Jawbreaker 🍭 Palette & Summer 2019 Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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⭐ SHOP Jeffree Star Cosmetics JAWBREAKER Collection: bit.ly/2Kyml7F
HEY EVERYONE... Summer will officially start when the Jawbreaker Collection is here!!! This is my biggest collecting to date, featuring the JAWBREAKER palette, the MINI Breaker palette which is my FIRST EVER mini eyeshadow palette with 9 shades and so much more! There's also the Brain Freeze Skin Frost palette, 8 new liquid lips... I wanted to make a BIG statement with this delicious summer moment. 2019 is the ERA OF BRIGHT COLORS and bringing back the FUN in makeup.
🍭 Jawbreaker Palette - 24 shades ($58.00)
🍬 Mini Breaker Palette - 9 shades ($28.00)
🧠 Brain Freeze Skin Frost™ Pro Palette - ($40.00)
💚 Velour Liquid Lipsticks ($18.00):
Yes Ma’am - neon hot pink
Purple Urkle - bright lavender w. glitter
Bronze Blood - metallic rose gold
Fully Nude - peachy warn nude
Strawberry Crush - neon strawberry red
No Offense - acid chartreuse
💚 Lip Ammunition™ ($18.00):
Candy Freeze
Brown Sugar
🍋 Velour Lip Scrubs ($12.00):
Lemon Sucker
Pineapple Juice
Cucumber Mint
❄️ Supreme Frost™ ($32.00):
Diamond Wet
Candy Apple Drip
Carmel Kiss
⭐️ Accessories:
Hand Mirror - Pink & White Jawbreaker, Chartreuse
5 New Makeup Bag Styles!
JSC Track Suits: Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Chartreuse
JSC Track Suit Chartreuse Bottom
Chartreuse Windbreaker
Jawbreaker White Tee
Jawbreaker Pink Tee
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TWITTER: @jeffreestar
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Jun 7, 2019




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Comments 47 701
instructions unclear
Jeffree needs to do a wig tutorial because i need to know how he get that wet look
Billie xox
Billie xox Day ago
Can't wait for my brain freeze palette
The_Red 2 days ago
He's an amazing RUvidrr
Martha Woodard
Martha Woodard 2 days ago
Things Jeffree Star should come out with: Skin care line, Robes, Wigs, More mini pallets.
John Routh
John Routh 4 days ago
He said he likes sucking on things but I don’t think he meant jawbreakers
August G
August G 4 days ago
This is my only large Jeffree star pallete I own and my god I love it. It’s used every day
Cassandra Frost
Cassandra Frost 4 days ago
I love hearing about the Frost highlighting. Frost is my last name!
Hania Ginza
Hania Ginza 4 days ago
2:07 Dentists: stonks
Elif Zengin
Elif Zengin 6 days ago
I dont even do make up but I love watching Jeffree
Jessica Cruz
Jessica Cruz 6 days ago
Please don't ever discontinue this!!
Kpc Kanphicha
Kpc Kanphicha 6 days ago
Wowwwww wonderful
A Fellow Potterhead
There is a shade called *oral*... of course... edit: just saw there is a shade called suck... like if you understand where I’m going 🤣😏
Chelsea Galley
Chelsea Galley 7 days ago
Cassidy Young
Cassidy Young 7 days ago
The Yellow... Girl
Christina Kemzura
Who thinks Jeffree should make a pallete all in nudes?
C G I M O N 8 days ago
This look is iconic 💕
Olivia Downs
Olivia Downs 8 days ago
Im so obsessed with this palette 😍😍😍
Moohlala 8 days ago
When he said he has had 9 root canals... I finally don't feel that bad about having to get a root canal soon...
Sirenia Aida
Sirenia Aida 9 days ago
Jeffree, you're a doll
Texas Beauty Gal TaylorBs
It’s just really hard for me to buy any of his make up when people flaunt their money it’s like I don’t want to give them mine
Lily Garcia
Lily Garcia 10 days ago
Same I love candy.
Joanna Marie
Joanna Marie 10 days ago
Jeffrey: I love sucking things Me too my friend.. Me too😝
AZI VAFLOR 10 days ago
How I wish to have and try all of that. Its amazing. You are so brilliant i love u so much jeffree. I wish we can have your products here in the Philippines. .......
nhoj drol
nhoj drol 11 days ago
Who’s here after his blood dust sneak peek
Rai Rai
Rai Rai 11 days ago
oh my God Jeffree I have always admired you, like since MySpace. Me and my cousin couldn’t get enough of you. So, so glad your here. You have came so far, keep pushing boo. I mean who am I to tell you to keep pushing but I love your message.
justinseagulleatingsugakookies k
I always thought the jawbreaker palette came before the blood sugar,blue blood and the thirsty
Kathryn Cleary
Kathryn Cleary 11 days ago
❤️❤️❤️that hair color!!!!
