Jawbreaker 🍭 Palette & Summer 2019 Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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HEY EVERYONE... Summer will officially start when the Jawbreaker Collection by Jeffree Star Cosmetics launches on JUNE 21ST @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST... This is my biggest collecting to date, featuring the JAWBREAKER palette, the MINI Breaker palette which is my FIRST EVER mini eyeshadow palette with 9 shades and so much more! There's also the Brain Freeze Skin Frost palette, 8 new liquid lips... I wanted to make a BIG statement with this delicious summer moment. 2019 is the ERA OF BRIGHT COLORS and bringing back the FUN in makeup.
🍭 Jawbreaker Palette - 24 shades ($58.00)
🍬 Mini Breaker Palette - 9 shades ($28.00)
🧠 Brain Freeze Skin Frost™ Pro Palette - ($40.00)
💚 Velour Liquid Lipsticks ($18.00):
Yes Ma’am - neon hot pink
Purple Urkle - bright lavender w. glitter
Bronze Blood - metallic rose gold
Fully Nude - peachy warn nude
Strawberry Crush - neon strawberry red
No Offense - acid chartreuse
💚 Lip Ammunition™ ($18.00):
Candy Freeze
Brown Sugar
🍋 Velour Lip Scrubs ($12.00):
Lemon Sucker
Pineapple Juice
Cucumber Mint
❄️ Supreme Frost™ ($32.00):
Diamond Wet
Candy Apple Drip
Carmel Kiss
⭐️ Accessories:
Hand Mirror - Pink & White Jawbreaker, Chartreuse
5 New Makeup Bag Styles!
JSC Track Suits: Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Chartreuse
JSC Track Suit Chartreuse Bottom
Chartreuse Windbreaker
Jawbreaker White Tee
Jawbreaker Pink Tee
+ Follow my TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/jeffreestar
*SHOP: www.jeffreestarcosmetics.com
+ FOLLOW MY BRAND ON Instagram: instagram.com/jeffreestarcosmetics
+FOLLOW ME ON IG: instagram.com/jeffreestar
+ SNAPCHAT: jeffreedahmer
+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar
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Jun 7, 2019

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Comments 47 824
Susan Hill
Susan Hill 20 minutes ago
Just bought it Abfab
Eliza Marie
Eliza Marie Hour ago
Purple Punch just makes me think of sizzurp honestly loool
Katarina Fan
Katarina Fan Hour ago
Jefree Star is by far the best salesperson on this earth. I'm always beyond impressed by how he manages to verbalize all his passion for his amazing unique products! 😍
lol ster
lol ster 7 hours ago
I so proud of him
Sydney Ann
Sydney Ann 8 hours ago
I really want the mystery box but it’s sold out and now I have to wait so longggg
GachaGurl_ 71
GachaGurl_ 71 11 hours ago
I love sucking on things- jeffree star 2019😂😏
Valerie Mellman
Valerie Mellman 12 hours ago
Jeffree I got the pallet and it’s amazing but the colours aren’t as vibrant and r a little hard to blend is that bc of the brush I use bc it’s still amazing
B B 14 hours ago
I just ordered mine . I was looking at it for a while... I finally gave in . I just feel like I can do so many looks with this .
aussiepet 17 hours ago
i LIVE for no offense liquid lip!!.... its like jeffree looked into my soul and put this collection together!!!
Christina Wallace
Christina Wallace 20 hours ago
I've watched your videos since the beginning and I can't help but say how fucking proud I am of you!!!! Yesss i love it!! I just bought mine can't wait to get it! 😍😍😍
xxriotgirl6669xx 20 hours ago
Just bought this it’s my first purchase ever. So excited.
Amanda Mirai
Amanda Mirai 22 hours ago
the 2nd row, pastel colors are more my style. and the first two in the 1st row. ♡
Madison Moyer
Madison Moyer 22 hours ago
Do you donate to a 51 year old?Honestly, i havent heard of this line..I do watch your videos to show me
sydnoi 22 hours ago
Sarah Shaw
Sarah Shaw Day ago
Thankyou huuny for this eye shadow palette!!♥️🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Estrella Dearborn
Jawbreaker: 1st row: Soft seasons. 2nd row: Easter pastels. 3rd row: The 90s. 4th row: Girls night out.
Dima b
Dima b Day ago
Jeffrees voice so Hilarious 😂
Jazmin Sevilla
Mi sueño es tener todas sus colecciones😍😍😍 Se que un dia será posible😢 Jeffree Star eres el mejor🤩
AshTheAnime Cat
Jefree feeling his Feminine fantasy!!! Slay!!! I prefer watching you over any other makeup guru!! No offense to any others but I love the style and the ambience!!
Bilal shoaib
Bilal shoaib Day ago
I got this pallete and OMG its amazingg
Grace B
Grace B Day ago
My palette never came with a plastic protector inside is that normal for this palette? Anyone else not have one?
