaster genius
Can someone explain all that
Mattha Crawford
Bro, Eddy sounds like Gill... Champion Edition stuff. Quite the skit. Thumbs up.
mocha tea
mocha tea Day ago
When he was about to snap the jaw off I started to freak out-
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Day ago
The day of reckoning is apon us all
Meadow Maniacal
I liked to think that in the first one, the eds had been corrupted by something unholy and that gave them their twisted appearance and eds ability to turn to playdough. This is cool too, but showing the jaw breaker is like show the briefcase in pulp fiction, it ruins that mystery.
RobloxNoob e
RobloxNoob e Day ago
Luke Bailey
Luke Bailey 2 days ago
Mom come pick me up I'm scared
Not Now
Not Now 2 days ago
He could dub a darksouls character with that Voice, really cool!
Tatsumi Tan
Tatsumi Tan 2 days ago
Sxphtis 2 days ago
Camo Gaming
Camo Gaming 2 days ago
make a part 3 so kevin can know the truth
Joe Many Spahs
Joe Many Spahs 2 days ago
Do you think? God stays in Heaven, because he too fears what he has created? Here on Earth?
DeathReaper 101
DeathReaper 101 2 days ago
Can we call him scp10000, the jaw breaker
Clout Claudius Charles
This is some A24 shit
Jiraffe 2 days ago
This gives me heavy midsommar vibes
Magallanes Agustin
2:26 did anyone else notice the circle that appears behind Eddie for a brief moment? Wtf is that?
The SupperNova
The SupperNova 2 hours ago
It's a quarter lol
Cobalt Prime
Cobalt Prime 2 days ago
I believe Ed is that strong, even stronger, but I refuse to believe they took down The Son of a Shepherd!
Keny Flythe
Keny Flythe 2 days ago
That shit was wild lmao
Nikolai_belinski 2
roland saldana
roland saldana 2 days ago
I cant believe they ordered 66 the urban rangers
Zendrickacgaming 2 days ago
Well this is jaw dropping
THE Berrby berryw/ab
This is like, at horrible horror movie man!... 😶
OPGSparta36_TTV 2 days ago
Good stuff
OPGSparta36_TTV 2 days ago
Omg fuck I'm done with cartoon 😅😂😂😂
alchemic mercury
alchemic mercury 2 days ago
Your like the "HEREDITARY" of cartoonists.
Kylie Barnes
Kylie Barnes 3 days ago
Bruh Boy
Bruh Boy 3 days ago
Heriberto Munoz
Heriberto Munoz 3 days ago
Kill me
Victor E. Vector M.
Now WHERE did I put my Bible? 😷
Your local WebToon Reader
Mom taking me to church be like
MKFire YT 3 days ago
My jaw hurts now
Tomas Roberts
Tomas Roberts 3 days ago
Damn, they definitely took the jaw breaker part too literally. I bet if Danny Antonucci wasn’t hired to do a kids show, I bet he would have conceptualised Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy as an adult programme if he continued doing adult animation in the ranks of his earlier animation, Lupo the Butcher.
Going OnT
Going OnT 3 days ago
Going OnT
Going OnT 3 days ago
Its a quarter.. why tho
Aromanze Spight
Aromanze Spight 3 days ago
Damn that was dark lhfh
John Loewin Bagano
This is why you dont bully people you really dont know
BLDM 3 days ago
I dont remember this episode
TIY-EE 3 days ago
Revenge is sweet like a jawbreaker.
smiley satanson
smiley satanson 3 days ago
and he took over the world
thunderfox53 3 days ago
You bet your sweet bippy I did
Kawkawatasis 3 days ago
man i ...i think it’s..kinda late i should just go to bed idk why i was watching this like..yea idk
Arison Sickles
Arison Sickles 3 days ago
random fan: where is Arison Ed: he’s witnessing perfection random fan: no no no he needs his jaw to talk in his videos
Dr Koolaidman
Dr Koolaidman 4 days ago
Meat canyon if you are reading this, please and I mean pleaseeeeee do one with the kanker sisters. Part 3 would be so good if you added them in
Maybe Brando
Maybe Brando 4 days ago
What the actual frick
Unity Val
Unity Val 4 days ago
these videos give me anxiety LMFAO
Kennoms God
Kennoms God 4 days ago
I wish there was a part 3
happy guy
happy guy 4 days ago
Packed like dip
Kacen Bailey
Kacen Bailey 4 days ago
Are you going to make a third
Christian Tirado
Christian Tirado 4 days ago
Breath taking
Rex Jr
Rex Jr 4 days ago
My name's Kevin and my friends would always say that first line to me if I messed up on a game we played
Armazillo 4 days ago
Res 4 days ago
Kevin is the only normal one...
Kall Me Khaos
Kall Me Khaos 4 days ago
Understandable, have a good day 😳
Waylon Weir
Waylon Weir 4 days ago
Episode 34 footage found!
Diego Brando
Diego Brando 4 days ago
This is so messed up
Did we just.. witness perfection? You bet my sweet bippy you did.
Taq 4 days ago
This could honestly be a SCP
Nicko Jadulco
Nicko Jadulco 4 days ago
woah this new ari aster film looks great
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