Amanda Prewer
Amanda Prewer 11 days ago
valeria fernandez
valeria fernandez 15 days ago
“i like sucking on them” “they’re hard and last for a long time” 💀😭😭😭!!
Kandy Noches
Kandy Noches 16 days ago
Lol Queen I was on your website looking to purchase items and I went to your velour lipstick section when my 3 year old who had been in the background excitedly stops me from scrolling and says Mom wait! I Let me see the Princess!! I literally died hearing that! Thought you'd love to to know! It was just too adorable Omg!
Esmeralda Gutierrez
Ur amazing I love u very much I wish I had money to be able to buy ur stuff❤️❤️
Martina Nedic
Martina Nedic 16 days ago
i was so angry at myself because i was focusing on him saying "of course" throughout the video 😂
Ms Yuna Salazar
Ms Yuna Salazar 17 days ago
Obsessed !
12 54
12 54 18 days ago
Jeffree be like 🦚
Daniela Markland
Daniela Markland 18 days ago
He’s so Extra, Nd I Luvvit ❤️😬🤣
Anthony Dean
Anthony Dean 19 days ago
Your style is so hypnotizing 😍💋💄💄
Cristian Gianni
Cristian Gianni 20 days ago
Hidden Tangles
Hidden Tangles 20 days ago
I was thinking this palette is good for a rave look... Jeffree - Says it's good for a rave look.. lmao
Ashley Beadle
Ashley Beadle 20 days ago
Hello chaaaaa ching with the guy with the bathrobe idea!
ES Squinja
ES Squinja 22 days ago
Should i buy the Jaw breaker, or mini breaker? I live for the jaw breaker, but don’t have $58 for it. Should i save for that one or the mini breaker
Sunflower Things
Sunflower Things 22 days ago
I bought this for my cousin 15th bday
Chloe Moore
Chloe Moore 22 days ago
I will be making my very first purchase of a jeffreestar product after religiously watching him for many many years!❤️
Super Mario
Super Mario 23 days ago
Joanna Biernatowski
This is my first pallet purchase!!!! So in love! I need more of your products!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Joanna Biernatowski
I bought that one for my friend so I use it as well!
Rool Jeffry
Rool Jeffry 24 days ago
You need Blood Sugar. To die for.
DudeDi Va
DudeDi Va 25 days ago
OMG >>> I am sitting here waiting on FEDEX for my mini jawbreaker ... palette .... i wish it was here ... and i got a white Velour Liquid Lipstick "drug Lord! " to ... so EXCITED >>>> !!!!
DudeDi Va
DudeDi Va 25 days ago
i wish i had the big jawbreaker .... well every product !! .... lol bucket list ...
DudeDi Va
DudeDi Va 25 days ago
i wish i had the big jawbreaker .... well every product !! .... lol bucket list ...
DudeDi Va
DudeDi Va 25 days ago
OMG >>> I am sitting here waiting on FEDEX for my mini jawbreaker ... palette .... i wish it was here ... and i got a white Velour Liquid Lipstick "drug Lord! " to ... so EXCITED >>>> !!!!
aki nozomi
aki nozomi 26 days ago
I think the reason why i feel annoyed when i watch this video is my jealousy to his confidence and talent. It is, actually. He is talented and beautiful.
Sharise Gill
Sharise Gill 28 days ago
I'm in love!!!! Jawbreaker :) love it.
jack mullen
jack mullen 28 days ago
Just purchased one ❤️
Jeffrees Vanityyy
Jeffrees Vanityyy 28 days ago
I need jawbreaker in my collection so bad 😍💗 it’s so stunning. I’m surprised I don’t have it in my collection by now 🙃
Lady WarFare
Lady WarFare Month ago
Why don't you add a plastic film to protect the mirror??. But i love this palette
steven rubia_r
steven rubia_r Month ago
This is my favorite collection:) xoxo loves it
Stella Christiani
The Lemon Sucker is amazing 😍
Karina Marie
Karina Marie Month ago
I made a vid using jawbreaker...I love the colors and damn a little goes a long way lol...check it out
Alexandru Mihail
What is this
Alyssa Angel
Alyssa Angel Month ago
hears nate~ cries
Deniz ツ
Deniz ツ Month ago
As a straight guy who doesn’t use make up, why am I here lol?
Moe Sasaki
Moe Sasaki Month ago
Honestly I think Jeffree would be a perfect actor for the evil queen at Disneyland
Haroon Omer
Haroon Omer Month ago
Love u jeffree u are the best
Ania Lilnala
Ania Lilnala Month ago
OMG. Jeff don't have eyebrows. I noticed after 3 minutes.😂 👌👌👌👌
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