Audrey 451
Audrey 451 Day ago
Whenever someone says “Chartreuse” I think of coralline for some reason
Bad Taco
Bad Taco Day ago
2:02 wtf my mom have it
itzblacknred Day ago
Jeffree named a shade "F*CK" so he could get all makeup reviewers demonetized. GENIUS!
Anisha Ray
Anisha Ray Day ago
love the way he says "chaaanneeelllll"
Tomas Zumbrickas
Smart of you to not show how you swatch them. Because a few matte shades doesnt swatch good, doesnt blend good either. Mostly neon or blue shades. My first pallete and i got dissapointed :/
AlienX Bee
AlienX Bee Day ago
This is my first palette from him too and when I swatched them and tried to use them, I was so upset!! I went back and watched this and noticed that he didnt show the swipe from his fingers to his hand! I love him so much but I feel bamboozled and I'm so disappointed 😔
robert barr
robert barr Day ago
i got a challenge for u JS i think u should try to do a look with ALL the colors in this pallet
Shanel Collins
Me n my 6 year old daughter named Paris absolutely love you💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Maria Christina
Maria Christina 2 days ago
Sabrina Allard
Sabrina Allard 2 days ago
Honestly, there should be some high stakes giveaway type thing. Like, bring on some exciting rules for a full collection giveaway. That would be W I L D and the beauty internet would lose it
Brittany Dugger
Brittany Dugger 2 days ago
Please make some cute little backpacks! 🎒💕 I hate carrying things haha that's why I always use my Kavu bag because I'm lazy 😂
Leticia Padilha
Leticia Padilha 2 days ago
Hey girl, why don't u do a mini pallete separated in colors? Just like huda. Its amazing, lov ya
Roxy Adaire
Roxy Adaire 2 days ago
Impatiently waiting for the highlighter swatches
Faizah Hassan
Faizah Hassan 2 days ago
Honestly... u don't need to apply any makeup u're way more beautiful ❤️❤️ Like if u guys agree too?
Jasmine Itara
Faizah Hassan nope
Faizah Hassan
Jasmine Itara have u seen my channel?
Faizah Hassan
Jasmine Itara Oh that is .. ❤️
Jasmine Itara
Faizah Hassan isn’t that the whole point of his career tho?
Rachel Dela torre
Brent King
Brent King 2 days ago
Could you imagine sweating balls in that fierce jacket
Figgy and BooBoo
Figgy and BooBoo 2 days ago
Love it all but I love those gloves! Who. What. Where. When. Why
rachel shannon
rachel shannon 2 days ago
I think you should do a more up to date full face of liquid lip challenge as you have even more colours to experiment with.
Davina Pacher
Davina Pacher 2 days ago
The shade jawbreaker from the big palette is my fav! A Single shade of that would be bomb
Mini Muffins
Mini Muffins 2 days ago
You could fit Jefferies head inside one of his new make up bags
Methal Confetti
Methal Confetti 13 hours ago
Brisza Loyola
Brisza Loyola 2 days ago
Jeffree star you are lucky i love you and am willing to sit through the agonizing minute of watching double adds so you can get paid!!! BUT its def worth it!!!
Its Yinel
Its Yinel 3 days ago
Silke Gelders
Silke Gelders 3 days ago
Ronny Koman
Ronny Koman 3 days ago
Jeffree! Do you think you will ever get into skin care? I would trust a face skincare line made by you because you seem to know so much about what ingredients are good and bad for the skin. I know all of your followers would buy the products as well! Kylie’s was an absolute flop as you so blatantly pointed out. The world needs a Jeffree face wash, toner, serum, etc etc etc. Come on girl! Grow that play money honey. Sky’s the limit.
Ingrid Cabrera
Ingrid Cabrera 3 days ago
Does he ever sell single eyeshadows? Like I would love to buy the color "oral" singularly. Btw I'm totally getting that jawbreaker blue lipstick 😭
Clay Barczak
Clay Barczak Day ago
Ingrid Cabrera he doesn’t sell singles, sorry sis
Travis Smith
Travis Smith 3 days ago
I like your outfit
Karen Gore
Karen Gore 3 days ago
Just got my palette, holy cow the payoff is fantastic - barely need to layer and the mattes truly do blend like a dream. I have a feeling this palette is going to last forever and day, because you barely need to use any product. Worth the $$$ gurl.
Seaturtle Poppy
Seaturtle Poppy 21 hour ago
Where did you order yours from? How long did it take to ship?
luz oliva
luz oliva 3 days ago
Does anyone know what eyeshadow primer Jeffree uses?
violet rye
violet rye 3 days ago
I'm so so in love 💗
violet rye
violet rye 3 days ago
Must must have 🍧🍧
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